Rex says if Chargers had hired him in 2007, he’d have a couple rings

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Jets coach Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl boasts no longer are confined to his predictions for the future.

On Wednesday, Ryan said that, if the Chargers had hired him to be their coach in 2007, he would have led the Chargers to at least two championships by now.

“Well, I think I would have had a couple rings,” Ryan told San Diego reporters, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “I’m telling you, those teams were loaded.”

Implicit in Ryan’s message is that Norv Turner has failed to get the most out of that loaded team.  Which isn’t exactly the best way to keep Turner from rolling his sleeves up a little higher and working a little harder to come to New York on Sunday and beat Rex’s Jets.

Perhaps realizing that he stepped in a pile of something other than dead leaves, Rex tried to scrub his shoes a little bit.  “Obviously, Norv Turner has done a great job there and A.J. and everybody,” Ryan said.  “That’s a great franchise.  He was probably the best guy for the job at that time.”

If Rex thinks he would have won a couple of Super Bowls in the four seasons since Norv was hired, Rex necessarily doesn’t think Norv was the best guy for the job.  Unless the goal of the game is to not win Super Bowls.

UPDATE 6:00 p.m. ET:  The Jets have pointed out via email to PFT that “Coach Ryan called Coach Turner personally shortly after the conference call was over to let him know that his comments were meant as a compliment to what he and A.J. Smith have built in San Diego, not as a slight.”  Given that Turner inherited the “loaded” team in 2007 and has failed to win a Super Bowl in the four-plus years since then, it’s unclear how the comments in question were intended to be a compliment for Turner.

120 responses to “Rex says if Chargers had hired him in 2007, he’d have a couple rings

  1. Why is anyone even listening to this guy. I mean he is more bark than bite.

    Until he wins something, he should shut up and coach.

  2. Those teams were loaded. It’s appaling how poor of a job Turner did with them. He took a 14 win team and relegated it to mediocrity, yet he somehow still has the job.

  3. Also, does that mean the Chargers have a better roster than the Jets? Or at least, the roster they had is better than the roster he has?

  4. Implicit in Ryan’s message is that Norv Turner has failed to get the most out of that loaded team.

    “Yeah, hello? Kettle? Oh hey, it’s the pot calling. Hey, guess what? You’re black!”

  5. If you cut that fat tree in half horizontally, he’d have a lot of rings. Onion rings, etc…

  6. Rex goes from “the Jets will win a Super Bowl” every year to “If I was on another team, we would have won a Super Bowl” every year. Spot a pattern here? Not that it matters.

  7. Let me get this straight: His prediction of SB for the Jets is up in smoke so now he is saying he would have won a couple if the Chargers had named him head coach! This is taking delusion to a new height. Somebody needs to put their arm around him and whisper in his ear: SHUT UP before they take you away. Unbelievable.

  8. Nice job forgetting to note that Rex has already called Norv and apologized for the comment (as reported first by the Star-Ledger).

    Regardless, that’s still a stupidly douchey comment for Rex to make. Stop worrying about 2007 and what the betting odds are on you this week and start worrying about the game Sunday and the probability of dropping below .500 again.

  9. That fat tub of lard simply can’t keep his mouth shut. Is there ever a day when crap doesn’t spew out of his mouth and dribble down his chin onto his ample…..mid-section? You would think he had learned a lesson when his team lost three in a row after all of his promises…but no! He starts right up again. A lot more people would like the Jets if he could simply keep his mouth shut.

  10. When Rex first came on the scene, I remember thinking “I don’t mind this guy. He’s edgy, but he adds a different element to the NFL.” Fast-forward a few a years, and this guy’s act has GROWN OLD. I guess that’s what happens when you talk a big game and don’t deliver championships.

  11. If his team stops playing for him, this will be why. He basically just threw them all under the bus.

  12. As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with Rex. I have no idea how Norv Turner has not won a Super Bowl with the talent he has on both sides of the ball.

    I’m just saying I’d be a lot more scared of the Chargers (being a Chief’s fan) if they picked up Rex as their head coach than if they left Norv Turner there.

  13. Every time I see that picture of Rex up at the top of the article, I can’t help but laugh.

    I want to imagine that THAT is how he looks when he’s smiling.

