Cromartie “wasn’t happy” in San Diego


As Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie prepares to play against his former team on Sunday, he’s making clear that he doesn’t miss playing for the Chargers.

I wasn’t happy there,” Cromartie told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “I didn’t want to play in San Diego anymore. That was it.”

Cromartie said he didn’t like “how people handled stuff” within the Chargers organization, specifically regarding the hip injury he suffered in 2008 and the fact that he was often rumored to be on the verge of getting traded.

For some folks in San Diego, the feeling toward Cromartie is mutual. Chargers safety Eric Weddle said after Cromartie left that “Me and Cro had conflicts,” and he added, “I can’t tell you how nice it is to come to work every day and not have that in the room.”

“I guess that’s his opinion,” Cromartie shot back. “That’s their Golden Boy. So, I don’t really care.”

If Cromartie has really stopped caring about San Diego, he’s come a long way. When he was there, he cared about — and complained about — nearly everything. Even the food they served in the cafeteria.

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  1. He was unhappy here in San Diego because he ran out of women to knock up. He needed new territory and opportunity to plant his seed.
    At his rate of skeeziness, he should have been in the an NBA.

  2. @ joetoronto

    Dude why are you always on the Bolts section?
    it is clear you do not like them so go to your teams section or maybe, just maybe, go to work, if you have a job…

    you are a Tool!

  3. Cromartie isn’t even good anymore. He’s getting torched. If he regresses a bit more he’ll be gone from the league soon. No team want’s to deal with a guy that ignorant unless he is good.

  4. He could actually have a reason there when it come to his injury. The Chargers team physician is a disgrace and should have been canned long ago. An organization that simply lets that situation roll on has something wrong with it.

  5. This guy exudes idiot. And for an average football player he sure gets a lot of media attention. But I will say he is a true ambassador for the spirit of Gang Green football – a true Jet.

  6. I don’t get it…why wouldn’t he be happy there?
    It’s not like they were demanding child support payments or anything?

  7. He was just pissed that the Chargers cafeteria wouldn’t let all his kids eat for free. I hope his still not trying to run down Travis Henry’s record for kids and baby mommas.

  8. Cromartie is a soft player who thinks he is as good as Deion Sanders. Simply stated he let the team and city down because he had his own agenda and that was why he was sent packing in a trade. He will soon be out in NY too just wait and see.

  9. @ nyjalleffingday says:
    Oct 20, 2011 11:24 AM

    He’s always in the Jets section too, so chances are he’s probably just a massive loser. Him, ampats, richm and joesixpack can all have a playdate together.
    Joetoronto is actually a Raiders fan….that’s why he is giving suckafree crap………believe me I know…..I had many words with him last year as he put down the Buffalo Bills on every post….he pretty much is a troll on other fans posts.

  10. Rex’s woulda-been rings,

    Plastico’s ‘Through the roof’ offense,

    And now Dad of the year here…

    Do the Jets have a weekly competition to see who can say the dumbest thing to the media??

  11. The Yet’s have to be proud to have this guy as one of the faces of their organization.

    Mr Johnson, when are you going to show some real leadership and rid your organization of people like this.

  12. Would Weddle’s issue with Cromartie stem from Cromartie’s preference to chance RB’s 60+ yards and bump them in the endzone instead of, you know, attempting to tackle them near the LOS?

  13. I just wish the media would stop writing so much stuff about him and talking about him so much….from what I’ve seen this season, he is repeatedly burnt toast, yet he still finds some asanine reason to run his mouth week in week out…I’m not even going to make the usual child support joke because it’s too easy….Cro should look in the mirror and realize he was the Jets 3rd or 4th option this summer after the players they really wanted to bring in fell thru, yet he wants to say that the Chargers front office didn’t handle things well or treat him right…look in the mirror and think before you speak

  14. You guys making cheap jokes about his kids have no class. I’m not saying Cromartie is a stand-up guy, but these are kids we’re talking about. It’s his kids that, whatever money may or may not be going their way, are going to be hurt by this situation of not having their dad.

    So show a little respect for the innocent victims here, and cool it.

    Not that I expect any of you losers to suddenly start showing some class, but I have to try.

  15. Just run Tolbert straight at him. It’s hard to talk smack when you’re dodging the chance to make a tackle.

    And give poor joetoronto a break. He’s just another raiduh bandwagon driver that’s seeking attention. It’s not like he’s had anything positive to say about his own team the last 7 or 8 years.

  16. @sucksfree67 & nyjalleffinday

    Thank You! I hate that hating as$ joetoronto! I always talk mess to him but I think I go a little too harsh and they delete my posts.

  17. Geez kevpft, it’s the freaking PFT comment section, you really think Cromartie or any of his 57 kids give 2 ch!ts what any of us joke about on here? Lighten up man.

  18. Cro had a lot of talent he just never wanted to play zone… or wrap up, either on the field or in the bed room.

  19. Maybe it’s because he feels he missed out on the multiple rings Rex Ryan would have won in San Diego. . .


  20. @sucksfree67, @nyjalleffinday

    joetoronto is a Raiders fan. And he spends WAAAAAY too much time being a troll on this website. I check Patriots stories frequently and he’s ALWAYS talking stuff. WITHOUT FAIL.

    Complete loser.

  21. Most of the posters who comment in this thread think this is a joke forum. Why don’t they go try their wit on a Jets forum and see if they can get any laughs.

  22. Pretty soon he will be saying that about the Jets that he don’t want to play for them anymore because they will always do good things to end horribly like the Chargers have been doing for the past 7 years!

  23. joe is a fade fan, thus no job. He’ll be quiet when the fade start to fade, as they always do. Just lose baby!

    As far as Cro is concerned, born to be a J-E-T!

  24. escoboltsfan,

    Dont lump Canada into this> joe toronto may be a chump in your eyes but alot of canadians support the NFL and the dabolts

  25. Can’t Miss Cromartie needs to pull out of interview… Wait he doesn’t pull out of anything. The guy will be out of the league and relying on that 0.13 gpa he pulled at FSU. I cant wait for Tolbert to steamroll this guy.

  26. K.I.D.S Kids, Kids, Kids! Norv, let Weddle cover kickoffs if they put ScareCro back there to return. Let him learn why we love Weddle here in SD!

  27. I can’t wait to see cromartie get burned by VJ and plexiglass get rocked by weddle and the icing on the cake will be when norv gives Rex twinkle toes Ryan a handshake and a kick in the buttocks after the BOLTS win a laugher!!!

  28. Weddle is garbage, he is overpaid and gets ran over all the time. From people I know in the Chargers organization is a rude person, not the humble small-town success story people try to make him out to be. I understand Cromartie, with that being said Cro is scum. Weddle is getting Polumalu and Reed money …. don’t get it. But then again I’m a raider fan so I know all about overpaid players lol.

  29. He must have hated it here because Merriman chewed his butt out on the sideline when he wussed out on a key tackle in the playoff game vs the Jets in 2009.

  30. homelanddefense says:
    Oct 20, 2011 11:06 AM
    will this team just please stop talking?


    they talk because they’re answering questions for the most part. you know why people keep asking? because of you. it’s not for jet fans, it’s for haters. you all love this crap and keep pft from being about football. well ok not really on the last part; pft has to fill the space, you help them to decide what to put in it.

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