Kris Jenkins: Jets have “catty” locker room


Former Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins thinks the team’s slow start has happened in part because the team lacks leaders.

Jenkins mentioned himself, Damien Woody, and Shaun Ellis as three key leaders who are no longer with the team.

“Now, they just erased that off their team. Now you have guys that, yeah, they’re good, they can play their positions, but they don’t have the experience to take on those responsibilities, so what happens? You get a catty locker room,” Jenkins said on ESPN Radio Wednesday.

We’re guessing that Jenkins is referring to Santonio Holmes and Brandon Moore’s back and forth last week there.  But Jenkins says he saw troubling signs when he was with the team.

“They just want it on the outside and for everyone to see them for how special they are. The thing I had a personal issue with when I was there was guys trying to copyright things and be known for what they’re saying and this show and that show,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins seems to be referring to Darrelle Revis here, who copyrighted “Revis Island.”

We’re not sure if its leadership or just an inept offense that is slowing the Jets down, but we’ll find out a lot about the team the next three weeks against the Chargers, Bills, and Patriots.

They need to win two of those three games or they’ll face a huge hole in the AFC playoff race.

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  1. Bart Scott also tried to copyright the phrase “Can’t Wait!” after last year’s playoffs. I can’t wait for a possible rematch of Jets vs Steelers in playoffs, because that would mean an automatic Pittsburgh advance

  2. “What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room”

    Unless you’re a retired pro-athlete looking to make a buck.

  3. Isnt he retired?

    How did the introduction in the picture go:

    And now, A mountain of a man that cant stay healthy because of his weight, a man that has 6 ruptured ACLs, a man that will fall on your center to save his own breath… give it up fooooooorrr Chris Jennnnnkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssah!

    Fireman Ed is the carried to the microphone by his hired hand ‘Lurch’ amidst cheers.

  4. There’s nothing wrong w/ copyrighting “Revis Island” or “Cant Wait.” Hell, Kris Jenkins should have copyrighted an ACL so his would stop tearing! Why are former players such “CHEESE EATERS” and MMQBs!?

  5. They think they’re better than they are and the QB is average at best! Going to the AFC title game two years in a row sort of hid the fact that the QB is just hasn’t reached the level of the top tier QBs in the league. They haven’t won $hit, but you can’t tell by their coach and their fans. Just ask Joe Namath!

    Just Win Baby!

  6. They have plenty of leadership. Their almighty leader (and there is plenty of him) has claimed that they will win the superbowl. What more do they need?

  7. Its no wonder they have a catty lockerroom with the type of coach they have and the type of player he brings in. I think he may have been talking about Bart Scott’s “CAN’T WAIT” also. This team is all show no substance!

  8. Kris Jenkins used to go on SNY and shoot his mouth off too! Anyone remember him saying the patriots game in ’09 was the team’s superbowl?

    and how was he a leader on the team when he only played in 7 games for Rex in two years?

  9. .

    The more publicity the Jets receive, the higher Rex Ryan’s price will be when he auctions himself of to Fox, ESPN, NFL network etc.

    The Jets are his last coaching stop. He’s preparing for his next career.


  10. Jenk is one of the best.. Hope he can just lose a few pounds so we have him around forn a long time.

  11. Didn’t Bart Scott try to copyright some cheesy catchphrase last year too? Or am I mistaken?…anyway those amateurs deserve turmoil for being stupid enough to make the diva Santonio a captain…whose idea was it to make the whiniest girl on the team a leader?

  12. Sigh… could also be Bart Scott trying to copyright “Can’t Wait” …and seeing as how he said “…for what they’re saying” I think it’s the more likely case. Do some homework next time.

  13. Jet’s lockerrom will take the bait and trash Jenkin’s; the classic fallacy of ‘shooting the messenger’ – as opposed to addressing the substance of what has been reported.

  14. Never in the history of sport has a team that’s accomplished as little as the Jets, received this much attention. The players took on the personality of their coach: All talk.

