Hue Jackson touts “the greatest trade in football”


There’s no shortage of confidence in Oakland, where the Raiders have added via trade two top-four draft picks in the past week.  Though last week’s deal for linebacker Aaron Curry was praised as a low-risk, high-reward proposition, this week’s trade for Carson Palmer has a slightly greater potential downside.

But that hasn’t stopped coach Hue Jackson from calling the deal “the greatest trade in football.”

Actually, the greatest trade in football happened 22 years ago, when the Cowboys fleeced the Vikings upon sending running back Herschel Walker to Minnesota.  The truckload of picks and players helped Dallas lay the foundation for three Super Bowl wins in four years.

It’s impossible to know how good — or bad — the Palmer trade will be until Palmer has a chance to show that he can still play like he did from 2004 through 2006, when Palmer and Jackson were together in Cincinnati.  Something went wrong with Palmer late in 2009 and through most of 2010.  There’s a chance that it was more about the rest of the organization than it was about Palmer.  We simply won’t know until we see what Palmer can do.

What we do know is that the Bengals have done fairly well, so far, without Palmer.  With rookie quarterback Andy Dalton and rookie receiver A.J. Green looking like the real thing and with an extra first-round in a new environment that includes a real rookie wage scale, the Bengals have a great opportunity to move up in 2012 to get the top running back in the draft pool, which could give them a modern-day version of the Dallas “triplets” — and which could lay the foundation for at least one Super Bowl win.

If that happens, Jackson’s characterization of the trade would be right on the money.

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  1. To me palmer is better then boller no matter what & I give palmer the edge over campbell, because campbell hardly throw down the field in fear of INT, raiders WR are mostly straight runners so if palmer can throw at 75% or better look out for the silver & black!!!

  2. “Mike Lynn came in one day and asked me what I would trade for Walker,” Reichow says. “I told him I would give the Cowboys a player and a first-rounder. It didn’t turn out that way.”
    Instead, Lynn’s ransom for Walker included three first-round picks and three second-rounders. In return, Walker gave Minnesota a couple undistinguished seasons in purple.

  3. I guess Jackson thinks it’s “the greatest trade in football” because he stole Palmer for only 1/3 of what the Vikes got hosed with.

  4. Gee, I hope this works out for the Raiders. No picks rounds one through four is a major concern.

    Fortunately our first round picks are usually wasted anyway…..

  5. “the Bengals have a great opportunity to move up in 2012 to get the top running back in the draft pool, which could give them a modern-day version of the Dallas “triplets” — and which could lay the foundation for at least one Super Bowl win”

    What? I hate the cowboys but Andy Dalton is not Troy Aikman. These are the bungles. How does one even write that sentence and not retract the last part upon proof reading?

  6. To which Running Back in this year’s draft are you referring to as a top prospect?

  7. One first round pick for an older second tier quarterback should have been enough. I don’t see this as that much different from the Patriots trading Bledsoe to the Bills. Mike Brown got more for his spare part former starter than Belichick got for his. Good for him.

  8. Here is something I found regarding Palmer and his QB skills.

    Former Bengals receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh has been working out with new Raiders quarterback (and former “retired” Bengal) Carson Palmer all year. He told that Palmer’s elbow, which caused him to miss 12 games in 2008 with a frayed ulna nerve, was still hurt last year.

    “I threw with him before last season and he was OK, but he wasn’t zipping it like he used to. I thought he was hurt,” Houshmandzadeh said. “This year, oh man, it’s about as good as I’ve ever seen him. He’s healthy. He’s throwing it like the Carson of old.”

    They said Seymour was finished, wrong. They laughed when the Raiders gave up 2 number ones fleecing New England for Mike Haynes.

  9. Btw, for a long time I’ve been superstitiously thinking, the next time the Bengals make the Super Bowl it would be against the Niners. Bengals only two Bowl appearances were against the Niners. Look where both those teams are now and heading in the new future.

    Of course, in amongst Carson’s Raiders winning a Super Bowl or two, it would be ironic if/when the Bengals finally get to avenge the Niners.

