Cutler defends swearing at Martz


This time, the overwrought newspaper headlines about Jay Cutler are real.

From the Chicago Tribune Thursday: “Cutler shows he’s no leader.”

The subheading: “QB message: He lacks respect and self control.”

The heading on the second page of the article: “Cutler gets an F in leadership.”

Give us a break. The paper is up in arms because microphones Sunday picked up Cutler saying:  “Tell [Mike Martz] I said [blank] him.”

That doesn’t sound great, but we have absolutely no context for it all. What led up to him saying that? What is their relationship like?

Writers should want quotes in context, and we really have no idea where it came from.  Dan Pompei asks what would happen if you said that to your boss?

The answer doesn’t matter unless you are on a football team.  There are a lot of things done and said in a football organization that wouldn’t remotely be acceptable in a normal job.  Cutler was unapologetic.

“You know, I’m a competitor, so is he, so is everyone on this offense and whether we’re up three touchdowns or we’re up three points, a second- or third-down call is as important as anywhere in the game,” Cutler said.

This is football. Yelling happens.  F-bombs fly between coaches, players, officials, and everyone in between.

When Matt Cassel or innumerable other quarterbacks bark at their coaches on the sideline, they are often praised for being “fiery.”  The only difference in this situation is that Cutler had a microphone on.

75 responses to “Cutler defends swearing at Martz

  1. If I had a nickle for every time I said that same thing to a co-worker about my boss.

    He didn’t cuss out the head coach. He complained to a co-worker. What company does that NOT happen at?

  2. Solve the problem by getting rid of the microphones.

    At some point the NFL’s motivation for reality show profits will get in the way of professional athletes trying to do what they were hired to do.

  3. Look I dislike Cutler but he shouldn’t have to defend cussing on a football field or on the sidelines. It’s the norm. Though I would hope he also said it to Martz’s face or it’s pretty b*tchy.

  4. I agree with Cutler.

    Marts is the Scarecrow, and his ineptitude is going to cause Cutler a Thiesman type on field injury. Cutler cannot call audibles at the line of scrimmage. That is asking for trouble.

    Good for Cutler, finally showing the leadership all teams need to win.

  5. The media is desperate now.. stop grasping at straws. Seriously? Seriously? this is the best news that you have? Using an f word to describe the bleak offense of the bears that cutler hurls at martz? Steve Young said once that he wanted to hit his coach.. was he a leader? How about Mike Vick who points at the scoreboard during a game then ends up losing( wait that’s just classless) Anyway.. my point is..ever since the media has gotten it wrong and embarrassed themselves with Cutlers injury issue.. they’ve been trying to prove he’s not a leader.. I’m not a bears fan( my team is in the AFC but… EPIC FAIL

  6. Wow. Rosenthal defends a Bear.

    And the context was Martz calling a draw play on 3rd and 7. So, everybody else in Chicago was yelling the same thing at their screen.

  7. It’s Jay Cutler. The guy deserves no benefit of the doubt. The Chicago team is a sinking ship…

  8. “The only difference in this situation is that Cutler had a microphone on.” No, there are more differences. Cutler is a giant tool. He is mopey, and not “fiery.” He has a fat face and shows no emotion.

  9. “The only difference in this situation is that Cutler had a microphone on.”

    No… the real difference is the media wants to bash Jay Cutler every chance they get.
    They like drama and if they can’t find any they will create some.
    To many idiots want Cutler to to walk around feeding lambs, handing out smiley face stickers at the dentist office and quoting Bible scripture.
    If this were Aaron Rodgers everyone would be talking about what balls he has.

    I worked at Soldier Field for 4 years and I did get to go right down by the sidelines.
    Do you believe that these guys talk like an 80 year old nun during the game?

    There are 10 million people in the Chicago area that want to tell Mike Martz (blank) you!

