Report: Bengals close to shipping Palmer to Raiders

It’s trade deadline day, and it’s time to wake up.

The Raiders want Carson Palmer, and the Raiders just might get Carson Palmer.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Raiders are close to a deal that would send Palmer from the Bengals to Oakland for a first-round draft pick and a conditional future pick.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the conditional pick is a 2013 first-round selection.

It’s not known what will trigger a second first-round pick.  It could be based on Palmer’s personal achievements, or it could be based on the Raiders’ success, for example getting to or winning the Super Bowl.

Raiders coach Hue Jackson previously worked for the Bengals.  Glazer says that Jackson worked Bengals owner Mike Brown hard to get the deal done.

Jackson must have been very persuasive.  The Raiders are 4-2 and the Bengals are 4-2.  Both teams are positioning for the playoffs, and if the Raiders don’t win the AFC West, they could swipe a playoff spot from the Bengals.

The Raiders will have to scramble to fit Palmer’s prorated $11 million base salary under the salary cap.  As of early October, the Raiders had $6.1 million in cap space.

The fact that the Raiders have given up a first-round pick, and possibly two, means that Palmer isn’t a one-year rental.  And that could mean the Raiders don’t particularly like what they’ve seen so far from Terrelle Pryor, who now lands in line behind Palmer on the succession plan.

The move, if it happens, also likely means that Jason Campbell’s time as a Raider is over, and that if he returns from his broken collarbone before the end of the season, he’ll be sitting behind Palmer — unless Palmer stinks it up.

125 responses to “Report: Bengals close to shipping Palmer to Raiders

  1. The Raiders would actually give up a first round draft pick for a washed up Carson Palmer? Totally mind-boggling, but somehow that doesn’t surprise me coming from the Raiders. Even Mike Brown isn’t stupid enough to turn down that kind of ridiculous offer.

  2. Bringing a new QB into an unfamiliar system after week six is a desperation move. Bringing one in after week six for a first round pick + other stuff is insanity.

  3. NO! Now we need to hire a GM cause you can’t sacrifice the future for one season! Now we will have two picks this year, a 5th and 6th.

  4. Wow, it this deal happens that would be great for Raider nation! I dont like that salary but I am glad for them. It is not good for J Campbell though…..

  5. Let’s see if Palmer can get his swagger back with the silver and black… just hope it doesn’t prove too expensive.. but the team needs a QB and it is what it is… I guess this is it for Campbell in Oakland. Thanks JC – it was too short. Thanks for everything.

  6. STUPID!!!!! If this is true it shows Al wasnt the only person making bad decisions in the Raiders front office. Did they see Palmer short hopping his receivers all of last year?

  7. I would not give up a first rounder for Palmer. He hasn’t played worthy of giving up a first round pick in several years. Highest I would give is a second.

  8. Raiders are close to a deal that would send Palmer from the Bengals to Oakland for a first-round draft pick and a conditional future pick.


    Very Al Davis-y sounding move to me…

  9. Been a Raiders fan all my life. Palmer may be a good fit but when will the Raiders ever have another draft pick let alone a first rounder? Like 2016?

  10. Potentially 2 first round picks? Palmer was never worth that, and on top of that, he’s 32 years old. The Raiders MIGHT have 4 years left of him.

    Way too much to give up.

  11. Mike Brown is the worst owner in history if he does not make this deal..there’s no pride in keeping a player against his will and then NOT ACCEPTING a first round pick in return for dumping someone you are not going to use. not too mention freeing up that cap space..jeeze

  12. Wow. I’m glad Carson isn’t going to have to retire, but I’m surprised someone would trade a #1 for him.

    Al would love this flurry of activity around the Raiders! (i think)

  13. Wow, is Kyle Boller THAT bad? Does it really make sense to give up a first draft choice for a 35-year-old qb with a history of injuries? How long would it take Palmer to get up to speed? And wouldn’t this take the Raiders out of the 2012 draft entirely?