  10. Not sure about the ‘greatest trade’ but if Palmer is anywhere close to how good he has been, he will be the best QB in Silver & Black since Rich Gannon….

    Plus if he comes in and catches on to this offense quickly (he is already familiar with a Hue Jackson type offense)… I can smell championships!!

    RAIDER NATION BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Greatest trade in football? If they win any SB’s it will be a great trade. Anything less than that and it is an absolute failure. Campbell is terrible and he had them at 4-2, almost any qb could get that team to 10-6, which is good enough for the playoffs. The 08 Patriots are the only team I can remember that missed the playoffs with 10+ wins, so the odds are in their favor. Basically, they would be making the playoffs whether they made this deal or not. So just making the playoffs isnt going to be enough to justify the deal. They needs to win play off games, and I dont think Carson is going to make them better than Pitt, Bal, or NE

  12. Actually, even better was when someone asked him, “So what’s the second greatest trade?”

    And Jackson replied: “I’ll let you know when we make it.”

    Raider swagger. Rename Oakland Hue Jack City

  13. The Raiders HAD to make this deal to get a QB. They are not a great drafting team ,especially QBs. The last time the Raiders drafted a legitimate QB was 1968 in round 2 when they selected Ken Stabler. BTW – Stabler was the second QB they took that year. In round one they selected QB Eldridge Dickey. I’m not crazy about giving up all those draft picks, but there’s a good chance I’d be more upset on draft day watching what they did with those picks.

  14. I’m not doubting that Carson Palmer was a good pick up. But for what they gave up for him they think he’s the second coming of Stabler or Gannon. He hasn’t touched a football in who knows how long. He had a 26 to 20 TD to INT ratio last year, with all of the weapons Andy Dalton has, minus AJ Green but having TO and CO. The guy is serviceable but no where near to where he used to be. I could be wrong, but this better work out or Palmer is going to be a very highly paid back up.

  15. I’ve watched Carson Palmer since he first started playing in the league. He has lost a little the past few years but not to the point where raiders fans should be worried… He is still a GREAT quarterback

  16. Yes Hue its the greatest trade in history for the bengals. Just wait till Jimmy Legs Palmer starts hearing footsteps and starts jumping around in the pocket like some sort of crazed mexican jumping bean.

  17. Maybe it’s just me, but I would have to think that to be labeled “the greatest trade”, it would have to positively impact both teams greatly and equally.

    Vikings fans certainly don’t consider the Herschel Walker deal a great trade. I’m sure Giants, Redskins and Eagles fans probably weren’t too fond of it either.

    Is there an example of two teams making a trade that made both teams dramatically better (especially for the long haul)? Marshall Faulk to the Rams perhaps?

  18. I think the true loser in all of this is Jason Campbell. He’s played well when he’s gotten the opportunity and just can’t seem to find a foothold in any organization.

  19. Hue is right. It’s the greatest trade in football. For Raider haters. They completely mortgaged the future for an aging QB that hasn’t shown that he belongs in this league for 3 years.

    Hue is remembering what Palmer used to be like – before the Bengals ruined him. Raider fans for the next decade will remember this trade as the one that sent them into a decade long tailspin.

    Darth Vader says “Search your feelings, Raider fan. You know it to be true.” I can’t blame you for hoping, though. You’re fans, after all.

  20. You seem to be envisioning the Bengals being a well run team that will draft well. Why? Because they’ve strung together a few wins, and their two most recent picks aren’t busts in their first year?
    Regardless, anmy team that trades away high draft picks will falter shortly.

  21. One and potentially two first round picks seems like a great deal, but let’s not forget

    David Klingler
    Kijana Carter
    Dan Wilkerson
    Akili Smith

    These are the Bungles after all.

  22. Remember when all these experts laughed because Al Davis used a 1st round pick on Seabass?

    Who’s laughing now?

    The Raiders set trends, they don’t follow them.

    Everyone else complains because they raise the bar higher for them.

    Too bad.

  23. There’s no reason one team wins and one loses when a trade is made.

    For Cincy – they weren’t going back to Palmer and had to move forward so getting an extra #1 and #2/#1 is a great move. Congrats and good luck drafting but it allows for some selection mistakes now.

