Dansby can’t stand talk of sucking for Luck

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The Miami Dolphins have lost all five of their 2011 regular-season games.  With a revolving door at the quarterback position since Dan Marino retired a dozen years ago, plenty of fans are hoping that the marine mammals sink to the bottom of the NFL’s ocean, in the hopes of landing a guy who would help propel them to greater heights in 2012 and beyond.

Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby doesn’t want to hear such talk.

It pisses me off,” Dansby said Wednesday, per Mike Berardino of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “I don’t understand nothing about that.  I put too many hours into this, man, put too many years into this, sacrificed too much to ask somebody to put that stipulation on me and my teammates.  Because I know how much we put into this.”

Needless to say, Dansby wouldn’t be willing to sit out late-season games in order to enhance the chances of getting Andrew Luck.  “Hell, no,” Dansby said.  “Ain’t no way.  There’s no way.  Never.  Ever.  Ever.  No, no, no, no.  I’m not sitting out.  For what?  No, it’s not going to happen.  Not going to happen.”

But, as we’ve pointed out recently, the Dolphins don’t need to persuade players to take a seat or to not try to win.  They just need to keep doing what they’re doing — and they need to resist any urge to fire Tony Sparano.

That’s one of the topics I discussed during a midweek cameo appearance on NBC SportsTalk.

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69 responses to “Dansby can’t stand talk of sucking for Luck

  1. That suck for luck thing is annoying as hell we are in week 6 going on 7 chill out people. It will be more clearer come week 15 and say the rams, carolina, minnesota, indy or whoever gets the top 5, we know the rams, carolina, minnesota and most possibly Indy wont take a QB.. Realistically Miami will, but please enough with that crap.

  2. No way any player or coach wants to tank a season. Front office, owners, and upper management, on the other hand… Ireland et al are watching holes appear in their already sinking ship and yet they do nothing to repair them. Tanking a season via complacency provides a convenient defense for not intentionally tanking a season. Embarrassing. Even the Raiders are making a better effort.

  3. Dansby is right. They are not intentionally trying to lose. They just aren’t motivated enough to make the plays necessary to win. Watching this team, I see a bunch of guys waiting for “somebody else” to make a play. There are too many mental mistakes. They suck at situational football–coaching, offense and defense. They have the talent to be competitive but they don’t put it all together very often–and when they do, Dolphins fans just wait for the colossal screw-up to happen and ruin any good that may have happened. There are a bunch of individuals playing 1-on-1. They do not play well as a team and that is on the coaches.

  4. Looking at their schedule I see they finish with the Jets. I would assume by that last game the Rexie’s will be out of the playoff hunt and mail it in while an 0-15 Dolphin team will be super motivated to not join the Lions in ignominy.

  5. Im surprised that Profootballtalk didnt rank the chiefs lower than the dolphins. i dont understand what the national media has against the chiefs, even when their having a playoff season

  6. Players have their own motivations to play well (money, pride). They don’t need to “Suck for Luck” when they don’t even know if they’ll be on the team next year. Ridiculous.

  7. Dude get as mad as you want fans still spend more than 20% of what they earn in a year to see you so just lose your game like a good boy

  8. They sucked for you first Dansby, now you get what you asked for when you made that money grab play by signing with them.

  9. Andrew Luck is going to make Tim Tebow’s arrival into the NFL draft in 2010 seem like a well kept secret.

  10. The Suck for Luck thing has got to be the stupidest slogan ever! If I was Andrew Luck I would consider staying in college for another year. Who wants their name associated with that crap?

  11. The AFC East division is over. Playoff hopes are gone. You got the best #1 quarterback since Peyton Manning about to enter the league next year. What’s gonna happen if you start winning? You’re gonna end up with Ryan Leaf. He better start cheering for the other teams to win before he cheers for his own. I understand you don’t play to lose, but I think the owners might let you off the hook if a couple game winning drives go out the window. They might play it off to the media and be disappointed, but deep down they’re poppin’ bottles and celebrating the 2nd coming of Dan Marino.

  12. And there is no such thing as tanking in the National Football League. ‘Suck for Luck’ is a product of the fans but mainly the media for perpetuating it and actually giving credence to it when it doesn’t exist. The fact that I’m reading about it on NFL.com is just unprofessional.

  13. Don’t worry Karlos (who spells Carlos with a K?).

    Your team isn’t trying to “Suck for Luck” your team just sucks.

    No incentive is needed for the Dolphins to go winless.

  14. Yeah, if you’re a player you’re gonna play crappy so the team will get a new QB…AFTER IT CUTS YOU FOR SOMEONE WHO PLAYS TO WIN.

