UFL exec sues for more than $100,000 in unpaid wages

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The UFL unexpectedly canceled its final two regular-season weekends, due to a chronic inability to make ends meets.  And one of the apparent strategies for keeping the doors open as possible — i.e., not paying the bills — could cause the whole thing to collapse, quickly.

According to FirstCoastNews.com, UFL Chief Operating Officer Bill Peterson filed suit against the league last month, claiming that he is owed more than $110,000 in unpaid salary.

UFL spokesman Michael Preston told FirstCoastNews.com that the matter has been settled.  The lawsuit reportedly remains open, which isn’t an uncommon phenomenon.  It often takes a month or longer for a settlement to progress from agreement in principle to a formal dismissal of the case.

It appears that Peterson’s lawsuit was filed after he pursued the matter through arbitration.  The lawsuit was aimed at requiring the UFL to set aside enough money now to satisfy any arbitration award, based on Peterson’s contention that the UFL won’t have the assets when the arbitration is resolved.

Given that this claim is coming from a guy who has been in a key management position with the UFL, it’s a strong sign that the end is near.

10 responses to “UFL exec sues for more than $100,000 in unpaid wages

  1. bill peterson was instrumental in ensuring staff members of the teams did not get paid on time so its ironic that he was in this situation. Don’t feel bad for a guy who ran the nfl europe and the ufl into the ground

  2. Michael Huygue is a sleaze bag!!!
    The way he has screwed over people in the UFL should warrant him jail time!!!!

    I have heard of people who’ve been jailed for failure to pay lawsuits and legal fees. Huygue should be next!!!

  3. Again, other than law firms, don’t let lawyers run a business!!!!

    The only one to reverse the trend is a guy with a pro football website in a West Virginian basement!!!

  4. They had no idea what they were doing they put teams in the wrong citys, should have had the local college legends in those same citys or states and for the love of god STOP PUTTING THE COLOR AQUA in any uniforms forever it must stop now. you dont get fans wearing jerseys the same color as jogging windbreakers had them boys lookin like fools out there in AQUA??? and now more games at sam boyd stadium please?

  5. I understand other lawsuits are pending for suppliers who have gotten ripped off by the rich guys that own the league. Clearly they have no scrupples or this kind of stuff would never happen.

    Remember one of the rich guys is married to Nancy Pelosi!

  6. I live in Sacramento and I went to one Mountain Lions game. The highlight was seeing Denzel Washington from 50 yards away. ( His son plays on our, um, team) I was offered free tickets by my neighbor and wouldnt even go. Its a joke. No one in the stands, overpriced food and it was like being at a high school football game. Except I’m not in high school anymore. I’m glad I dont have to see Dennis Green’s fat face doing commercials anymore and glad I dont have to listen to local talk raido hosts pump it up. It sucks. Good riddance.

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