Welker’s contract year slipping under the radar


There is a weekly update on the “Pay the Man” campaign for Matt Forte in Chicago, complete with announcers pleading for Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo to do what’s right and give the man a contract.

Meanwhile in New England, Wes Welker’s contract year gets ignored.

The NFL’s leader in receptions (51) and yards (785) by a wide margin is making less than $2.5 million in the final year of a five-year, $18.5 million deal that has made Welker one of the biggest bargains in the league for years.

“I have agents that take care of that part of things for me and to tell you the truth I take no part in any of it,” Welker told Tom Curran of CSNNE.com. “I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t really want to be involved with it I just want them to do their job and I’ll do mine and at the end of the day, I’m not worried about it at all.”

Does he worry about getting injured again after tearing his ACL in 2009?

“I mean, I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Welker said. “I’m just trying to do the best I can to help the team.”

Perhaps Welker is quietly confident that his play on the field is doing more for him than anything else can.  It’s hard to imagine this Patriots offense without Welker’s eight catches a week.

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  1. It’s not flying under the radar in NE. Patrits’ fans are well aware that Welker’s contract is up at season’s end. Other than the TEs there is little viable WR depth on the roster. The team can ill afford to let Welker walk.

  2. He’ll get paid.

    He’ll also take a hometown discount because he knows he plays with the best QB on the planet and wants to keep winning.

  3. Smart move by Welker. Keeping quiet about it will probably pay off well considering the Patriots organization.
    I’d expect him to get a fat contract after the season, but not so fat that the team would be hampered from continuing to build around him and Brady.

  4. If you don’t love this guy for his skills and sheer drive on a football field, you have to love him for his attitude about his contract.

  5. The Boston Globe and ESPNboston.com have been talking about this for 2 years now.

    Branch had to restructure this year to have a yearly salary less then Welker.

  6. Attention, all of you whiny diva players out there asking what the fans want from them:

    Please read the above article.

  7. It’s refreshing to see an athlete care more about his play on the field, instead of a worrying about a new contract. If this was after the season? Sure, worry about a new contract. But you have an agent whose job it is to take care of you while keeping you infomred on the negotiations. Just another reason why it’s hard not to like the guy. Tough, classy, and plays the game the right way. Oh, he’s pretty talented too.

    Now, bring on the haters who will make comments like “it’s only because of Brady, it’s only because of Belichick, it’s only because Brady has no one else to throw to, it’s only because he catches dink and dunk passes.”

    I’ll pre-emptively say “go away”, to all those fools.

  8. What do you mean his year is ignored?

    Both studio shows I watched Sunday called him the best WR in the league. It stuck out in my mind because it made me wonder if I had been moved into some parallel universe where Calvin Johnson didn’t exist.

  9. They’ll make a deal, either during the bye week or sometime later in the season. BB would be stupid to let him make it to the open market, and say what you will about him, BB is not stupid.

  10. as a steelers fan, i know that it takes attitudes like welker’s to create championship teams. just do your job and shut up, exactly what welker does, and he does it well!

    last year, lamarr woodley was making about $550,000, one of the biggest bargains in the league. he stayed quiet, had faith in the front office to take care of him, and they did just that…

  11. As a bills fan, welker is all class and a great player , forte should learn a thing or 2. R.I.P Kent Hull

  12. comeonnowguys says:
    Oct 19, 2011 9:13 AM
    What do you mean his year is ignored?

    Both studio shows I watched Sunday called him the best WR in the league. It stuck out in my mind because it made me wonder if I had been moved into some parallel universe where Calvin Johnson didn’t exist.


    I think the article is talking more about the fact that Welker is in the final year of his contract versus his play on the field. Most NFL shows have been talking about his season so far and that he’s one of the top three performing WRs in the game right now. I didn’t know he’s in his contract year though, so compared to the likes of Matt Forte or Ray Rice, there hasn’t been any significant talk about Welker looking to cash in on his performance.

  13. It’s nice he isn’t talking about it, but can’t exactly compare Forte and Welker since Forte is coming off a 4 year 4 mill or so contract and Welker is coming off a 5 year 18 mill or so contract. Are both underpaid? Yes, but still a difference in what each were making the last few years.

  14. Welker knows the Patriots blue print – play hard, don’t complain, get paid. Worked for Brady, Wilfork and (eventually) Mankins.

  15. Welker is doing what players are supposed to do. Honor the terms of their contract. He’s putting the Patriots in a tougher and tougher spot because of his play. If he held out to start the season his worth would have been less than it is now. Now he’s being talked about among the top 5 players at his position. He’ll get paid.

    Welker also knows that without Brady he won’t have the chance of individual or team success he currently has. He seems pretty motivated by success.

