Briggs: Players and management aren’t seeing eye-to-eye

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Perhaps Lance Briggs is just stating the obvious.  The Bears organization and its players aren’t getting along great right now.

“In the past, things have just worked themselves out. I think there’s a big transition going on right now in Chicago,” Briggs told this week. “The players and the management are not seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of different issues and a lot of different player’s situations. I don’t know where it’s going to go and how it’s going to pan out.”

We assume Briggs isn’t talking about Jay Cutler’s colorful instructions to Mike Martz.  He’s more likely discussing the contractual disagreements that have included Matt Forte, Briggs, and safety Chris Harris.

There is a lot of negative chatter around and within this team even though they are at .500. It feels like things could really get ugly if the Bears string a few losses together.

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  1. What if the Bears string together a couple wins in a row? Not saying Tampa can’t win this Sunday, but each team has two personalities that have been on display so far.

  2. The Bears seem unwilling to pay their own guys, but will freely spend to bring in guys like Roy Williams, Brandon Meriwaether, Frank Omiyale, Orlando Pace, Adam Archuleta, Kevin Jones, etc etc etc.

  3. The Bears used to be a credible orginization, but stemming all the way back to when Urlacher wasn’t happy with his contract and wanted out their front office isn’t doing a good job treating their own proven players good.

  4. The Bears are out of the playoff picture with both Detroit and Green Bay a lock. The Bears will not spend the money on these guys and they will probably move on next year.

  5. Jerry Angelo and now Tim Ruskell. Time to shake up this joke of a front office. The Bears under Jerry have become a laughing stock. I hope the Mckaskey family is growing tired of all this negative press……

  6. Briggs really needs to shut up… How does this help anything? He’s just pissed he isn’t good enough anymore to sign another big contract.

    If he was a real team leader like he claims to be he would keep team business within the team, not blab to the media every chance he gets

  7. The only guy that has a real right to complain about not getting paid is Forte. Briggs is still in a contract that pays him 6 million on ave per year, which is one of the highest salaries per year for 4-3 outside linebackers. He’s not getting paid more because he’s in the middle of a six year deal, and hasn’t outperformed his contract. You can’t really look at any Bear because Forte and realistically say that they’ve outperformed their deal.

    Jerry has made a lot of mistakes, most obviously blatantly ignoring the WR, Safety, and most of the offensive line positions for the past 3 or so years. Not paying Briggs isn’t one of them. Hopefully, he’ll remove his head from his colon and pay Forte. It’s a joke that he can’t get that deal done.

  8. To get more attention, Lance should drive drunk and crash his lamerbghini and than ditch it. Oh wait…he already did that.

  9. The best thing Briggs can do for himself, is shut up and play.
    He signed the contract he is playing for, and he makes A LOT of money.

    Briggs, if you don’t like your contract, why did you sign it ?!?! He is the Sammy Sosa of the Bears, and he is starting to become a locker room disease. The only difference between he and Sammy, is Sammy was a CHEATER, and loved himself and every mirror he passed.

    The only shared agreement, Forte needs to be compensated for his play, but with Angelo as the GM, he will “F ” that up for sure.

    And I am a die hard Bear fan, but it is what it is.

  10. Of course the Bears are changing things, they are one of the older teams in the NFL, and their window is closing, without a good run this year or next, the team is gonna get blown up and start from scratch. Why would they resign any of their older guys?

    Also, I am so sick of Briggs whining and complaining. Trade this guy to a contender for a decent WR or whatever picks you can get.

  11. There is no reason not to pay Matt Forte.

    $19M in cap room for this year alone… and

    Forte is delivering more yards from scrimmage than anyone in the league.

    Forte is young and durable.

    Granted, NFL salaries are inflated to a ridiculous level, just like CEOs and film producers. But that is the nature of the beast. If you don’t like the business your in, sell the team.

  12. Briggs has several years left on a generous contract and Harris is a big-play-giving-up machine.

    Forte is the only one with a legit gripe.

    That said, Jerry angelo is an abysmal GM and needs to go.

  13. Anybody who’s a Bears’ fan from Chicago knows this is nothing new. They need to fire Jerry Angelo ASAP because he continues to run the team into the ground by not taking care of their own players who’s proven themselves. On top of that, he’s HORRIBLE at scouting and drafting offensive talent and not to mention how to continues to bungle the Bears’ first round draft picks in recent years. Either give Lovie complete control over personnel decisions or clean house in the front office. And finally, we can point blame at the ownership who continues to keep Jerry Angelo employed.

  14. The Bears have been very willing to pay their own guys but unfortunately the Forte situation was created when the Carolina Panthers seriously overpaid for DeAngelo Williams.

    As for Lance Briggs he’s just greedy. He has 3 years left on his contract and there isn’t a single team in the league that would tear up a contract with that much time left on it unless you’re a QB.

  15. Funny, you guys were seeing eye to eye when no one else signed you when you were a free agent three years ago except one team. This is getting tiresome Briggs…

  16. I think everybody else is aware of what’s wrong with this team but the front office. Or if they do they’re 10 steps behind. This problem isn’t new.