  14. depending on what shape and condition palmer is in i think he can actually succeed with the raiders. But giving up a 1st round draft pick is a gamble for a player who quit on his team and had no offseason training. =/

    P.s. raiders still wont be better than the 49ers. haha . What about them 9ers !!? 😉

  15. Jackson worked Brown hard to get the deal done? Sounds like the other way around to me. The Bengals are getting a first-round pick and a conditional pick for a guy that was never going to play for them again. I’m not a great Carson Palmer mind, but I can’t believe he’s worth that.

  16. Was this deal made to honor Al Davis? This is just the kind of ridiculous thing he would do. Palmer hasn’t played all year and he wasn’t that good recently anyway.

  17. Thats giving up an awful lot to get a QB who has proven to be not that great. Especially when so many good QBs coming out next year. AL Davis lives on

  18. Just when I thought the Raiders were starting to make sensible moves they do something like this

    This leave Oak with zero draft picks next year? Maybe a 6th and 7th?

    Palmer has been awful for 2 years and hasn’t played at all this year. He is quite likely out of football shape.


  19. Why do I have this sneaking suspicion that Palmer is going to be a colossal bust in Oakland (at least this season)?

    Oh, that’s right. He hasn’t done anything football related for 10 months, he’s being shipped to a new team with a new system, and his unconditioned body has a history of injury problems.

    Sorry Oakland, no playoffs this year. You’ll have a great chance next season though.

  20. Is it true that the highest pick the Raiders have left for the 2012 draft is in the fifth round? I’ve heard of going all in, but this is ridiculous.



    Two # 1’s? SOLD!!

    Gives the Bengals the ammo to get the difference maker in next years draft:

    Trent Richardson, come on down. You’ll complete the 4 headed hydra that will be AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham & Andy Dalton

    Things are looking up in Cincinnati …

  22. Another first rounder? The Raiders might as well not even show up for the draft for the next 3/4 years.

    Espn better break out the “Via Raiders” graphic come draft night geesh…

  23. The Vikings trading a third-round pick for Randy Moss is no longer the worst trade in recent history.

  24. 1st round draft pick? And here I thought the Raiders were turning the corner. Al Davis lives.

  25. WOOOOW! A 1st round pick for a QB who literally hasn’t done anything except ONE good year way back in 2007. Not to mention he’ll be 32 this year!

    Just when I thought the Raiders might be moving in the right direction…

  26. Could have had McNabb for a 7th-rounder. Whoops, the Raiders don’t have a 7th-round pick next year either.

  27. What are they doing? two 1st round picks?? wow even AL would not have made that deal.. carson had nothing left last year.. wow … .. hue be over the top not wreckless…

    WOW!!!!!!!!! dont do it. not to first round picks…

  28. 2 first rounders for a 30 year old QB. Carson Palmer is definitely around the elite tier QBs but 2 1sts are too much. I’ll send a 2 2nds for him just because he knows the Hue Jackson offense but 2 1st round picks kinda sets the Raiders back in the long run.

  29. Another move smacking of desperation. a no. 1 pick which would give the Bengals at least 2 picks at 15-22nd overall with a luxury of a RB Trent Richardson (Bama), a DT Brandon Thompson, Clemson, or a corner Alfonzo Dennard (Nebraska),..they could use the additional one to select an LB like Vontaze Burflect of ASU or Zach Brown.

    Very risky, since Palmer has looked nothing like himself since the 2005-2006 years. Maybe Hue Jackson can coax a couple of more years out of em. This is the result of not putting a blueprint for developing your team…hopefully a cap-knowledgable GM is heading to Oak for 2012. They’ll need one. I dont know about this one…but what choice did we have? Orton?

  30. Wow. If I am reading this correctly this would be TWO first round picks (one in 2012 and one in 2013) for Palmer?

    That is highway robbery. At this stage of his career Palmer isn’t even worth one first-round pick, let alone two.

  31. WOW!! This would be HUGE for Raider Nation.. The fact that Hue has worked with him before and Carson would somewhat know parts of his offensive scheme helps the learning process a lot.

