Holmgren discusses how long he’ll stay in Cleveland


It’s Mike Holmgren subplot week with the Seahawks facing their former head coach’s teams.

Holmgren is now the Browns president, in the early stages of trying to lift Cleveland out of mediocrity.  He doesn’t know how long he’ll be at his current job.

“It’s hard to tell for sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be 10 years,” Holmgren told KJR via the Tacoma News-Tribune. “We still have our home in Seattle. And like I said, the kids are there, the grandkids are there. And I don’t think they are going to be moving anywhere too soon.

“So our vision is to kind of get back to that area at some point. Exactly when that is [I don’t know]. I would like to see improvement here and lay the foundation here so they can feel good about their team again before I make any changes at all.”

We’ll ignore Holmgren’s use of “they” for a moment to wonder if Holmgren will determine the future of the “football czar” position in the NFL. Holmgren once thanked Bill Parcells for essentially creating the type of job that Holmgren holds in Cleveland.

The Parcells era in Miami finished somewhere between disappointing and an unmitigated disaster. The 2011 Dolphins’ failures can be attributed to Parcells more than anyone else.  (The structure he set up has rotted.)

If Holmgren can’t turn the Browns around, perhaps owners will be more hesitant to turn the franchise over to former coaches looking for one last big NFL contract.

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  1. The entire Rooney family just spit coffee across their keyboards…

    His “home” is still in Seattle? Well – there is some serious commitment!!

  2. The disaster by the lake will continue for years to come. Holmgren will realize the hopeless situation within two years, and will be buying a one way ticket back to Seattle.

  3. Holmgren knows the winds are blowing against him in Cleveland, thanks mainly to his idiotic choice of Pat Shurmur to helm the team this year.

    Fans are in full revolt, after seeing some real progress last year under Mangini before injuries halted the forward momentum of an already undermanned team.

    The perception is that by firing Mangini and hiring Shurmur, Holmgren softened the entire organization. Even Mangini’s haters would agree that the team is worse now than it was a year ago.

    The final nail in the coffin is the fact that so many other teams that have struggled recently are finding success – the Niners, Lions, Bills, Bengals, Raiders, Bucs, Titans. Of that group, several have new QBs and new coaches and new systems.

    So why are the Browns the exception? We don’t want to hear excuses about the lockout or about having a young QB or a new coach when other teams in the exact same circumstances are winning.

    The Browns were a scrappy team no one wanted to face at this point last year. Now, not so much.

  4. Holmgren took over a totally disfunctional organization. He has forgotten more about NFL football than all his predecessors in Cleveland combined. It’ll take him about four years, but by 2014 this team should be competitive and a genuine threat to the Steelers and Ravens.

  5. bengalsown says:
    Oct 20, 2011 11:22 AM
    The disaster by the lake will continue for years to come. Holmgren will realize the hopeless situation within two years, and will be buying a one way ticket back to Seattle.

    And in that time frame the Bengals will win a playoff game….

  6. Non Story here. Nobody ever expected Holmgren to be the Joe Paterno of Cleveland Browns football. He’s not exactly a young buck. I have no problem with him calling Seattle his home and I never expected him to be in Cleveland more than 5 years.

    Heckert seems to have been a good hire @ GM as his drafts have been decent so far, but Shurmur is a big question mark @ head coach for the time being. We’ll see how it goes.

  7. Never understood the buzz about this hiring. When he was a coach & gm, the seahawks sucked. He has proven to be a a good coach, but nothing more. Since I am not a fan of the brownies, I hope he stays there for a long time!

  8. They should hire a fan every 3 years for 50k/yr.

    Then if he fails, villianfy the guy like the next Bartman and run him and his family out of Cleveland!!!!

    Stupid fans… are better than Stupid GM’s!

  9. Not sure how Holmgren “sucked” as a coach/GM, since the team he mostly put together (Ruskell took over in 2005) had a five-year playoff run and a Super Bowl appearance.