  14. He’ll never win a super bowl because his act will get tiresome soon and he’ll be gone. The media and fans of other teams have already stopped listening. It’s only a matter of time before his fans and the jets players stop listening.

  15. You gotta love Rex. Its like he’s punch drunk off gravy and ranch dressing…. borderline delirious. I’ve never seen someone run his mouth so much after accomplishing so little. And I bet he’d try to talk himself out of a fight rather than throw blows. All bark, no bite. At least thats how I interpreted his personality from Hard Knocks. He’d be so adamant about something, and after one of his coaches would challenge him on the issue, he’d back down like a coward, often immediately agreeing with the coach’s opinion. I wonder if his players see right through him. His act is getting old. But it continues to be hilarious seeing as he can’t get to the big dance. I’m rooting for the Jets to get to Indy this year so the Packers can humiliate them.

  16. You know who else could have won a championship with those teams? Marty Schottenheimer! As a Raiders fan, I want to personally thank the Chargers for cutting him loose.

  17. Mike Francesa is busting Rex’s chops right now. Rightfully so.

    I love confident talk (i.e. Hue Jackson with the Raiders) but there’s a time where it really gets silly – Rex is becoming a clown now.

  18. Somebody ask him where the Dolphins would be if he were their coach. Then we’ll know how far the delusion goes.

  19. Um, do you not see how this is a complete insult to his current team? Who gives a crap about Norv’s feelings. He just said that his team is not as good as a team that rarely wins 10 games in a season.

  20. I think Rex believes that he would win two rings with every team from any year if he had been the coach.

    “I’ll tell you what, if they had hired me as the coach of 1994 Falcons, I would have won two rings.”

    “2008 Lions? If they had hired me, I would have won AT LEAST two rings.”

  21. Yeah he would have a couple rings in San Diego. Look at the job he is doing for the Jets, already two Super Bowl titles under his belt with this team, working on his third. You tell them Rex.

  22. The Jets hired him thinking they’d win a ring or two..I guess they over estimated this guy.

  23. Oh….too bad the Jets hired you instead, so that you don’t actually have to back any of that up.

    Of course, I’m sure if he were with the Chargers right now, and they were 3-3, and a drunken Dan Fouts was talking schmack about the club out on the street corner, he’d be telling us that the Jets should have hired him.

    “Oh yeah. I’d have taken the Jets to the Super Bowl four times in three years. Nobody’s ever done that.”

  24. He’s probably right… I wonder the last time San Diego won a game for it’s head coach… Marty?? Rex has that “it” factor that brings his guys together… The last 2 years the Jets haven’t been the BEST team but I think they have over-achieved because of their belief & Rex… I do think this is fading lately… I mean how many times can you say “We’re going to win the SB” & then come up short… People stop believing in their heart.

  25. Hard to defend you on this one Rex. Maybe you should give up on doing anything more than giving one word answers at press conferences, until you have “righted” the mess you have in your locker room.

  26. And another angle to this: I can make any defense good, but I can’t make a QB good. Rivers >>>> Sanchez.

  27. When the wheels fall off this year and the Jet’s tank does he get fired? With his style there’s no turning around once he’s lost the team and games so he should talk as much as he wants because next year he’ll be looking for a new job!

  28. Talk is cheap. Andyr2120, Marty was a headcase in big games, he always took talented teams to the playoffs but he never won a damn thing, he is probably in some dark room petting that game ball Rex gave him after Nate Kaeding gave the game away. If Rex was talking like this on the west coast he would be hammered by the media but since he’s doing it in Je… excuse me New York he is portrayed as confident and bold. Just east coast BS.

  29. In all fairness I’m sure any coach could have taken them to the super bowl in 2007 (even Mike Singletary)

  30. Rex, you’re right, but damn, that doesn’t mean you say it out loud.

    Rex is a great D-coordinator, so is his brother, and as a Pats fan I am glad that they spice up the league, but they need to learn some common sense.

    I would very much expect a Jets loss against the Chargers.

  31. You know who else could have won a championship with those teams? Marty Schottenheimer!


    Should’ve kept Marty and dumped the GM

  32. I’m a Bolt fan and kinda tired of the vanilla style of Norv. Maybe Rex could’ve done something different than Norv but we’ll never know will we.