  16. Guys like Welker are the reason teams like New England are successful. As much as I hate him even Brady has taken contracts less than what he could’ve had to better the team… They care about winning above anything else.

    Welker is an awesome guy and football player… But I think he stays in New England for a fair but below market value contract… because while he’s definitely talented, playing in that offense with Tom Brady is the reason he’s putting up eye-popping numbers…

    If he signed a monster deal on a team with a less talented QB you would see a big dropoff in his production. That’s not a knock on him I’m just saying.

  17. Welker is going to be worthless once we beat the Pats in the AFC championship game and put that Run & Shoot offense outta business with that good ole power football.

  18. He’ll be tagged.
    Wes has the right attitude though. Do your work on the field and let the agent do his job, dont let it get personal. It will work out. He may not be paid as the best receiver in the league but he will be comfortable. Nothing wrong with that.

  19. raiderlyfe510 says: Oct 19, 2011 9:48 AM

    Welker is going to be worthless once we beat the Pats in the AFC championship game and put that Run & Shoot offense outta business with that good ole power football.


    Have you always been this deluded, or has it just been since you lost Jason Campbell?

  20. I’m pretty sure Welker doesn’t want Mark “Dirty” Sanchez, Tim Tebow, or any of the other make-believe QB’s throwing to him. But before you indict him as a creature of Tom Brady, remember than in 2008, with Brady out for the whole season, Welker caught 112 balls from Matt Cassel, so give Wes his due. The guy can play with the best of them at the receiver position.

  21. raiderlyfe510 – thanks for the laff, which I am sure is how you meant your statement.

    Welker keeps his mouth shut and does his job, which is another way of saying that he acts like a grownup. He gives his word and sticks to it.

  22. That’s how you handle things folks.

    In my opinion every players contract should be majority incentive based and not so much guaranteed.
    It’s refreshing to see a player with Welkers attitude.

  23. billinva says: Oct 19, 2011 9:06 AM

    He’ll get paid.

    He’ll also take a hometown discount because he knows he plays with the best QB on the planet and wants to keep winning.


    …regular season games … not playoff games or Super Bowls

  24. Donald Driver and Wes Welker are my two favorite receivers…. all class. Keep your mouth shut, work hard, win championship(s). Doesn’t help to have stellar play at the QB position either.

  25. ammarradhi says:
    Oct 19, 2011 9:12 AM
    Im sure the Vikings would happily give another 3rd round pick for another Pats reciever

    We’ll trade you….3rd round for eight-five.

  26. Having faith in any front office “to treat you right” when you’ve already been through a major injury and when you’re getting up there in years is like having faith in that pastor’s latest “end of the world” prediction.

  27. He was even asked about his contract after last year and said he felt he didn’t deserve a new one then and he was disappointed in his play. Considering it was pretty impressive that a WR who had his injury came back and played at a decent level and played all 17 games his first year back from surgery, that’s pretty awesome. He and TB make each other better. It’s not either/or, it seldom is in a TEAM sport.

  28. Welker has already taken his hometown discount in his current contract. Although the tag is certainly a possibility I don’t think Kraft and Belichick will low ball him any more than they did with Brady.

  29. He’s a great player. All work and no complaints. Patriot fans don’t get delusional and think for one minute that Bill wouldn’t move the guy if he were offered the chance to accuire a bounty of picks. If they don’t offer the exclusive franchise tag, teams still have the right to negociate with him. Teams like the Browns and Bengals would be foolish not to try to sign the guy. He’d help Andy Dalton’s or Colt Mccoy’s development phnominally. Folks should remember both teams have extra 1st round picks next year, so a move would’t be as costly as it would be for other teams.

  30. He’s wants to stay in NE. They want him in NE. He will get paid. There is no radar to be under.

    Now if he ends up doing sit ups in his driveway with the media. Then you have a story.

  31. As a Dolphins fans, I can’t believe we traded him away…well, actually I can seeing how dysfunctional this organization has been.

    Anyway, I know that the Patriots have always been good about replacing star players, but I can’t see them being able to replace Welker. I’d be shocked if they don’t resign him, if for no other reason than to remind the Dolphins how badly they screwed up trading him.

  32. Nothing disfunctional to write about in regards to the Patriots so you have to create some buzz about a pending contract renewal?

    He’s signed through this year. Is this year over? No! Shut the hell up!

  33. For much of his career Brady has done the most with the least. His receivers have been very average with the exception of the short period he had with Randy Moss before his meltdown. I’m no Pats fan, but I immensely respect what Brady has done with the receivers he’s been given. He makes his receivers look better than they actually are.

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