    For the Raiders – they look legit this year. On offense, with Campbells injury, they only hole is at QB (the most important position). To make a playoff run, Boller is NOT the answer so you pay supply & demand price to win. If Hue believes in Palmer – then the 2 picks at market price is well worth it.

    For people saying Oakland is mortgaging their future with giving up so many 2012 draft selections – you may want to think again.

    #1 – Palmer
    #2 – Barksdale OT; Jones RB
    #3 – Pryor (who can sit and learn as well as being used to his strengths until he’s ready)
    #4 – Campbell (cost of having a QB last year and putting the Raiders in playoff contention this year)
    #5 – TBD
    #6 – TBD
    #7 – Curry LB

    Looks like a pretty solid draft to me, plus you don’t have to wait until 2012 to use Palmer, Barksdale, Jones, Pryor and Curry.

    The only real hole the Raiders have pertaining to age and depth is DT (Seymour, Kelly and Henderson) who all have some age. And with FA, you have a shot of backfilling with youth before the 2013 /2014 drafts or ride those horses for 2 more seasons.

    Plus as a long suffering Raider fan – having a chance to make some playoff noise is well worth the cost.

  24. joetoronto says:
    Oct 19, 2011 9:41 AM
    Remember when all these experts laughed because Al Davis used a 1st round pick on Seabass?

    Who’s laughing now?

    The Raiders set trends, they don’t follow them.

    Everyone else complains because they raise the bar higher for them.

    Too bad.


    You let us know when the trend of wasting 1st round picks on kickers catches on (Not that he’s a bad kicker just that they still could have gotten him in the 2nd or probably 3rd round)…..

    Or when teams start to complaing that averaging less than 5 wins a season over 8 years is too high a bar to cross.

  25. @joetoronto

    Please inform us what positive trends the Raiders set for the league?

    But, the Raiders have won so many Super Bowls recently, so you might be correct.

  26. This is the kind of theatrics that can backfire, but Hue was on the Ravens staff with Rex Ryan, and i think he is trying to get these guys to buy in. I will say that the exchange with sportswriter, Mark Purdy was classic;

    Purdy; “You say this is the greatest trade in football…what’s the second greatest?”

    Jackson; “I’ll let you know when we make it!”

    The Bay Area media loves this guy, and i really hope they succeed , as Raider Nation has long suffered. He gives props to the other team, but its just refreshing to hear a guy at ease with the media – unlike Cable , whose press conferences sounded like he was defusing a bomb every week.

  27. Glad Hue used the “in football” qualifier…otherwise it wouldn’t have been the best trade THIS WEEK.

    1,027 guys for one? Some team’s gonna try and approach the Palestinian GM for sure…

  28. justwinmaybe spitting truth everywhere.

    You compare what Chicago, Arizona and Houston gave up for Cutler, Kolb and Schaub and 1st rounder & a 2nd rounder that might become a 1st are fair market value. Steep? Yep. But in a QB driven league…that’s what you need.

    Raiders are legitimate contenders this year. Kyle Boller was not going to take them there. When you have a chacne to win it all, you go for it and figure out next year when it arrives.

    I’m sick of the “mortgaging the future” talk. The Raiders are one of the youngest teams in the league. The future is right now.

  29. That sound you just heard was that of dreams crashing around the country for the fastest college players and place kickers, thinking they had a shot at being drafted in the 1st round by Oakland.

  30. This was the greatest trade in the history of the Bengals. Now let’s see if they can get something better than underperforming felons with these draft picks.

  31. …the Bengals have been drafting very well the last couple years…

    …M. Johnson

    …these guys are all starters, many of them on a top three ranked defense

    …I woulde expect them to use this years two first rounders on the sedcondary and O line
    …keep in mind that Cincy already has the youngest team in the NFL and could in two year be much better than they are now
    ….Lewis and Zimmer are much maligned and better than most people think
    …taken as a whole, even with questionable ownership, this team looks like it might be poised for a long run of success

    …lets see how they handle the Titans, Steeler and Ravens in the coming weeks

  32. The quality of this trade will depend entirely on whether Palmer and the Raiders receivers can stretch the field. If so, McFadden becomes an even bigger beast.