  15. Agreed 50%… “Catty” is the perfect word. There may not be any leaders in the locker room that are players, and their coaching staff is equally to blame.
    Rex feeds off of and exudes negativity that would no doubt be a part of spawning a catty staff and locker room… Under his “leadership” we’ve seen his coaches trip opposing players, heard their empty self proclaimed Super Bowl/best team mantras every year, and watched them all kick and moan on the sidelines when things aren’t as peachy as they believe it should be for them.
    All of these actions show a lack of real leadership, class, and winning attitude.

    Reap what you sow Rexy Baby.

  16. This clown show from Florham Park has been a great source of entertainment for us Patriot fans.

    Ooh “the offense is going to go through the roof”, problem is the jets offense first has to get out of the toilet led by future career backup QB Sanchez.

    I also think he was referring to Bart Scott who absolutely sucks this season

    Could be 0-3 for the jets the next few weeks. The implosion will continue. Enjoy the victory over the “Suck for Luck” team in Miami.

    Happy 43rd AND

    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason


  17. What’s funny is that Jenkins was dealt from Carolina in part due to the fact he wasn’t a good LR influence there (reading between the lines of players’ comments after he was dealt).

  18. They need to win two of those three games or they’ll face a huge hole in the AFC playoff race.

    Yeah …… good luck with that.

    These guys- especially their coach – talk like a 6-0 team instead of what they are, an underachieving bunch who have backed into the playoffs two years in a row.

    You’d think they’d be humbled by the fact that they can’t get into the playoffs all on their own, but that doesn’t seem to stop them.

    Jets = Woulda Coulda Shoulda Bowl champs.

  19. 3-3 after their coach stuck his foot in his mouth by declaring they are/were super bowl contenders.

    Put a fork in them. They are done. Win 2 out of the next 3 ?
    Homey said, I don’t think so.

  20. The Jets will find that Santonio Holmes is more trouble than he is worth. What did the Steelers trade him for again? 5 bucks?

    Without a strong veteran presence on the offensive side, Santonio Holmes will contaminate the locker room. He is well on his way to doing that.

    Ladanian is a veteran, but not a strong veteran. Ladanian has sat out of games pouting on the sidelines. You think that guy is going to curtail Santonio Holmes’ influence? Pahlease.

  21. You cannot copyright words and short phrases. My guess is they are trying to TRADEMARK them…. which would seem more appropriate. However a trademark must identify a good or service. I’d be an interesting to see how CANT WAIT does this, or even to some extent REVIS ISLAND.

  22. Really Kris???? When you were there???? hmmmm?? I remember looking at the Jets roster for 3 years and you werent on it however you were on the IR is there an IR locker room that you were a leader in????

  23. Wow! Looks like Kris is a hypocrite now huh? Isn’t he the one trying to get paid by not being a leader and shouting out all these players he so called “led”. A real teammate would go and counsel the guys in private to help them gel as a team not pile on when the going gets rough.

  24. sj39 says: Oct 20, 2011 9:49 AM
    At least the Jets QB is straight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that Tom.

    Boy,you guys are embarrassing with your man crush.


  25. All signs are pointing to Jets doom. Beating Miami in such a feeble way hasn’t made the media or the fans more confident. We’ll see how they fare against SD. If they win they will be seen as somewhat back on track and I think the noise will die down. If they lose, they will be in a nightmare situation. They don’t match up well against the Bills at all who can stop the run and run the ball better than most teams. If they lose to SD and BUF the Patriots will be licking their chops to issue the death blow. Long season, but if they go 3-6 or even 4-5 they are almost done.

  26. Tough one this weekend; a game they might wanna win.
    But the Jets are still a good team and have played significantly better in the 2nd half of the season the past two years so I’d be reluctant to write them off, win or lose.
    That said, Ellis’ play is finally starting to come around in N.E. He’s a solid veteran; a noteworthy and positive locker room presence.

    Starting to really wonder if Sanchez will ever take the next step. If he doesn’t this team will never win a SB. Their D is not what it’s been the past couple seasons and Rex’s bold talk is growing thin.

  27. I’m neither a Jets fan nor hater, but just as a view from the outside, I think what you’re starting to see is the downside to that whole “players’ coach” mentality.

