Report: Carson Palmer is a Raider

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And it’s official.

The Bengals have traded quarterback Carson Palmer to the Raiders for a first-round pick in 2012, and a conditional first-round pick in 2013, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

News of the potential trade was first broken by Jay Glazer of FOX.  Glazer reports that the 2013 pick is a second-round selection that can become a first-round pick.

Apart from the issues raised in the earlier item on the trade, the biggest question Raiders fans are asking is whether Palmer is in football shape.  PFT reported back in September that Palmer had been working out with former NFL quarterback Ken O’Brien.  Glazer said on The Dan Patrick Show that Palmer had continued to work out with O’Brien.

The Raiders host the Chiefs on Sunday.  After a Week Eight bye, the Raiders host the Broncos.  Four nights later, they travel to San Diego for the first of two games against the Chargers that will go a long way toward deciding the AFC West title.

It’s the second trade that the Raiders have made in less than a week, and it gives the team yet another former first-round pick.  Palmer was the first overall selection in the 2003 draft.

Palmer is under contract through 2014, at base salaries of $11.5 million, $11.5 million, $13 million, and $14 million.  The prorated 2011 salary is $7.44 million; as of October 4, the Raiders had $6.1 million in cap space for 2011.

We’re devoting all of PFT Live to this unexpected transaction, with Glazer, Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, and Paul Gutierrez of CSN Bay Area joining the show.

249 responses to “Report: Carson Palmer is a Raider

  1. 012, and a conditional first-round pick in 2013, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.
    Schefter just text me personally thank me..

  2. This better make the Raiders great! They are trading away all of their future picks. They better be elite!

  3. Good luck to Carson! First time in a long time he actually has some weapons to work with! Raider Niner Superbowl hehehe!

  4. Mike Brown seriously robbed the Raiders. Palmer isn’t worth one first round pick let alone possibly 2. This is ridiculous. I have to give Brown kudos for this one but I also have to add that this one kind of fell into his lap. He got lucky with Campbell getting injured and Oakland being desperate. Wow. Never expected Brown to deal him.

  5. This sets the Raiders franchise back another decade. It’s sad to see given they were looking quite promising. Can’t just go giving away 1st and 2nd round picks for QBs past their prime.

  6. The Raiders are a joke. Two first rounders for a guy that has nothing left?

    You just got schooled by Mike Brown, the worst owner in pro sports (until today).

  7. As a lifelong Bengals fan….I would have to say that this is shocking.

    Just beware Raiders fans…..a leopard can’t change his spots. If he isn’t happy then he may throw another tantrum until he gets his way.

    Good luck with him. I truly hope he finds some success there.

  8. Palmer isn’t worth that. The guy is a very average QB at best! Bad move by the Raiders great move by the Bengals

  9. Way to mortgage the future… not for a has been, but for a never was…Campbell was more than serviceable in the Raider Offense in his 2nd year in the system. Typical Raiders though…

  10. I usually disagree with the way he operates his team, but if the Bengals are able to secure 2 first round picks for Palmer, you’ve got to give Mike Brown credit.

  11. I’m not trying to hate on the raiders, but I wouldnt be too excited about this trade. palmer is 31 years old, his rating on the last 2 years hasnt been more than Alex smith’s maxing up at like 85. Hasnt thrown a pass in almost a year and you just gav up possibly 2 round picks.. now you only have a 5th and 6th round + whatever compensatory you get for namni. OUCHHH!!!

  12. Two first round picks? Most teams would not give up two first round picks for Tom Brady, nevermind someone who hasn’t been good since his knee injury several years ago… Wow.

    Good luck, Oakland. Damn.

  13. Raiders fans are nuts if they think this is a good deal. Take it from a fan of a team that’s been giving away 2nd rounders since Jesus was a baby.

  14. Aggressive move by the Raiders, but you have to question a team that has given away their first 5 draft picks in 2012 and now their first round pick in 2013. Giving away that many picks is going to catch up to you, particularly when they gave up 2 big ones to get a QB in serious decline.

  15. Raiders gave up way too much. I think they’re already out a few picks next year due to trades.

  16. so Oak is giving up on Campbell and pinning their future on Palmer (literally their entire future since they no longer have any draft picks)? yikes

  17. I like watching the Raiders play and they have some great pieces on offense, I think Palmer is going into a good situation. I hope he’s not going to pull a McNabb. Best of luck, CP.

  18. I like the pick up, but mortgaging the future like the redskins have done will only set you back. hope he pans out for y’all

  19. Palmer was a top tier quarterback at one point in his career with a lousy bengals team. The injury set him back and the team has had limited talent since.. Let’s see how he does with the Raiders talent and a coach that isn’t a Eunuch (or Unick). Just win Baby!

  20. So let me get this straight….the Raiders give up a 2012 1st rounder and at least a 2013 2nd rd (possibly a 1st) for a QB who hasn’t been the same since his knee injury several years ago and who hasn’t played at all in almost a year? Wow! Just when you thought the Raiders were turning the corner. Lol

  21. The Raiders just made the Bengals contenders for a long time.

    Crazy to trade 2 #1s for Palmer.

