Sanchez claims Jets are “back on track” after beating Dolphins


Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez passed for one touchdown and ran for another in Monday night’s win over the Dolphins, and afterward he exuded confidence that the Jets are going in the right direction.

“It’s just what we needed,” Sanchez said. “We’re back on track.”

But are they really? And is he really?

Sanchez did play well on the two touchdown drives, and he also marched the Jets down the field on a 13-play, 79-yard drive that resulted in a field goal. But the Jets’ other eight offensive drives all ended in punts, and on six of those eight drives the Jets gained five yards or less.

Sorry, Sanchez, but if you’re an NFL quarterback whose offense just got through a game in which the majority of its drives yielded five yards or less, you’re not supposed to say you’re “back on track” afterward.

And Sanchez still has his problems: He gets happy feet in the pocket and misses a lot of throws. His completion rate of 56.1 percent ranks him 26th in the NFL.

But Sanchez never loses his confidence.

“I was just telling guys on the sideline, ‘Stay with it. Just keep fighting, keep fighting, we’re gonna blow this thing open, I promise. We’ll get the running game going, we’ll get this thing rolling, I promise,’ ” Sanchez said.

Sanchez may think he’s back on track, but he hasn’t delivered on that promise yet.

71 responses to “Sanchez claims Jets are “back on track” after beating Dolphins

  1. Amazing after a performance like that…..and that is exactly why he will never be even a good QB in this league and will be watching the playoffs from his couch this year.

  2. Jets chose “Shanchize” over Josh Freeman b/c “He was better for the NY market area”

    You mean the market responsible for all of America’s problems?

    Jesus of Nazareth at QB couldn’t help you guys

  3. he looked downright awful, I wish the NFL had a way to change the game midseason when we are doomed to watch 2 horrific teams. That game sucked

  4. If that’s the best they could do against Miami, then they are far from “back on track”. I see no playoffs this year for the Jets.

  5. back on track? when was he ever on in the first place? 1st round bust hidden behind a great defense that leds the way.

  6. Remember that one 3rd and 3 where the Jets coaching staff had more confidence in LT throwing the ball than they did “Sanchize”? Lol, yeah, they are back on track!

  7. They struggle to beat a pathetic Dolphins team and only because they largely take the game out of Sanchez’s hands and he says “they are back on track”?

    Reminds me of the Kyle Boller days in Baltimore.

    Good luck trying to win games that count when you are game planning the whole time to figure out ways for your starting QB not to lose them.

  8. “Back on track, we’re gonna blow this thing open, I promise”


    You scored a whopping TWO touchdowns on the Miami Dolphins.

    Shut the hell up.

    Every single football fan in America

  9. He nearly didn’t pull out a game that his opponent was TRYING to lose. The ‘Phins are in the Luck-y catbird seat! They can’t blow that…even to a buffoon like Sanchize.

  10. Keep telling yourself that kid… Miami couldn’t do anything right last night, and you looked horrible. That could be your only win in the AFC East this season, relish it.

  11. “Sanchez claims Jets are ‘back on track’ after beating Dolphins”…


    Uh-mm, yeah.

    Too bad the Jets can’t play Miami every week.

    If they could then maybe their fans would have nothing to worry about.

    But I think Mark must have been watching some other game ‘cuz even though they won, they hardly looked impressive to me doing it.

    The Jets should have completely dominated and crushed a team like the Dolphins. But despite the final score, viewers outside Jets (homer) Nation will tell you the Jets didn’t come off as world beaters in that game.

    Not at all…

  12. You neglect to mention most of those worthless drives were in the opening of the game and that they finished the game much more strongly than your blog implies. Still…”we’re back” is a bit presumptuous, but there’s no need to try to spin to make things even worse than they were.

  13. back on track? Sanchez is the worst starting QB in the NFL. That idiot in the stands with the hard hat is prob better than him. CAn’t wait for the Jets and fat ass Ryan to crash land

  14. if the jags amd dolphins had good qbs,and dallas didnt give the game to the jets,they would be 0-6.what track is sanchez on????

  15. Back on track? Let’s look over the game a little closer.

    The Jets didn’t score more than 7 points every quarter on the DOLPHINS. (How do you plan on beating the Patriots in their division by scoring 7 points a quarter?)

  16. khuxford says:
    Oct 18, 2011 7:38 AM
    You neglect to mention most of those worthless drives were in the opening of the game and that they finished the game much more strongly than your blog implies.
    Finished the game “strongly”????

    They scored TWO TOUCHDOWNS ……. against the DOLPHINS!!!!!

    How bad must they have been in the “opening” of the game, then???

  17. When you’re playing at home and are getting booed, it’s best not to act as if everything is going as planned.

  18. khuxford says:
    You neglect to mention most of those worthless drives were in the opening of the game and that they finished the game much more strongly than your blog implies.
    This made me go back and recheck.

    The Yets had three drives in the first quarter; punt, punt, punt.

    They had four drives in the fourth quarter;
    Touchdown, punt, punt, punt.

    You’re right, they finished MUCH stronger than they started. They actually scored a touchdown on one of the four drives.

    Wooo Hooooooo, Super Bowl, baby!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Way to get Miami’s hopes up the first 20 minutes of the game. Playing all terrible like that.

    Oh wait, that wasn’t a joke?

  20. Can we please rewind back to those projecting the jets to win the division??? where are all the experts???

  21. This is the first Jets game I have actually sat and watched in awhile and I do have to say watching that dude play quarterback is a painful experience. If he really is using that game to declare that they are back on track……… That Moore kid on the Dolphins looked way better from the QB perspective and he wasn’t very good. Jets have a solid D but that offense is a snooze button that only goes off about every 3 hours or so.