  32. If the Raiders give up any first round picks for Carson Palmer they are more stupid than their record reflects. He is old and slow much like McNabb and will have the same impact which McNabb had after leaving the comfort of Philly.

  33. If Mike Brown is able to get a first round pick for Palmer, he deserves a ridiculous amount of credit fire how he has handled this. If he gets more than that he is a freaking genius! No way they would have got that much in the offseason.

    don’t get me wrong, Brown is an awful owner at times, but he would deserve just as much credit for this as the blame he gets for other decisions.

  34. Right now, the Raiders’ picks in the 2012 draft are in the 1st, 5th, and 6th rounds. If they trade away their 2013 1st for Palmer, who are they going to get to play around him? No one worth beans.

  35. Wow… Mike Brown finally did something good. I think we have a better QB in Dalton, and some extra top draft picks!

    Been watching Brown botch stuff for 20 years…. finally does something right!

  36. Wow…now I kinda want to see Cincinatti get one of the wild card spots and Oakland win the AFC West so they’d go head to head in the first round of the playoffs. How awesome would that game be?

  37. Is this a joke? Damn, for ONE first rounder the Bengals GM should DRIVE Palmer there himself… but TWO????????

  38. I say this with all due respect –

    Has Al been buried yet? He’s definitely spinning somewhere.

  39. The Phantom Stranger says: Oct 18, 2011 10:28 AM

    Did Favre turn them down?

    Favre’s wife made him turned them down. The Wrangler Dangler had better behave himself and keep doing those jeans commercials because if Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!

  40. Raiders shouldve went after Orton he is younger cheaper and if they wanted him longterm they could negotiate a much more tam friendly contract . He would produce similar results and could be gotten for a conditional pick .

  41. The Eagles could have traded you Vince Young for way less than that. VY isnt spectacular but he could hand the ball off 30 times and made some plays for them. A possibility of 2, 1st round picks is insane.

    Just when I though the Raiders got their stuff together they go and do this.

  42. If Palmer ends up winning a Super Bowl with the Raiders, is it still too much to pay?

    You can’t rate a trade the second it happens, you have to give it time.

  43. The Bengals now have the comfort of knowing that their new QB is talented and winning games for them so the Bengals owner SHOULD let Palmer move on….

    At this point, not trading Carson will be an act of pettiness on the owners part…. Pettiness is not a part of making good business decisions!!!

  44. @cuda1234

    take it from a Raven’s fan. Boller is THAT bad! I would give a first round pick to get Curtis Painter if it meant not starting Boller. Ok not really, but I’d consider a 2nd round pick for Painter. lol

  45. I don’t understand the raiders……… The reason they are 4-2 is not because of “Great” quarterback play, it is because of Darren McFadden and a great run game along with a good defense. So why would you go ship away a first rounder with possibly a future pick as well? Going out and getting Palmer (who hasn’t seen action since last season) is, for that price, not a good decision. It will change the make-up of that team and they could get away with what’s working for them. You might as well just sign a free agent for a lot cheaper because in the long run they (Palmer or a free agent qb) will have to learn the system and progress week from week, the difference is that you don’t have to give an arm and a foot for a free agent qb in the middle of the year. This is why the Raiders continue to miss the playoffs every year.

  46. 2 first round picks for palmer? does this organization really feel like setting themselves back even further?
    your roster will not reach the superbowl, let alone win it, and now you will have no picks in the first 5 rounds next year and no first the year after.

  47. Merely just gonna look at the positives (very hard to do in the case of the Raiders) for the 2 teams of this trade.

    WOW!! The Bengals are set up for a decent future if they can hit on these next upcoming drafts, high draft picks are even greater when you ship expendable players.

    Carson seems like the perfect leader for that young offensive unit too and brings unquestioned stability at the QB spot.

  48. raideradrian says: Oct 18, 2011 10:31 AM

    WOW!! This would be HUGE for Raider Nation.. The fact that Hue has worked with him before and Carson would somewhat know parts of his offensive scheme helps the learning process a lot.


