Redskins suffered worst loss of Week Six

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Every loss hurts, but some losses hurt more than others. We choose each week’s most painful loss every Tuesday on PFT.

The Carson Palmer excitement got me distracted from my usual Tuesday duties: What loss hurt the most in Week Six?

There were a few decent options to choose.  The Vikings turned the page to 2012 in embarrassing fashion.  The Saints missed a golden chance to take control of the NFC South, and lost their head coach to injury in the process.

But the worst loss of the week belongs to the Redskins because it feels so familiar.

It’s easy to forget now, but the Donovan McNabb Redskins were 4-3 at one point last year.  They had wins over three eventual playoff teams (Philly, Green Bay, and Chicago), with two of those wins coming on the road.

And then the wheels started to come off in Detroit.  A Week Eight loss to the Lions ended with McNabb replaced by Rex Grossman. That was followed by a financial apology for McNabb, more losing, and eventually McNabb’s permanent benching.

We don’t think the Redskins will enter that sort of tailspin, and Rex Grossman isn’t getting any more money.  But Washington’s 20-13 loss to Philadelphia was a cold dose of reality for Redskins fans. They still don’t have a quarterback.  Their starter threw four picks to a struggling defense.  Their backup, John Beck, lost a training camp competition with Grossman.

The Redskins had a chance to absolutely bury the Eagles in the division.  Instead, Washington lost at home and now stand at 1-2 in division play.  Two offensive linemen were hurt, with one out for the season.

This year’s Washington team is better than it was a year ago.  It’s just not good enough to overcome its quarterback position.

56 responses to “Redskins suffered worst loss of Week Six

  1. As Bush was apt to say, we are in full agreeance.

    The Skins are the worst of the teams with winning records. Their defense is the only thing that stands out. They can run the ball here and there. Their special teams…seems like they have quite a few mishaps. They are a team that likes to “ugly it up”, which is all good, but their offense is too ugly. I think the Eagles win that division and the Skins miss the playoffs again.


  2. Go back to the Broncos choosing Orton over Campbell in the Jay Cutler sweepstakes. Washington, with the way Cutler is playing would be in it to win it.

    Kind of ironic the Raiders turned down Orton to replace Campbell.

  3. Even if the Redskins were to get Luck next year they will still need someone to catch the balls he throws.

    Cooley once was a top notch TE/H-back. He might yet next year.

    Aside from Moss the Redskins really don’t have much going for them.

    They’d do better to get even a half decent QB instead of the pair of retreads they have now and get some top notch receivers to help out.

  4. Maybe its the coaching.
    They don’t know who to start at QB.
    They don’t know who to play at RB.
    Maybe if the coaches would be more consistent, then the team would be.

  5. This loss was terrible. Grossman said he prepared so much for this game, that should tell you something with that statement. The running game was absent also which was a suprise. The defense did everything to keep the skins in the game but Grossman is really just that bad. Its time to move on shanahan. Whether its beck or not Grossman is not the guy.

  6. The redskins will be an average team this year, but there is no way you can expect them to do much of anything with their offensive talent. I’m not even talking just about Grossmen or Beck, but they dont really have a #1 running back or receiver either. Once teams get to see them play for 2-3 weeks and get some film on them, they will revert back to mediocrity, just like we saw against philly.

  7. @kingviking414

    come on….the coaches know who they want to play at quarterback and at runningback

    its the media that doesn’t know what the coaches are planning on doing

    two very different things

  8. kingviking414 says: WHAT?!?!. Did you watch your laughable lavender larries stink up Soldiers Field Sunday night? Maybe you should offer some of the same sage, insightful football wisdom to the queens and the hapless gophers?

  9. I agree with this because of our injuries. If it was just one bad game from Rex I could get over it, but adding injury to insult really hurts us at this point.

    Our defense is good – with Jenkins playing next year, we probably just need to add an ILB at this point.

    Offseason will be used to add a high round QB, #1 WR, and interior O lineman.