  33. You gotta like the guy’s sense of humor. Unfortunately for him he’ll be out of NY in 2 years…….watch and see. He’s good BSer but unfortunately that can only take you so far.

  34. Rex just can’t help himself doggone it:

    -It implies that his Jets aren’t as talented as the Chargers.

    -It also implies that Norv is an inferior coach.

  35. As a Raider fan I have enjoyed the Norv Turner years in San Diego. They are always over hyped and under achieve. That has been Norv’s MO as a head coach all along. I do not understand why so many organizations (Oakland included) have hired this guy as the HC. He has a proven track record of mediocrity and under achieveing.

  36. Can’t believe this guy would say something like that when his current team can’t even put a decent drive together!!!

  37. I’m sure part of why he said it was to get in Norv’s head, and also partly to light a fire under his team. I think both will work, but I think he just jeopardized his long term relationship with the players by basically saying if he could take his rag tag offense to the conf. championship he could have taken that team to the SB.

  38. If I were Jets ownership and management, I would almost take that as “he wishes he were somewhere else, so let’s oblige him”.

    What a stupid thing to say.

  39. I’ve had enough of Rex Ryan. He’s always saying something stupid. He takes a shot at Norv Turner but he’s also implying that the reason he hasn’t won “a couple rings” in NY is because his team isn’t loaded enough. I won’t dispute that point, his has a below average QB who will never win the big one.

  40. I thought I had heard it all from this guy. Yeah, right, who am I kidding. If Rex focused as much time and energy as he does talking about how many rings he’s going to win, or would have won, he may actually win one some day. Or not.

  41. Nice job, Rex. You managed to insult Norv Turner and your own players at the same time. Open mouth, insert foo- well… maybe better not go there.

    Your own fans are tired of the mindless drivel that comes out of you – imagine how the rest of us feel about it.

  42. Let’s me honest pretty much any decent NFL coach in the league had a chance to take that team Marty built up to become super bowl champs. Unfortunately the owner picked one of the worst coaches in NFL history to take over a stacked team.

    So now instead of a dynasty they have a bust. You can’t blame Norv for that, everyone already knows he is a scrub coach, gotta blaim the owner for having the forsight of a peanut.

  43. If I were a Jet player/fan/coaching staff and heard this I would be steamed. Your a 3-3 team that was in back to back AFC championship games and now are struggling. My head coach makes a comment that basically is defending himself to why he has not won his superbowl predictions in New York (rosters are not loaded enough, no elite QB, etc…. like san diego was) When his main focus should be to rally his team and coach. You have a captain in Holmes calling out the o-line, no power run game, average QB play and your defense has taken alarming steps back from what it was. He is a head coach, The Jet’s are his team and should be his only worry, thoughts to build it better or fix it.

  44. I’m glad they’re playing someone other than the dolphins this week to shut this guy up.

  45. The Jets could really help out Raider fan by beating the Chargers, but it seems as though Rex is more interested in trying to convince everyone he’s a great coach by talking about it instead of proving it. Thanks for nothing, gasbag.

  46. Well, he isn’t lying. Imagine him doing the same things that he’s done with the Jets far less talented roster, a very good QB (as opposed to the mediocre one he has), and throw in the fact that he’s pretty good coaching against Belichick, who Norv can’t beat when it counts.

    Not to mention the Chargers were playing in the league’s worst division when they interviewed him back in ’07.

  47. What the Jets achieved, they achieved because they thought Rex believed in them. Think that will change a little now? What a stupid thing to say…

  48. Before you know it, Rex Ryan will claim stuff like he would have won a SB with the Packers last year if they had hired him as a coach.

  49. I’ve been saying this for years as a Raider fan. I LOVE Turner as a HC in SD. I hope he stays. But he should of been fired. What a useless HC with all the talent he had had and only won 1 playoff game is it? 2, if that?

    Raiders were the class of the AFc West BEFORE Carson Palmer, and that was with JC (game manager). Now they’re really going to step on the Chargers nutts, just watch.

    But yeah back on pit – Rex Ryan would of definitely won a Superbowl there with all that talent and a competent Qb in Rivers.

    Turner is an awful HC, great OC. He’s even tried being HC a few times and sucked.

