Report: Sparano may not survive a loss to Denver


The Tony Sparano watch in Miami remains a week-to-week activity.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that a loss to Denver at home this week will make Sparano’s status “subject to re-evaluation.”

A “close associate” of Ross told Jackson that the owner was “very frustrated” after Monday night’s loss to the Jets. But he’s been advised that in-season coaching changes don’t usually help and the players on the team widely support Sparano.

Here’s perhaps the most disheartening line for Dolphins fans in the article:

“Ross believes switching to an interim coach (potentially defensive coordinator Mike Nolan) would not boost ticket sales for the rest of the season,” Jackson writes.

Gee, ya think? And that’s what’s driving this decision?

Ross should tell his close associates to zip it.  Articles like this aren’t helping matters.

The report makes it clear that Sparano’s status is week-to-week at this point. We hope for his sake that a “home” loss to the Broncos on Tim Tebow day in Miami isn’t the way Sparano goes out.

46 responses to “Report: Sparano may not survive a loss to Denver

  1. Sporano is only a small part of the problem. Ireland should go way before Sporano. He has no idea on how to build a team. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh*#! Ireland’s drafts have been horrible and he’s done just as bad in free agency.

  2. Pats fan here, and I honestly don’t think Sparano is a bad coach – I just don’t think he has a lot to work with.

  3. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that the Fins keep Sparano until the end of the season.

    The guy clearly can’t coach his way out of a paper bag, the team is 0 for the season, with no hope of getting better, and even if they stumble their way through 2 or 3 wins, what would that accopmlish?

    I say that the Fins should keep Sparano because he CAN’T win.

    If this kid Luck is half as good as the world thinks he is, he could possibly make this franchise relevent again, something it hasn’t been since Marino retired.

    Tony Sparano is your best choice to get to Luck. Like I said, what would a 3-13 season mean anyway?

  4. No denying Ross is a highly successful businessman, or he never would’ve been admitted to the elite NFL owners club.

    But just as a string of controlling, nouveau rich guys behind him (we all know who they are), he deludes himself that just because he has the ‘authority’ to make football decisions, that he’s ‘qualified’ to do so.

    He’s not. Has F’d up everything he’s gotten involved in. No wonder Parcell’s couldn’t get away from this guy fast enough.

  5. You are literally going to have this headline for each and every week from now till the end of the season.

  6. If you’re making coaching decisions based on ticket sales, that means you need to fire your entire ticket sales staff because they have no clue on how to sell the NFL. If you can’t sell the NFL in Miami, you have no business selling the NFL.

  7. What happened to that report from yesterday? This is clearly a case of PFT-on-PFT crime.

  8. kellyb9 says:
    Oct 19, 2011 9:25 AM
    Pats fan here, and I honestly don’t think Sparano is a bad coach – I just don’t think he has a lot to work with.


    Completely agree. Parcells laid the ground work to rebuild the Dolphins’ franchise when he had hired Sparano as the head coach, but the front office hasn’t adequately built on the groundwork laid out by Parcells.

  9. Funny, everyone thought sparano a great coach a couple years ago…

    Dolphins SHOULD have been ahead of jets 21-0 the other night. His team played hard, but not smart. Moore made some terrible reads.

    The problem…is Ireland is as dumb as a sack of rocks. Theres a couple of posters out here w/no IQ [ deb comes to mind first]…but they are right there w/Ireland.

    But biggest problem is ‘Hollywood’ Ross…He cares more about rubbing elbows w/entertainers..and his halftime shows than he does football…He HAS succeeded though..Dolphins have best halftime shows in NFL.

    This continues much longer…and Dolphin fans , half of whom are gone…will abandon this ‘team’….They can/could be candidates for the …Los Angeles Dolphins…and Ross can really go ‘Hollywood’…Don’t laugh, it goes right with the way he’s run his team.

  10. Sparano has been too nice to the players and nice guys finish last. The team needs a coach that will yell and throw tantrums at the players, not pamper them.