  10. Although, it should still be worth saying that we lost 2 starting lineman and Cooley in the first half, Rex had the worst game by a QB this year, we got EVERY bad break in the first half with bounces and bad calls (roughing the passer on Vick was an absolute joke – SHOULD have been a safety but of course they somehow did not call grounding), and yet we still only lost to the “dream team” by 7.

  11. Still think we can go 8-8, or 9-7. But this team is still building up to be a contender. And ravensfan4life52 what are you talking about, tons of Redskins fans posted after the loss, we accepted the loss but still repped the HAIL! Sucka!

  12. I didn’t get to watch this game. Was the final score closer than the game actually was?
    Even looking at the box score it looks like the only reason WAS lost was 4 int’s by Grossman and 12 total rushing attempts by RB’s for the game.
    How do you not run it 50 times against the eagles? The coaching staff (and Grossman) should take the blame for this one, unless I’m missing something

  13. Only issue I have with this is the inherent disrespect present for what the Eagles did. They made some adjustments and controlled the ball, and won the game as a result. It looked like a different Eagles’ Defense out there Sunday. The offense looked good for most of the first half, and Shady McCoy was great. They didn’t put points up in the second half though….

  14. They have a nice defense run by Haslett which was the smartest thing Shanny has done since he was hired as the head coach.

    They have no QB. Grossman sucks and the jury is out on Beck, but hell he couldn’t beat out Rex freaking Grossman.

    They have either the most or the second most meddlesome owner in all of football.

    Their offensive line is at very best mediocre.

    Their wideouts are pedestrian and even Santana Moss is getting a little long in the tooth.

    Their running backs are at best average, but will look good because of Shanny’s offensive sets.

    They are at best an average NFL team and at worst just barely mediocre. But given what is happening in the NFC East this year, they will hang around until the end when they will once again not make the playoffs and we can all watch as the Danny’s head explodes off of his shoulders which btw is a very fun thing to see.



    A fan of the team down the road which is once again going to make the playoffs and is odds on favorite to be the AFC representative to the SB. Must be a b!tch living down the street from a real football team.

  15. The Redskins are the next team Buffalo will play this year. The game will be played in Toronto, which is supposed to be a home game for the Bills. I don’t like hearing that the team we play next is struggling…
    The last two times we have played a struggling opponent the Bills have lost. So seeing Washington lose to Philly makes me nervous!

  16. It’s sad when teams don’t get credit for the work on the field . The redskins scored a touchdown only when Mr. Juan decided to go back to that zone he loves so much. Once he realize they are better in man defense the rest of the NFL is in trouble. Last thing I heard we couldn’t stop the run. The redskins will run all over them …hmm.. What happened????

  17. Jets, 49ers, Patriots, Lions, the toughest stretch of the Cowboys’ schedule is past with the Eagles, Giants and Redskins left to face them. As a bonus, Giants get to face Packers and Saints. Cowboys and Redskins have a similar strength of schedule left as the Redskins, but Redskins have no QB.

    Cowboys will win the division with an 11-5 record.

  18. ravensfan4life52 says: Oct 18, 2011 5:28 PM

    LOL what happened to all the Redskins fans who have been talking trash all season?

    We are still here waiting for all the ratbird fans to start whining when they see that the steelers will always own them in playoff games!
    skins got just as good of a chance at winning this season than the ratbirds do!

  19. Rex Grossman is fools gold. And guess who decided not to draft or trade for a decent QB (2 fools who share the last name). the whole world knew he was a bum, what are these two idiot coaches seeing?

    And Haslett is a a horrible Def Coord. That defense was last in the league when it was a consistent top 10 defense. All he does is blitz every down or drop everyone back. Easy to pick apart. I’m still salty about 3rd and 21 in Dallas and you send everyone. They didn’t get to Romo all day. Why not drop back and cover somebody. All idiots.

  20. @ppdoc13–everything’s sweet when your team history goes back less than two decades. Your whole neighborhood was composed of Redskins fans when the Ravens were but a twinkle in Art Modell’s eye. Go pound sand!

  21. The score did not reflect the game. Our defense stepped up in the 2nd half but it’s very difficult to overcome 4 interceptions. Dude!! Oh…and to the Browns fan…we’re still here….almost 80 years and we’re not going anywhere. Hail!!

