McNabb: I have a lot of football left

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Donovan McNabb spoke to the media for the first time since his benching on Wednesday afternoon and made it clear that he doesn’t see this as the last chapter in his career and defended the job he did for the Vikings this season.

“Well, we’ve done some good things on offense. Scored some points. Moved the ball,” he said, via Brian Murphy of the Pioneer Press. “I have a lot of football left. At the end of the year, that will be something I look at and see what’s next.”

The good things that happened for the Vikings offense were few and far between, which is precisely the reason why McNabb had to discuss his benching with reporters on Wednesday. McNabb met every bit of criticism with the same kind of defiance this season, something that probably didn’t endear him to those with the Vikings who suggested that he could stand to make some changes to his game in an effort to produce better results.

As for having a lot of football left, it is hard to imagine he’ll get another starting job next season. He could be a backup, but only if a team felt that he’d be content in that role.

On that front, McNabb sounded the right notes about his new role. He sounded disappointed, as you’d imagine, but pledged his support of Christian Ponder and said that he’d keep working hard because he’s one play away from being back in the lineup.

Unless, of course, Joe Webb gets the call.

63 responses to “McNabb: I have a lot of football left

  1. That’s funny… his play doesn’t show it!

    Just take it as a hint already when the next Madden rating update comes out and you’re 3rd string with a 65 rating.

  2. “Donovan McNabb spoke to the media for the first time since his benching on Wednesday afternoon”

    Gee, I thought he got benched on Sunday afternoon, not Wednesday afternoon.

  3. If McNabb is a real mentor to Ponder and doesn’t cause problems in the locker room, he’ll have earned his money this year. He’ll also set himself up well for a solid backup job with some team next year, with a chance to redeem himself if the starter gets hurt.

  4. He could extend his career if he would be willing to be a backup/mentor to a young QB. I just highly doubt he’d be willing to do that.

  5. He has a lot of football left… as a studio analyst.

    Hang’em up Donovan! Your own mom walked out on you and the game last Sunday… that SHOULD be a sign!

  6. I don’t understand the stigma with being a backup QB. Like why on earth would a man even consider being paid over a million a year to have fun with a bunch of guys and drink beer and sit front row at all the games.

    Look it didn’t work out but if McNabb whines about being a backup at this point then he’s not smart in my books.

  7. “we’ve done some good things.. scored some points, moved the ball..”. I’m sure no one on the vikes O would like to be associated with the good things Dmac has done on the field.. when did this guy become such a dope? its been a slow yet steady decline towards insignificant.

  8. I’m sure this is somehow Mike Shanahans fault. Has to be, given the way he was so called “treated” in DC.

  9. Here’s one thing I’ve never heard from any of his Eagles, Redskins or Vikings teammates: Donovan works harder than most and stays in the best shape possible. There may be more football left in him, but getting it out will take more work than it seems he’s willing to put in.

  10. Donovan, scoring “some points” is exactly the problem. Because you needed to score a lot more points.

    And this is exactly what the challenge with McNabb is. He sounds like he is accountable but he isn’t. He just won’t step up and face the truth. Want the truth? The Vikings are 21st in points scored, 31st in yards passing, 26th in first downs, 28th in net yards per attempt. Those are terrible numbers, especially with a supposed elite QB at the helm. There are other QBs in this league posting far better numbers who are still not happy with their performance and then you have this dip wad trying to claim he is doing just fine thank you.

    Sorry McNabb, I am not buying it. You did not score enough, you did not move the ball, you were not getting the job done.

  11. Two seasons in a row the Vikings paid $1 million plus per TD from their initial season’s starting QB (e.g., Favre and McNabb). (In effect, Favre got $16 for, what was it? 10 TDs? 12?….McNabb has 4 for $5.05 million and he’s now toast.)

    That’s a great Excel spreadsheet result, no?

    Remember, the Vikings GM and front office all drive Yugos.

  12. WOW. You are old Donovan! This is getting old. Favre was getting old but at least he tried you just give up there was no fire when you played, no emotion, and you aren’t a team leader AT ALL. When Ponder came in it was night and day how slow you were to how fast he was scrambling. Also, why in the world would a team want a quarterback who just lays down with no resistance in the end zone for a safety? You’re uncoachable, old, and slow just GIVE IT UP. You’ve never been a student of the game you’ve only relied on your athletic ability, which at 35 is gone. I’m not even sure you have the ability to mentor a rookie quarterback when your idea of making good plays is throwing it in the dirt or overthrowing so noone can catch it.

