Blount unlikely, McCoy may return for Bucs


The Bucs have already wrapped up their second practice in London on Thursday without the services of their starting running back.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune notes that running back LeGarrette Blount missed practice again Thursday, and it looks like Blount won’t play. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was limited during a full pads practice, a good sign that he may return this week.

Starting defenders Michael Bennett & Mason Foster also returned to practice for Tampa, who continues to play up the advantage of getting acclimated to London by getting there early.  The Bears travel overseas Thursday night and arrive Friday.

13 responses to “Blount unlikely, McCoy may return for Bucs

  1. @danospleasanton how long it take u to come up with that one? ur right were still hurting as we showed it when we got beat by the saints…..o wait we won…. i think were over a bad game by the bucs. U better hope u dont see us in the playoffs…revenge will suck when im rippin on u after the game when the true alex smith stands up.

  2. They knew Blount wasn’t gonna play, wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep him stateside to continue receiving treatment rather than have him on that brutal plane ride across the pond?

  3. bucthat

    Stay bitter all you want, all I need to say is 48-3. I’m a season ticket holder with seats on the visitor side, section 37. I’ve never seen a group of guys so sad…never. I’ll take my chances with Alex Smith and 9ers sick defence over your squad of quitters. No bud, you don’t want to see the 9ers in the playoffs.~I call BS.

  4. @Danospleasanton
    Guess all i gotta is like Freemans 5tds on ur “great” team last yr? was this ur way to finaly not be bitter over the fact u guys all still think Alex smith is the answer? cant wait till gores gone than whats ur offense? o no not Michael”cant stay on the field” Crabtree

  5. bucthat

    Freeman could have used those 5 TDs and you still would lose. As a matter of fact, if the 9ers spotted your team 44 points you would have lost…please live in the now. Hanging on wins from last year is sad. I like how you can’t wait till Gore is gone…so lame. Even if Alex is not the future we will be fine with our fantastic scheme and coaches. Have you forgot we have an ex QB and awesome teacher in Jim Harbaugh?

    BTW: If we are living in the past just remember what franchise has 5 SB rings…or 1 Superbowl ring for that matter. No disrespect bucthat but the truth hurts…sometimes real bad. The Lions are one of four current NFL teams that have yet to qualify for the Super Bowl. The 2008 team became the only team in NFL history to lose all 16 regular season games since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978.-now this is a past I could really appreciate

  6. Blount better be more worried about Earnest Graham than Brian Urlacher….Graham is a better pass catcher, way better blocker, and although he’s not the athlete, he’s just as tough between the tackles…let’s not assume Blount is getting his job back if Graham keeps putting up 100 yard games…

  7. That’s cute. I like the “live in the now” approach before you turn at breakneck speed into the tired old “5 Super Bowls” line, even though its been years since you made the playoffs*

    (* which I remember very well. Skip Bayless said the Niners would win it all and they got decimated by Simeon Rice & Co. Fun times.)

  8. Oh so you are quoting Skip Baseless. Smart! You wish you could say your team has 5 rings. Yeah we have been bad as of late… so what. I’d rather have my teams history and future rather than yours. Here at Google we are laughing at you.

  9. @danospleasanton, i feel so bad for u. u rlly think ur niners team is going somewhere dont u silly boy? If my bucs played in the NFC west wed look great too. Too bad we dont get the rams seahawks and cards like u or we could get 6 easy wins every year……o wait didnt u struggle against the seahawks this yr….remeber if it wasnt for ginn u guys might not win? plus im ok with our 1 superbowl….its not like it was considered the greatest defensive showing of all time?…….o wait… was. u wish ur team would ever get a D like the bucs have had and have….our D-line will drop urs any day.

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