    Who is going to intentionally “suck” for anything?

    The coach who is trying not to get fired? Because intentially sucking is the way to stay employed? The GM who is trying to prove his got sufficient talent…he WANTS players to look crappy because THAT would sure help his chances of coming back.

    How about the owner? WHO CANNOT FILL THE SEATS.

    This whole “suck for luck” idiocy is driven by bad fans and bad sportswriters. No real fan roots for his team to lose unless its week 16/17. Period.

    And coaches and players do not commit career suicide so the NEXT player can have their jobs.

  15. Are we sure it’s not just “Suck Because We Suck?”

    Miami isn’t a good team. Whether that was Andrew Luck or Hurricane Andrew at the top of the draft, Miami will be there to take it. I don’t buy that anyone is tanking, especially since I don’t see what moves the Dolphins/Colts/Rams/etc. could make now to suddenly become a winner.

    The real problem is that outside of Jake Long and Brandon Marshall (and maybe Karlos Dansby), there’s nothing much on the roster you want to build around.

  16. FinFan68 says:Oct 19, 2011 10:52 PM

    Dansby is right. They are not intentionally trying to lose.


    Maybe the defense isn’t but Marshall looks like he is intentionally trying to lose. Watch his plays from the Jets game. He really looked like he was intentionally screwing up any play where he could score a TD.

    Moore also had a strange play where he ran to the sideline for a 7 yard loss instead of throwing it away. Why would any pro QB do that?

  17. I think Dansby is confused. You don’t actually have to suck anything at all for Luck. Nothing is going in your mouth. You just have to keep doing what your doing.

  18. Didn’t Miami have the #1 pick about 4 seasons ago and you fans want it again. Wouldn’t be funny if the fish did suck for Luck and luck didn’t come out of college. You would hear me laughing from 700 miles away. Then the fish could suck for Luck for sure then. Have fun with that Dolphin fans.

  19. Suck for Luck all they want. I doubt Luck would even play for the Fins. I bet he pulls a Manning/Elway and threatens to stay in school. Luck is not just smart but brilliant. He has aspirations of building NFL stadiums not longer after playing in them. I’m sure he looks at the Dolphins organization as less than stellar…far less. He does not need a dicso club for a stadium. He would be better off going to a place like Indy. Even if he had to sit until Manning gets hurt or retires. The front office has won a Superbowl before and the fan base is RABID for their Colts. On top of all that his Dad lives in West Virgina only about an hour and a half plane ride from Indy. I’m sure he could borrow Mr Irsay’s private jet whenever he wants.

  20. Most people that work in a competitive environment, whether its sports or sales, simply cannot understand the purpose of failing intentionally. Only a loser thinks that way.

  21. lol miami picked Ted Guinn Jr. last time
    (he plays for Sanfrancisco now). Even if they went 0-16 they will find a way to screw it up.

    This Andrew Luck guy idk much about everybody is saying he is the top QB.

    I’m from the midwest, Wisconsin’s QB you should take a look at.

    watched Miami monday night vs the Jets they started out good on defense. Miami can’t score in the red zone though.

    In Miami’s defense I will say that the QB had no practice time filling in for the injured season starter. The NFL is about a joke anyway with teams restricted from practicing more than once a week in pads LOL!

    Jets made adjustments hit receivers underneath the safeties on medium and deep crossing routes. Then proceeded to shut down Miami from moving the ball. Miami got outcoached. Miami didn’t adjust very well, backup QB, Red Zone failure.

    Looking forward to see if they can win this week, plus Tebow.

    The NFL is a mess, I understand protecting players but it if you have any age on you, the product looks a bit sissy these days.

  22. I feel sorry for Andrew Luck. He is talked about like he is the greatest QB to have ever played the game and yet he hasn’t played a down in the NFL. The expectations for me are so great that it might be impossible for him to succeed.

  23. Sparano is one of the worst game planners in recent NFL history. In predicatable fashion he tried to attack the Jet’s best player DB Rivas, failure did not stop Tony…………..he just would not stop. What ever happened to attacking a teams weakness. Oh that’s when winning is the objective.

  24. He has a point, you know.

    The thing is, look at Miami’s schedule. The only games they have a chance of winning are Broncos and Chiefs. Tebow will beat them without having to throw the ball. The Chiefs might just be bad enough to lose to the Dolphins, though.

  25. @doe22us

    Why would Carolina take a quarterback when they just used the number 1 on cam newton?