    Al Davis is still in charge apparently.

  22. A month ago this story could’ve easily been titled, “Out of the frying pan, into the fire.”

  23. Palmer will have to meet performance targets for the second pick to move from second to first rounds. Not a lock.

  24. Hue Jackson got Curry and Palmer in like 5 days,..and Hines Ward on the Cowherd show just said Palmer is a stud qb with many years left, said nobody wants to play in Cincy,…all the experts said Palmer not being traded, now they will all pan it becuase they were all wrong, usual. Raider Nation.

  25. What about Campbell?? I know anyone could QB in that system. Campbell to Vikings next season?

  26. Raiders got a has-been QB and gave up way too much. Good to see things won’t be different in the post-Al era.

  27. Whoa. Two (potentially) first round picks. That’s a lot to give up for a guy who appeared to be in decline during his latter years in Cincy. Looks to me like Mike Brown got the better end of this deal.

  28. Holy cow, the Bengals made a great personel move??? Has Hell frozen over? Is that a pig flying overhead? 2 number 1s for a guy who is average at best and hasn’t thrown a competitive football in 10 months?

  29. Wow! Great day for the Bengals! And big ups to management for waiting until someone bellied up to their bar with the cache they wanted for Palmer.

    It’s a weird thing as far as the picks. The better Palmer does, the more games the Raiders win and the lower those picks become.

    I dunno. Two potential first rounders? It’s a lot.

  30. as a raiders fan i think we gave up entirely too much. i don’t like this deal at all. mortgaging the future to win now (maybe).

  31. How is 2 first rounders too much? He is a ProBowl QB and about the only thing in the NFL with any trade value. Just wait until St. Louis wins Suck for Luck. They’ll be able to get at least 2 1’s with some 2’s and probably a player.

    And that’s for a QB who is completely unproven in the NFL.

  32. I really feel for Jason Campbell! He’s getting screwed over AGAIN! Campbell is a better qb than McNabb, Bradford, Romo, Sanchez, Jackson, Eli, Grossman/Beck, Kolb and host of other “starters” in this league.

    He finally started to play with some good players and then he gets a broken collarbone!

    I hate the Cowboys…but, they should pick up Campbell and when he’s healthy dump Romo.

  33. A first rounder? Are they nuts?
    I smell Matt Millen. Mortgage the future forever for that dude? Good luck. You’re going to need it!
    Never give first rounders away for old players. Bad move.

  34. wow…palmer is a good QB but a first rounder and a conditional second rounder, thats a little steep. he will help the raiders no doubt though.

  35. “Palmer will have to meet performance targets for the second pick to move from second to first rounds. Not a lock.”

    Oooooh. Didn’t catch that. Good trade then. Good trade.


  36. unbelievable.

    how come the dolphins cant make trades like this. would love to trade dan marino to the raiders for 2 first rounders!

    hell ill settle for one!!

  37. The Raiders are really starting to become a team to watch but giving up what they did for Palmer is a bad move. I saw Palmers skills decline and like McNabb I think he is done.

  38. Way to costly. I just vomited. 1 st round pick for sure with a conditional second going to first. I would like to know what the condition is to make it a first rounder (raiders make playoffs?)

    On the other hand. There are weapons in oakland. more than he ever had in Cincy and palmer had his best years under hue jackson. This could really work out. Hue has been really smart thus far in acquiring players. Hes not the type (so far) to just gamble away picks. Hes made smart moves so far and I’m sure he will make the right one here…hopefully.

  39. Hue is a genious!!! Boller starting the rest of the year would have put us in the ” suck for luck” conversation. Now we get a solid qb for a few years. We can honestly think playoffs for the first time in a looooong time

  40. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 10:45 AM
    Season saved!


    LOL, yeah, Season saved (that’s grasping) and future mortgaged.

  41. So the Raiduhs give up a king’s ranson (apparently) for Palmer and a sack of footballs and a used jock strap to get Campbell from the ‘Skins. Doesn’t speak too well for Campbell’s future in Oakland.

  42. He’s never been the same since that guy on the Steelers cheap-shotted him in the first series of that playoff game. I think the Raiders just made a big mistake.

  43. I guess that means the Raiders are officially back in the Suck For Luck campaign….oh…wait…they won’t have a pick to draft him with…

  44. .

    Raider fans can sleep late on draft day. I believe that the Bengals own their first, the Patriots their second, with their third forfeited to pick Pryor in the supplemental draft.
    Interesting strategy.


  45. Raiders 1st in 2012 to Cincy
    2nd to NE
    3rd for Terrell Pryor

    And I think their 4th next year is gone too.

  46. Raiders had $6M cap room. Undoubtedly they’ll be going negative now which is fine since they won’t have any draftees to pay.

  47. 2 first round picks?? BWAHAHAHAHA!

    If the raiders wanted a strong armed washed up qb that badly they could have got Culpepper for nothing.

    Silly move by the raiders.

  48. Looks like crusty ol’ Al is STILL calling the plays inside that organization. Even in death, that poltergeist doing whatever he can to set that team back yet another decade. Perhaps, they need to get a priest in there to squirt some holy water, or tack up some crosses. Some crap like that.

