Raiders’ coordinator hints Carson Palmer will start Sunday


Carson Palmer appears set to start for the Raiders just five days after arriving in Oakland.

Offensive coordinator Al Saunders strongly suggested that Palmer will be the man for the Raiders on Sunday against the Chiefs when he was asked today on Fescoe in the Morning on 610 Sports Radio what Palmer needs to do to be the Raiders’ starter.

Saunders answered, “As long as he’s breathing.”

Saying that Palmer will start “as long as he’s breathing” doesn’t speak well for Kyle Boller, who came in to replace Jason Campbell after Campbell was hurt on Sunday. But Saunders said he was extremely impressed by what Palmer was able to do on Tuesday, just after the trade became official.

“He walked out on the field yesterday and everybody kind of looked at everybody and said, ‘You know what? This is a real quarterback,'” Saunders said. “That was the comment made by a couple people as they watched him throw. It just depends on how quickly he feels comfortable in what we’re doing and that shouldn’t take too long.”

For the Raiders, the question isn’t whether Palmer knows the whole offense. It’s whether he knows enough of the offense that he can be better than Boller. And it sounds like a few days’ work is all Palmer will need to be better than Boller.

68 responses to “Raiders’ coordinator hints Carson Palmer will start Sunday

  1. like I said before, unless Brian Billick has suddenly become the head coach of the Raiders, Carson starts.

  2. Why not start palmer, boller lost me when we had 1 & 5 and we end up having to punt because he fail to get a first down!!

  3. And it sounds like a few days’ work is all Palmer will need to be better than Boller.


  4. As a Bengals fan, I’ll be rooting for Carson to fulfill his potential. Perhaps, and ironically, with another dysfunctional organization.

  5. Since when have the Raiders relied on their QB to win? As long as he can go in there and not make mistakes right now that is probably all the Raiders need.

  6. If Palmer is able to successfully start on Sunday, I think the league should really think about looking into tampering charges.

    Isn’t it convenient that Palmer starts talking to Brown, then all of a sudden there is an outrageous price paid for a player when the Owner swore that he wouldn’t trade him?

    Sounds like a payoff to me.

  7. A washed-up Palmer, although possibly better than Boller, does not make a championship QB. Be careful what you wish for Raider fans…

  8. come on this guy can’t be in any sort of football shape and the raiders want to start him? are we sure al davis is really dead?

  9. he clear this through al davis yet?
    cuz we all know how much of a genius he has been the last 10 years

  10. Has there ever been a team more desperate for a QB savior than the Raiders? I can’t envision a scenario in which this works out well. Who do the Raiders play this week? I want to pick up their defense for my fantasy football team.

  11. Pretty crazy to hear Al Saunders completely disrespect Kyle Boller by saying things publicly like “Everyone said… now this is a REAL quarterback.”

    I mean, I completely understand anyone who played on the Ravens defense, Jamal Lewis, or any fans of the Ravens to have hatred for Boller. And they earned the right to disrespect him. But Al Saunders? Really? No more composure and tact could you muster?

  12. icanspeel says: Oct 19, 2011 11:35 AM

    Since when have the Raiders relied on their QB to win?
    Good point. You can’t set an NFL record by losing at least eleven (11) games in seven (7) straight seasons w.o being inept at QB, among other roster positions.

  13. Not a Raiders fan or a Bengals fan, but I really hope this works out for them. Its nice to see the Raiders, Bengals and Lions all making an impact this year!
    Pats Fan!

  14. Disrespect Kyle Boller? The guy is lucky enough to even be on the roster. At least he’s getting paid!

  15. Like the trade or not, the Raiders have decided they are going to sink or swim with Palmer at the helm. They are putting a lot of faith in him.

  16. Kyle Boller make alot of money to do nothing, and as long as he stays off the filed, he doesn’t have to remind the world why he should be fired, so I’m sure he is cool with this.

  17. bigjdve says:Oct 19, 2011 11:36 AM

    If Palmer is able to successfully start on Sunday, I think the league should really think about looking into tampering charges.