    To the point of the story though: I don’t see why te media keeps trying to make stories out of suck for luck. They’ve goften extremely negative responses from anyone they ask. Yeah it’s probably going on behind closed doors among management, but those guys aren’t stupid enough to admit it.

  26. Andrew Luck is an exceptional talent. No one wants to lose. Players careers are too short….but on the other hand, I’m sure Indy fans forgot real quick about going 3-13 in 1997.

  27. did I miss something…did luck win a couple superbowls then went to college?….I’m not saying the guy won’t be great in the NFL….but all I hear is who ever gets him is going to have a guy who will save the franchise, he could be the next manning…or the next leaf…maybe somewhere in-between

  28. FinFan68 says:Oct 19, 2011 10:52 PM

    Dansby is right. They are not intentionally trying to lose. They just aren’t motivated enough to make the plays necessary to win. Watching this team, I see a bunch of guys waiting for “somebody else” to make a play. There are too many mental mistakes. They suck at situational football–coaching, offense and defense. They have the talent to be competitive but they don’t put it all together very often–and when they do, Dolphins fans just wait for the colossal screw-up to happen and ruin any good that may have happened. There are a bunch of individuals playing 1-on-1. They do not play well as a team and that is on the coaches.

    For a minute there, I thought you were talking about the Eagles.

  29. Do I want Andrew Luck in Miami? yes
    Do I want intentional losses? no
    Do I want Sporano fired? yes
    Do I want a midseason coaching change? no

    Stay the course and hopefully we win a few games. Their are many talented players to be drafted.

  30. Any team that would purposefully lose games to draft a QB is crazy. Of all the QBs taken #1 overall in the past 20 years, Peyton Manning is the only one who would justify throwing a season for. The likelihood Luck is actually a bluechip is minimal…Everyone was saying Eli was the next Peyton when he came out and he sure isn’t worth throwing a season for (I think the Giants look foolish for the trade they made to get him). Also, there is no guarantee Luck even comes out this year. Stanford is going to need a lot of help to even have a shot at the National Championship this year (#8 in the country with only one game against a top 10 opponent left) If Stanford comes up short again this year, I would think he comes back for one more year. I really hope he turns out to be a flop in the NFL…too much hype for a guy who has only been a successful QB for a season and a half.

  31. So, if you don’t ‘Suck for Luck’, then you suck because you and your team just plain, SUCKS?

    Don’t get all temperamental about your lack of success, just come out and tell us ‘you suck’, and we’ll have more respect for you.

  32. Imagine what it would be like being that #1 pick and then having to play for a team whose strategy for winning was tanking.

  33. Does not matter anyway.

    With Ross & Ireland…even if the Dolphins get Luck….they’ll still SUCK.

    Too bad, used to be a good franchise…in the 70’s

  34. He’s saying that NOW but if they do indeed get “Luck-y” then his tune is almost certainly change in a hurry…

  35. “I don’t understand nothing about that”

    So you understand everything about it?
    Ahhh, the free ride.

  36. You expect a football player to say that. Nothing good can come from anyone on a football team in the NFL “Sucking For Luck”. For one main reason:

    NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed. If your team goes anywhere from 0-16 to 7-9, there is a possibility that your coach is going to get fired, and if that happens the new coach is going to clean house. If your coach doesn’t get fired, then he might clean house because “status quo” isn’t working and he thinks, “Maybe we need some new blood.

    Either way, there is a huge chance you could be in the unemployment line. And with 300+ new employees coming in every year, your job is always on the line, because one of those 300+ guys is looking to take it, not including the other guys on your own team and free agents. Players can’t afford to Suck for Luck.

  37. Well I guess not everyone is in on it. Brandon Marshall is under orders from ownership to drop every pass that could put them into a game and the owner intentionally avoided a trade for Orton. Marshall is definitely deliberately dropping balls though, there is no way he is actually that bad.

  38. Luck did come out and say he thought the “suck for luck” thing was stupid. He also said he wouldn’t play for a team that lost intentionaly. This kid looks like he is going to be one hell of a QB.

    Dansby is right. I feel bad for him the Fins looked like they were getting better when he signed. But for whatever reason they suck. There GM should get fired, who trades for Reggie Bush? The guy is a stiff.

  39. thebigkahuna23 says:
    Oct 20, 2011 1:34 AM

    Why would Carolina take a quarterback when they just used the number 1 on cam newton?

    I will give you a pass on this one because you read my post late. I did say Carolina won’t or would not take a QB…


  40. If you “don’t understand nothing about it” then that means you understand everything about it. Speak English – PLEASE!!!