  22. Never has a team who has done so little talked so much. If that’s back on track every other team the Jets are playing the rest of the season must be excited. If Sanchez played in any other market than New York he wouldn’t even be in the discussion. He IS who most of us thought he was, HORRIBLE.

  23. I am not convinced.

    Granted, the Phins could’ve played a bit harder and Matt Moore could’ve been better, but I for one am NOT sold on the Nyets being all there.

    The next 4 weeks will tell the story.

  24. right now the phins are in suck for luck mode. Beating them doesn’t count. We’ll see how they do next week against the chargers.

  25. the censorship on this comment feed is hilarious. whatever little slug is in charge of clicking his fat little finger on the mouse to review comments is sure doing some work this morning.

  26. That game was ugly.
    Sanchize’s comments make him seem so out of touch with reality… they have a lot of work to do to get back on track.

  27. scudbot: Yep, we caught the camera shot of those 2 losers dressed as Rex Ryan in the stands last night – got it right down to the fake headsets. Those 2 poor souls truly need lives, and a tad of originality.

    Fireman Ed (the cat with the fireman’s lid who did the MNF intro last night) at least is tolerable, if not just a smidge off his rocker. Or one taco short of a combo plate……

  28. seneca1ss says:
    Oct 18, 2011 6:58 AM
    Jets chose “Shanchize” over Josh Freeman b/c “He was better for the NY market area”

    You mean the market responsible for all of America’s problems?

    Jesus of Nazareth at QB couldn’t help you guys


    I’m not a Jets fan either, but you need to educate yourself, then calm down with blaming NY for all of America’s problems. Over half of the people that work here aren’t from here.

    And the last time I checked – the people that moved away from their families to work in this market are TWICE as motivated than some of the losers in this country.

  29. I just wanna personally congratulate the Jets for their amazing win last night against the 30th ranked team in the league… I mean, to purposely keep it as close as they did almost all game, and punting the ball away the same amount of times as the completed passes they had. Purely amazing.

    JETS, YOU’RE HORRIBLE, the only good thing about the team is Revis, who gets gifted by the Dolphins on every second play. How many times did they throw his way last night??? are you kidding me??? Throw SOMEWHERE else.

    I wish they would screen HORRIBLE games like this one from being a sunday/monday night game. Thank God for me I live in Canada so i can watch a hockey game instead of Rexs big headed, medioker talented band of losers…

  30. test2402 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 7:39 AM
    Sanchez and Eli. No wonder wall street tried to kill this country. They have nothing to live for.


    Let me guess this straight.

    Eli Manning gives Giants fans nothing to live for?

    1.) Superbowl Ring
    2.) MVP Trophy
    3.) Current running iron-man title
    4.) No criminal record or indictments
    5.) Consumate professional

    Giants fans have more to live for than almost any QB in the NFL. More than any in the NFC East – that’s for sure.

    NY Metro thanks you for NOT living here.

  31. I feel sorry for Sanchez, I really do. All this negative backlash……I bet the only person who really understands Mark is his 17 year old girlfriend.

  32. I have been a JETS fan for many, many years…but even I have had it! Sanchez should be doing ALOT better than he is in his third year…I think Miami’s Moore looked better! JETS, if you want to win, just be quiet, get some new offensive plays (you are WAY too predictable!) and practice passing the darn ball ! As much as I have stuck by you, you are by NO means “back on track”.

  33. as a die hard pats fans, im happy they think they are back on track

    after sand diego, buffalo, and new england, they will probably be out of the playoffs and predciting super bowl wins for next year

    they are a joke, and if miami recievers could catch a ball then mat moore would have destroyed them

    the more i watch revis the more i realise that he gets away with blatant penalties every game

  34. Wow! Sure are plenty of Jets haters today! They won the game period. So what the Dolphins are garbage. There are alot of garbge teams with bad records playing good teams. Must be disgruntled Giants fans upset that the JETS are getting more coverage than Big Blue! You know that team that fakes injuries because they are tired.. The JETS are here to stay get used to it! You all were talking the same smack 2 years in a row and both seasons the JETS made it to the AFC championship! Where were the Giants?? People have alot to say about a team so hated!!

  35. alltee you are a die hard PATS fan and thats exactly what the PATS have done..DIED HARD AT THE HANDS OF THE NY JETS! Can’t dispute that now can you!

  36. Oh Lord what an awful game. Jets were lucky in this one, lucky that the Dolphins are soooo bad they would be a 2 pt. underdog to Don Bosco Prep in NJ (look em up).

    Beat the Padres and the Bills and go into the home game vs. Patriots at 5-3 and then we can talk about being back on track, okay Sanchez??

  37. Sanchez is bottom of barrell qb…defense has been winning factor for jets…unfortunately for jets fans…rest of the league is onto them…and rex…sold the house for wrong qb…thats on trex!!

  38. seneca1ss says:
    Oct 18, 2011 6:58 AM
    Jets chose “Shanchize” over Josh Freeman b/c “He was better for the NY market area”

    You mean the market responsible for all of America’s problems?


    wow. that’s handy huh? let’s pick a geographic area and throw blame for ALL OF AMERICA’S PROBLEMS. people say a lot of stupid things on here but this one leaves me absolutely speechless. (though a few phrases come to mind; clueless knuckle dragging redneck etc.)
    you know at the top of the pft page there’s a place where you can choose to go BY TEAM. why not pick a different one?

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