    The only ones that could file the charges are the team that has the rights to the player. Seeing that the Bungles are over the moon with what they got for Palmer, I frankly doubt that they would ever do this.

  18. No winning seasons in 8 years,
    the 28th ranked defense and zero top tier
    receivers (oh, and a running game that dropped
    off significantly the last 2 games)…

    Only in Oakland is this an ‘elite’ team, wise
    to sell out it’s future for supposed 2011 glory

  19. And if he doesn’t know the play that was called, he’ll just draw up another one on the palm of his hand. Sorry, just couldn’t resist.

  20. Saunders should have talked Boller up, no matter who starts. Hell, even say Boller just pulled a hammy in practice or we would have started him. He seems to be the odd man out, and I know you won’t get two first’s for him but come on. When you say as long as someone else is breathing they’ll start, you won’t get a cold hot dog for him.

  21. Hue & Al Saunders run basically the same Coryell/Gillman scheme (the true ‘WCO’, not the misnomered as WCO Paul Brown/Bill Walsh North Coast of Kentucky scheme) in Oakland that Hue also formerly coached Palmer in in Cincinnati, so it’s not hard to see how picking it up quickly would be similar to falling off a bicycle for Palmer, especially with a RB like McFadden to feature.

    Palmer’s also been diligently working out with a QB consultant the whole time he’s been ‘retired’ and rehabbing/’resting’ his elbow, which was his preferred choice over surgery previously (3 years ago) to address that issue.

  22. Isn’t this a bye week for the Raiders? They are, after all, playing the Chiefs.

    Two bye weeks in a row will help Carson get ready.

  23. lance19 says: Oct 19, 2011 12:47 PM

    No winning seasons in 8 years,
    the 28th ranked defense and zero top tier
    receivers (oh, and a running game that dropped
    off significantly the last 2 games)…

    History doesn’t mean jack. Do you think Detroit cares that they didn’t win a single game for an entire season? San Francisco doesn’t care if Alex Smith sucked for 6 seasons, as long as he’s winning now. Oakland’s running game has dropped off the past two games, but their run defense has tightened up the past two games. Football isn’t static.

  24. This really isn’t information that needs to be concealed anyway.The Cheifs can prepare for Palmer while hoping that Boller starts. Defending Boller requires no real preparation.

  25. Why not? Boller is just plain horrible just have Carson hand the ball to McFadden all day and get comfortable with the speed of the game

  26. It’s not like Palmer is a rookie. The guy is a will not hurt Oakland. I just hate it Jason Campbell cause he’s gonna need a job after he’s healthy. Putting Carson Palmer with what Oakland already has is gonna be a good fit. I think perfect. Well see.

  27. “He walked out on the field yesterday and everybody kind of looked at everybody and said, ‘You know what? This is a real quarterback,’” Saunders said.


    I should make a clever quip right now about Saunders’ remark and how it relates to Jason Campbell being on the team before Palmer’s arrival, but look at who my favorite team started the season with! lol

  28. “This is a real quarterback,’” Saunders said.
    You guys are really that dense. Saunders was really talking about Campbell … seriously how can you fumble the ball when nobody touches you or throwing in the endzone to DB when there’s no WR there … that’s not a QB.

  29. Of course he’ll start, the Raiders haven’t beaten anybody with a winning record yet this year and they need this guy to get back into the game quick!!! They can probably beat the Chiefs with just McFadden(yes he’s that good) but this will be a nice way to get Palmer going again.

  30. The great thing is the Raiders were only a Carson Palmer away from the super bowl. Yea right

  31. Funny how desperate this Raider team has become at QB to turn to a off the street no practice QB like Palmer. Maybe they should have went after Allen Iverson……I mean we are tlaking about practice right? Think the Chiefs are foaming at the mouth to tackle Palmer on a 7 scramble?

  32. I was in Baltimore for the Boller years. It wasn’t pretty. I feel confident that Carson Palmer with just a few days of practice is a better risk this Sunday than a fully seasoned Kyle Boller.