  41. Look, I am the self described biggest Miami Dolphins fan in all the world.  I have been a fan since I could sit up in my high chair and cheer for this once proud organization with all my uncles, cousins, brother and sister. The memories are unbelievable. They are the foundation for much of my happiness as a young boy. I still remember crying when we lost in the Super Bowl to the Redskins, John Riggins running around the left side late in the game, escaping the grasp of an unsuccessful dolphin defender and rumbling in for the touchdown on a third down is indelibly engrained in my brain.  Or the amazing feeling I got when, no matter what the score was, when Dan Marino was the QB, I always believed we would win. Always!!! Even in recent years when we had less than successful teams, the wrong QB, bad coaches, I would be the one up close yelling at the tv when there was a great play, a touchdown or a win. And also the one going through withdrawal when the Fins were on a bye or literally not being able to watch espn or read any articles the entire week after a loss  It was to painful. I’m a normal dude, I have a family, I run a successful business at home in Connecticut but I bleed dolphin aqua and orange. But something has changed over the last few years.  I feel numb. I watched the Jets game from a Las Vegas bar with such confusing emotions blanketing the normal raucous exuberance that is displayed anywhere and anytime I watch the Fins. I really didn’t care if the Dolphins won. I am ashamed to say it. But that was the feeling. After reading a couple of the articles written about this “suck for luck” campaign brewing over with our fans I started thinking about whether that was what I was feeling. But honestly after thinking about it I realized although it seemed that way to me, and it may even seem like that to all of these fans that are cheering for this “suck for luck” thing. Hoping that we can lose every game to have the first pick. It really isn’t us hoping for this team to lose, it’s numbness, a lack of being able to believe. Unable to feel that overwhelming emotion that once took over our bodies in the effort to cheer on our team, our childhood heroes of the past. The addiction to a symbol colored in aqua an orange has slowly been weened out of our blood. But the question is how, why, how can this be? Do we really want our team to lose? No, we just want our team back, we want to cheer with our children and have them grow up with the same memories we so endearingly hold on too. We want to fight with Jets and Patriot fans about the upcoming games and debate how we would beat them on the way to the Superbowl. We want to believe again. We don’t want to lose! We want to win!!!! This “suck for luck” stuff isn’t a true representation of our loyal fan base. I am a season ticket holder even though I live in Connecticut. I go to games and I have experienced what this fan base is all about and I love it. Something is wrong and it didn’t start this week or even this year. It started a long time ago when we all still had faith in our team. I am not sure when but I seem to remember the year Jimmy Johnson came and went. Or when Shula was ousted or when Wannstadt was handed the coaching helm, or when we hired Saban and he made everyone in the offices hate him and drafted Jason Allen instead of Brees and then passed on Brees for Culpepper and then left. Or maybe it’s when we could have taken A. Rodgers in the draft or when Steve Ross changed our ever loved fight song or when he brought in these stupid “owners” as a way to bring attention to our organization. Or how Ross traveled to California to talk to Harbaugh to discuss something. I am still not sure what that was to be honest. Or maybe it’s when we had no running game the whole time Marino was here. Or maybe it’s when Overstreet died unexpectly when he was supposed to be that guy. Or maybe it was when we hired Bill Parcells and he brought his entire unproven Cowboys staff with him along with his old and crusty football philosophy, failed at it and then ran. I don’t know just maybe it was one of those things. But regardless of what the origin or the tipping point of this numbness. It didn’t start now. It has boiled over the years of bad decisions and bad execution. We don’t want to “suck for luck”!!! We just want to believe again. We want to know we have a shot. Not a shot to win a few games. A shot to be the proud franchise we once were. A shot to win multiple super bowls. A chance to cheer with our kids, our family and friends. A chance to go nose to nose with those damn Patriot fans and feel like we have a fighting chance. I personally want the feeling of that addiction back. Numbness is empty. I want to feel the joy of winning and the agony of defeat. That has been gone for sometime and I need it back. And I think that’s all anyone else in this fan base really wants too. 

  42. phins have talent they just need better leadership. Sparano isn’t it. I bet with the right coach this team wins 8-9 games next year.

  43. If he doesn’t like “suck for Luck”, he should stop doing it then. Sucking, that is. If he gets his a$$ sat down on the bench, it sure ain’t gonna be because he’s playing too well.

  44. Dansby is funny. He’s playing injured and looks like he belongs in a wheel chair. It’s downright embarrassing watching is poor imitation of Channing Crowder. You know ……..the one where he looks like an old man that was just mugged by a teenager and pathetically chases after his assailant with no hope of catching him.

  45. He might as well get use to it, until they decide to win a couple few games, until then Suck for Luck!

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