  22. Let’s get into the “way-back-machine” and travel back to July 29, 2011.

    PFT Frontpage

    Shanahan says he’ll stake his reputation on Grossman, Beck

    I believe in the guys,” Shanahan told reporters on Friday, per the Associated Press. “I believe in ‘em. And I’ve been doing this for a long time. And I put my reputation on these guys that they can play.”

    Redskins fans everywhere surely are willing to take him up on that.
    * * * * * * * * *
    July 8, 2011

    Mike Shanahan: “I love Donovan McNabb”
    ,” Shanahan claimed. “He’s one of the better guys you’ll ever be around. You cannot find a better person in the world.”

    So … W.T.F. happened ?

  23. @ ravensfan4life52 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 5:28 PM
    LOL what happened to all the Redskins fans who have been talking trash all season?


    Lol apparently they dont comment, they just press the thumbs down on ravens fans comments! hahahahaha i work with so many redskins fans that actually think they are better then the Ravens lol

  24. @ jahbird

    even more of a reason to shut your mouth. The ravens have made the playoffs more in the last 5 years then you have in a decade and a half, were a competitive team year in and out and we have one of the best front offices in the league. So enjoy your taxation without representation, all you got is the Caps, which iam a beloved fan of. thats about all D.C. has going for them.

  25. I love all the ravens fans who comment on all redskins stuff. Funny how u guys gotta prove the ravens are better. Yes the ravens are a better team so get off the skins stories and worry about the ravens.

  26. The Skins loss to the Eagles was the worst of week 6 simply because of the injuries. The O-line was above average, but the depth is horrible so now the line is a mess. Hopefully Beck gets to play for his mobility alone. If Grossman plays he will get killed.

    Also, hilarious to see Crows fans pile on and talk a lot of crap. Playoff appearances are great, but when you cannot beat your #1 rival in the playoffs year after year you really lose the right to talk smack. And news flash to Crows fans, not every NFL fanbase can count on stealing a good team from a place like Cleveland. Rebuilding takes time, but don’t worry, Ray Ray and Reed will be retiring soon and you Crows fans will know how it feels to watch a rebuild.

  27. Egirls won. Not by much though.
    Grossman gave them 4 picks. With four picks and a dream team why was in not a blow out ?

    Because the win was inflated in comparison to how bad the egirls have sucked. A win was a must for that lame squad.

    Skins and staff taking heat this week, but the egirls know how it feels. Dont worry the Dream Team will be under examination again soon enough. If you twats think beating the skins is going to jettison you to the superbowl you are going to be dissapointed again. Egirls squad is no better than any team in the NFC east let alone Super Bowl caliber. Congrats on the win.

  28. Shanahan (the elder…can’t say anything for sure about the ability of the younger) got Brian Griese to a Pro Bowl, so he knows how to put guys in there to run his system.

    But the problem with a system QB is that at the end of the day you only have a system QB. The magic was bound to run out for Grossman, just as it will for Beck…assuming he doesn’t outright tank from Day 1.

    Everyone knows McNabb was a disaster, but what gets forgotten is the fact that even if he’d worked out well, he wasn’t going to be a long-term solution. Yet, oddly, there was no young guy brought in to be the starter-in-waiting. Grossman and Beck are also short-term fixes. They must be thinking draft, but they’re not bad enough to land Luck. They’re probably looking at least 2-3 years down the road before they have a long-term starter in place. Not great planning.

  29. ravensfan4life52 says: Oct 18, 2011 5:28 PM

    LOL what happened to all the Redskins fans who have been talking trash all season?

    We are still here waiting for all the ratbird fans to start whining when they see that the steelers will always own them in playoff games!
    skins got just as good of a chance at winning this season than the ratbirds do!

    Wow, what a delusional comment by a redskins fan who’s team has sucked for the past 20 years. The Ravens happen to be the best team in MD, NOT THE Redskins, they have an excellent owner and produce a consistent winner year in and out. You on the other hand have an owner who’s the worst in the NFL and probably beats out Angelos as the worst pro sports owner in the DMV… check in when the Ravens are hosting playoff games and the skins are pulling in to another 6-10 season at best! Lastly when the steelers play in M&T there are hardly no steelers colors, but when they play at raljohn or whatever that piece of crap stadium in PG is called steeler nation takes over the whole place.

