Maybe it’s Tiki time in Motown


The Lions need help at running back.  Badly.

The trade for Ronnie Brown fell through because Jerome Harrison has a brain tumor.  Jahvid Best is out indefinitely with his latest concussion, a condition that caused him to be available at pick No. 30 in the 2010 NFL draft.  The only other options are Maurice Morris and Keiland Williams.

The free-agency cupboard is largely bare, with guys like Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Laurence Maroney available.

Why not give Tiki Barber a try?

Humbled (and flabbergasted) by the lack of interest in his services, he could be the difference maker that the team needs.  And if he creates any trouble, the Lions would just cut him.

Regardless, the Lions need help.  And Barber finished phase one of his career with more than 2,000 combined rushing and receiving yards in three straight seasons.  Under the circumstances, he’s worth at least a look.

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  1. last weekend i saw a pregame babble about home field advantage, and how green bay and detroit were going to be in a battle for it. i screamed “too soon!”. now, that babble looks a hundred times dumber. if tiki barber is their goto guy, their season is skrwd.

  2. Mikes an idiot most of the time but this time he is definitely right, what could it hurt to take a look at him, hey I hear Baltimore would take megatron and send you Ricky Williams and a 1st rounder lol

  3. I would trade for Johnathan Stewart since Carolina already has 3 RBs (D’Angelo, John, and Cam Newton).

    Trade like a 7th round pick in 2015 for him plus $8,500 cash.

  4. They could pull some no name off the street and he’d go off for 100 yards, if the line is blocking well. Nature of the position.

    They’ll be fine.

  5. As a fan, I appreciate on some levels the stubborness & pride of Mayhew & Schwartz. But as a fan I’m also desperate to see some life in the run game, so although I don’t like Barber it may indeed be time to put aside their pride and explore ALL options. They keep saying they’ll make any move that improves the team…well, can’t know if it will work unless you at least try it. It’s just until LeShoure comes back next season, what can it hurt?

  6. Other available running backs include: Eddie George, Jim Brown, Larry Csonka, Roger Craig, and Eric Dickerson. Why not an article about them?

  7. Only reason this pos is looking for a job is because his kids’ mother is raping his pockets for everything he has. I guess banging the intern wasn’t worth it.

  8. Jamal Lewis will stutter-step and fall over an O-lineman’s legs for 1 yard gain every play for veteran minimum

  9. With undrafted guys like Fred Jackson, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, LeGarrette Blount, and Arian Foster among the NFL’s rushing leaders, I hope the Lions first take a look among young guys who have been overlooked by other teams. That way they can get a guy who might contribute for 5-10 years, rather than a guy who might be OK for half a season.

  10. isn’t that sweet? giving your old coworker at NBC a shout out. you guys are getting big…but you dont have that kind of power. please return to earth.

  11. Depth is an issue but our #1 WITHOUT QUESTION is Mo Morris. We are FINE with Morris, look at what he has done ANY time we’ve needed him. Laugh for now but we’ll see where we are in 6 weeks.

  12. Jahvid Best is out indefinitely with his latest concussion, a condition that caused him to be available at pick No. 30 in the 2010 NFL draft.

    You know what else caused him to be available at pick 30? He isn’t very good.

  13. Trade deadline was Tuesday…today is Thursday…

    You could sign Evan Royster off the Washington Redskins practice squad…you would have to keep him on the active roster the rest of the year, but he was the Penn State all-time leading rusher…and now he is rested and ready and in football shape…

  14. The “Tiki Barber is Flabbergasted” joke is really starting to get old and corny. If I see that joke as a comment on another story that has nothing to do with Tiki, I might go crazy.

  15. I felt like I had just been trolled when I finished reading this. I assume there’s some NBC connection or reason for the plug. Tiki returning to any NFL team is an absolute joke — it’s not like he was a HOF caliber QB.

  16. In all seriousness Baltimore cut Damien berry from the U and he looked pretty good in preseason, Jim Swartz is from Baltimore so I’ll let his cousin know lol

  17. As a Falcons fan, I encourage this move. I love playing RBs with fumblitis, especially if they are old and washed up.

  18. Tiki’s hopes of rekindling his career were dashed on the assembly line of broken dreams when he learned that Matthew Millen no longer held the title of General Manager of the Lions of Detriot.

