Future uncertain for Browns offense, including Colt McCoy


Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmur are in Cleveland to fix the offense above all else.

That’s why it’s been a surprise to see quarterback Colt McCoy and the Browns running game take a step back after Eric Mangini’s firing. Only Kerry Collins has a lower yards-per-attempt average than McCoy this season.

Browns president Mike Holmgren made it clear Thursday McCoy is still being evaluated to see whether he’s really a franchise quarterback.

“Let’s let him play and see how performs and we’ll evaluate it at end of year,” Holmgren said via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Holmgren said he’s not opposed to adding a new quarterback every year until one sticks: “You have to find that person.”

Pete Prisco of CBSSports watched tape on McCoy this week and came away unimpressed with his arm strength and inability to handle pressure. Quarterback may not be the only change for the Browns offense if they don’t get things turned around.

Holmgren said that Shurmur will likely hire an offensive coordinator next season.  That’s a tacit admission that the first-time head coach could use a little more support.

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  1. It’s got to sting the Browns looking down the road at Cincinnati’s success with Andy Dalton and A.J. Green in their first year together.

  2. Another classic PFT pic: “Don’t cry, Colt, it’s gonna be OK. Here, dry your eyes…”.

  3. You need to surround the kid with talent before passing judgement. (See Sam Bradford) How about dealing with our situation in DC by having to choose between Grossman, and Beck. Things could be worse Cleveland.

  4. Pete Prisco of CBSSports watched tape on McCoy this week and came away unimpressed with his arm strength and inability to handle pressure.

    Is this one of the same guys that was WAS impressed with his arm strength and his ability to handle pressure right after the draft???


  5. After watching last weeks game, the issue isn’t McCoy, it’s his O line. I’m sure not too many guys can complete passes lying on their backs.
    His “inability to handle pressure” is a questionable quote. Give him a team to work with, then judge him.

    Think the kid did fine for what he had to work with.

  6. Pat Shurmur was awful in St. Louis as the offensive coordinator. I’m not surprised in the slightest that the Browns offense is playing poorly. I think the biggest indicator of his ineptitude is McCoy’s YPA – his offenses have always been nothing but dink and dunk, no risks, no shots down the field. Such a strategy may have worked for breaking in a rookie QB like Bradford, but using that strategy in a pass-driven league is suicide.

  7. That first comment was the first time the words “Cincinnati’s success” were ever paired together in over 20 years. Too bad the season is only 6 weeks old………..don’t get too excited

  8. Scott Fujita helped get a possible replacement for Colt when he knocked Jason Campbell out for the year.

  9. I really thought Cleveland was going to get 7 or 8 wins this year. I like McCoy when he has a running game behind him. Stienbach getting hurt has hurt the ground game. I’m now beginning to wonder if Mangini was doing a decent job. Hillis deserves his contract. He’s been the only bright spot outside of Joe Thomas we’ve had in years. Hardesty has bad knees and fumbles.

  10. I said it when the Browns drafted McCoy…..they have to get him some help. Not defensive help but a playmaker receiver. Some ownership just never gets it. Of course they should have taken AJ Green.

    Shurmur is NOT an offensive coach and with no offensive help (Colt is not Peyton Manning) he is not going to succeed on his own.

    Look at what has happened to Indianapolis with Manning hurt. Get Colt some help and see what happens with an OC too.

  11. Last 2 drafts have been defense, and we have moved up to a #7 ranking, much better than last year.
    2 picks in the first rd, I hope they put those to use on the other side of the ball. The right side of the line needs to be addressed for the last 3 yrs, and a true #1 receiver to draw the double coverage is well overdue.
    Shurmer needs someone up in the box calling the plays, 1st year coach taking on the HC and OC position, no wonder the guy looks like a steelers fan in a strip club….Lost and confused at what he’s looking at.

  12. It sucks watching The Bungles do well with such a young team as a Browns fan. They are successful because Dalton has a solid running game behind him, and the Bengals are committed to running the ball. The Browns aren’t committed to the run, they are committed to the dink and dunk passes.

    Colt McCoy would be the last guy I’d point a finger at for the Browns problems on offense. I’d say no playmakers at WR would be the area of concern, and poor offensive line play due to injuries.

  13. Holmgren said he’s not opposed to adding a new quarterback every year until one sticks: “You have to find that person.”


    Antonio Cromartie takes the same approach with baby-mammas

  14. When will people realize that in the NFL of this time, QBs make Head Coaches. Like Holmgren (Farve) Mariucci & Sieffert (Young) Shanahan (Elway) etc, etc, etc. All these coaches showed they are lost since the star QBs left.