  10. “When Matt Cassel or innumerable other quarterbacks bark at their coaches on the sideline, they are often praised for being “fiery.” The only difference in this situation is that Cutler had a microphone on.”

    And here is where I am starting to respect PFT, not making this a days-long series of villifying a guy that the media seems intent on making us dislike. What is with this obsession. Watch a game and you’d think the director instructs two cameras to follow Jay Cutler at all times.

  11. …..and “Schlumpy” is an extremely unlikeable douche bag, so everything he does is going to get blown out of proportion. He hasn’t earned any benefit of the doubt.

    This does happen/could happen with virtually any other QB/O-Coordinator in the league and it’s a non-story.

  12. Mike Martz’ playcalling is going to get Cutler killed. Of all the people entitled to cuss out Martz, Cutler is at the top of the list. I wish he had just done it to his face.

  13. “The only difference in this situation is that Cutler had a microphone on.:

    No, the difference is it’s Cutler. The guy has made his share of mistakes, but people just look to pile on.

  14. My assessment of this article? It doesn’t great. This guy criticizing writers is like Jay Cutler lecturing about deportment. You suck, Roseweed.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  15. I don’t blame him…. when the guys upstairs aren’t doing their jobs, a leader stands up and does what is appropriate – takes command – and speaks up.

    In all honesty, Cutler showed more leadership standing up for himself and his team in telling Martz to F’ off than if he would just be quiet and take it.

  16. Some people jsut love to hate Cutler. If he’s fired up then he’s not a leader. If he’s not showing those emotions, then he doesnt care about the game. I mean, seriously, it’s not like we’re dealing with McNabb laughing and touching his pads and saying my bad every time he messes up.

  17. I think it’s irresponsible when people who ought to know better compare the NFL to regular workplaces.

  18. I already knew this wasn’t gonna work. Martz demands perfection from his QBs and rides them to drive them to perfection.Cutlet doesn’t strive for perfection.

    Martz needs a low round draft pic QB or undrafted free agent with potential that he can mold in his image and listen to everything he says for that offense to work like it should…IMHO

  19. I’m convinced we will here more about this than A.J Hawk giving the bird for everyone to see including the cameras

  20. I’ve heard the clip a couple hundred times by this point, and you can’t take it seriously.

    It almost sounds kind-of playful, in a frustrated way. Like Martz during practice all week kept telling Cutler to do such and such, if he saw a certain defensive coverage set. Then Cutler could have disagreed with him in practice. Then during the game, Cutler does what Martz told him, and Cutler tells the QB coach to relay a message for him.

  21. I do not understand the hatred for Cutler. He is a good QB. Would Bears fans and/or media rather have Caleb Haney as their starting QB? Or maybe go back to the Cade McNown days?

  22. The context is that the Bears’ convuluted play calling (Martz in the pressbox to the sideline to Cutler), has resulted in the Bears leading the league in Delay of Game penalties and time outs to avoid DOG penalties. #@&% Martz, indeed. Good for Jay. This, from a Packer fan.

  23. If anyone in that game should have been swearing at their offensive coordinator, I would have expected it to be a Viking.

  24. If I was Cutler and my coach keeps on calling plays that ends up me being hit 20 times a game.. I’m sure I’d be saying the same thing too

  25. I have a friend that has worked camps for the Lions for the last 12 years. Barr none Mike Martz has the most fowl mouth of any coach he has been around . This is saying a lot as it is common place for this type of language in the game. I am sure Mike has thrown more than a few F bomb’s Jay’s way. He needs to worry more about protecting Cutler than what Cutler has to say. There is no “you hurt my feelings” in pro football!

  26. Wait… Aren’t you the ones who lambasted A.J. Hawk for giving the bird to his own team mates?


    Wait, didn’t A.J. Hawk give the bird where thousands of fans in the stadium could SEE it? Not to mention the millions at home watching. It’s not like there was some huge, fuzzy-tipped boom mike dangling in Cutler’s face.

