Jerome Harrison has brain tumor

The proposed trade of running back Jerome Harrison to Philadelphia was voided because Harrison was found to have a brain tumor.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter breaks the news and points out that the failed trade could be a blessing in disguise for Harrison. Without the trade, Harrison wouldn’t have taken a physical that revealed the tumor.

This helps explain how Harrison wasn’t on the injury report last week: The Lions had no idea.

Hopefully Harrison caught this early and can treat it aggressively now.  Our thoughts are with Harrison and we wish him good health.

107 responses to “Jerome Harrison has brain tumor

  1. Turns out Harrison had significantly more than “dirt on his face” that was mentioned in the article about the trade being voided. Hope they caught it early and he can bounce back.

  2. what a really lucky break! hopefully,he can get treatment and live till he’s an old man! does this void the trade or does ronnie brown go back to philly?

  3. Wow this is now something I expected to hear. I guess there is no HIPA in the NFL huh. Unless he released the information.

  4. Wow. Never good to see back-to-back posts about players having brain tumors. Get well soon Ryan and Jerome.

  5. Wow. This really is a blessing in disguise. Get well Jerome, prayers go up for you.

  6. Shocked and get well JH! The last 4 games of the season a couple of years ago for the Browns were some of the most exciting games in a long time for my Browns.

  7. This certainly puts potential locker room awkwardness into perspective.

    Hopefully he beats it.

  8. Whenever I read about someone who’s been diagnosed with a tumor or cancer of some kind, I always wonder what the doctor who has to deliver the news thinks about right before he fills the patient in. How on earth do you tell someone he or she has a brain tumor, especially when there haven’t been any major warning signs or history in the family? And what if surgery isn’t an option? I couldn’t fathom having to deliver that kind of news.

    Either way, prayers out to Jerome Harrison. Hope he’s able to recover and possibly play football again in a year or two.

  9. I was really happy when the Eagles made the trade. Didn’t know why he failed his physical last night. This just sucks for this young man. I hope that in the end he is able to play again and live a normal life, but you never know with brain tumors. Good luck!

  10. Prayers and well wishes for a complete and successful treatment and recovery.

    Serendipitous blessing for Mr. Harrison, hopefully it is very early stag ande a cure completed.

  11. Wow! He had a physical with the Lions only 3 months ago before signing him. Shows how quickly things can change. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jerome and his family.

  12. jimmysimpson55 says:
    Oct 20, 2011 1:05 PM
    Damn, get well soon Jerome.
    4 thumbsdown? To those 4 I wish you nothing but health and happiness, even if you don’t in return. Its called having a heart(Google it)

  13. jimmysimpson55 says:
    Oct 20, 2011 1:05 PM
    Damn, get well soon Jerome.

    4 effing jerks voted thumbs down for this statement.

  14. Seems to be a lot of tumors going around. Come to think of it, I felt a bit dizzy when I got up from the computer. Aww…it’s probably nothing……

  15. Damn, this makes me want to go get a physical. its scary to know that anyone of us could have a tumor or cancer and not even know it.

  16. The five people who gave a thumbs down to the first “get well soon” comment really, really, need to re-examine their lives.

    God forbid this happens to someone close to them.

    I mean seriously, this guy has a brain tumor and you don’t want him to get well soon?

    Get a life.

  17. Wow. How do you thumbs down a get-well-soon message on here? Some people are just straight up idiots. Or 13 and think they’re funny.

    Thoughts and prayers out Jerome. I’m glad I wasn’t one of those ‘classy’ couch coaches that were bashing him on message boards all day…

  18. ive made alot of comments on this site. like most readers, its nice to vent..make jokes, laugh/think what others wrote. i sincerely hope harrison gets the best treatment as soon as possible. god bless the intervention that caused the discovery. (please…im not preaching or looking for a debate on god intervention. lets just appreciate it for what it is).

  19. I had a friend die from a brain tumor. He was only 22 years old. I’m hoping this discovery was early enough. Praying for him and his family.

  20. earthtopft says: Oct 20, 2011 1:24 PM

    Seems to be a lot of tumors going around. Come to think of it, I felt a bit dizzy when I got up from the computer. Aww…it’s probably nothing……
    Everyone is thumbs downing it, but it’s not a bad point…I suspect brain tumors will be a big issue for the cellphone generation given what I have read even.

    Hope the best for Jerome and Ryan. My mother in-law has been battling one for a few months now and isn’t expected to make it to Thanksgiving. Sad.

  21. Sorry to hear about that but at least he was able to learn about it earlier rather than later. Reminds me of that situation with the photographer that Tony Gonzalez ran into on the sideline who found out he had a tumor after being examined.

  22. How can someone vote “thumbs down” to statements like: “Get well soon!” and “prayers are with him and his family”.

    People are sick.

  23. Terrible news, thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Hopefully it was caught early.

    Who are the lowlifes giving thumbs down on these comments? Grow up, life is not to be taken for granted.

  24. Take care young man. All of us here (with the exception of a couple mental midgets) are hoping for the best. Godspeed.

  25. I was going to say didn’t they have a physical at the begining of the year, and there was nothing..? Hopefully it’s new, early and can be zapped out..!

  26. It’s not cell phones, it’s ‘roids that can cause these exotic and terrible tumors. Remember Lyle Alzado?

  27. My wife has been undergoing Chemo for breast cancer for almost a year now. It’s really been Hell on all of us. However, since it was caught early (stage 2/4), her prospects of a total recovery are very good. We are really looking forward to a Happy New Year.

