What’s next for McNabb?


So with the Vikings benching quarterback Donovan McNabb for rookie Christian Ponder, what does that mean for McNabb for the rest of 2011, and beyond?

In 2008, the Eagles benched McNabb for the second half of an ugly loss to the Ravens.  He started the next game on Thanksgiving night against the Cardinals, sparking the Eagles on a late-season run that ended in the NFC title game, also against the Cardinals.  But whispers persisted that McNabb was upset by the benching, with reports that McNabb wanted an explanation and, ultimately, a “financial apology” for the diss.  (Eventually, he got one.)

In 2010, the Redskins benched McNabb during the closing moments of a winnable game against the Lions.  The financial apology came much sooner that time, hours before a blowout loss to the Eagles on a November Monday night.

This time, there will be no new or revised contract.  But McNabb will surely want something.

Perhaps he’ll want his freedom.

Really, if McNabb is going to be a backup, wouldn’t be prefer to be a backup on a contending team?  And if there’s another Jason Campbell-style injury to a quarterback on a contending team, McNabb surely would prefer to be one of the options to replace the guy as a starter.

Thus, don’t be shocked if McNabb goes to Leslie Frazier and asks politely for his freedom.  And then look for McNabb to ask not so politely if he doesn’t get his way.  Given that Frazier was willing to dump ;eft tackle Bryant McKinnie (for which the Ravens are grateful) when McKinnie was going to be a potential distraction during camp, Frazier could decide to do the same thing if there’s any chance Donovan will disrupt the transition of Christian Ponder to the status of starter.

After 2011, it could be that McNabb will be out of NFL options, unless he’s willing to be a backup.  He’d more likely choose to begin his long-expected broadcasting career.

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  1. brett favre had that pro bowl season in 07′ after being just awful in 05-06, idk… never wanna write a dude off, not saying McNabb is gonna up and pull a Kurt Warner with the Cardinals type career resurrection, but idk…

    Christian Ponder will do good, he’s gonna have some lumps and what not, but He looks good.

    I’m looking forward to the first Rodgers vs Ponder battle, goodluck to the vikings in their stadium thingy, hope to continue to see these Packer/viking battles for another 50 or so years.

  2. Seriously, he’d make a good broadcaster and maybe even position coach. I’ve seen him as a guest commentator and he’s actually not bad at all. As long as the topic is not him, he’s fine. Otherwise he throws a hissy.

  3. The only thing I’d want to see him broadcast would be a game that tied… oh the look on his face and the sound of his voice…

  4. I suggest Hollywood. Specifically, I am working on a script for a buddy cop movie where he could team up with Rush Limbaugh. I don’t want to give too much of the story away, but the premise is that they work together to bust a huge prescription drug ring, only to find out Rush is the culprit the whole time (despite proselytizing about drug abuse the entire movie).

    But the twist is, he doesn’t get arrested and everyone just kind of completely forgets about it. Like immediately.

  5. Just throwing out shots in the dark here, but what’s next could be any combination of these things…

    A denial that he was benched.

    A robust defense of his mechanics.

    A statement from his agent mentioning ‘disrespect’ and ‘5 NFC Championship games’

    A laser shot at Percy Harvin’s ankles.

  6. He will turn into Mark Brunell if he spent all his Campbell’s Chunky Soup money.

  7. Let him go. Chances are that only one of the most desperate teams would sign him. Knew it was a mistake for Vikes to sign him. If the NFL ever allows bounce passes—he’d get picked up in a second.

  8. It’s going to get lost in his likely underwhelming exit from the NFL, but McNabb was one of the most exciting QBs of the last decade. His stats are superb, and he has a whole pile of post season victories (including a near loss in the Super Bowl against the Spy Gate Patriots). I don’t know what his legacy will be (I’m sure he’ll have his number retired in Philly) but I will miss the near weekly debates about how good or bad McNabb was.

  9. McNabb has proven that he’s no longer a starter. He will insist that he is, but three teams have given up on him in three years. It might be about time, Donovan. It might be about time.

  10. Maybe he should offer a financial aploogy to all the Eagles fans who had to agonize over his lack of tempo in the second half of the 2004 Super Bowl.

  11. “But whispers persisted that McNabb was upset by the benching, with reports that McNabb wanted an explanation and, ultimately, a “financial apology” for the diss. (Eventually, he got one.)”

    “And then look for McNabb to ask not so politely if he doesn’t get his way. ”

    Because he’s “classy”. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure he is.

    Some people make mistakes in they lives, and the Vikings made a big one last summer.

