T.O. is officially ready to play


On Tuesday, Titans coach Mike Munchak said he could be interested in signing receiver Terrell Owens.

Munchak could have a chance to make a final decision sooner rather than later.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus tells PFT that Owens, who tore an ACL earlier this year, has been cleared to play.  His rehab reportedly included stem-cell therapy in Korea.

Rosenhaus says that an open workout could be held within the next week, in advance of visits to potentially interested teams.

Owens, a 15-year veteran, has played for the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals.  He is tied for second on the all-time receiving touchdown list with 153.  He is No. 6 all time with 1,078 reception, and second in receiving yards with 15,934.

Some think that T.O. ultimately will find no takers.  But if he can still stretch the field, there are contending teams that would benefit from what he brings to the table.

76 responses to “T.O. is officially ready to play

  1. The Titans are winning. Why risk bringing in T.O.? The man ruins every team he touches

  2. After someone else signs him maybe the Raiders will give up a draft pick for him. Never mind- they don’t have any left!

  3. TO will never be a team player he might as well keep making reality shows that suck

  4. That was a speedy recovery, he must have really killed himself to get back so quick…

    …to soon???

  5. Give him a shot! He will have to play hard and behave cause he probably wont get any guaranteed money. He had a real nice year last year and as i always say the guy is a freak even still. If i was tennessee id do it. If it doesnt work then cut him. That simple.

  6. He can go to New England for T.Ocho 2.o and they can pal around with fellow reality TV star Belichick.

  7. “jsho55 says: Oct 19, 2011 4:28 PM

    Next weeks headline….0 teams offically have 0 intrest in T.O.”

    sooo…everyone is interested?

  8. He would be an upgrade from Nannee… Owens is a much better Muhsin Muhammid and that bodes well for the Panthers if they decide to try him out.

    He and Steve Smith, along with Olsen/Shockey, and Williams/Stewart would make Carolina’s offense even better.

    The Panthers could easily be 4-2 right now, maybe even 5-1… All that team needs is a couple of wins before they really start to click, and when that happens the NFL better watch out.

  9. How is it that players can go to other countries and have stem cell procedures done that are illegal in the US, but they can’t use HGH?

  10. Before he got hurt last year he was having a phenomenal year. If he’s healthy someone who is in need at WR should sign him.

  11. Dallas? That way he can fill in when Dez Bryant is not conditioned to finish the game?

  12. Pilot2011 says: The Panthers could easily be 4-2 right now, maybe even 5-1… All that team needs is a couple of wins before they really start to click, and when that happens the NFL better watch out.

    And if Miami had a couple of wins they’d be 2-3.

  13. IF no teams show interest(which I highly doubt will be the case)

    it would be hilarious to see Baltimore “hunt” that they “might” have interest… then laugh as Terrell Owens and his agent come crawling, begging, and pleading…. to come to the team that they so vehemently fought to cancel a trade to many years ago!

  14. Just great. Now I have to be a Titans fan???

    I’ve already turned in my Buffalo and Cincinnati fan membership cards. After going to all the trouble to sign up for them and then TO only stays on a year? The Titan better keep him around until he at least turns 42!!!

    Go… Titans?

    That doesn’t even sound right.

    C’Mon back Terrell we have a starting spot for you immediately.
    MUCKMAN – tiki quit and tried to waltz back into the league, TO got hurt and worked his way back, big difference. And he will help some team I just hope its Buffalo.

  16. anyone who thinks that T.O. would be a horrible addition to any team is an idiot. He wont get any guaranteed money so he’ll have something to play for and he may not have the speed but he has the hands and route running ability to help someone. Watch for the Pats to pick him up. Just had a thought though.. What if the Lions pick him up? T.O. with Megatron? That would be INSANE.

  17. Whoa look at all the comments T.O generates..
    Some people cans say they hate him all they want but they obviously care enough about this guy to take time out of their day to post a comment about him.
    I think he is a bit of a douche but this guy can play.
    I wonder iF Palmer has a good relationship with T.O
    He would look good in Silver and Black, Plus he would finally get a ring this year

  18. I love all these TO haters…really? Don’t buy into the “media” hatred for T.O….same peopel who were saying he wouldn’t get a job 3 years ago!

    Look at last year…75 Receptions, 1,000 yards, 10 TD’s

    He’ll be signed withing 3 days of his workout.

  19. To the 49ers fans on here saying they need T.O. Do you realize that the team is 5-1? The last thing San Fran’s offense needs is to bring in T.O. I am a 49er fan, and have great memories of T.O. back in his 9er days, but after all the turmoil that has followed him from team to team, I don’t think the 49ers should risk anything derailing the season they have going on right now. As confident as Alex Smith is now, let’s see how he is after being screamed at on the field by T.O. for not throwing the ball to him, (especially considering T.O. would be the 3rd or 4th option on this offense behind Gore, Davis, and maybe Crabtree.)

  20. Look at his numbers from last year. What makes you haters think he has lost everything? He’s still better than any WR on the bills,raiders,browns,bears,broncos,titans,vilkings,chargers,49ers,rams,bucaneers,jaguars etc…. I’m sure I left a team or 2 out. Somebody could definately use him.

  21. can anybody really say at this stage he will be brought on and be a cancer to the team…his last two they had no problems…he knows this is his last chance with his injury and his age he’s not gonna mess that up..

  22. For those of you who LOVE him, I hope some “lucky” team DOES get him (preferably the Giants or the Deadskins). But, as much as Buffalo AND Cincinatti celebrated (you’d have thought they ALL won the lottery) nobody waved goodbye when he LEFT. Nor, does ANY of the FIVE teams that HAVE had him want him BACK! That SHOULD tell you something. With TO it’s either a TD or a drop. The numbers say out of 50 passes to him, 5 TD’s and 45 drops; when 15 or MORE of those are third down “drive killers” it DOESN’T help you WIN.

  23. T.O to the Raiders makes sense, since he had nice rapport with Carson last season. These are the kind of moves Al would make,and it will be a good story for the Raiders to win the AFC West, this season.
    T.O is smart enough to not make waves this season , so he can get a contract next season.He still is better than alot of the WR’s in the league currently.

  24. They should’ve gave him an injection in his hands while he was getting his knee done. Like maybe something that makes the ball stick to your hands?

  25. I don’t see this ever happening, but I would love to see him in Buffalo. He was nothing but a class act there and he showed a lot of talent and humility in Cincinatti.

    Under Chan Gailey’s new system, he’d be a great addition. As long as they didn’t force him into being top dog.

    put him in Roscoes place, another midfield weapon.

  26. I would not be shocked if Owens is signed by the Titans.

    He has to prove he’s okay now, of course.

    If they do (or if anyone does, for that matter) they would be wise to structure his deal so they can drop his ass easily if he causes any problems…

  27. Good one sirthorazine I ALMOST took it seriously until I got to the part about “unless they FORCE him to be top dog”, only THEN did I check out the screenname.

  28. I know is wishful thinking and the niners front office wants no part of T.O. but it would be cool if he came and retired with the team that drafted him.

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