  30. It’s easy to kick a dog when it’s down Ravens fans but you got a lot of rings and glory to go before you can even glimpse the burgundy and gold sparkle.

    I may be living in the past, but here’s a news flash, your “good run” will never trump generations of tradition. A couple of bad years, a few pissed off Browns fans will be able to afford to buy them back and from Baltimore and set up a rival franchise across town from Paul Brown stadium. Call em the O.G. Browns.

    DC blows b-more out the water in terms of places to live, so there’s that as well.

    I’m 30 years old, I’ve been rooting for the redskins from birth. You Jhonny come lately’s are nouveau riche d-bags from the football perspective and you don’t know jack squat about sticking with a team through thick and thin. I remember when the ravens sucked, so did their “fanbase.”

  31. @deadmanwalking47

    the Steelers have to get to the playoffs first.


    yeah they’re funny that way, but yeah one of my best friends is a Skins fan, but at least he is smart enough to realize when they’re bad.

  32. You Ravens fans CANNOT be serious. You lose in the same round to the same teams every yr (and cannot even beat the Bungles on a consistent basis)…not even gonna go into the fact that you havent even had a playoff homegame in four yrs yet somehow you guys are Gods gift to football. You won a super bowl more than a decade ago (unless youre counting your wk 1 victory over Pitt which i know at least 75% of you are still celebrating). The Dallas’ fanbase has some of the biggest idiots but i dont know of any fanbases quite as delusional as u jokers. I know you guys are inherently jealous of washingtonians but come on youre just getting out of hand

  33. i guess there’s no way the eagles can get some credit on pft. first they couldn’t win because they couldn’t stop the run or protect vick. they make adjustments which allowed them to beat a team built on running and pressure, and all of a sudden the skins stink . . .

  34. @ocho

    When was the last time the Skins won a Super Bowl? When was the last time the Skins consistently made the playoffs? When was the last time anyone was worried about playing the Skins on Sunday? When was the last time the Skins had the best defense consistently for an entire decade? When was the last time the Skins were relevant? The answer to all of these is either never or before I was born. And Ray Lewis is God’s gift to football, and don’t you ever forget that.

  35. All the skin fans don’t want to hear it (just like Minny fans) but the skins suck and no QB is going to salvage that mess until they get some talent. Another 6-10 season, which will be better than the Ponder led Vikings.

  36. ok my last comment wasn’t completely fair. the Redskins have made the playoffs since I was born. It’s just been a while and I forgot about it. So I’m sorry for that Redskins fans.

  37. I didn’t want to believe what everyone was saying
    about the redskins. How surprising they were, and how nearly everyone picked them to loose against the cowboys and the eagles. Deep in my heart I wanted this year to be different, but again I am disappointed.

    When they beat the Giants, that really made me feel like they had a shot. Then came the loss to Dallas. Now the loss to the Eagles. I am so disappointed. I guess its another year of waiting. I guess that’s the way football is. I just wish they could be competitive. Win some games that count. I would take losses to the cards and rams, just beat the teams in the division. They have been the cellar dwellers for so long and I am getting tired of it.

  38. Lol wheres deangelo hall cris cooley and orakpo to talk all that crap!!! Come on trash talkers where are you???

  39. skins23 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 5:55 PM
    Although, it should still be worth saying that we lost 2 starting lineman and Cooley in the first half, Rex had the worst game by a QB this year, we got EVERY bad break in the first half with bounces and bad calls (roughing the passer on Vick was an absolute joke – SHOULD have been a safety but of course they somehow did not call grounding), and yet we still only lost to the “dream team” by 7.

    are you a moron or just not understand football? He was WAY out of the pocket when he threw it away, and even then, that was one of the latest hits I have seen on Vick this year, no way that wasn’t getting called.

    keep throwing “dream team” around. Notice only the haters and dumba** media call them that.

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