  27. “F” the media.
    I say that same exact thing every time they show martz on the screen.
    And even worse when they show a shot of Angelo.

    IMO Jay is show more leadership all the time, including this tme.

  28. Non-story. I think the media lacks self control. You think this was the first time that day a QB and coach had a some what heated argument? The media are a bunch of old ladies making a big deal out of everything.

  29. Die hard Bears fan here, and this is a non-news event. I am more concerned about the porosity of the O-line, the lack of production in the “passing” attack and why Forte doesn’t get carries or throws totaling 40 touches a game. We have been waiting for Cutler to step up and there are still more questions than answers. If cursing at the coordinator wakes up Cutler and the offense, I will dial up Martz myself and throw out a few f-bombs, too (please do not use the Vikings game as a reference point because they are supposed to get beat this year).

  30. Martz is Worthless

    If you look at the 49ers you can see what a difference a coach can make

    With Iron Mike Singletary coaching, Alex Smith was useless

    With Jim Harbaugh coaching, Alex Smith makes it

    Too bad Cutler has a nitwit for a coach

  31. I think Cutler gets an “A” in leadership because he just said about Mike Martz what everyone on the Bears team was already thinking.

  32. Note sure the Chicago writers are watching the same games us Bear Fans are. If they were they would realize that Cutler is the only Bear showing leadership this year. Cutler has shown on back to back national televised he is the leader of that team, and I like the fire he’s shown it proves he wants to win. You show me a QB in the NFL that has done more with less talent than Cutler, YOU CAN’T… Without Cutler the Bears would win the suck for LUCK.

  33. This is a story how??? Is the NFL turning into tennis where if a player has a hissy fit, the media goes nuts? I mean, to paraphrase a quote from “Gone With The Wind,” “This is football, not a garden party.” I mean, what is this world coming to?? It is football. I am sure players have cussed at coaches, and vice versa.

    No big deal, honestly.

  34. Cutler is such a chump. He is perhaps the most unlikeable player in the NFL. That picture you posted looks like the Cutler we know and hate. We should add “Cutler Face” to “Manning Face.”

  35. Cutler: Chronic head case and perpetual under-performer. Martz: Eccentric egotistical over-thinking play caller on 4th team in six years. Someone was drunk when they decided this would be a good fit.

  36. Cutler is such a chump. He is perhaps the most unlikeable player in the NFL. That picture you posted looks like the Cutler we know and hate. We should add “Cutler Face” to “Manning Face.”


    See, I don’t get that. Just because he doesn’t kiss ass, he’s unlikeable? I’m sure that there a bunch of outgoing and affable guys that are really asshats underneath.

    Not saying he’s wonderful guy, but just because he doesn’t jump through the media’s hoops doesn’t mean he’s automatically a jerk.

  37. Come on, he probably gained locker-room respect for that response. Trash Cutler for a zillion other reasons, but not for doing something most of the NFL world probably wants to do.

  38. And the difference between this and AJ Hawk

    1) Cameras that showed everything clearly, vs a field mic that picked up a conversation you had to rewind multiple times to make out, not to mention Collinsworth was talking over it, further distracting from it

    2) Packer fans extremely quick to calling the Hawk thing no big deal. If it were another team, I’m not so sure they wouldn’t whip out the wholesome, “football purity” smugness that gets displayed on a semi-regular bases. But I could be wrong.

    Either way, which is it? Are they both no big deal, or both terrible things that will ruin our children forever? Can’t give Hawk a free pass and use this to judge Cutler harshly.

    Hawk’s bird was a dumb mistake and not the end of the world. They happen, move on.

    Also, Pompeii is full of crap. The fact that he takes this beating week in, week out, and puts together games like he has, says something that everyone was thinking and didn’t back down from it later, it may not be Patton, but there is some leadership in that.

