Meriweather: NFL is trying to change my game 100%


Bears safety Brandon Meriweather has become a poster boy for illegal helmet-to-helmet hits in the NFL.

Whether in New England or Chicago, Meriweather has a well-deserved reputation as a head hunter.  He said he said he doesn’t appreciate the league’s effort to change his style.

“They teach you growing up that you’ve got to be violent and put the fear of God in people, but when you get to the league that you’ve been dreaming about your whole life, they tell you to change your game 100 percent or get money taken from you,” Meriweather told Sports Illustrated this week.

Yes, they are trying to change Meriweather’s game. He’s one of the few players in the league that looks like he’s trying to injure players when he hits them in the head.

Meriweather partially blames the size of wide receivers.

“I try lowering my target zone, but if you have a receiver who’s 5′ 8″, it’s still going to be a helmet-to-helmet collision. How do you avoid that when you’re running full speed?” he said.

It’s worth noting that the NFL isn’t the only entity trying to change Meriweather’s game. The Patriots tried to change it, failed, and then cut Meriweather.

The Bears tried to change Meriweather and benched him too.

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  1. It’s called adapting to change. Everyone with a job has to do it. If a guy is attaching blue widgets to red widgets and they make one of the widgets yellow after he’s been on the job for awhile, what’s he supposed to say? Screw this, I have been taught to attach blue widgets!

  2. NE didn’t cut Meriweather because of his illegal hits. ..thats silly.

    They cut him because of poor reads, poor decision making..and really bad angles towrds receivers being thrown to.

    Not to mention, the guy is always around trouble…

  3. Yes, they are Brandon. Why do you think they’re trying to do that? Maybe because you seem incapable of playing the game without breaking the rules.

  4. You should try changing. Your team mates don’t appreciate when you “playmake” and end up running them over instead of tackling the receiver.

    Or you let someone go deep on you.

    Or you get a 15 yard penalty flag because you think giving head shots is a good idea.

    I was so glad when NE let you go that I’d rather have no safety than Brandon Meriweather.

  5. I’m curious what he means by “game,” is getting beat in coverage and then diving into a pile headfirst the “game” he refers to? Maybe spearing guys with the top of his helmet is the “game” he speaks of, I’m not sure. I do know that the 63 other starting safeties in the league are not getting fined like Meriweather.

  6. To an extent I actually agree with him. A game thats played at full speed and you ask players to hit qualified targets that are moving full speed in opposite directions and are moving to avoid youre hit is hard to fairly gage. If a player pulls up to avoid hitting a certain area he runs the risk of getting leveled by the very player he needs to tackle. I believe that there should only be fines for intentional hits. Defined as a defenseless player that includes several steps. But the league wants more scoring so this is what you have.

  7. quit crying, I played football for almost my entire life and if you gave me millions of dollars to change how I tackle I’d learn how to adapt to the rules

    And P.S. most of the time you wiff and miss on tackles … just saying

  8. You can either change and stay signed, or play it your way and be out of the league.

    If this takes more than three seconds to decide, you’re a bigger moron than we thought.

  9. He’s right. Growing up playing football, a defenders’ biggest weapon was always intimidation. Without intimidation, we have what the NFL has become….a glorified 7 on 7 league that is boring to watch.

  10. Meriweather is a bad example. But, the state of the NFL is sad right now. When you have 3-4 QBs slated to throw for over 5,000 yards in a season and running backs becoming almost non-existent or pass-catchers, you have serious problems.

    I feel for defensive backs. If you aren’t catching INTs you almost don’t have a career.

  11. Oh Brandon don’t looking for any sympathy from us fan’s (thou you may get some from the steelers)

    You play football for the love (&money) of the game as well as for your fellow competitors.

    Trying to knock some out of the game (or end their career) is not what I would call being a competitor.

    Being shorter then five foot 10 does not change the proper technique for tackling. Maybe it is time for you to change that Miami Hurricane mentality and play like a pro.

  12. jakek2 says:
    Oct 19, 2011 7:37 PM
    He’s right. Growing up playing football, a defenders’ biggest weapon was always intimidation. Without intimidation, we have what the NFL has become….a glorified 7 on 7 league that is boring to watch.


    I played High School football with a guy who felt the same way you and Meriweather feel. He got 5 (known) concussions in 2.5 years of high school football because he was always dipping his head and leading with his helmet. I’m not sure where you grew up but every football coach I ever had coached me not to lead with my helmet.

    The tough guy NFL thing is done. Sure the story of Ronnie Lott amputating his broken finger instead of splinting it so he could play sounds tough, but if you think of it as a rational adult it is complete idiocy. As a Lions fan I have no desire to see another Mike Utley of Reggie Brown just because you think it makes the game more exciting.

  13. He’s right. The NFL is forcing him to change his game… that we do not have any more Darryl Stingleys to mourn. What is his point? If he doesn’t change his game he will be out of the league. If he is too hard headed to figure that out, then he has more problems than taking bad angles and missing reads.

  14. BB was hoping for a new Rodney Harrison when he drafted this guy. The coaches tried but failed to help him improve. He still hangs with the homeys and will never change.

  15. Meriwhether’s a clown the fact that this guy made two Pro Bowl’s is an indictment on the utter worthlessness of that game.

  16. Well apparently were ever he played pop Warner you were taught to keep your arms in your sleeves run as fast as you can and launch yourself into your opponent leading with the helmet

  17. Brandon, listen to me, you’re not that good. I know it’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth. Yes you’ve made it to the NFL and all of your family and friends adore you and whenever you show up somewhere people give you attention, but amongst your own people, the players, they know deep down inside, you’re a punk who can’t play.

  18. Well if you recall Mr. Meriweather..a fight between The “U” and FIU you repeatedly tried stomping on players while they were’ve been fined multiple times in the NFL for malicious helmet to helmet hits…and you thats not exactly a “game ” you or the NFL should like seeing.

  19. mistrezzrachael says:

    NE didn’t cut Meriweather because of his illegal hits…They cut him because of poor reads, poor decision making..and really bad angles towards receivers being thrown to.
    the patriots cut him because he is undisciplined and refuses to change. that problem causes all of the above; the illegal hits, bad angles, etc.

  20. SHOULDER… the NFL wants you to hit with your Shoulder! Keep your eyes on the prize and stop spearing people dummy.

  21. If Brandon Merriwether was a Steeler he would have been fined every week.

    When Brandon Merriwether was a Patriot he was a Pro-bowler.

    If Brandon Merriwether was a Raven he would have been penalized for phantom illegal contact when playing Tom Brady on third and long. And he would have been penalized for a legal hit on the QB which would have lost a game for the Ravens in the fourth quarter.

  22. That is because you’re a head hunter, just like Rodney Harrison was. That is dirty play. You play to injure other players not to tackle them.

  23. @nebster21
    You can say that Harrison and Meriweather are both dirty, but Harrison was good, and Meriweather sucks.

  24. When will people learn; if Belichick cuts the guy loose, he is either not worth the money, or not worth having at all?

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