Munchak: Titans considered Brandon Lloyd, will look at T.O.

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Looking to upgrade at wide receiver as they attempt to make a run at the playoffs, the Tennessee Titans considered a trade for Brandon Lloyd and plan to kick the tires on Terrell Owens.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said on his local radio show on 104.5 FM that before the Broncos traded Lloyd to the Rams, the Titans were interested in getting involved in those trade talks.

We looked hard at him, no doubt,” Munchak said, via the Tennessean. “We’ve looked at every opportunity. We’re always looking to upgrade and we lost Kenny Britt.”

As for Owens, Munchak said the Titans will be interested once Owens is completely healed from the torn ACL he suffered in April.

“That’s something that at some point when [Owens’] health is better and he can pass a physical – people thought the midpoint of the season, maybe – he might be a guy that may be able to to work out to prove where he’s at,” Munchak said. “If he has a way of helping our team win, then for sure you’re going to take a look at him.”

At 3-2, the Titans are a surprising first-place team in the AFC South. Munchak’s comments suggest that the Titans are in win-now mode, and are willing to make some more personnel moves to get to the playoffs.

14 responses to “Munchak: Titans considered Brandon Lloyd, will look at T.O.

  1. Excluding R. Moss, T.O. is better at 55 years old with one leg than ANY receiver the Titans have had since being called the Titans. Hell, with his work ethic that might even include Randy Moss. He wouldn’t even get a full year of pay, what do you have to lose. Cheap price for trying to hold on to the division. I can’t envision (as of now at least) more than one team coming out of that division. Frankly, with a healthy Arian Foster (and CJ underperforming so far) I think Houston is a stronger possibility. Tie breakers don’t matter if they have a better record. If T.O. can come in smoking, maybe you tip the scales in your favor. If not, you spent very little barring any dumb GM moves.

  2. Maybe CJ will give his undeserved raise back so that the team has the money to pay for some free agents who might actually perform (not that TO is one of them).

  3. For those that think the Jaguars are out of the race for the division title, you would be wrong.

  4. Why do some always compare T.O. and Randy they only thing they have in common is they both had monster production – worth ethic, skills set, personalities, everything was completely different between them. They both caught negative pub for being a “distraction”, but that wasn’t the case in BUF for TO and Randy was library quiet in TEN. Just sayin’ don’t hate, appreciate.

  5. Im not saying TO is better than Moss or vice versa but TO would play on a bad team. He would do so because he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Moss stop playing like that when he went to Oakland. TO, after Dallas, has something to prove with every new team because everybody is waiting for that moment and he tries his best to contain himself.

  6. If they do bring in T.O., Hassleback is going to lose all the hair on his head…….wait, nevermind.

  7. He also said that it would depend on the production of their current guys, including Donnie Avery who Munchak said is finally settling in since it takes time for a new WR to get acclimated to a new QB/offense.

    They sure didn’t want to spend much for Lloyd considering what he went for, either. Maybe another injury would change things, but I don’t see them anxiously awaiting a TO workout right now.

    It might’ve been a little tweak aimed at their young guys, though, to make sure they don’t get complacent thinking their jobs are safe no matter what. Especially Damien Williams, who has a big opportunity right now to tighten his grip on that starting job.

  8. T.O. may be a bit of a diva, but his work ethic and production is undeniable. The Titans desperately need a veteran receiver who can be regularly counted on to produce each game. If they can convince him to sign a veteran’s minimum contract, or something close to minimum, than why not take a chance on a highly productive player like T.O.?

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