  17. This team is better off without its current management and coaches!!!

    This type of talent is too hard to turn down!!!

  18. What? If they string together afew losses the players would….feel like they weren’t worth as much as they are asking for? jk. They would never realize that.

  19. Ask Julius Peppers if the Bears are cheap. Ask Brian Urlacher if the Bears are cheap. Ask Jay Cutler if the Bears are cheap. No fact of the matter is they have paid huge contracts to several guys on that club, the Bears have spent big money. While I don’t quite understand the Forte situation Briggs and Harris mean nothing. Briggs got a huge front loaded contract and now that it’s on the back end the idiot wants more money. Chris Harris is old and bad folks he just barking because he got benched. The biggest issue with the club is not money it’s the fact that Angelo has not hit on a draft pick in 5 years and most of his free agent guys have been busts.

  20. I’d take anything Lance Briggs says with a grain of salt because he’s unhappy with the monster contract he signed a few years ago. Talk about delusional.

  21. I swear some of you people are just plain downright stoopid.

    Where in any of this does Briggs complain about HIS contract, or the amount of money HE is (not) getting paid?

    And yes, even though I personally believe the Bears SHOULD be paying Forte some big-time bucks in a new contract, they have at least two VERY good reasons not to:




    In short, the Bears hold all the cards right now, because they can always use that tag, while also knowing the new CBA makes player hold outs more difficult and less beneficial…what are the daily fines players incur up to now?

    Second, don’t think for a second the lesson of CJ’s slumping has been lost on the Bears’ front office.
    Yes, Forte may be pissed, but he’s also motivated — so why NOT drag it out in order to capitalize on this level of play for as long as you can? Who’s to say Forte doesn’t slump after HIS pay day, as has happened with so many other RBs?

    As for Chris Harris — the Hitman had exactly 1.5 bad games this year, and so the Bears sent him a message, while also using the opportunity to explore some of their rookie/younger talent at the position. But he’ll be back in the saddle as a matter of neccesity within a week or 2, I believe — hopefully playing with an angry chip on his shoulder and a re-newed need to (re)prove himself.

    Of course, until then, he should shut up…but for those of you who think he’s so godawful, I’d just remind you that it’s all relative, my brothers:

    Remember Adam Archulet-down?

    (aka “Archulet ’em score”)


    My point in all this is to say: let’s just keep a little persepctive here, rather than getting all Chicken Littled at every stupid media-spun story…”the sky is falling, the sky is falling! Waaaaaaa!!”

    No, it’s not. Are the Bears just being cheap bass-turds (par for the course)? Yes.
    But in the past, hasn’t it been that just when things seem grim, the Bears front office can surprise you, too?

    I say just let the Forte situation play itself out – we’ll see what happens.

  22. Everyone also seems to forget (maybe because it is left out of most stories), but the Bears offered Forte a pretty nice contract that HE turned down. I think it was something like $15mil guaranteed but I would have to look it up.

    He wants big money that RB just don’t see anymore unless they have a really special RB (Vikings) or the team sucks (Vikings, Titans, Panthers)

  23. Well you have to give them some credit. This is kinda new. The only players they have had to keep are Urlacher and Briggs for the last 10 years.

  24. Briggs and Harris are both 30 and know that unless the Bears give them an extension and a raise they’re not going to get another big contract.

    Forte is another matter and everyone blames JA BUT keep in mind what family he works for and the team pres is a bean counter and not a football guy

  25. @Dewey:

    What you said, it like you interviewed me, and then wrote a story about my opinion of it. Very well said.

    People get ticked that a team doesn’t pay a player enough if they “out preform” their contract…. BUT, no one tells them give back money whend they under preform. (AKA Albert Haynesworth, Chris Johnson)

    Instead “fans” say they need to cut this dude, I can’t believe they paid so much.

    Forte needs to play out his contract.

    My team is the youngest team in the NFL. “Fans” screamed how far they were under the Cap, then said how stupid they were to pay so much for a kicker…..

    Now, I see posts on here saying how good they ate, and we are winning with the youngest, salary space, and better than the over-hyped Eagles.

    The front office of every team knows what they are doing… Same with the Forte situation.

  26. m00se78 says: Oct 20, 2011 12:31 PM

    The Bears seem unwilling to pay their own guys, but will freely spend to bring in guys like Roy Williams, Brandon Meriwaether, Frank Omiyale, Orlando Pace, Adam Archuleta, Kevin Jones, etc etc etc.
    You really don’t know what you are talking about.
    The Bears did take care of Briggs.
    They took care of Urlacher, Hester and Cutler too.
    The average salary for an NFL linebacker in 2010 is $1,175,788 annually.
    Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher — made a combined $13.1 million in 2010, the highest paid duo in the NFL.

    It is not the Bears fault that Briggs blows his money and then wants another new contract.
    Forte is the only player on the team that can bitch about his contract (his rookie contract) and he may still get paid by the Bears.

    This is none of Lance Briggs’ business and he needs to shut up and play for the generous contract that he already signed.

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