    If somebody gives this guy another shot in 2012 to be a HC elsewhere…wow they are REALLY stupid. Hope Turner stays in SD (being a Raiders fan), but once Raiders win AFc West and Chargers are elimanted from the race, could they really keep Turner for another season? I hope so, but they’re already reatrded for keping him this long.

  50. He’s won more than he’s lost and the Jets have played in the AFC Title game two consecutive years.

    This guy is a good football coach. He’s just dumb at everything else.

  51. As much as I would like to disagree with Rex, I can’t. He is most likely right on this one. Poor coaching is a BIG reason the chargers have been playoff losers!

  52. yeah , and marty would have won a ring if he was chargers head coach…oh wait he was chargers head coach, went 14-2 and choked like he always does


  53. @ joetoronto
    who says..

    “Rex is wrong, the Chargers will never win a Super Bowl.”

    joetoronto, sir, you are a Tool!

    must be a Ray-Duhh fan, let me know how Carson is after me make him “retire” again!

    Go Bolts!

  54. I love this guy…when his current predictions of a super bowl fall short, year….after year….after year…after year, he comes up with this new one where there is no way of proving him wrong.

    If only he could have coached some of those Bills and Vikings teams (combined 0 for 8 I think in the super bowl), he would have built some powerful dynasties.

  55. Escoboltsfan:

    He made that comment in his conference call with the San Diego media, so it was on the west coast. He was immediately hammered for it here in NY. Kris Jenkins also had some strong words about the Jets today, he was getting slammed for that as well. The NY media is the harshest media in the world, the west coast media is a fun day at the beach in comparison.

    And with your New Jersey line, you do understand north jersey and NYC border each other correct? People live in jersey work in ny, live in ny and work in nj etc etc. You can see the manhattan skyline from the meadowlands. So it’s really not saying much by insulting the ny teams for playing in jersey. Outside of the name they’re one in the same.

  56. Think Rexy needs to be more concerned that a couple of bonehead reads kept his ‘Superbowl jets’ from being down 21-0 to the worst team in NFL..the Dolphins.

    This guy has a ring fetish..I swear, if he ever gets one..he’ll fit his kinky model wife w/a SB toe ring.

  57. Shoulda, Coulda.Woulda… Just worry about your CURRENT losing team, Chargers, Bills and Patriots coming up…Rex will be lucky to go 1-2 on this run…….

  58. Doesn’t thisj guy ever shut up, are we going to have to put up with his s–t every time the Jets play a game. The big bad Jets who beat an 0-4 Miami team

  59. Yea ok Rex. Why don’t you worry more about the team you have now that can’t even get to the SB.

  60. He’s half-right: norv turner has underachieved with that team. The part he’s wrong about is the whole idea that _he_ would have been the one to lead them to the promised land… nope.

  61. As a Pats fan, I thought this guy was a nice balance to Belichick. I appreciate Belichick’s style more and more the more I hear this buffoon.

  62. Rex has one ring as an assistant with the Ravens. Norv has two as an assistant with the Cowboys. Both good on their sides of the ball, neither complete head coaches. Sooner or later the Jets players are gonna get sick of this guys lip.

  63. Gotta love Rex, that’s a very smart way of saying my QB sucks! Had they not traded up for MS6 they would have end up with Josh Freeman? Maybe he should have said this instead.

  64. I don’t get why everyone hates on Rex so much. Sure he talks crap and says a lot of BS but so do most of us football fans. I mean who would you rather hang out with and drink a beer with in real life? Rex or Norv (or the majority of other coaches in the league for that matter)? The guy speaks his mind and makes things interesting compared to the boring drivel coming out of most coaches mouths. And as a Charger fan I would take Rex over Norv in a heart beat.

    Norv doesn’t get players fired up and they seem content to barely beat below average teams. IMO to be a great head coach you either have to be incredibly good/smart at what you do, like Belichick, or be able to motivate players through your own confidence and attitude, like Rex can usually do, and a lot of head coaches don’t have much of either like Norv and should have stayed coordinators where they don their best work.

  65. Memo to Rex:

    Try worrying about the Super Bowls you’re not winning with the Jets, before you start trashing another coach by pointing out that you would have won Super Bowls there when he didn’t.

    Rex Ryan, king of “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda Super Bowls”.