    Mike Nolan is not that coach. The assistant head coach Todd Bowles should be given a chance. The Dolphins have never had an African-American head coach. Now is the time to give Todd Bowles a chance to see if he can turn this situation around.

  11. Sparano didn’t drop any TD passes. He didn’t run out of bounds without being touched on the way to a td. He didn’t drop many would be int’s that Sanchez gave them. And I sure hope he didn’t tell Moore to keep throwing at Revis. Miami had every chance on earth to win that game. The PLAYERS screwed it up.

  12. When I see Sparano fist-pumping, clapping and saying “great job” after every FG (esp when they had 1st and goal from the 4) I want to puke.

    Where is the sense of urgency with this team? They should be going for it on 4th and short from midfield, taking shots downfield with Bess and Hartline and NOT KICKING FGs!!!

    Oh yea…go Pats!

  13. Look…he is a poor coach period! The Dolphins could have easily won on Monday night and should have had 30 points on the board. Quit fist pumping over field goals! What type of coach gets that excited over 3 points? How about chew some ass when they don’t get 6 on the board? I think with a good coach they could win a few this season…Lastly Moore is really not that bad and the kid just needs some playing time. Bring in a veteran and keep Moore around for a while in my opinion.

  14. Let’s not make Sparano out to be an innocent victim. He works with Ireland to shape the roster.

    A coach’s job is to motivate and develop. Is Marshall anywhere near what he was in Denver?

    Are Dansby and Burnett anywhere close to performing as they did a year ago?

    You are supposedly a offensive line coach expert and you sign off on Marc Colombo as your right tackle?


  15. With 40 first-half seconds to go in first half, decent field position and down by 8 pts Miami didn’t run a play.

    With seconds remaining in the game, down by 24, and knowing he needed his qb to play 6 days later, he fed his qb to the Jets pass rush trying to throw Hail Marry(s).

    Enough said.

  16. Ross announced this morning that Jennifer Lopez is now the coach and GM of the Fins. That is all.

  17. This is silly, everyone all season has known what would happen. Anyone saying otherwise is a liar. Tony Sparano is a metaphorical dead man walking as the Miami Dolphins head football coach. Without any talent at quarterback this team was built for failure. If ownership expected otherwise, then he and anyone else in the organization needs to get an MRI asap. Who is has been smoking with Cheech and Chong?

    Who has control over personnel? Whoever that is needs to be fired not next week or the end of the season, but now.

    Rule #1 in the NFL is get a quarterback. Rule # 2 is put together a solid offensive and defensive line to control the line of scrimmage. Rule #3 Have a solid football team and organizational strategy (most teams do not have such). Rule #4 In the meantime have solid special teams to acquire excellent field positioning. To build a champion it does not start with wide receivers and flashy tight ends. Football is about blocking and tackling, that and a damn good quarterback who can convert on third down (Hint: Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, etc).

  18. If you asked me last season, I would have said it wasn’t Sparano’s fault. I would have said he was a good coach and a good guy. But I can’t support him after the horrendous performances his players have had this season. There’s obviously some talent on the team – Marshall has the ability to be a great player and so does Bess. Thomas and Bush would make a great tandem in most any other system. There are still some talented guys on defense. But it’s the coach’s job to get the most out of these players, and they’re all playing worse than they did last season. This is a culture issue, not a personnel issue. At some point (and here we are in Sparano’s 4th season) he has to take responsibility for the on-field product. His team has become progressively worse since his first season – he’s had his chance and it’s time to go.

  19. Completely agree, cantonbound ~ the blame lies further up the command-chain. It’s not Sparano’s fault that the team has WR’s that can’t catch, and RB’s that can’t find a hole. Stop trading-away picks for marginal players.

  20. AlanSaysYo, I couldn’t agree more. Marshall, Wake, Dansby, Soliai, Vontae, Bess etc. The talent is not indicative of the pathetic record. The line play has regressed each year. I blame Sparano more than anyone else. But I also blame the front office for never having the balls to draft a QB in the first round.