    The reason I bring this up is, hopefully his tumor was caught in time for a total recovery, even if he never plays again. The road to recovery is harsh but it can be successful. I just hope you have a good support group, and several dependable caregivers to help you.

    Trust in God, there is a reason for everything!

  28. deadmanwalking47 says:Oct 20, 2011 1:09 PM

    what a really lucky break! hopefully,he can get treatment and live till he’s an old man! does this void the trade or does ronnie brown go back to philly?

    Failure in reading comprehension.

  29. Well, they never should have let him go (He was a nice changeup to Shady), but I guess it worked out for the best if it caught the tumor in time. Hope it goes well and he makes a full recovery.

  30. Been a fan of this guy since he played out here for Washington State, i remember when he got drafted by the Browns. Special running back and a great guy. Get well soon J.H

  31. I really hope they caught it early enough that it will be no big deal, although a brain tumor is never trivial.

    Here’s hoping for a safe treatment and removal, JH.

  32. Crazy how these things work out…similar situation happened with the PGA last year.

    A fan was hit in the head by a stray drive. That fan was fine but went to medical to get checked out as a precaution. Found out he had a brain tumor.

    Turned out it was found in early stages and was treatable. Hope this is the case in this situation.

  33. People who are down-thumbing the “get well” comments probably aren’t wishing Harrison anything bad for him, just it irks some people that such expressions are put on message boards Harrison will never see. It’s that they’re thumbing down – the poster not the sentiment.

  34. Here’s hoping all the faceless gutless idiots giving thumbs down to wishing Harrison a good outcome get the pleasure of dealing with karma, firsthand.

    (look at all the little weasels scurrying to Wikipedia to find out what the hell karma is…)

    Oh, and right about now some deep thinker is supposed to blame this tumor on Bill Belichick.

  35. It is things like this that transend rivalry. I pray that God will be with this man, and his family, as well as the physicians caring for him. GOD BLESS

  36. Things happen for a reason. Without the trade, who knows how long this would’ve gone undetected. Get well soon Jerome. Hopefully they’ll find a cure for this terrible disease one day soon.

  37. rmm1984 says: Oct 20, 2011 1:27 PM

    Who are the lowlifes that thumbs down comments wishing Harrison to get well?


    They are pathetic trolls. Low lifes. Terrible (barely) human beings. I pick up these people out of my cat’s litter box.

  38. Wishing Jerome the best – Your guardian angel was watching over you! Early detection is so key in fighting these battles. Your health trumps football – no doubt about it. Keeping Jerome in my thoughts and prayers.

    A Steeler Fan

  39. Wow.

    All the best to the guy and his family.

    And if he weren’t taking NFL-quality physicals would he have ever found out?

    A shame, b/c he had a few good games too.

  40. Jerome is the man and I hope you get better.

    And to all the people who thought the Eagles were simply doing this to avoid a “bad deal”(which it wasn’t), here you go.

  41. Best of luck beating this thing, Jerome. I lost my Mom to cancer. Cancer sucks! Hopefully his is benign.
    The thing is that god has nothing to do with it. Nor some mythic Jesus. Leave the superstition out of it if you want to be taken seriously.

  42. I’d love to see Harrison kick the crap out of this tumour and return to the gridiron someday. That would be awesome. In the meantime godspeed young man. Give em hell.

  43. As an Eagles fan, I’m praying for Harrison’s recovery. Hopefully they caught it early and he can live a full and long life, and if he gets to continue his career, that’s even better.

  44. I had one last December, it ruptured and gave me stroke like symptoms….. It was benign and after a few months I was fine, not all brain tumors are death sentences…..
    Hopefully you get equally good news Jerome…

  45. cjtogay says: Oct 20, 2011 1:08 PM

    God always works in mysterious ways! Prayers are with you!

    Like putting a tumor in a young man’s brain?

    If and when Harrison recovers it will be because of medical science.
    Not wishes made to make believe friends that live in the sky.

  46. I hope whoever released this to Schefter was authorized to do so by Jerome or his representatives. I’m so glad the physical caught the tumor and I hope and wish him the a full recovery. I just wondered if he had a choice to keep his health matters private until he released information himself or how Schefter knew…aren’t there HIPPA laws on this kind of thing? I just hope it was on Jerome’s terms. That said, all the best to him with his treatment and a full recovery.

  47. Maybe it isn’t the “Get well” part that some people object to but the invocation of what many consider a mythical creature to make everything all better.

    There are also people who actually think sports are the most important thing in the and actually do wish real physical harm on anyone who doesn’t play for their team.

    Or maybe some people think some of the get well wishes go way over the top and they find that offputting.

    But it could also be a for a dozen other reasons that would never occur to you and that you wouldn’t necessarily find objectionable when they were explained to you.

    You just can’t know where the thumbs down is coming from.

  48. Even though we may not have never met or said hello.

    It’s nice to see so many positive comments here.

    The Lion’s turn around has been notable and fun to follow. This news is not at all fun, but hoping Mr. Harrison has the turn around he needs regarding his health.

  49. To you folks who post “There is a reason for everything” it’s possible you’re right – but it’s highly unlikely it’s because there is some entity controlling things for any human purpose.”

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