  66. cytofed, ya gotta remember at the time Freeman was a”raw athlete” and “inaccurate”. The draft analysts crack me up, it’s like they never watched Freeman play ball. He has been the best QB from that draft class.

  67. He hasn’t won anything yet, his father was long on promises and didn’t win and his brother may never get the chance if he keeps rockin that planet of the apes hairdo.

  68. as a jets fan when rex took over i thought that Rex would leave the Jets 1 of 2 ways.
    1. Winning multiple championships and going out on his own terms many years from now.
    2. A flaming ball spiraling out of control after a few seasons..
    His style doesn’t really allow for other options.
    Now, I’ve supported him in almost every step but at some time “being yourself” has to include being a grownup. Saying what he says insults norv turner. I’m ok with that. The guy is a joke. But it also says his team isn’t as good because he hasn’t won a championship when he would have with the chargers. What does that do to an already fractured locker room? Nice move.

  69. This guy never stops. I am pretty sure that even some of the most diehard Jet fans are getting tired of this guy & his mouth. Two years ago the guy was worshiped by the NY media. Now he has become the butt-end of media jokes every other day. Even Newsday, a Long Island newspaper that worships the Jets, has begun to publish stories on this guy’s stupidity. It’s sad.

  70. If Rex Ryan isn’t careful he’ll wind up in the same category as Jerry Glanville: flashy, loud, and winless in late January/early February.

  71. Rex plays the media like a fiddle and you all bite line, hook, and sinker. Guess what everyone will be talking about this week? This stupid comment that he made. Guess what it takes the focus away from? A sputtering offense and a horrendous run-defense.
    If you ask me, this is a planned effort on his end to avoid his players getting hassled all week about the problems going on. He did it last year, making the Colts game a “Peyton vs Rex” thing AND IT WORKED.
    Rex could give 2 sh*ts about what people think about him, and he is doing this to let his players focus on the game plan and get the media away from them.
    Then most of you start the “he should shut his fat mouth” and create a buzz around the issue. And guess what? It becomes news! To the next moron that comments “why is this news?”, it is because of people like you that get so angry about Rex running his mouth that you go online and post about it thus giving it more attention.

  72. I thought this was going to be Rex Grossman. Haha! Not surprised by Rex Ryans claim though. The guys never shuts up.

  73. Rex Ryan shut up already, just shut up. You don’t have close to enough wins to back up your big mouth. Classless to throw Turner under the bus for another 2 seconds of fame.

  74. Maybe if Rex Ryan was as worried about why his top 5 rushing attack last year turning into a joke, and why his defense, that is as “loaded” as any in the league, is underperforming, and why his offensive line can’t seem to block for his quarterback that is in desperate need of coaching just to be average imo, as he is about other coaches on other teams that he still feels slighted by years later and screaming, “GET IN MY BELLY!”, perhaps he would have a ring instead of 2 failed conference championships.

  75. numberoneinthehoodg says:
    “If you cut that fat tree in half horizontally, he’d have a lot of rings. Onion rings, etc…”

    yuck! I just got a whiff of that Burger King grease smell stuck in my nose…. … c’mon dude.

  76. Man Up Rex…We all know the ONLY rings in your future are those on the Mrs. big toe and the grungy one around the tub! Subsequently, the Ravens will be your ONLY connection to the SB and terribly slight at that. Dream On!!!

  77. To Jetsblogger,

    I don’t know if you realize, but people are tired of his act. I don’t know if you also notice, but Rex doesn’t have the same team. If you don’t have the same cards, you can’t play the game the same. He was not only dissing Turner, he was dissing his own team. What kind of coach does that?

  78. Rex is a tool, all bark, no bite. But I am very happy AJ smith is still running the chargers, now I Know they will NEVER win a super bowl!

  79. A couple things:

    1. Norv Turner does in fact suck. Not 0-16 suck, but 8-8 suck, consistently. A good coach WOULD have won something with the talent he’s had.
    2. Rex Ryan isn’t that much better than Turner. I highly doubt he would have won any rings had SD picked him instead.
    3. This comment was obviously intended to be a dig at the San Diego organization that passed him up, not at Norv. Unfortunately for Rex, the way he phrased it implicated Norv as much as the rest of the staff.

    Rex just needs to stop talking so much and focus on playing football.

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