  33. This MAY have been a reasonable trade if the fade were only a player away from contention, but with the 28th ranked defense in the league, we all know there are plenty of shortcomings to the faders. Add in the 28th ranked scoring defense, and Palmer isn’t enough better than Campbell to make a marked difference.

    So, what you’ve done is enough to tread water where you were, which isn’t going to be enough to break through the elite tier in the AFC.

    Mortgaging the future for THAT isn’t a good enough reason. Even if (and it’s a huge if) Palmer can perform to a level he once did (doubtful, and it’s been three years) he’s only a few years rental, and not a player a franchise can build around.

    Please don’t mention mentoring Pryor again. My sides can’t take the pain of laughing that hard anymore.

  34. What we do know is that the Bengals have done fairly well, so far, without Palmer. With rookie quarterback Andy Dalton and rookie receiver A.J. Green looking like the real thing and with an extra first-round in a new environment that includes a real rookie wage scale, the Bengals have a great opportunity to move up in 2012 to get the top running back in the draft pool, which could give them a modern-day version of the Dallas “triplets” — and which could lay the foundation for at least one Super Bowl win.


    Alright, honestly . . . nothing against the Bengals here, but why are people talking about “laying the foundation for at least one Super Bowl win” when this team, only as of this year, even looks like a remotely viable contender for second place in their division, let alone a contender for anything else? Even in the AFC, they have to compete with the Patriots, the Ravens, the Steelers, etc., plus other recent upstarts that may or may not fizzle out in the next 2-3 years (e.g., the Bills). Prior to this year, the Bengals were lucky if they could be the less crappy of the two garbage Ohio teams, so it seems a bit premature to talk about winning a SB.

    I understand people being giddy that traditionally bottom-feeder teams (e.g., Lions, Bengals) are looking somewhat competitive now because they get draft picks, demonstrate short-term success and it’s a win for parity in the NFL, but let’s not get too carried away.

  35. Obviously Carson was a spare part for the Bengals, so getting so much for him is a bonus. As a Bengals fan I don’t have much confidence in him to do well with the Raiders, he was definitely below average in his last 2-3 years here.

    BUT, if the quote above from TJ is correct and his elbow was still damaged, then he might be good again. Hopefully he’s throwing to receivers that don’t free-lance so much and stick to their routes.

    HOWEVER, if his elbow was hurt before and he kept going out there over-throwing receivers on short routes and throwing pick sixes because of pain, then shame on him. He set the team back a few years with his poor play.

    Retiring (quitting) on the Bengals is forgivable, especially since it was best for both involved, but hopefully he realizes how awful he was here for the past few years.

  36. I am a Raider hater, but they do have a history with reviving the careers of retreads, don’t they? I wouldn’t be surprised if this trade gets them into, at a minimum, the AFC Championship game. McFadden with the REAL threat of playaction now? Are you kidding me?

    I wish I had drafted him in fantasy, the guy will finish with 2000 yards now.

  37. Honestly, I only open any threads regarding the sad sack Faiders in hope of scrolling down and finding another “gem” written by JoeToronto. Pure entertainment that guy is. Faiders setting trends, hilarious! Dude, it’s 2011. Come back and spill your excess Faider man make-up on the rest of us when the Fades have gone above .500 in a season…What’s it been, like 7-8 years???

  38. it did not lay the foundation for the Cowboys superbowls. It gave the cowboys their Superbowls. No other discussion needed about that subject.

  39. Carson Palmer threw 20 picks last season. He had more than 5 interceptions for touchdowns. His Knee are shot, so is his shoulder. I would be surprised to see him play any better than Campbell. I bet the Bengals are laughing it up right now.

  40. Uh… no!

    In my opinion, the best (or worst, depending on your perspective) trade in the history of the NFL was when the Cowboys unloaded Herschel Walker to Minnesota for a plethora of draft picks, thus setting Dallas up for a few Super Bowl runs.

    As a lifelong Vikings fan, this was probably my team’s worst trade ever.

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