  49. I haven’t seen anyone talk about the 2 draft picks we will recover for losing Nnamdi and Miller, I believe a 3rd and 4th rounder. Sure, we are low on picks but most of our best draft picks recently have come in the later rounds anyway.

    I’m a big fan of Campbell, he’s been solid this season but teams didn’t respect Oaklamd’s passing game. With Palmer, they will. I also remember most were upset about the Seymour trade at the time and that turned out great for Oakland. Most of all, I love Hue’s this team is ready to win now mentality.

  50. No way Mike Brown makes this deal if the Stadium is sold out for the season. His feet are to the fire so he is doing something rational, i.e. the right thing, instead of being a stick in the mud and pouting that Carson hasn’t come out to play.

  51. ninernation49 says:

    Oct 18, 2011 10:48 AM

    Good luck to Carson! First time in a long time he actually has some weapons to work with! Raider Niner Superbowl hehehe!……………………………………………….

    Fine! I was trying to be nice to the Raiders for once, but the Niners will be there without the (L.A.) Raiders! Stay out of our stadium punks!

  52. Ok people. everyone is saying he hasn’t been good in a few years. look at the team he was on and you’ll find out why. I don’t know how much he has left in the tank, but I think it’ll be enough to get the Raiders to the playoffs for the next couple of years. they still overpaid for him, but if it ends up being a 1st and a 2nd i don’t think they overpaid by that much. Especially considering Kyle Boller is their backup.

  53. I don’t know what to say.

    How the hell do you give up two first round picks for a never was QB.?

    My second thought is that Palmer just can’t catch a break. Holds out on the Bungles just to get delt to the Raiders.

    All in all. With the way Dalton is playing. Big win for the Bungles.

  54. This was the best fit and made the most sense. Hue Jackson and Mike Brown are still close, Hue actually helped bring Carson to USC and Al Davis and Mike Brown had a decent history which may have actually pulled at Mike’s heart strings. This is a win-win, but of course, I say that as a huge Bengals fan!!

  55. Mike Brown is a genius. A first and a second rounder for a 31 quarterback with a bad throwing elbow. WhoDey!

  56. I dislike this move by the Bengals only because it means Mike Brown looks like a genius. This fell into his lap and he (as would be expected) beat every single piece of candy out of the Raider pinata.

    This is going to end poorly for one team – either the Raiders are going straight to the basement for the next five years because they’ve wasted their picks, or the Bengals are going to get punked right out of the playoff race by their old QB.

    As an impartial observer, I have my popcorn ready.

  57. londonfletcher says: Oct 18, 2011 10:48 AM

    This could work well for a couple of years. Good for the Raiders, but what happens when Campbell’s healthy again?


    He is a UFA at the end of the year. Campbell has played his last game as a Raider.

  58. Wow, I guess the time is now, we shall see.
    But a 1st and a 2nd…. steep. Lets see how those compensatory picks play out. Still rather see Palmer then Boller that’s for sure!

  59. I think the Raiders made the right move… They have a very competitive team. If Palmer can play solid, they really have a power packed offense. Secondly, lets be honest about the Raiders. Their 1st round picks haven’t been superstars, they have been mostly busts. So does this really hinder their growth? Lastly, they are young all around the ball, one year of less draft picks isn’t damning their franchise. Let it play and see how it goes, the near future will judge the true value of this deal.

    As for the Bengals, very nicely done Mr. Brown. They are becoming a team to watch… AJ Green = Beast

  60. Biggest Raider fail of all time, and we can’t even blame Al anymore.

    Horrendously bad trade. The Bungles are laughing hysterically at this great coup they’ve pulled off.

  61. Just when it looked like the Raiders might actually be headed in the right direction… Carson hasn’t been right since the elbow injury, and Mike Brown (shockingly) deserves a lot of credit for this one. Who dey!

  62. Yup the Bengals just took the Raiders to the woodshed just like the Raiders took Tampa Bay to the shed in 2002. How’d that work out?

    Palmer is the only QB to take the Bengals to the playoffs in the last 20 years.

  63. I am a Raider fan, and sincerely hope this trade works out. I’m sure that Al Davis would never have given away 2 first-round picks for Palmer. The Raiders must truly believe that Palmer is the answer, long-term, and is sending a message to Jason Campbell that he’s done, as their Quarterback. This is surely going to create a quarterback controversy, in Oakland, once Jason Campbell comes back. If Palmer leads the Raiders to the promise land, they will look like heroes for making this move. If he fails, they will never hear the last of it. Palmer is going to be up under a lot of pressure to perform; pressure that he had better be prepared to face from the “Black Hole”, who will be chanting for Jason Campbell ever time Palmer throws a pick.(ha, ha) I truly wish Campbell the best, and in the words of Al Davis, “Just Win Baby!”

  64. I like this pick up. I had my fingers crossed since yesterday morning. Some of you are probably right. Giving up 2 first round picks can hurt us in the long run. But did the Raiders really have a choice? No. Boller is not great. Pryor has only really been there a week. He has not had enough time to initiate the playbook. Palmer was going to be the best pick up for us before todays deadline. Hopefully, he is healthy, and in shape. Go Nation!