    In fact, it was after being relieved of GM duties that the franchise began to skid. Tim Ruskell was a disaster. Holmgren had some questionable first-round picks (Koren Robinson and Jerramy Stevens were both unquestionably talented, but both were bad-character cases; Anthony Simmons faded fast after a good start to his career; Lamar King was simply invisible), but at least one of his #1 picks, Marcus Trufant, is still on the roster. Ruskell led the drafts from 2005 to 2009, and not one of his five first-round picks (or the player traded for using the pick) is still on the squad.

    Holmgren was not a great GM, but he was a decent one.

  10. He referred to the team ONCE as “they”.

    ONE time.

    The rest of the interview it was “we”. Heaven forbid that anyone get all the facts before running off at their fool mouth.

    Get a grip.

  11. Didn’t Omar Vizquel continue to live in Seattle while playing for the Tribe?

    I was born and raised in a Cleveland suburb but left in 1970, having been drafted. After making a career in the US Army and finally returning “HOME,” in 2005, I saw how the city and state have deteriated over the last 30+ yrs.

    I’m still proud to be a Buckeye and will die as such. However, unless you have deep-rooted ties to the area, there are much nicer areas within these 50 united states to live. The greater Seattle area is a beautiful, progressive area, and a great place to raise kids.

    Some of you need to get out and travel.

  12. The guy peaked as coach in Green Bay. After he lost the Superbowl to Denver he never was the same in “big” games. As a manager he failed. Seattle got to the superbowl AFTER he was stripped of the gm title and Ted Thompson (current Packer GM) put the roster together….

  13. Thats Holmgren,always one foot out the door.
    He refered to GB as ‘they’ in the lockerroom after they lost to the 49ers in Jan 99 playoffs. But he had NOTHING lined up with a anybody at that point. Sure.

    I guarantee if he was in Frisco he would have a different tune.

    I think the issue is his wife. She all of a sudden didnt like Green Bay so out of the blue Holmgren developed this itch to be a GM even though he had the best GM above him and the best player in football entering his prime and the next 15 years to become a gm…..seemed premture after only 7 years in GB but he could never say “my wife hates GB and I want to live out west” so he had to come up with an out the fans could accept.

    And dont forget he had Ted Thompson running his drafts before you say ‘he’ did such a great job in Seattle. He not only lost 2 Super Bowls he blew them.

    His wife probably hates Cleveland.
    He will leave after the 2012 draft….guranteed.

  14. And how often does hiring a former coach to make roster decisions work out anyways? Pretty much never? So why do it? Even if you want to point to Belichek as a “success”, he’s squandered as many, if not more draft picks on cruddy players over the years as anybody. Let the personnel people (trained scouts) make those decisions. Probably the fastest way to ruin a franchise is handing the keys to a former coach with an immense ego, or worse yet – letting an egomaniacal owner make those decisions himself.

  15. He had Wolf’s players in GB, and Ted Thompson’s players in Seattle. It’s no coincidence that everything fell apart in Seattle once TT left.

  16. Holmgren had Ron Wolf as G.M. in Green Bay.

    He proved he was incapable of handling personnel while coaching in Seattle.

    In the end, he lost the Seattle GM responsibilities. And Green Bay, having hired Ted Thompson from the Seattle staff, should be thankful for that.

    Why would anyone think he can do the job now in Cleveland?

  17. Come back to Seattle, Mike!

    And bring Matt back with you! Hahaha!

    Ruskell is gone now!

    And so are his #1 draft picks!

    Our O-line is steadily improving and looks to be a lot better with another solid draft.

    You, Pete, and Cable could be Seattle’s Big 3!

    We’ll make them make room for you!

    Let’s make one last run at this thing, babyyyy!


    Man…I miss the good ol’ days!

  18. Holmgren….don’t do us any favors. Pack your bags and GTFO! “They” would like their team ran by someone who gives a damn. This team has no heart or passion. Their star offensive lineman complained about too many practices before the season even started! Their star running back doesn’t want to run because his throat hurts. Seriously? If I were making what he was RIGHT now…I’d run until my throat fell off. We’ll keep getting a recycled version of this garbage until Lerner sells the team to someone who gives a damn and will hire a president who gives a damn. You have one foot in and one foot out of this town. Beware of the dawgs…they’ll bite your foot on your way out! Lerner…sell the team to Kosar and go focus your attention on your Futbol team…it’s the best thing you can do for this town.

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