    You obviously haven’t watched a Bengals in several years. Carson Palmer has been bad for awhile now, and he had better WRs in Cinci then he will have in Oakland. Not to mention the fact that he is over 30 and has sustained some pretty bad injuries in his career.

    You’ll hate this trade come playoff time when the Raiders are sitting at home.

  49. YES!!! For all you Mike Brown Haters….suck it! Mike Brown has been a whipping boy for fair weather Bengal fans. (i.e) you all wanted his head for loosing TJ and Rudi Johnson – where are they now? Great move… whoo dey!

  50. I guess Brown is not as dumb as I thought he was. Way too much to give for Palmer. Will be interesting to see which team goes farther over the next 5 yrs. I’d have to vote Bengals.

  51. What does it say about the Bengals, if Palmer sees going to the Raiders as moving to a better organization?

    Seems like a lot of folks here don’t realize Hue Jackson was in Cincy and that Palmer may not have to learn a new system…

    May get OchoCinco here too.

  52. Congrats to the Raiders for making the Bengals a team to be taken seriously for the foreseeable future.

  53. joetoronto says:
    Oct 18, 2011 10:39 AM
    If Palmer ends up winning a Super Bowl with the Raiders, is it still too much to pay?

    You can’t rate a trade the second it happens, you have to give it time.


    Honestly now Joe,

    Are YOU happy with giving up 2 first round picks for a QB on the wrong side of his career?

    Doesn’t that seem kinda like going all in with a 7 of hearts and 3 of clubs?

  54. pdxbolt says:
    Oct 18, 2011 10:25 AM

    A first rounder and a conditional first rounder?

    *************************************************Keep trying to make yourself feel better, Dolt fan.

    Your team wouldn’t have the balls and wouldn’t spend the money, that why your trophy case is empty.


  55. Hey RaiderNation, are you sure you want a Quitter? Do you think he will have any credibility in the locker room? This guy ranks with Ricky Williams who took off two years to smoke dope. This is also the same guy who threw SIX pick-sixes last year and in general has never played up to his hype.

  56. Please don’t do it. Not for 2 first round picks, that’s ridiculous.

    If there is that little faith in Boller, then why did he even make the roster? Bad move Hue, bad move. I hope Amy Trask slaps some sense into him and Mark Davis. Please abort this move immediately.

    Oh, and the Raiders will be getting at least one compensatory pick for losing Asomugha, Miller and Gallery to free agency. Most likely a 3rd rounder. But that’s no excuse to give up one, potentially two first rounders for Palmer who hasn’t played in so long. And who was pretty sub-par the last time he hit the field.

  57. I haven’t seen anyone talk about the 2 draft picks we will recover for losing Nnamdi and Miller, I believe a 3rd and 4th rounder. Sure, we are low on picks but most of our best draft picks recently have come in the later rounds anyway.

    I’m a big fan of Campbell, he’s been solid this season but teams didn’t respect Oaklamd’s passing game. With Palmer, they will. I also remember most were upset about the Seymour trade at the time and that turned out great for Oakland. Most of all, I love Hue’s this team is ready to win now mentality.

  58. wow, stiff price for an aging QB whose passer rating hasn’t sniffed 90 since 2006.

    The Raiders are desperate, this is a panic move. They only need a middling QB who defenses will respect enough to give DMC a bit of room. They must think they’re getting something much more at that price, but mediocrity is what Palmer is all about.

  59. Who cares about 1st rounders anyway… We havent had the best of luck with them… Take a proven commodity (at least I hope he is) over a huge question mark anyday…
    If you have as much talent as the Silver & Black, who needs draft picks anyway??

    Go for broke in 2011, Hue… Al wouldve done the same!!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  60. Great move by Hue! Carson is a top ten Qb who needed a change of scenery! Hes in the prime of his career, he knows the offense, he familiar with the coach. The Raiders are primed to make the playoffs this year and I couldn’t be happier about the trade.

    They said we gave up too much for Seymour, looks they were wrong!

    Just win baby!

  61. I thought they’d move him for like a 5th…this guy has sucked for a while.

    That Bears trade for Cutler is looking awfully good right now…

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