  65. The Bengals will have a great team in a few years, what a king’s ransom for a soon to be 32 year old QB with a shredded elbow, bad knee and his best years are at least 5 years behind him.

    Totally mind-boggling trade.

  66. Unbelievable. One first-round pick would be way too much. But just the idea that they could possibly give up two is absurd. What a mess of an organization. When was the last time Palmer had a great year? How are the Raiders going to load up with young talent in the next couple of years? Unless you think Palmer is the missing piece of a Super Bowl puzzle (ha!), this is asinine.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Mike Brown looks like a genius right now. This is a Roy Williams/Randy Moss fleecing.

  67. Who cares about 1st rounders anyway… We havent had the best of luck with them… Take a proven commodity (at least I hope he is) over a huge question mark anyday…
    If you have as much talent as the Silver & Black, who needs draft picks anyway??

    Go for broke in 2011, Hue… Al wouldve done the same!!

    GO RAIDERS!!!!

  68. You Raiders fans need to look at Palmer’s stats when Ocho and T.O. were out of the lineup late last year.
    As Ocho is STILL proving, he doesn’t know which way to run. Even Brady can’t hit him. T.O. was new to Palmer and still almost got 1k yards.
    Palmer will be great there but he does need reps. He isn’t a QB that can just instinctively play like a Roethlisberger or Favre. He needs timing, protection and accurate routes.
    A few years from now you may be saying the Raiders got the better deal.
    I just feel sorry for him if the Raiders come to Cincy in the next few years LOL!

  69. For Palmer, a new lease on life. Gets out of a bad situation to one where he will be given the opportunity to shine again. It’s a lot to give up, but if he rebounds (and I believe he will), it will be worth it for the Raiders not only in the short term, but the long term. This deal smells of a win on both sides.

  70. Does anyone on this site understand what the word conditional means? The conditions to make it 2 first round picks might be the raiders winning the superbowl etc. Actually know the full details before pretending its 100% 2 first round picks, as its not.

  71. I love it. You may argue its a lot, but oak has their core group in place. Not to mention Pryor can learn from a pro bowler now- i dont like pryor but CP may be what he needs

    CP can do exactly what campbell did and then some (like win a shootout)

    Great trade on both sides.

  72. What???????????????????????

    They could have had Vince Young for a 6th round pick or less.

    Couple overpaying the Bengals for someone who appeared to have zero value to them, the Raiders have to pay this guy 11 mill a year. I guess someone just proved to the Davis family that they do not deserve the GM job. That was the only thing accomplished today.

  73. TWO first round picks?????

    I’m sorry, did I miss something? Did the Raiders get Tom Brady from the Pat’s????

    Yesterday I was calling Mike Brown a moron who was driving Palmer’s value into the ground. I forgot there were bigger morons who would over-pay for a roll of the dice known as Chris Palmer.

    I hope Palmer works out in Oakland, but I’m sure Jason Campbell just choked on his Cocoa Puffs this morning.

    Maybe they can get a third round pick for HIM?

  74. Jason Campbell = 4th Round Pick 2012
    Terrell Pryor = 3rd Round Pick 2012
    Carson Pamer = 1st Round Pick 2012 (2nd in ’13 or 1st)

    That’s a lot of draft picks for the QB position.

  75. A 2012 first and a conditional 2013 first as well?

    I think this trade was engineered by the corpse of Al Davis…

  76. momar3000 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 10:58 AM
    How is 2 first rounders too much? He is a ProBowl QB and about the only thing in the NFL with any trade value. Just wait until St. Louis wins Suck for Luck. They’ll be able to get at least 2 1′s with some 2′s and probably a player.

    And that’s for a QB who is completely unproven in the NFL.
    Big difference between trading for the rights to take a guy called “the next Peyton Manning” as you’re QB for the next 15 years and trading for a guy who has maybe 4-5 years left and has never been past the first round of the playoffs even when he was in his “prime”.

  77. Make fun all you want folks, this is a classic Raider move that should make Big Al proud.

    Proven competitor, coming out of a bad situation and should have one extra-large sized chip on his shoulder.

    I’m a Stillers fan so I should probably wish both teams fall into the ocean never to be seen again, but I tell you Carson Palmer is a rock solid quarterback and has plenty left in the tank, as well as a lot to prove.

    Great for the Bengals organization, great for the Raiders, and great for Palmer. This looks like a really cool deal all around, and everyone should be happy.

    Here’s to Carson having a fresh start out West, his commute home just got a LOT shorter!

  78. I was saying this all along.. the longer MB waited the more desperate teams would become… great move.. the old forbiden fruit technique…. great job Mike Brown… great job…

  79. His arm is toast. He never fully regained his strength after the surgery and it was obvious the past couple seasons. 2 first round picks was a good deal when he was a top 5 QB, now he is a older version of Alex Smith.

    Bad deal for Oakland… They continue to mortgage their future on has-beens, busts, and overrated players.