  39. The Bears management and coaching are getting everything they deserve.

    Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo were fools for having hired Mike Martz in the first place. He’s a disaster of an OC and he kills QB’s – even Kurt Warner couldn’t keep himself upright in his offense.

    Immediately following the trade that brought Cutler to the Bears, they SHOULD have hired an OC directly off of the Mike Shanahan tree and put Cutler in an offense they KNEW he could thrive in.

    It’s their own fault for what they’re getting now.

  40. Well, if Cutler was swearing at Martz for continuing to call plays with seven step drop backs behind that O-line Martz pieced together, then Cutler is certainly justified for any comments he might have made. It’s called self-defense. It’s like Martz would rather see Cutler permanently injured than admit that he needs to adjust his play calling to account for the talent level of his roster.

  41. fpats4eva says:
    Oct 20, 2011 12:16 PM
    textexington says: Oct 20, 2011 11:17 AM
    21-14. Go Pack Go!!!

    We hate Packer fans.


    All other NFL fans
    Envy can raise such ugly emotions!

  42. Cutler is such a chump. He is perhaps the most unlikeable player in the NFL. That picture you posted looks like the Cutler we know and hate. We should add “Cutler Face” to “Manning Face.”

    Yeah, cutler is much less likable than the NFL’s plethora of convicted violent criminals and the sociopathic dog killer. Great point (eye roll). Your moral compass is really on point.

  43. raythestabber says:
    Oct 20, 2011 9:27 AM
    Why do I find myself on Jay Culter’s side more and more lately?


    Probably because he’s maturing as a QB and as a leader. Imagine transferring from a workplace with 2 divisions(offense and defense). In one division is you (Cutler), and one other competent worker(Forte), and the rest of the division just cannot do their jobs(run routes, block, not commit a 1000 penalties a game) which gets you constantly blamed for poor performance. To top all of that off you have a boss(mike martz) who refuses to set up a system that will better allow his employees to thrive(5-7 passing game).

    Now imagine the other division(defense) is loaded with more than competent workers, and are given excellent direction. They are the face of the company when it does well(wins), but leave you to be the scapegoat when it does bad(losses).

    While some times the bad performances are your fault and you deserve the blame, instead you are dumped with the blame every single time. So you start to speak out against your boss in an attempt the help the company, and you are criticized for doing it, even though you were also criticized for just doing what you were told.

    Welcome to the world of Jay Cutler, can we all leave him alone now?

  44. The moment you’re looking for in the last game came on a 3rd and long for the Bears. I specifically remember watching Cutler absolutely go off towards the sidelines as he walked towards the line of scrimmage. I definitely saw an F bomb being thrown out there, but it was hard to hear exactly what he was saying because it was one of those instances where Chucky was being awkwardly cruel to Jaws in a failed attempt to toughen up his schoolboy image. My guess is that next week he returns to talking about a topless Laron Landry again. Where’s the SNL skit for him!!!???

    Anyway, I remember thinking it was a poor idea for Cutler to be showing such displeasure at the call on his way to the line of scrimmage, as that could potentially tell the other team that a run is coming. Sure enough, it was a draw to Forte I believe that DID NOT pick up the first down.

  45. fpats4eva says:
    Oct 20, 2011 12:16 PM
    textexington says: Oct 20, 2011 11:17 AM
    21-14. Go Pack Go!!!

    We hate Packer fans.


    All other NFL fans
    Envy can raise such ugly emotions!
    If by envy you mean rolling our eyes at packer fans sudden delusional inflated sense of self worth through a team they don’t play for…

    Then yes, it must be envy

  46. Mike Martz is an arrogant fool and the Chicago papers are propoganda machines for the Bears’ coaches.

    You would think that 11 years of failure would sink inbut no. He still thinks he was responsible for the 1999 Rams’ success even though almost half of that offense is going to be in the Hall of Fame. (Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Pace.) I hold him personally responsible for that team failing to win a second Super Bowl.

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