    Now a third team’s fan base knows.

  12. Long-expected broadcasting career? He can’t be worse than Michael Irvin, but if you have seen him talk, and as an Eagles fan I have too many times to count, I don’t see him being very good.

  13. I want to wish this guy well, I just don’t see him doing well as a QB again. He seems disinterested and resting on laurels that don’t actually exist in Minnesota.

    For the most part, he gave the best effort of the season against Chicago (minus taking a dive in his own end zone), so the timing here feels odd. But it was painfully obvious he had to go one way or another.

  14. QB coach at Syracuse, eventually OC, eventually HC. He’ll be treated like a hero there.

  15. So one of the main reasons the Vikes aren’t even sniffing the playoffs will start a post-benching whine campaign about being released so he can backup a playoff contender? I’m not sure even Lord Favre would have gonads that big.

  16. This was probably discussed before McNabb signed. If things went south, which they have, he knew he would lose the job to Ponder. He probably figured then he would want to be let go, but he may also have been fine with being a backup and mentoring Ponder. The latter seems unlikely, though.

  17. If its time, its time. Donovan was exciting at SU, and has been fun to watch in the NFL. Broadcasting or coaching? Who cares, as long as he leaves on decent terms and doesnt pull a Brett.

  18. What McNabb career shows is that a little better than average QBs can prosper inside a particular system that plays to the QBs strength. When that QB is put into a different system they struggle. He was a true professional.

  19. What’s next for McNabb? Five years of waiting to be eligible for the Hall of Fame. After that it will be about forty or so years of waiting without ever coming to the realization he just wasn’t good enough, coming up short on that like so many of his on field exploits. Then he dies.

    That’s pretty much what is next for McNabb. As for us, what is next is years of his supporters and detractors endlessly debating how good or lousy he really was. The debate will never end and will never have a clear winner, which pretty much sums up the entirety of McNabb’s career and is ultimately the true representation of it – in other words, he was good enough to get into the debate and never quite good enough to have the debate end. Getting to five AFC championship games and one SB is impressive. Losing four of the former and the only one of the latter isn’t.

    Mind you, if he had won one SB, then somehow the monkey on his back magically disappears just as it did for Peyton Manning and Bill Cowher (guess all of their previous failures got wiped out). But I digress.

  20. He could become the NFL Networks official tie-breaker guru.

    If that doesn’t work out, he could be the official spokesman for Johnson & Johnson pacifiers.

  21. He would make a huge upgrade to Jimmy Clausen. Probably be a pro bowler again when Cammy boy gets suspended for HGH.

  22. Sources say that McNabb was seen tractor shopping in Hattiesburg, MS today. Apparently that’s the fastest way for a qb to get a $16 million, one-year salary.

  23. The Skins are in need of a QB.

    Mike Shanahan: “I love Donovan McNabb”

    Shanahan claimed. “He’s one of the better guys you’ll ever be around. You cannot find a better person in the world.”

    Oh yeah …. I remember now !

  24. Like everyone else says, Donovan McNabb no longer can perform at the level needed to be an NFL quarterback.

    I don’t think he can perform at the level needed to be a back-up at this point. No offense to him, he is surely a great guy, but he is slow, inefficient and inaccurate.

    Sometimes professional athletes skills fade and sometimes they fall off a cliff…Donovan’s is the latter.

  25. I know what’s next…..

    He, Brett Favre and Duante Culpepper start a bowling team and get their hopes up every time they read PFT and see someone bringing up their name as a potential starter.

    Jeff George will beg to let him join, but they won’t.

  26. chowface86 says: Oct 18, 2011 7:07 PM

    He would make a huge upgrade to Jimmy Clausen. Probably be a pro bowler again when Cammy boy gets suspended for HGH.

    Jealous much? Guy plays better than you expected, so naturally he must be juicing, right? I mean, it couldn’t possibly be that he’s just this good.

  27. He has had bursts of his old self during the season so far. He is just really fat & out of shape. Stop overeating, loose weight, get better conditioned. Can he do it? Who knows.

  28. McNabb is at a similar point in his career that Drew Bledsoe was when Romo took his job with the Cowboys – Bledsoe realized his days of being a starter were likely done, and didn’t want to spend the final years of his career as a backup, or going from team to team, where probably best case scenario maybe he got to start after an injury on a bad team. McNabb has to make a similar realization and a similar decision – his days of being handed a starting job are done. His days as a starter are likely done. Does he want to keep playing, as a backup and starter in case of injury? Which is fine. Or does he not want to become a journeyman and decide to step away?