  80. I laugh of all these haters thinking Palmer is going to take the Raiders under his shoulders guess what he won’t be asked to do so, and he is certainly an upgrade over Campbell. so this is a great move by the Raiders and watch out league we could go all the way and be elite the next 7 years

  81. This is bad for the Raiders. They were headed in the right direction. Why even pick up Terrell Pryor in the supplemental draft if you’re going to pick up Carlson. They gave up too much for an over the hill quarterback. Carlson hasn’t been himself since his knee injury.

  82. this trade is definitely not so bad, as some on here would lead you to believe, for the Raiders.
    Oakland is a young team, and Jason Campbell was not their answer at QB. Campbell is capable, but who really thinks he will threaten for the Superbowl someday, and if the team thought so, why did they get Terrelle Pryor. The fact is the window for winning is quite small, and the Raiders are looking to hit a home run here. By the time they groom a QB McFadden’s career would be waning.
    In many ways Jamarcus Russel is still hurting this team. It should have been him that was groomed to lead here.
    Other than that pick Al Davis did a good job here drafting before he passed.

  83. “Go for broke in 2011, Hue… Al wouldve done the same!!”

    Has it once, ever, in the history of the NFL, worked out for a team that mortgaged its future for a run today? Any teams ever win a Super Bowl with that strategy?

  84. This is an upgrade over Jason Campbell and Boller lets be real people.

    I love how non-Raider fans are hating there just mad there team couldn’t do this.

  85. I hate this trade, from a Raiders stand-point, but… Carson Palmer DID make Ocho and Houshmandzadeh appear to be NFL-quality receivers… imagine what he could do with this Raiders group of: Heyward-Bey, Murphy Schilens, and Moore? If Palmer can learn some of the offense we MAY see an offensive explosion.

  86. One and possibly two first round picks for Palmer?!? Do they realize they’re getting 2011 Palmer and not 2007, pre-injury Palmer? He’s NOT an elite player anymore. The Raiders really, really overpaid here.

  87. Really? 2 first rounders? Are you freaking kidding me? For Carsen Palmer? Really? Was you THAT desperate? I HOPE Mike Brown gave you the common courtesy of a reach around!

  88. I am not sure I like Palmer, he really hasn’t been overly impressive the last 4-5 years, but you can’t say the raiders aren’t trying. Hope it works out for them. Maybe with the change we will see a different guy.

  89. hatedatbirth says: Oct 18, 2011 11:02 AM

    They could’ve gotten the same production for less picks if they traded for Mcnabb
    are u serious? Mcnabb cant even star over rex grossman..Mcnab would not even start in the UFL.
    Palmer to the Raiders make Oakland the favorite to win the superbowl

  90. “This is an upgrade over Jason Campbell and Boller lets be real people.

    I love how non-Raider fans are hating there just mad there team couldn’t do this.”

    Yes, I’m sure that Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Chargers, Rams, Texans, Bears, etc…fans are tossing and turning.

    Palmer isn’t even a top 15 QB anymore. Mad? Please. Pointing and laughing? Yup.

  91. I’m not going to dump on this trade/deal – yet.

    It’s a total roll of the dice, first off. Neither team involved can safely say it’s a good deal all around, although Mike Brown could double as a used Yugo salesman, but only if Carson bombs badly in Oakland. On the other hand, Carson has put in the work under Hue and if anyone knows what Palmer has in the tank, it’d be Hue for sure.

    Sure, 2 1st rounders is a steep price to pay for someone with Carson’s pedigree, but what’s to say it won’t pay off, now and in the near future?

    Go Raiders (and yes I am crossing the digits on this one)

  92. Horrible trade for the Raiders.

    Jason Campbell is a game manager. The only times he has thrown for over 300 yards this season, the Raiders lost. The QB position is not the biggest area of need even after Campbell’s injury.

    Unless Palmer has learned how to play defense then this doesn’t translate into a playoff spot. Until the Raiders lower the average scoring by the opponent below 25 points, they will continue to struggle against elite teams.

    Too much to give up for a QB to lead one of the best RUNNING teams in the league. Sad day that will and should cost Hue his job if it doesn’t work out.

  93. As a Raider fan I hate this trade. I thought Campbell was a solid game manager who was starting to throw the ball nicely before the injury. Now you give up the farm for a 31 year old has been quarterback. Mike Brown could smell the desperation from the Raiders and took them for a ride. The Raiders are currently all in. The future looks bleak for Raider nation.

  94. ha ha ha some of you arm chair GMs are ridiculous. Is it a steep price? perhaps. But Oakland got the best QB available. Why if you’re trying to win, would you give up anything for Qbs that are arguably not better than Jason Campbell? This team is a playoff team with Jason Campbell.. if youre going to try and argue that Palmer last year is not better than Jason Campbell, you should just give up on watching football.. if Oakland contends this year and next while Terrell Pryor (potential qb of future) learns behind Palmer, its MUCH better than a first round pick that results in another Fabian Washington or Phillip Buchanon… Oakland will also get a couple of 3rd rounders and one fourth for Nnamdi, Miller, and gallery. Thats 5 picks in next years draft for an already young team.

  95. guess the raider’s front office was scheduling their vacation time and all decided they wanted next years draft off!