  15. Cleveland falling apart already. It’s really sad. Other teams can rebound in a year, but Cleveland seems to keep running in quick sand…

  16. lifelong die hard Browns fan since 68 ..i got blasted on CBS Sports for voicing that yeah i miss Mangini and the physical style of play the Holmgren and his puppet Shurmur has done away with . when will they ever get this thing right ?. McCoy has regressed since last year . yes we need more from a suspect O ,Line and a very suspect receiving corps ..here we go again .. a strong running attack helps a young QB Out ..why throw it 40 times or more a game when it isn’t working ?

  17. So, The Browns top offensive player (Hillis) is a no show for 3 straight games. The guy is throwing on the run in most plays yet the Browns offense has been in 4 out of 5 games up to the last snap in every game not to mention going from like 29th to 14th in passing touchdowns in one season. I’m not seeing the whole “negative” part yet. If the Browns and their fans don’t want McCoy, I can think of about 6 or 7 teams that would take him and probably win with him right now. The guy is producing average numbers when he should be flat out sucking. Imagine if he had a real offense around him.

  18. @thefeisty1

    The Browns should have taken AJ Green? Well that’s an awesome idea if he was available when Cleveland was on the clock, but he wasn’t.

  19. Just like a bunch of fools from the Dawg Pound. McCoy isn’t the problem; you’re lucky to HAVE Colt McCoy. He played in a pro system in college and was the winningest QB in history! Of course, he had an OL and receivers that could run routes and catch passes. Just a few weeks ago, you very people were singing his praises. Fickle damn Cleveland fans. The kid is a winner and he’ll win for you. Get a coach and get him some targets; he’ll deliver. He always has…

  20. I’m not going to pass too much judgment on Shurmur yet, but changing things like the Browns did with his hiring didn’t help. Add the fact that they didn’t get a real training camp due to the lock out and it’s understandable that they’re off to a rocky start.

    Maybe work on the O-Line and getting better receivers…and get the running game going, before considering McCoy anything remotely close to a bust.

    But if they do, I’d gladly take him in Indy.

  21. Daffy87—–

    They “could” have traded up IF the wanted to WIN!!!!

    Ownership/management of some of the NFL teams just don’t have a CLUE.

  22. Never known arm strength to be a problem for McCoy. Try getting him someone who can catch and make plays to throw to. As far as Dalton, anyone with half a brain could guess he would be the best QB in this draft of mostly overrated QB’s *cough* Gabbert, Ponder, Locker *cough* Ultimately he is still with the Bungles and they aren’t going to be topping Baltimore or getting a wild card

  23. With all the extra picks they have from the Falcons, the Browns are in a great position to go after Andrew Luck if they so choose.

    Even if that is too steep a price, they may have better opportunities for Landry Jones, Matt Barkley and Robert Griffin.

    They are doing the smart thing right now, see what you have in Colt McCoy, they will definitely know by the end of the year as what direction they need to go in.

    Then the only question is, are they smart/bold enough to do it.

  24. Sometimes you just know where the problem is. The Atlanta Falcons gave Vick a talented tight end and spent high draft picks on receivers for him, and he just plain couldn’t get it done there. But McCoy is just one of many QBs who could probably do something, but never even had half the support that Vick had.

    Some teams just don’t want to invest in their young quarterbacks. They seem to expect there to be instant offense as soon as the kid puts on a jersey, regardless of the line or receivers.

  25. At what point do the Browns start pointing the finger at their organization and not their quarterbacks? There’s only a few qb’s that can cover up a bad organization and one of them just signed a long term deal in Indy.

  26. @thefeisty1

    Traded up with who exactly? It’s not as if every team in the draft looks to trade down lol. I’m glad Holmgren didn’t surrender the entire draft for AJ Green. It’s a building process and you need picks to do that. Would AJ Green make the Cleveland offense better? Obviously. But I don’t think the record looks much different with him. I’d rather our defense be playing like the Cincy’s than us have AJ Green.

  27. Browns Mock

    1. Trent Richardson RB
    1b (via ATL). Michael Floyd WR

    McCoy’s not that bad but its hard to judge him with the lack of offensive firepower the Browns have

  28. The defense is better. The special teams play has been solid in general save for last week’s horrendous deficiencies. Thank goodness we didn’t let Dawson go the way of the dodo. The offense? Well it’s a slow start, but 2-3 with an admittedly weak schedule is not abysmal. 0-5 and sucking ass is abysmal. Just hold the line, let the process unfold and pray like hell. The Browns will rise again!

  29. Who is going to evaluate “the Big Show” Holmgren after this season is more like it. Another flop to add to the resume’ of an egotistical overbearing clown who hasn’t accomplished anything in almost 20 years. The game has passed him by in more ways than one and sadly Cleveland probably won’t be his last cash grab.

  30. Even Luck will suck if he’s laying on his back or running for his life.

    Shore up that O-line, and get Colt some real targets to throw to. Damn, Lerner has the money, let’s get it done!!!

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