    Yeah, signing guys with some issues under the premise of “Rex will know how to get the most outta him” or “he’ll play for ‘ol Rex” usually does work at first, but there’s a fairly short window until the true colors of said guys with issues start to come out.

    Not saying the Jets window is closed at all, but this crap might get worse before it gets better.

  28. ravensfan4life52,

    You can make the argument that Holmes is overrated.


    I don’t think Holmes is overrated talent wise. He’s one of the best playmakers in the league and he’s suffering with a QB who can’t consistently sling it. I do think Holmes is a locker room problem like TO, and he will eventually hurt any team he is on more than he helps them. Teams would be smart to give him a one year contract.

  29. @tiffpats

    if anything he’s underrated talent wise. now when you look at the whole package, yeah he’s a little overrated.

  30. ampats says:
    Oct 20, 2011 9:15 AM
    This clown show from Florham Park has been a great source of entertainment for us Patriot fans.

    Ooh “the offense is going to go through the roof”, problem is the jets offense first has to get out of the toilet led by future career backup QB Sanchez.

    I also think he was referring to Bart Scott who absolutely sucks this season

    Could be 0-3 for the jets the next few weeks. The implosion will continue. Enjoy the victory over the “Suck for Luck” team in Miami.

    Happy 43rd AND

    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason


    Same stuff you were posting last year before we hammered you in the playoffs, in your house no less. Its a long season and back to back AFC Championship games ain’t to shabby.

  31. Can’t believe how many people are taking shots at Jenkins’ injury history (from playing a game we all love). I don’t see where he said anything to be upset about except for the most childish, over zealous Jets fan.

  32. on defense it seems to be that lack of leadership, on offense it seems to be Sanchez not grabbing it. Sanchez needs to play each game like it’s the playoff games that he won.

  33. You shouldn’t say they need to win 2 of the next 3. It should be 3 of 3. Losing to any of those Teams, ecspecially the Bills, would mean disaster for the Jets. I mean, even if they go 1-2, they are 4-5, and let’s assume that loss is to the Pats and Bills, that will put this team atleast 1 game and half back from the second place AFCE team, if not more. Lets say that team is the Bills. The Bills finish with 1 more game against the Jets, 2 against Miami, Denver, Dallas, San Diego, Tenn. and NE. The Jets would need to be prefect during that stretch, and the Bills would have to lose one other game, outside of the Jets rematch. This team should be in panic mode, becuase while the Jets are hitting their stride at 3-3, the other teams around them are in a full sprint for the finish already.

  34. I love how the Jets all take turns with talking tough about their team, as if that’s a sign of leadership on the individual’s part. But it’s not. There’s a big difference between making lofty statements about your team and its capability, and actually leading the team on the field. The Jets don’t have a Ray Lewis, Drew Brees, or Peyton Manning on their team. If Sanchez actually pulled everyone together into a “put up or shut up” mode, they might actually be able to do something. Instead, we get stuck with idiotic statements like how Rex Ryan would have a couple rings if he had gotten the head coaching job with the Chargers, or how the Jets will win the Super Bowl every year.

    I’m happier each and every day he didn’t get the Ravens head coaching gig now. Bravo, Bisciotti.

  35. “We’re not sure if its leadership or just an inept offense that is slowing the Jets down”
    Well, there’s an easy way to tell. Has the defense become less effective too, or is it just the offense? Answer: the defense, while still good in areas, is not performing at the same level that it was.

  36. stlsteelersfan says: Oct 20, 2011 8:38 AM

    Bart Scott also tried to copyright the phrase “Can’t Wait!”

    Scott must need “Depends”

  37. first off, the GMEN will always be the big show in nyc and rightly so. rich tradition, classy organization, solid on both sides of the football. jets fans as i have said many times before have to be the MOST annoying fans on the planet. the jets have a goofy owner, a big mouth coach and an extremely overrated defence. secondly, they are about to join the dolphins in the afc east basement for a long long time. could not be two more deserving teams residing there. hahahaha.

  38. @grpatriot

    You do realize Bart Scott turned that into a tshirt to raise money for the kid from Rutgers, Eric LeGrand, who was paralyzed last year right?

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