  13. I wonder how he feels about that trade offer from Oakland he took himself out of a few years ago? (even though he denies it ever happened). Maybe you can get a job in Miami next year, Donovan.

  14. I guess he has so much football left… because he hasn’t really used any yet. I thought he was so great, Sapp said today on the radio to forget him(Mcnabb), he was done. Ponders’ turn

  15. Im so tired of people defending Mcnabb as a “good guy”.

    No, he’s not. Mcnabb is now what he has always been- a passive aggresive brat.

    He’s a whiner and a cry baby who is not capable of accepting responsibility for any of his shortcomings. Not good traits for a QB to have.

    Quite simply, I can’t stand Mcnabb.

  16. Actually, I am in Philly and always heard how hard McNabb worked. In fact, Vick credited him with showing him how to be a pro with film study and hard work.

  17. @ mrplow3

    but he is a good guy. i mean he did restructure his contract so he’d only be making $5 million this year. that makes him a good guy doesn’t it?

  18. Donovan,

    Have you seen yourself play lately?

    You may have some football left in the tank. Just not NFL football.

    Don’t become the next Brett Favre. Have some class like you have displayed for most of your career and hang ’em up.

  19. “I have a lot of football left. At the end of the year, that will be something I look at and see what’s next.”
    Ummm …… no, you DON’T, Donovan.

    What’s next is coaching at some juco in Montana next year. Teaching kids how to not work hard, or improve themselves, and how not to exert themselves or take responsibility.

    NFL quarterback? You’re all done, buddy.

  20. mcnabb should not start spending the money he can make as an analyst either – he’s not exactly the most intelligent or well-spoken individual available for that type of job……..

  21. Listen, this guy is done. It’s over give up please and stop playing. Accept your role as a back up from here on out if you want but you will never EVER start for another team and be good. Mail it in and be done with it.

  22. And here is the beginning of the underhanded, passive-aggressive blame game. Can we get a comment from Rick Reilly, who said the McNabb “not only takes the high road, he invented the high road.”

  23. Yea sure Donovan you have a lot of football left, except in won’t be in Philly, Washington, Minnesota, or 29 other NFL franchises, maybe in the Arena League.

  24. I understand the need to move to Ponder.

    Just don’t get doing it against the Super Bowl champs.

    Woodson has a 70% chance of sitting on an intermediate route and pick sixing.

  25. McNabb’s only hope of getting back on the field is if Christian Ponder is a total disaster. They won’t cut McNabb until after the season, since they have to pay his full salary anyway.

  26. Funny, I read about a lot of this same venom from fans towards McNabb about 16 months ago…

    And the Philly fans got killed for it.

    Three very hard words to say toward that group:

    You were right.

  27. If he gives that response to people entering Wal Mart asking if they have copies of Madden 2012 still available then yes, I believe McNabb. He’ll be the best greeter at Wal Mart yet

  28. Yup, and all that football he has left is in a fantasy league. Certainly ain’t as a professional QB. Perhaps the UFL has a place for him. Oh, I forgot, they are bankrupt.

  29. I don’t think McNabb will be good for Ponder. It’s not like he has a reputation for mentoring young QB’s that have been playing behind him.
    He wasn’t very supportive of Kolb that’s for sure.
    I hope Ponder succeeds despite McNabb being there to “help him”. Good luck.

  30. He should have some football left in him since he has been saving it for the last couple of years.

  31. Lets just say he lived up to all those nicknames he earned in Philly.
    Low Throw McBlow
    Low Pass McAss
    All Hype McAss Wipe

  32. I’m not an Eagles fan, and I don’t like the pompous attitude shown by Reid/Banter over the years.

    But I think the question needs to be asked:

    Of all of the high profile players dumped by the Eagles (Douglas, Trotter, McNabb, Kolb, Westbrook, Owens, and yes even Dawkins), how many of these players have matched or exceeded their performance as Eagles on their new teams?

    For all of the flaws this organization has, and there are many, they seem to have this whole “knowing when to get rid of a player” thing down pat.

    Except for David Akers.

  33. He’s right, I’m sure he has NFL sunday ticket. They show every game, every sunday, every year on his TV at home with the family.

  34. You guys forgot the “s” in the quote.

    He actually said “I have a lot of footballs left”.