  29. Donovan McNabb’s career isn’t really dead as long as we can find a way to remember it.

    RIP Donovan McNabb’s career.

  30. Being that his 2011 salary would be fully guaranteed if released – there is no scenario where Vikings ownership allows a cash out for an under-performing Donavan

  31. Funny, many of you mention crap like Burger King, WalMart, and all of your other favorite retail outlets as post career opportunities for McNabb…what a joke. Surely if you think that you want him as a co-worker…

  32. It’s sad. It’s sad that these disastrous two years will be what people mostly remember of McNabb, but he was great in his prime.

    Definitely one of my favorite players to watch in his time, wish him well whether he continues to play or retires.

    I think he’d retire before accepting a number two job.

  33. semperfi24 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 7:07 PM
    Burger King

    In that order…


    So true. Well put, my friend.

  34. always been a Dono fan. At this point if he wants to keep playing his best bet is to go to Philly and be Vick’s backup for the remainder of the season. Even at his age, he is better than VY. He will probably get a chance to play with Vick’s injury history. If he does well see whats out there for him next yr, if not retire as an Eagle(the only place he was great).

  35. As An EAGLES fan I am sorry for the way his career is ending , he gave us many fun years although never achieving our main goal it was a Great ride , thank you Donovan.

  36. McNabb’s skills did diminish, but it’s moreso the fact that they did not progress. I was watching a few of those playoff games from the early 2000’s and the talent level is jawdroppingly worse. BIG slow safeties, BIG slow runningbacks, fullbacks, 2 receiver sets, Jim Mora Jr/John Fox as a playoff coach…. McNabb was still a 57% completion passer but the best at the time were like 62-63%. Now guys are throwing 70%. Brady is a good example of a contemporary who got better. He’s been better than he was in recent years and he can’t win in the playoffs so what makes any team/person think McNabb ever will? (and he used to run the ball when teams were used to preparing for Bledsoe/Brad Johnson).

  37. Say it ain’t so Don. come on man you can’t go out this way. you were the MAN in Philly for many years . wish tight arse brown would not have woken up and traded palmer, maybe we could have dumped Vince to the raiders and pulled you back for when MV get’s banged up. is it really phyiscal, is it mental. he has been up against it most of his carreer. I think it’s mental and he has some gas left. call me a dreamer. good luck Dmac.

  38. jdd428 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 7:21 PM
    chowface86 says: Oct 18, 2011 7:07 PM

    He would make a huge upgrade to Jimmy Clausen. Probably be a pro bowler again when Cammy boy gets suspended for HGH.

    Jealous much? Guy plays better than you expected, so naturally he must be juicing, right? I mean, it couldn’t possibly be that he’s just this good.


    And you are one of the clowns that thought LeFors and Eric Shelton were going to be pro bowlers. Go back to yahoo clown.

  39. warvette says:
    Oct 18, 2011 6:54 PM

    YEA, not a dmac fan then you would know how notoriously tight my man was. he will never be bankrup bro! pretty sure he is financially set better then most of his haters.

  40. All you vikequeen fans coming down hard on Don need to redirect your anger at your coach who way over sold the potential of his team. McNabb came to MN hoping to make a play-off run with the bunch of rag bag, rag tag, over-hyped pieces of human debris on the MN roster.

  41. chowface: And you are one of the clowns that thought LeFors and Eric Shelton were going to be pro bowlers. Go back to yahoo clown.
    First, what about my comment would give you reason to believe that I thought either of those guys would amount to anything?

    Second, I’m not the “clown” who used a McNabb post to take an unwarranted shot at Newton. If you’re looking for the clown in this dialogue, you should probably check the mirror – or did your chow face already crack it?

  42. Being the determined self starter/professional that he is, I’m sure McNabb will be fully supportive of the young kid and McNabb will privately work on his mechanics and conditioning with team-sponsored consultants. He’ll also master the playbook and situational football as he runs the scout team offense against the number 1’s.
    He’ll also continue to put on a good face in the public and approach management about restructuring to an incentive based salary.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to enjoy a delicious hamburger from McDonalds.

  43. I’d like to see the value of Kluwe’s #4 jersey if McNabb is gone. Surely Kluwe will reacquire his old number at that point. Imagine the collectors out there feverishly bidding on eBay for those #4 Kluwe jerseys.

    Otherwise, McNabb isn’t going to stick in anyone’s head unless a starting QB goes down and that team has such a huge lead in the playoff standings that they only need a warm body to hand it off and flutter an occasional 3rd down duck to a TE.

