Andrew Luck’s leverage

Andrew Luck will enter this year’s draft with more hype than any quarterback prospect perhaps since John Elway.

With that hype comes leverage and a certain amount of power when the draft process gets going.  Albert Breer of joined Florio on PFT Live Thursday to talk about Luck’s options for possibly determining his next team depending on who wins the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes.

Breer called in from London, so the least you could do is watch. Catch the rest of his interview at the PFT Live homepage or download the show on iTunes.

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33 responses to “Andrew Luck’s leverage

  1. Time and time again teams find good QBs other places.

    Neither Favre,Starr or Rodgers were top 20 picks much less number 1 overall.

    Where was Tom Brady picked?

    If I get the top pick I trade it for a gold mine.
    3 firsts,a 2nd and a player.

    Sign Matt Flynn and draft a QB later.

    Im not saying he sucks,is overrated or will be a bust but no college player should have their butt licked this extensively.

    Plus the team picking 1 probably has 4 or 5 holes. Trading Luck could fill most of them.

    But it wont happen because the team who takes him will only think about all the jerseys they will sell.

  2. Bench him for a year and see if his attitude changes. Can you Franchise a rookie? If so how much do you pay with the rookie wage scale?

  3. @ Fakeheroes,

    A franchise QB is the hardest thing to find in the NFL. Luck is going to be one. You don’t trade those for anything.

  4. I was unaware that Luck had come out and said there were some teams he wouldn’t play for. I have heard the media speculate he may do so, and many fans (particular over-eager 49er fans) think he may try to wind up with a particular team, but I have heard nothing about Luck using “leverage” come from Luck himself.

    Yet, here we have someone calling for him to be benched to “see if his attitude changes”.

    What attitude is that, exactly?

    I haven’t seen Luck do much to add to the hype storm around him other than playing football very well, and coming across as a reasonably likable, intelligent human being in interviews. Pretty much all the superlative hype I’ve seen has come from the media. Perhaps I’m missing something?

  5. Rookie wage scale will probably make for teams to look to jump into the top spot. If they player(s) don’t pan out, the teams are out $5M instead of $50M.

  6. He has the most leverage this year, when he can threaten to stay in school and avoid the NFL. If he wants to pick his landing spot, he needs to do it this year. Personally, I hope he shows more character and does the, “I’ll be happy to play for any team,” and justs go to play for whoever drafts him instead of pulling an Elway.

  7. nebster21 says: Oct 20, 2011 4:29 PM

    Bench him for a year and see if his attitude changes. Can you Franchise a rookie? If so how much do you pay with the rookie wage scale?
    How do you bench a player that would refuse to sign a contract??? The best you could do is squat on his rights.

    Ala Bo Jackson, when a player refuses to sign a contract to a team he was drafted by, the player simply sits out. After a year, he may reenter the draft for anyone to draft him.

  8. Andrew Luck is a bit of a “bloodline” himself: his dad was an outstanding QB at WVU and is now that universities AD.

    The Lucks are very friendly, genuine and likeable human beings with humility and a blue-collar work-ethic.

    Andrew is one of the few real-deal #1 overall’s we’ve seen in a while….

  9. Nothing would be sweeter than Denver ending up with the first pick, and Luck “pulling an Elway” on Elway himself. I would become a true believer in karma if that were to happen.

  10. comment above:”matt stafford was a better prospect”

    okay Lions fans. we know you’re all excited about not being a winless team, but don’t go nuts with your comments. I had never even heard of stafford until draft day.

  11. “thestillcity says:
    Oct 20, 2011 5:18 PM
    I think it would be hilarious if Denver lands the first pick and drafts Luck, only to have him force his way to Indianapolis.
    Karmic Law, Elway.”

    If history were to repeat itself, this karma would come right after CAL beats Stanfurd in the Big Game and destroys Stanfurd’s chances for a big time bowl. Luck then whines that the end to his college career was ruined by CAL, just like Elway did.

  12. I dont get the impression this kid is going to pull an Eli Manning and whine about who drafts him. I also dont think you trade this pick. The last QB to generate this kind of hype was not Elway, it was Peyton Manning. that pick turned out to be pretty good for the Colts id say.

    QB prospects get hyped tremendously. I understand the vast majority of the star QB’s today werent #1 overall picks. But if you are a team like the Dolphins, who havent had a competent QB since Marino there is no way you can justify trading this pick even if you get back 3 or four first rounders.

  13. Why is it a kid out college, come into the NFL and call the shots. If this can be done by the # 1 pick, why can’t the # 2 guy on down do the same thing, this is a JOKE.

  14. If you had never heard of Stafford before the day of the draft you have absolutely no authority to be debating qb prospects as you obviously don’t pay any attention to college QBs. Hell, even said Stafford would eventually be a #1 overall pick when he was in high school.