    I rem when ditka gave away our draft to the deadskins and the undrafted guys we mopped up, here’s to looking forward to that kinda year next year raiders.

    Palmer has never been the same qb since that knee injury. Anyone can see that he doesnt shift his weight into his throwing leg anymore since then.

  96. you gotta love how everyone is hating on the raiders for what they gave up. whose to say those 1st rounders turn out to be jamarcus russell, or ryan leaf???? this team is ready to compete now, not later! and while everyone is crowing andrew luck the next joe montana, if he falls into a bad situation he will be the next bust! so the draft is hit and miss every year, this Raider team is ready and primed to WIN now!

  97. “if youre going to try and argue that Palmer last year is not better than Jason Campbell, you should just give up on watching ”

    Campbell’s QB ratings, 2008-2010: 84.5, 86.4, 84.3.

    Palmer’s in that span? 69.0, 83.6, 82.4.

    Campbell’s QB rating has been higher in 3 consecutive seasons. I assume you’ll take your own advice and stop watching football. Thank you for being a valuable part of PFT.

  98. This is the best way possible to ASSURE the Raiders do not make any more completely stupid first round picks for the near future!

    Genius move! Congrats Al…oh wait…his son must have the same genes he ruined that team with. Crap Raiders fans…

  99. well in all reality it is a first rd pick, unless the pick this year is the 31st or 32nd pick, then the bengals get the first rd in 2013, and raiders get bengals 2nd.

    Really a first rd pick for the overall #1 pick, and the heisman trophy weinner is not that bad. Fact is Boller is going to start, palmer will be #2, and pryor will be deactivated. Palmer will get bye week to get the reps in, and get to know the playbook. He will start against the bronco’s.

    Jason Cambell goes on IR today, and is a free agent next year. Palmer will stay a raider for next three years, while pryor grows up.

  100. Now you know why teams need a GM. Palmer isn’t worth one third round pick right now. I have seen him twice a year against the Ravens the last few years, and rooted for him twice a year against the Steelers, and he is way over the hill.

    Hue Jackson should stick to coaching, which is what he won’t be doing for the Raiders in a couple of years because of this trade.

  101. My initial reaction was, WOW, what are the Raiders doing.

    Taking a few minutes to sit back and think about this trade, a few things come to mind;

    1. This could rejuvenate Carsons career. Different coach, different scenery (close to home), weapons all over (no ochostinko). Also he has had time to rest his body and HAS been working on his game while out.

    2. Who knows who the Bengals will take with this 1st round pick and 2nd rounder. Let’s don’t jump to conclusion and act as if they just landed two future hall of famers. We have no clue

    3. Carson is brought in to manage a run-first team with a ton of playmakers. This system and team fits him well.

    Good luck Raiders.

    Go Niners

  102. That tremor and after shocks just felt in the Bay Area were not the results of another quake felt along the Hayward Fault, but Al Davis turning over in his grave after hearing about the Carson Palmer trade.

    A number one next year and a #2 in 2013?

    How many draft picks do the Raiders not have for the 2012 draft?

    Hopefully, this is not a redo of the Jay Schroeder trade back in 1988. We all know how that went.

  103. @rangersleadtheway

    exactly! Thank you, i have faith now that there are football experienced people posting on this site.

  104. as Al was being laid to rest yesterday, he knew they were getting Palmer, so he sighed; and then smiled, clinched his fist and said GO RAIDERS!

  105. As a Bengal fan, I am thrilled with the trade. Watching Carson the last couple years, I think he is past his prime and I thought if he was traded, we might get a 2nd round pick. Although I do wish him luck (unless it’s against us). He was always a class act mixed in with a bunch of goof ball teammates that he or coach Lewis had no control over. I think that is why he wanted out. Mike Brown the weasel really made out on this deal.

  106. beltlessbuckler says:

    “Oakland, Mike Brown has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell. What was Hue’s Wonderlic sacore?”

    I dont know genius. What was your Wonderlic
    sacore? Idiot.

  107. I am trying to be overly optimistic about this deal. It just seems to be way too much for a player that has had a major injury and not played for a year. But, if he is fully healed and can grab some of the magic he had several years ago, he could lead this team through the AFC. Campbell is now gone, since there is no way the Raiders will have the cap space for both. All Raider fans can hope for is that Palmer can find his mojo and hopefully he will mentor Pryor for the next couple years. A 1st and 2nd is too much, but for it to possibly become two firsts is insane. I am not a fan of giving away draft picks, especially picks from the top 3 rounds. This is a young team and it needs a younger QB to grow with it. Palmer is a knee jerk reaction to the Campbell injury and unfortunately the Raiders are going to pay for this decision over the next several years.

  108. I`ve never been a fan of this guy but if he`s on he`s on , Then it`s goodbye Jason who is just an average QB himself , Don`t get me wrong i`m a Jason defender and he is better than we`ve had for awhile but he is what he is ! Sorry Jason !


    Al Davis is still running the show for the
    “Other Side”!

    Someone call Sandra Bullock fast and get me a couple of days worth of food … I gots’ a new Movie to write!!!

