Jim Tressel makes Colts debut this week


Sean Payton won’t be the only high-profile coach sitting up in the booth when the Saints face the Colts this weekend.

Jim Tressel, who left Ohio State under the cloud of the scandal that sent Pryor scurrying to the supplemental draft, will begin his role as a gameday assistant coach for the Colts. Tressel was initially planning to start working with the Colts from the start of the season, but, after consulting with the league in the wake of Pryor’s suspension, the team, the team delayed his start date until the seventh game of the year.

He’ll be up in the booth when the Colts play in New Orleans on Sunday night to help the team judge whether or not to challenge calls, among other things. Jim Caldwell described what Tressel’s schedule will be like with the Colts.

“It will vary,” Caldwell said. “Initially, I want him to come around to make certain that he kind of gets a feel for how we do things, with practice, preparation, all those kinds of things, so he’ll have a sense of that. Then the rest of the time, it will probably be just toward the weekend. But he’ll be around; travel with us obviously.”

Philip Wilson of the Indianapolis Star reports that Caldwell said he had some other gameday activities in mind for Tressel beyond replay review, but didn’t specify what those duties might be. Also to be determined: Whether or not Tressel will be sporting a sweater vest.

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  1. Poor Caldwell, clueless about what the Colts management is gonna do to him lol

    Frankly speaking, Caldwell’s role in the Colts organization still remains unclear to me.

  2. I’ve watched every Colts game this season, even one game in person. I can’t recall a single play or disputed call where Tressel would have made an ounce of difference. He’s a non factor on a non factor team. As for future head coach…..he’s no Jeff Fisher.

  3. unless he can find a way to steal free agents – what use is he to an nfl team??
    A lot harder to cheat at the next level tressel……

  4. @aboveaveragejoe11

    As for future head coach…..he’s no Jeff Fisher.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I like Jeff Fisher, and I think I get your point: Fisher is a proven, solid HC in the NFL. That’s uncommon, and I think most NFL fans would be pleased to varying degrees if their team was looking for a coach and hired Fisher. Having said that Tressel has won too, and not just a lot of games. He’s won championships wherever he’s been, and lots of them. Four at I-AA Youngstown State, where they actually have a playoff to decide the national champion, and then the 2002 National Title at Ohio State. That’s FIVE national titles. FIVE. Tressel also took four other teams to national championship games, two each at YSU and OSU. Nine title games in 25 years of coaching division 1 football. College success doesn’t always translate to NFL success to be certain, but Tressel had unusual amounts of success at the college level. I think he’s earned at least an opportunity, and if I had to wager I would bet on Tressel to continue winning.

  5. It’s wrong to hold Caldwell 100% responsible for the Colts being win less. The have several injuries including Manning. Upper management need to be accountable for taking Peyton for granted by not investing in a suitable back up for manning and thinking Manning would play forever. If they move Caldwell out and Tressel in after this season, it’ll be class-less move. Some will disagree but it’s naive to say Caldwell is to blame for them being win-less.

  6. Caldwell should give Wade Phillips a call regarding this practice of an owner hiring a consultant to help out. “There’s nothing for you to be worried about, he is only here to observe.”

  7. This pisses me off..I could do the same job with 3/4 of what hes making..Why didnt they just advertise the job and save themselves some money. What qualifications does he have in reviewing plays? Ive watched the NFL almost every Sunday for the past 25 yrs. What else do you need. like the 1st base and 3rd base ballboys/girls. Would’ve been a great promotion for the fans. Anyone on this page could do that job..and most probably would do it for nothing. Why not have Manning do it? Earn that money maybe..that would be nice.

  8. It’s gonna be weird to see JT in blue sweater vest marching up and down the sideline. It’s a crap shoot hiring a college coach. For every Jimmy Johnson there are a dozen or so terrible hires. It will be interesting to see this train wreck.

  9. how much more obvious do you make it? caldwell is a pineapple. change is in the air. esp since payton is never coming back. wow, the nfl is strange but so cool.

  10. @10kmp

    I hear you and I’m not violently opposed to Tressel as the next head coach of the Colts, though he comes with some baggage which is typically not the Colts’ style. He is indeed a proven winner and as long as Peyton Manning returns at or about his customary level of performance, I don’t doubt Tressel would achieve some degree of success at the NFL level. Caldwell has proven that Peyton can carry a fair degree of coaching and defensive ineptness to victories they would not otherwise achieve. Hell, I don’t even know that Caldwell would for sure be out as HC if the team manages at least a couple of wins this season. Though he seems to add little or no value to the team’s success, I don’t feel Colts management will scapegoat him. In all fairness, the team has played hard for him and led several games they had a decent chance to win.

    Having said that, as a diehard Colts fan and Buckeyes fan, I would feel a lot more comfortable with the experienced Fisher at the helm, with or without Peyton. Although Fisher’s NFL resume is devoid of any championships, he is widely respected and knows the division very well.

  11. Jim Tressel makes Colts debut this week
    Somebody needs to make a debut on this team………Championship!

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