  15. This rumor is garbage and irresponsible by Breer. What a disservice to this kid.

    People are responding like Luck has actually came out and made this decision, when in fact he hasn’t. It’s pure specualtion based on the perceived leverage he has and nothing else. The league execs just don’t like it when they don’t have complete control.

    Or maybe the league execs are planting this seed in order to discourage teams from tanking it. You know, he might not want to play for you if you have the pick sort of thing. Although he would still have tremendous value in a trade, it wouldn’t be as much if other teams knew Luck didn’t want to play there.

  16. When Andrew signs a contract he be able to move out of his log cabin. When he finishes with football he is going to run for President so he can emancipate the slaves. Even if it means Civil War.

  17. I remeber a guy not too long ago that was really over-hyped, you may remember the name… Reggie Bush.

    Everyone dogged the Texans (including me) for not going with Bush… No one knows how someone will do in their conversion to the NFL. Luck looks good in college, even exceptional at times, bud so did J. Russel, Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, and Vince Young.

    I don’t get Hyped on a player until they prove themselves in the NFL

    LaGarret Blount – undrafted… I’m hyped up on him!

    Luck? Not yet. I will be ticked if he does turn out really good, and he goes with the Colts. Indy has had a great QB for years… I want to see them suck for at least a few years, I love this season!

  18. Neither Luck nor anyone in his family nor anyone associated with Stanford has so much as hinted that Luck might force his way out of a team. This is meaningless speculation that is giving the kid a totally undeserved bad name to some.

  19. I’m pleased to see another quality human being given such power. Joey Harrington was such a person. Call him a flop or bust as you please, but you will not find many better human beings to grace the NFL. Be certain: The NFL is salivating just as hard as the ‘Lucky’ team that ‘wins’ the right to own his quality ass for the next 5 years. The NFL needs poster boys for goodness and righteousness desperately. If Luck postpones his entry into the draft next spring, there will indeed be gnashing of teeth on high.

  20. trollhammer20 says:
    Oct 20, 2011 4:39 PM
    I was unaware that Luck had come out and said there were some teams he wouldn’t play for.

    He has said publicly that he has no interest in playing for a team that was obviously tanking games to get him.

    So conceivably, he could have an issue with Denver (trading their leading receiver for no apparent reason), or Miami (not pulling the trigger on an obviously overmatched Sparano, not making a serious effort to bring in a quality replacement when Henne went down).

    His situation is unique. He doesn’t have to threaten to hold out. He has another year of eligibility. He comes from a wealthy family and has a multi-million dollar insurance policy against injury.

    He can just threaten to pull his name out of the draft if the team holding the number 1 pick is not to his liking.

  21. Ohhh yeah he’s a cant miss prospect!!
    I heard the same thing about:

    Ryan Leaf
    Alex Smith
    Charles Rodgers
    David Carr
    Joey Harrington
    Courtney Brown
    Tim Couch

    The number 1 and 2 QB’s in the league right now Rodgers and Brady were drafted #24 and #199. So much for predictions…

  22. Granted, Luck has a lot of leverage, but so does the team that ends up with the #1 pick, whether they swap spit with Luck or not. Trading the #1 pick could do wonders for a franchise sorry enough to earn the #1 pick. But there are some sorry teams which already have what they think might be their franchise QB.

    Teams which are in the running for worst record and may be inclined to deal the #1 pick, IMHO: Rams, Vikes, Browns, Broncos, Panthers, Cardinals, Jags. So for these teams, THEY have the leverage if Luck is on the draft board next season.

  23. The way the media is treating this kid Agent Tom Condon must have already signed him or have first dibs on him.

    It’s funny how certain athletes have to prove they belong in the NFL despite their college accomplishments and physical attributes; while others get placed on the highest of pedlestal because of and the fact that they fit the mold of an All American Quarterback…

  24. All of you knucklers who are mentioning Luck in the same breath with jokers like Ryan Leaf either a) know NOTHING about football, or b) have never even seen Luck play. Here’s a kid who not only has ALL the tools, but is arguably the smartest player in FBS, and has his head screwed on straighter than about 99.99% of the country. Ryan Leaf?? Please. The guy was a known head case coming out of school. Luck is that rare prospect with absolutely off-the-charts upside. Whoever winds up with him WILL build a winner around him… watch.

  25. It’s not fair to Andrew what the media is saying he might do or not, it’s helpful. What is happening is, a built in excuse is being given to Luck for when it does happen. We’re all talk about this now so when it happens it isn’t a surprise at all. The reporter even sounded like he feels Luck should leverage his way to whatever team he wants. Luck is a media darling and nothing will interfere with that. By the time the draft rolls around everyone’s head will be filled by how it’s Luck’s responsibility to help himself out as much as he can and force the best possible situation for himself. So, when it happens, he isn’t looked at like the bad guy.

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