  110. We get picks back for nnamdi and Zach. It Is steeP but that s the price you gotta pay to play . Campbell ain’t cutting it long term anyway.

  111. I think this is all about Hue Jackson. He is trying to make his play for power in the Raider organization. He has put all his chips in for this season, make or break. If he settled to play out the injury with Boller, they probably would not make the playoffs, and a GM would be hired for next year. Hue would then at most be the head coach maybe not even that. But with Hue making this move and if it pans out (the Raiders make the playoffs and some noise when there). Hue might just solidify himself as head coach and GM for the Raiders for years to come. Considering Mark Davis is “Tommy Boy” in real life and he needs to lean on someone to run the team. Just my $0.02

  112. Pundits six months ago:
    “Oh, Mike Brown you idiot! Trade Carson Palmer! Nobody wants to play for your organization! You suck! Carson is a good player, let him do what he wants!”

    Pundits on Monday morning:
    “The Raiders can’t afford Carson Palmer!”

    Pundits today:

    It doesn’t quite add up, pundits. Hue Jackson is aggressive. He knows Carson from back in the day as a Bengals assistant. I’ve been trying all year to give Hue a benefit of a doubt — he’s got one helluva vision. We’ll see if this pans out. I’m not going to shoot it down yet. Go Raiders. Go Hue. RIP Al Davis.

  113. For all those complaining about the future draft pics… our team is young as it is. We need a decent quarterback NOW and have to do something about it. If Palmer is better than Boller (which some have said he’s better than Campbell) then we should be sitting pretty while we groom Pryor. I don’t know much about Palmer but I’m not concerned with the future draft pics. Like I said… we have a young team as it is.

  114. Am I reading some posts correctly? Do some people really think the Raiders traded for a Pro Bowl QB? Palmer hasn’t been to the Pro Bowl since 2006. The Raiders just gave up a 1st and 2nd (best case scenario) and $6 million in cap space for someone to hand the ball off for half the season. For a quarterback who has been made into an afterthought by a second round rookie in Cincinnati. The Raiders gave up way too much. Makes me think Davis’ kid wants to sell the team and figures Palmer can take them a little further than Campbell and boost the price. Mortgaging the future for such a short term gain is not the product of long term planning.

  115. This is essentially the same ransom the Bears paid for Cutler, BUT at least Cutler was much younger, and the Bears got Johnny Knox (their 5th round pick from Denver).

  116. Good move Raiders. Was kinda thinking the Dolphins would move on Palmer. Conditional 1 pk is Ok. If Palmer leads the Raiders to the promise land it will be more then worth it. Knew Ireland wouldnt never do anything so bold. Takes intestinal fortitude.
    Fortune favors the bold.

  117. Call me crazy, but I think this could work.

    If Palmer was disgruntled as he seemed in Cinci, one has to wonder when was the last time he actually played with any passion or real effort.

    The Raiders are a decent team, have the time to get him caught up with an offense he could already be familiar with, and have a running game strong enough that they won’t have to rely on Palmer. He’s more than qualified to be a game manager type.

    And when the Charger collapse again, the Chiefs and Broncos surely aren’t going to swoop in and steal the title.

    I don’t know about Super Bowls but this will definitely end up the best squad since the early 2000’s. In Oakland I think you could call that a success…

  118. To the Raiders fans defending this deal, your team isn’t one player away from the Super Bowl. It might not even be one player away from the Playoffs. I think I like the Atlanta-Cleveland deal better than this and that stunk to high heaven.

  119. It might actually not look that bad for the Raiders. Assuming the Raiders play great for the rest of the season, their 1st round pick could actually be in the late teens or 20’s.
    Going out on a limb, Palmer is a huge upgrade over Boller (Don’t know what sort of football shape he is in; but with Campbell out for the season the Palmer trade does not look that risky).

    Only time will tell if the trade was shocking or rewarding.

  120. Palmer put the ungle in Bungles. Will he make the Raiders the Raigles ?
    No way is that guy worth 2 first round picks. On the other hand, the Bungles have 2 first round picks for the next two years. So maybe after Palmer is long gone, he will take the ungles with him and then the Bungles can return as the Bengals. LOL.

  121. I wonder if Pryor will be encouraged to read / study the Wide Receiver and or Tight End play books? If he wants to play quickly, it appears that those are his only options.

  122. riverhorsey says: Oct 18, 2011 10:47 AM

    The Raiders make no sense. I don’t think even Al would of made that deal.

    Are u joking??he’d have made in a heartbeat.

  123. I know I am late to the party, but there was only ONE point where I thought Palmer was worth tw0 1st round picks that was around ’07, before he needed tommy john surgery.

  124. On the surface it looks like the Bengals have a chance to get two very good young players in the future from those 2 draft picks the Raiders will be sending them.

    But then one remembers that it’ll be the Bengals themselves MAKING those picks so the chances are so very good they will muff the selections and get stuck will 1 or 2 guys who either can’t play or who keep getting themselves arrested…

  125. 46 has got it right. This is clearly based on the Cutler trade… although I’d argue that a well-rested 2011 Palmer is not equal to a 2009 Cutler… prove me wrong, Carson…

    One question though. Suppose Palmer plays, and gets injured after a game or two. But the Raiders are still able to make it to the playoffs and win a game… they’re still on the hook for a first rounder in 2013, right? Even if Palmer was riding a stationary bike during the playoffs? Yikes.