  21. Must be why Ross brought in
    Eric “Virgil Sollozzo” or “Fredo” Mangini for a chat. (insert whichever GodFather Rat you choose).

    Either way, he’s dead to Belichick now.

  22. I think the players know that the only way to get a better front office and a very good head coach is to lay down and lose games, perhaps it is not up front, however it is in the back of there mind, we all know that Miami is going no where with the current front office and coaching staff. Bill

  23. Dolphins show no emotion on the field. That goes back to the coach. But coach can’t get the right help cuz the gm Ireland couldn’t find talent for the life of him. and Ireland can’t get the proper help from the owner Ross who is to busy working on the dolphins red carpet stars to put more money In recruiting. From top to bottom its a mess.

  24. All these teams trying to out-stink each other to get Luck is ridiculous. What happens when he breaks his leg or tears up his shoulder before the end of the season? Or just decides he would rather return to Stanford then play for “x” team? oops! maybe we should have tried to win?

  25. Marshall has a lot of talent but dude leads the entire NFL in dropped passes over his career IIRC. Hardly a consistent player regardless of coaching staff. When PLAYERS don’t execute or screw up that is 100% on PLAYERS unless they have been taught incorrect technique and/or aren’t coached properly in situational football.

  26. Must really suck to be a Fins fan. Brings back the Sam Jankovich memories.

    The Dolphins bigger problem is a clueless owner and a lousy front office ( Jeff Ireland). I would not be surprised to see this clown Ross try to take this team to LA. Despite the population in the metro Miami/Ft L area this team still has problems selling tickets.

    Why fire Sparano before the end of the season, any assistant who takes the job is a Dead Man Walking. I see a big name HC coming in with unlimited power because they’ll set the franchise back another five years by hiring Peterson.

  27. Miami fan here. We will never be good until this owner is gone. Hopefully he gets fed up and leaves before I do.

  28. If the players like him so much why do they give such a poor effort on the field. Revis should never have been able to run through an entire team that way. A team of motivated players would have stopped him. I turned the game off right there.

  29. Funny how Miami went down hill soon as President Parcells left. Even though he -nudge, wink – didn’t have final say over the roster or make any coaching decisions.

  30. Monday night game was one of the worst I have seen by a head coach in 50 years. He has no clue as a coach and even less as the offensive coordinator. Most of these guys /head coach/off coordinator combo are not even close to being capable.

  31. Ross should’ve fired Sparano last year like how normal GMs with common sense do!!!

    Some education that he got at the University of Michigan!!!

  32. this team has been horrible for the entire parcells, Ireland, sporano tenure even in 08 with the wildcat bs offense. they have made mistake after mistake personnel wise . with a front office like that and a lost coaching staff and a owner making this team a joke i can see why these players just care

  33. Actually I have them picked to win this week, only because they are at home and the Broncos are in disarray. It is extremely unlikely that they will go 0-16 and the only real chances they have to win this year are Broncos, @ Chiefs, Jets. And I think they will only win one of these three. Unless one of their other opponents has some serious injuries or a major meltdown they just don’t match up well.

  34. And as for the clown at the top who said Tony has little to work with you are one of those fake fans who can name a couple skill players and maybe a QB here and there on other rosters. Thanks kellyb9 we really appreciate a Pats fans 2cents. Sporano not bad ha could you name a Linebacker on your team? Any coach not named B B? Thought not

  35. Ross has screwed sooo many things up in such a short time that I am severely concerned. I’ve even been having nightmares about hideous new uniforms. He’s all about $, winning is clearly not the ultimate goal…..

    “Come to *insert annual highest bidder’s name* Stadium…… you can see a Marlins game friday night, then go in the club….. sleep in your car and wake up for college gameday. Canes play @ 4 !!!! Club all night. Sleep in your car cuz Sunday is NFL gameday and your favorite team is coming to town to mop up “los dolphins” !!! The field is a mess, but did i mention Jlo is going to be there !!”

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