Demaryius Thomas: I don’t want to be a bust


As the 22nd overall pick in last year’s NFL draft, Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas was a major disappointment, catching just 22 passes for 283 yards in his rookie year.

And so far this year Thomas has done even less.

Thomas has had injuries to his foot, ankle, Achilles tendon, hand and head, and he hasn’t even been able to get into a game yet this season. Thomas knows people are already calling him the B-word, and he says he’s been concerned that the Broncos might release him.

“I’ve been stressing, really, feeling that frustration, that I could have been cut,” Thomas told the Denver Post. “I was worried about that, actually. I don’t want to be that guy they say that’s injury prone. I’ve already had three injuries since I’ve been in the league that set me back. I don’t want to get here and be that bust. I told my mother this and I told my family this. I told them I was going to be the guy who had success. I just want to stick to what I say.”

The Broncos hope Thomas can finally produce, which is one of the reasons they traded starting receiver Brandon Lloyd. Thomas thinks he can repay that confidence by becoming the team’s No. 1 receiver.

“I still want to be that guy,” Thomas said. “I think I’m ready to be that guy. I’ve been saying this, but this is the healthiest I’ve been, right now, since I’ve been in the league.”

Broncos coach John Fox says he sees Thomas’s potential. But Fox also pointed out that he’s not the one who drafted Thomas.

“He has size, speed, strength, a lot of the things you look for,” Fox said. “That’s probably why he was selected as high as he was, and we’re looking forward to getting him back.”

Fox’s phrasing — “that’s probably why he was selected as high as he was” — is interesting. It suggests that Fox isn’t sure that Thomas was really worth a first-round draft pick, but now that Fox has Thomas on his team, he feels like he has little choice but to give Thomas a shot.

The same could be said for the Broncos’ other first-round draft pick last year, Tim Tebow. Maybe Tebow-to-Thomas will become the Broncos’ pass-catch combination for years to come, and the Josh McDaniels era won’t look so bad in hindsight.

Or maybe Fox will end up cursing the day he inherited a couple of first-round busts.

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  1. The Josh McDaniels era will look like what it was no matter how Tebow and Thomas do. Unfortunately its legacy will be around a while.

  2. Ugh… Let’s not forget about the Knowshon Moreno and Robert Ayers selections. The leftove McDaniels draft stench won’t go away even if Tebow and Thomas work out.

  3. Thomas was spectacular when he was healthy, though. Don’t overlook that fact. The disappointment came because of the injuries, not lack of talent or a bad attitude. The fat little white haired guy shouldn’t start pointing fingers. I don’t hear Ron Rivera blaming the Panthers situation on “the idiot who was here last year”.

  4. Well, Josh McDaniels drafted you so it will really be an uphill battle to not be a bust… With that said, I’ve always supported Knowshon Moreno.

  5. D. Thomas sounds like a good guy but I cannot believe how quickly 1 person can screw up a franchise >>> J. McDaniels

  6. Don’t have to read into every little phrase and try to make something out of it.

    D. Thomas can be a great player in this league, just needs to [state the obvious].

  7. I picked him up on every fantasy team. Give the kid a chance. He is a specimen, obviously has talent, and if he can stay healthy will begin to produce. With Decker commanding attention on the other side, I think Thomas will be just fine if Tebow’s lack of accuracy does not drag him down.

  8. Reading Fox’s comments, I don’t hear anything suggesting what is written in this post. Obviously, they need to see what Thomas has. If the Broncos wouldn’t have drafted him where they did, someone would have. Whats funny about hind site is that I never heard anyone suggesting that Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf were going to be busts before the draft. Everyone likes to read into everything what’s said. Fox was simply saying that Thomas is very talented, and that he thinks that he will help the Broncos.

  9. Thomas has had injuries to his foot, ankle, Achilles tendon, hand and head…which means he is completely “injury prone”. That is the last thing you want to be if you want to play in The League.

    I will give him a few quarters, maybe a game or two and he will be injured again. While I believe in Tebow to a degree, I have no faith in Thomas’ health.

  10. How long will John Fox be able to get away with…”

    It takes a lot longer to build a team than it does to destroy one. Nobody could come into that mess and turn it around in a couple months.

  11. Just ask your team chaplin Tim Tebow to pray for you, because we know he can’t throw to you.

  12. Demaryius Thomas: I don’t want to be a bust


    Too late…

  13. scudbot says:
    Oct 19, 2011 2:29 PM
    How long will John Fox be able to get away with…”

    It takes a lot longer to build a team than it does to destroy one. Nobody could come into that mess and turn it around in a couple months.


    I agree with you, but look what Fox left in Carolina. Rivera at least seems to have that team playing hard.

  14. broncsfan72 says: Oct 19, 2011 4:12 PM

    josh mcd =hugh jackson. youll be worse off than the broncos are now in a few years raider nation.

    It’s still early, but the Raiders have improved since Jackson came on board. He made a risky move on Palmer, but so far he hasn’t traded away his franchise quarterback and his best wide receiver just to draft a bunch of stiffs and destroy his team. Your view from the basement is obscured.

  15. Hey Cowboy fans, You guys have one more win than the Broncos, and the Broncos are supposed to suck this year. We’ll just have to see who the underachieving Cowboys will fire after this year’s disappointment.

  16. Fox is a nice guybut……….im sorry but i cant watch the broncos and I know what play your going to run…fox does not flex easily…GREAT GUY good defense cord….TERRIBLE head coach….

  17. thomas is not a bust but he needs to stay heathley if not but considering he injurys you cant call him a bust when he is heathley he is a beast and if he did get cut that makes me hate the broncos and the vikings should pick him up i really think he is good i wanted the vikings to take him i watched this guy in college he is a beast i got so mad when they didnt take him [vikings fan] yet Percy Harvin is a beast i would love the vikings more to pick him up

  18. Everyone is talking like Dez Bryant is some amazing WR. He’s been just a tad above average and can’t even separate himself as a #1 against Miles Austin in Dallas.
    Demaryius has had some very unfortunate injuries, but believe me… he’s going to be a solid #1 soon in Denver. His rookie year last year, in the few games that he played he was awesome. Even beating the almighty Darrelle Revis for a TD. As a Rookie!!!
    Tebow to Thomas is going to be sick!

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