    It seems he is selling them on e-bay. Instead of an autograph, each one has the tell-tale mark of a McNabb in-game pass: the grass stain/scuff mark.

  35. When you still think you’re in the class of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning…you aren’t going to be a good mentor for a young QB. You want to play, and I respect that actually.

    I don’t blame McNabb or any other QB if they’re unwilling to mentor and help a young QB taking their job.

    What I will blame McNabb for is if he falls into the same passive-aggressive act that made me totally sick and tired of him years ago. Let’s review the steps:

    1) Mama McNabb, the Michael Corleone of the family, fires first salvo. Sits in Vikings box and cheers for the opponent of that week. Admits as much when asked. (THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN PHILLY).

    1) “Unnamed Sources” suddenly start throwing info to ESPN hacks like Michael Smith and Wilbon about how Ponder and / or Frazier and / or Musgrave are clueless. Made-up stories are met with disbelief by teammates and coaches.

    2) McNabb says, in front of every reported in Minnesota and out of the blue without any prompting, how he’s not going to talk about how he was “totally disrespected” by the franchise. Like he did after being dealt to DC.

    3) Masta P agent of McNabb’s, who has no other clients, begins to give interviews about how badly McNabb was treated. Makes up stuff. When confronted, McNabb denies all and says he’s “taking the high road”. He is lauded by ESPN talking heads for doing so. Note: he will not fire Masta P for saying what he did. Like he did when he picked the fight with Kyle Shanahan about “making suggestions” about the offense.

    4) McNabb now sitting alone on sideline on gameday. Sulking. Like in Washington.

    And then the process begins in Miami all over again in 2012. Dolphin fans will bury Vikings fans for “disrespecting” McNabb.

  36. Washington has QB problems. Maybe Shanahan and Snyder will give Minnesota a second and fourth for him.

  37. Old McNabb has plenty of football left… in Canada . Seriously though, i could see him going to Miami next year (because as we all know they may suck, but if their draft history says anything i wouldn’t be surprised to see them take a WR lol)

  38. “I have a lot of football left. At the end of the year, that will be something I look at and see what’s next.”

    Sure you do Donovan…just not in the NFL. I hear Canada is nice this time of year.

  39. I’ll preface this comment by stating that I want to see McNabb succeed. The guy is done. He’s the anti-Brady. 5 NFC Championships without a ring? Big time playmakers like Duce Staley, T.O., Westbrook, DeSean, Maclin, Celek and still not getting it done? He was one of the most productive QBs in his prime but he’s past it. And it seems like his decline was so sudden. I rooted for him in Washington and thought the Shanahans were just being bullies. But watching him in Minnesota has been dreadful.

    Sure, he’s not losing the games for them but he’s not doing anything to win them. Limiting turnovers does not mean he’s not ineffective. I feel as if he’s doing enough to get by or just enough to make sure the losing is not his fault. Like I said, I want him to do well and I like McNabb but he’s not going to have some resurrection a la Kurt Warner. He’s gonna hold the clipboard if he sticks around. He should have retired a couple years ago when he was a borderline Hall of Famer. Good luck to him in his broadcast career; he certainly has the charisma to hold his own in that arena.

  40. theytukrjobs says:
    Oct 19, 2011 5:53 PM

    I don’t understand the stigma with being a backup QB. Like why on earth would a man even consider being paid over a million a year to have fun with a bunch of guys and drink beer and sit front row at all the games.


    You’re not saying he’ll be drinking beer WHILE sitting in the front row, are you? I guess if it’s good enough for Red Sox pitchers it’s good enough for McNabb.

  41. “Well, we’ve done some good things on offense. Scored some points. Moved the ball,”

    C’mon McNabb even Jamarcus Russell scored some points and moved the ball

  42. I don’t know why we have to keep bringing Favre into this discussion on McNabb or comparing him.

    He had a TREMENDOUS year two years ago. I’d take that season over and over and over and over again as a Vikings fan.

    LAST year he was hampred by injuries to himself and others.

    Truth is if he cam back RIGHT now and played he’d probably be 4 times more productive than McNabb has been for the Vikings the year.

  43. You have to give Reid credit for knowing when McNabb was done. Too bad he could not have the same foresight when it comes to hiring a DC.

    BTW, if McNabb signs with the Fins this summer, I will not be defending him. He also could not play in Canada. The CFL game is quicker than the NFL one and is pass-heavy with only 3 downs. He would be even worse there.

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