    Honestly, I hate to stab any professional because they easily do what I’ve only dreamed of doing. But he IS a professional, and pros do NOT throw passes like that garbage he’s pitching lately, and then denying that there’s anything wrong with his ability.

    Let the Ponder era begin. Put Webb out there full time, too. Wildcat, WR, return kicks, get the kid the ball!
    Let’s have some FUN! For once this year….

  44. dancin’ w/ the stars?? hollywood squares?? the gong show?? NFL network special presentation??
    sixty minutes?? sesame street?? oprah?? jerry springer?? rush limbaugh remembers?? Schell brewery commercials?? lunds & byerly’s grocery (not chunky) soup commercials?? cricket cell phone commercials?? u-haul of minn. commercials?? yawn…, i’m tired – somebody else take over – kinda like what we’re talkin’ about…

  45. Would rather have McNabb on the bench than on the field. He is cooked. Time to move on to the post football career. Hell, he is rich and young. Why go through the humiliation of a public display of being a has been who is still trying to play. He was never accurate, and now he is as bad as he has ever been. What’s pathetic is he still thinks he is good and can still play.

  46. Limbaugh was right that McNabb was overrated, at least when he made that call. But are you sure he was right about it being racially motivated?

    Andy Reid still has a rep for being a Super Genius about QB development. That’s more overrated than McNabb ever was.

  47. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s for McNabb to go quietly in the night.

    For some reason, he’s more worried about being politically correct than he is about keeping his job. What you never see is any sort of burning desire from McNabb. He never gets angry. He never yells. If push comes to shove, he just walks away.

    Look at other top QBs. Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Rivers, Manning, etc. They all have a lot of intensity. Manning will throw his teammates under the bus in one second if they F up. Brady will do anything to win.

    McNabb gets pushed around and ultimately disrespected because he lets people. TO called him out and disrespected him time after time – and this is when McNabb was more prolific and the leader of the Eagles.

    Shanahan tossed him to the side like yesterday’s garbage for Rex Grossman.

    Now Frazier dumps him after a game in which he really wasn’t doing that bad.

    He never reacts. He never demands respect. Instead, he just reacts in a calm and politically correct way while someone walks right over him.

    He shrugs off everything. He has horrible body language and he largely seems indifferent as to what’s going on. I think that has more than anything to do with his downfall.

    Example from last game: Berrian drops a pass placed perfectly in his hands. McNabb just trots off the field. Might just as well have said, “oh well”.

    QBs need to be leaders and kick ass sometimes. McNabb just doesn’t demand the best. Neither from himself, nor his teammates.

  48. One thing he won’t be is…broke. He’s widely known as being one of the worst tippers of all Philly athletes. He is very smart with his money and is actually a pretty bright guy. That being said, If I never saw his face on TV again, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

  49. I think we can rule out Donovan McNabb being a position coach. He may carry himself like he is one already, but this is a guy who refuses (by his own admission, see his recent press conferences) to examine his own mechanics seriously.

    I’d guess he’ll end up in broadcasting, but I don’t know that he’ll have a whole lot to add there, either. He just doesn’t seem especially analytical about things.

  50. 808raiderinparadise says:Oct 18, 2011 7:17 PM

    Matter of time before he is on: The Biggest Loser

    He already is,the Vikes haven’t released/cut him yet.

  51. i don’t know much about this guys history. is he a constant complainer or something? everybody seems to hate him.

    i stand by my earlier comments. McNabb is no Rodgers. but he is not the reason the vikings offense is horrid. the offensive line is. and one more reason: their offensive philosophy of run 1st is doomed to fail. that will not succeed in this league no matter who the QB is. when favre came in 09′, they turned into a passing machine, and it worked great. Peterson still had a good year, but he wasn’t the first option.

    The vikings need to learn how to pass protect, and run routes. take a page from the packer receivers and learn how to get open-greg jennings is the master of getting open.

    until then, vikings fans can look forward to the packers possibly contending and winning the next 10 superbowls. i’m not kidding. the packers have the ability to win the next 10. the vikings can enjoy their 2 or 3 adrian peterson ‘big’ run highlights.

  52. Adam Schefter has just reported that a deal could be in the making..contingent on if the team in question would be willing to offer McNabb incentives which include multiple coupons to Golden Corral, and replacing all gatorade with gravy.

  53. Seems like a decent guy, but McNabb is like a CEO. Do a crappy job, get a big financial windfall, and move on to the next job. It amazes me that both the Eagles and Redskins would pay him huge bonuses after they knew he was going to be gone. He deserved to demoted in all the places he has played. Good numbers for his career, but not a HOFer.