  126. The ground is still loose ……… So you know Al Davis is probably rolling over in his grave …….

  127. Are we sure Al Davis actually passed because this all around smells and looks like an Al Davis move. Let’s hope it pays off in the long run as the Richard Seymour trade has.

  128. To quote Vince Lombardi ” What the hell is goin on out here!” I cant believe this move. Good for Cincy they are gonna have a lot of potential to build around Andy Dalton. I really hope the raiders get something out of Carson. Or else this could be catastrophic

  129. Woah, Guys. Woah. A 1 and a 2, maybe 2 1’s isn’t too much to give up for a franchise QB… The Bears did the same with Cutler and look how that…wait…Yeah. Bad move, Hue.

  130. Palmer becomes league MVP, comeback player of the year, and raiders go two rounds into the playoffs – and you can take that to the bank

  131. holy crap not Ken O’Brien LOL. I hope you Raitards get used to pick 6’s, because you’ll be seeing a lot of them. I glad we finally got rid of Palmer. He is so over rated. Also glad we traded him while other teams actually thought he was good. Smart move Cincy.

  132. wow bad trade sure they got Carson Palmer but for a 1st round 2012 and 2nd round 2013 pick serisouly how about starting Pryor you dont know if he can play take this season off and play pryor you all next year i mean you got the draft,freeagency you have the chance to get better players im not sure if they even thought about it i think he is worth about 2nd round pick i think it would be even. now they have 5th and 6th round pick left for 2012 draft

  133. Jeez. First Cutler and now Palmer? I’m half tempted to float Romo out there and see if we can pick up enough ammo to make a run at Andrew Luck. If those two can bring back multiple first rounders (Cutler brought back two firsts, a third, and a serviceable starting QB) then I’m sure Romo could land two firsts at minimum and probably more. Add that to the first rounder we’ve already got and that should be enough to seriously be in the discussion. And I’m not a Romo hater, but at this point I’d definitely consider this if it could be a possibility.

  134. First off, for those who says it makes no sense, how does this not make sense? If the Raiders don’t pick up Carson Palmer, does it make sense to rely on Kyle Boller to take the Raiders to the playoffs? And for those fortune tellers out there, what potential number one draft picks did the Raiders give up for Palmer? Can anyone please tell me what the Raiders passed up? And when Carson Palmer takes the Raiders into the playoffs are you going to root for the Raiders?! My point is, if you are true Raider Fans, stand by your team and if you not go root for the Broncos and Tebow and stop your bitching’! It’s Raider Nation baby!!! And if you’re not down with the Silver and Black, as a Raider fan, you don’t matter!

  135. Most Excellent Hue Jackson, channeling your inner Al Davis. Carson Palmer is the kind of reclamation project Al Davis was famous for. I was always hoping the Raiders would get USC’s Carson Palmer, finally a quality quarterback who can pass the ball. At least the Raiders didn’t do what the foolish pundits suggested, take that Denver Deadbeat Kyle Orton. If the Raiders win a playoff game then the second draft pick given will be worth it. I can’t wait for next season when the Raiders go to play the Bengals so I can watch Carson Palmer torture the Bengal’s pass defense. Raider Nation Rejoice!

  136. So like the Colts, the Raiders didn’t turst the backup QB and went out and overpaid for a replacement. The Bengals really took the Raiders to the cleaners. I mean, who were they bidding against – themselves only.

  137. I just wonder what was so bad in Cinci that, wouldn’t wind up being a potential problem in Oakland.

    Was it the coach?
    Sick of Cinci?

    Both organizations have been ran silly at times, but I don’ know why Carson would throw the towel in one place, and not the other if things don’t go HIS way.

  138. Just how bad are the Bengals to play for if Palmer is so eager to play for a big mess of an organization like the Raiders instead?

  139. I know the Raiders were pretty terrible from 2003-2009, but some of you kids should learn a little more about football history before you post something dumb.

    The Bengals have 12 winnings seasons in the last 43 years. 9 total playoff appearances and no championships. There isn’t a worst sports franchise on this planet.

    As far as this trade, I think win-win for both teams. Bengals get two high picks for a player who was never going to play for them again and Raiders finally get a QB who can be more than just a game manager.

    Al Davis would have loved this trade. RIP AL.

  140. whynotusecommonsense says: Oct 18, 2011 11:38 AM

    Unless Palmer has learned how to play defense then this doesn’t translate into a playoff spot. Until the Raiders lower the average scoring by the opponent below 25 points, they will continue to struggle against elite teams.


    they’re dead on 25 now, does this mean superbowl????

    Really, so many people relying on stats, QB rating and other stuff. none of that counts on the scoreboard.

  141. Did anyone see Palmer play sunday? He is worth a 3rd and a 5th…One 2nd rounder would be pushing it. Raiders are going 9-7 unfortunately.

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