  33. @luvthehaters says:

    Go back & reread my post where it SPELLS OUT the raiders run the SAME Coryell/Gillman scheme NOW that Hue COACHED Palmer in in Cincinnati & ask me again.

    That’s the point I was making, that it’s the SAME scheme & a the Oakland HC who has ALREADY coached him (as WR coach) in that SAME scheme.

    Bengals’ OC Walsh under HC Paul Brown ‘invented’ in 1970 what is now MISCALLED the “West Coast (i.e. Walsh) Offense”.

    You can google an amazing number of articles by Paul “Dr Z” Zimmerman on the misnaming of Walsh’s offense in SF (by reporters who misunderstood the initial reference by Bernie Kozar to the Coryell/Gillman scheme) as the “WCO”.

    The Bengals now have actually returned in ’11 to their own “North Coast of Kentucky (PB/Walsh tree) Offense” original scheme roots now under Gruden2.0.

    It was actually a VERY big deal here in Bengaldom when Mike Brown deliberated quite mightily before turning away from PB’s historic offense since the ’70s when he eventually decided to bring in OC Bratkowski ca 10 years ago to implement the Coryell/Gillman St Louis-style scheme.

  34. rmzthefirst says:
    Oct 19, 2011 11:17 AM
    Dang, that sucks and doesn’t say much for Boller, or does it…!


    Actually, it says more about Trent Edwards whom the Raiders kept Boller over.

  35. ‘You know what? This is a real quarterback,’

    Wow. Not only is that a insult to Boller but I guess these people hadn’t seen Campbell play? The disrespect is thick here folks.

    I wish Carson and the Raiders well but there was no class in that statement.

  36. Don’t forget that Carson & Hue go back to USC days when Hue was his OC. Then 3 yrs. in Cincy as receivers coach. I’m sure they can get enough into Carson’s head by Sunday.

  37. This trade is a huge risk, but can ultimately pay off for both teams. If Carson Palmer comes in here, and plays like he did in his good days with the Bengals, the Raiders can challenge for a Super Bowl this year. Those picks will pay off if the Bengals can draft quality players to surround their up and coming 2011 rookie class. Bengals do really win in this case regardless cause Andy Dalton looks like a great QB and Carson was on his way out no matter what. I, as a Raiders fan, hope Carson can increase the Raiders passing game to the 250 ypg range, which can really happen because of D-Mac, Marcel Reese, Michael Bush and their tricky offensive ground game. Its going to be an interesting weekend versus the Chiefs.

    Go Raiders

  38. The Raiders should win this game with their defense and running game, even with Boller. But why test Palmer against a division team where more often than not it’s a close game. The Chiefs have a good d-backfield and I think Hali led the AFC in Sacks last year.

    I’d be surprised if Palmer starts, too much to risk, even if the Chiefs sneak out a win the Raiders are still 4-3 with a healthy Palmer for the rest of the season, if he pulls a hammy or ends up hurt, Hue might end up like the last 10 Raiders coaches.

    Risk/Reward just isn’t worth it IMO. And as a Chiefs fan, I normally call you clowns the faiders, but no more Al Davis and a real QB, you should win the division… I like the West being built back up and hopefully a renewed hatred towards eachother since the chargers are so gay and the donks suck so bad.

  39. Only in Oakland is this an ‘elite’ team, wise
    to sell out it’s future for supposed 2011 glory

    sell out the future? i’m sick of hearing this, what difference is 1 or 2 middle of the road draft picks going to make? drafting is already a 50/50 crap shoot on whether the player becomes a good NFL player.

    besides if you actually looked at the team the majority of their plaers, esp impact players and players on the rise are all young. not like half this team is retiring at the end of the year. and its not like palmer has big shoes to fill to keep this thing going.

    on top of that, after all those losing years and you finally look to have turned the corner you cant allow this team to or think they are going to rot away at the hands of a back up QB. its a gutsy move to show they are serious about doing what it takes to win. if it doesnt work out well, at least they went for it. a lot more than seem teams would have done…

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