  54. bebopa says: Oct 18, 2009 9:14 PM
    McNabb fan, but looks like his days are numbered as a topflight qb.


    That’s really weird….

    But don’t worry, I went ahead and manually fixed the time stamp on your post for you.

  55. it would be good to release him reason his MCnabb is done he is old im a vikings fan so i know when Ponder is ready he mabey came in for the last 5 minutes but he look like he sould start i see a bright future even if the vikings lost the season to me the vikings didn’t they finally started Ponder and bring in the rookies/reserves to see if they can play im fine if the vikngs don’t win many games i just want to watch the rookies/reserves to play im fine with the rebuilding stage i want to have the have high draft picks to rebuild

  56. Fun fact:

    If McNabb doesn’t play another down this season and ends up retiring, that would make it two years in a row that a legend at quarterback for the Vikings retired after playing the Bears.

    At least he gets to walk away with some dignity. Unlike Favre, who we MADE RETIRE.

  57. gonzo7 says:
    Oct 18, 2011 7:31 PM
    always been a Dono fan. At this point if he wants to keep playing his best bet is to go to Philly and be Vick’s backup for the remainder of the season.

    He’s gone and never coming back. It makes no sense for the Eagles to bring him back. They knew he was done and that’s why they traded him.

  58. God..Couldn’t people see in 2004 Super Bowl ,,,that the guy couldn’t play?????

    Donovan just does not have what it takes..his work ethic & film study suck….

    Put the clown out to pasture.

  59. So many critical remarks. So, he wasn’t a Superbowl winner, but in the last ten years only two Quarterbacks have won more games than McNabb. I understand he has outplayed his prime, but does he really deserve the wisecracks about working at Walmart or fast food, or landscaping, etc. I am not particularly a fan of McNabb, but Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and number of other good QBs didn’t receive this much grief, and they all had careers comparable to his.

  60. “freedom”–is this a reference to Adrian Peterson’s “modern day slavery” concept? Maybe after being passed over by three teams in three years, he’ll finally get the hint and hang ’em up

  61. I’m not sure of the cap situation in the post-Ngata contract world of the Ravens, but if I was McNabb I’d be knocking their door down for a spot on that roster.

    No matter what the organization says, I can’t truly believe that they are comfortable with Tyrod Taylor as the only other QB on the roster.

    It makes a lot of sense for both sides, Donovan wants to win a ring, the Ravens get a good mentor to a guy like Taylor and they get some veteran insurance behind Flacco.

    They took a chance on McKinnie, why not take a shot on a 10 week pro-rated contract for McNabb?

    Assuming of course they have the roster spot/cap space.

  62. nineroutsider says: Oct 18, 2011 7:25 PM

    Funny, many of you mention crap like Burger King, WalMart, and all of your other favorite retail outlets as post career opportunities for McNabb…what a joke.

    Dont worry nineroutsider, it is HIGHLY unlikely that he will choose to work at “your” Walmart, so your job as greeter is safe. I always thought a little competition brought out the best in people, I guess you are just afraid to lose that sweet gig you’ve got…

  63. Just release him, and let him go out with pride rather than have to stand on the sidelines like a gibroni. If Ponder gets hurt I’d put Webb in anyway as #2 since you’d at least have a chance with Joe. With McNabb its a guaranteed loss.

  64. deconjonesbitchslap says:
    Oct 18, 2011 9:35 PM
    until then, vikings fans can look forward to the packers possibly contending and winning the next 10 superbowls. i’m not kidding. the packers have the ability to win the next 10. the vikings can enjoy their 2 or 3 adrian peterson ‘big’ run highlights.

    I know you’re not kidding. That’s what is very sad about you.

  65. vikings o-line: the death of all QB’s. McNabb is not to blame.

    plain and simple. all you other viking fans hate my comments because you can’t accept the truth: this team is destined for failure. the packers are destined for all time greatness. and i’m not kidding: the packers are the new patirots of the NFC. they will be in the superbowl hunt for the next 10 years with Rodgers (just like the Patriots are every single year). and the difference: they could win all of them if they keep Rodgers healthy. he can go down as the greatest of all time. do you watch him? he never misses! i’ve never seen a QB like Rodgers.

    vikings fans that don’t understand that or refuse to admit it, are doomed for more disapointment. i’ve been watching the vikings since denny green’s first year.

    he Phantom Stranger: i’m not kidding. and i’m right. and you know it.

    name one team in this league that can beat the packers?


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