  19. If the Lions sign Tiki the vikequeens will immediately trade Adrian Peterless for him. Their recent history shows they love to sign the elderly who have a history of poisoning the locker room.

  20. Raiding another teams practice squad is probably the course I’d take.Evan Royster and Caleb King are two guys I can think of right off the top of my head that might be able to help.

  21. Tiki belongs on the “karma kicking you in the butt tour” for the rest of the season. I would rather take Clinton Portis than Barber.

  22. sikoix says:
    Oct 20, 2011 2:38 PM
    I felt like I had just been trolled when I finished reading this. I assume there’s some NBC connection or reason for the plug. Tiki returning to any NFL team is an absolute joke — it’s not like he was a HOF caliber QB.


    He wasn’t a HOF caliber RB, either.

  23. The shameless championing of specific players on this site is ridiculous. No one cares about Tiki Barber, nobody. There is absolutely nothing appealing about a 36 year old running back who hasn’t even played a down the last couple years. Please, tell us the last 36 year old running back to have any kind of success.

  24. Why not give Tiki Barber a try? -MF

    Disrupting chemistry is the last thing you want to do with a team that is going through a renaissance like the Lions are. Adding Tiki would be the turd in the punchbowl. Letting him go if it doesn’t work out will be another blow as the team will doubt leadership.

    Scour practice squads and get some dude from there. Less chance of disruption and less chance of having any interns slept with.

    Clinton Portis? Larry Johnson? Mike Bell?

  25. They’ve also got options with RB’s in the UFL, CFL, and Arena Football. They aren’t stuck with choosing between retired running backs.

    Screw it….Bring back Barry Sanders!!!!!!!

  26. “The free-agency cupboard is largely bare, with guys like Clinton Portis…..”


    Be careful what you say there.

  27. This is stupid. I don’t know what was more a waste of time. Me reading this post or typing a reply.

  28. Go get Aaron brown. I don’t know why they released him in the first place. He was a better option than Harrison from the get go

  29. As a Browns Fan, I don’t care. But this is a Bad move for Detroit. Very Bad move. 1. He is/will be a cancer in the locker room. 2. He will THINK since they need a RB and he will be the starter, he will not take minimum. 3. Whatever they pay him, he will not get it anyway, the EX that he left while pregenant will!
    As stated, Detriot needs to find a young boy thats hungry. He will be cheaper and because he is hungry, he will work harder because he has something to prove!

  30. The Lions would be better off takings someone off another team’s practice squad. Be surprised of the talent at RB you can find there.

  31. I doubt it – there are younger backs with less baggage and more left in the tank than Barber. He has a better chance of returning to the Football Night in America crew than an NFL team.

  32. he is 36 and hasnt played in 5 years, why would anyone think he would be effective? Plax missed 2.5 years and is younger and looks like garbage.

    Id rather sign a cast off like Maroney then an over the hill guy who hasnt been hit in half a decade

  33. warvette says:
    Oct 20, 2011 2:13 PM
    ha! how’d that work out for greg brady?


    nice one, warvette….freakin hilarious!

  34. I am pretty sure they will roll with K.W. & M.M. over Tiki. Heck, they would even defer to a 5 WR look for an entire game before they signed that cancer of a human being.

  35. He’s a perfect fit and has played in a ton of big playoff games unlike the rest of the team who will likely be playing in the playoffs for the first times in their careers.

    Haters need to take a Xanax already!

  36. Who floated this story, Tiki or his agent? Lets move on to serious issues please. Maybe Tiki can get a job as a sportscaster for his local highschool.

  37. The free-agency cupboard is largely bare, with guys like Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, and Laurence Maroney available.

    Why not give Tiki Barber a try?


    Uh, because ALL of the guys you listed are better options than Tiki?

  38. Even if your not a Detroit fan given the state of the city and the teams history there not hard to pull for. Sign Tiki all that goodwill is out the window.

  39. Sounds like Tiki has a publicist on your staff. He was a great back in his day. And the mistakes he made in his personal life are no worse than those made by other celebrities.

    But the 2000 lb gorilla in the room is WHY not one single team made him an offer at the beginning of the season? Sounds more like the teams concluded his skills are not as impressive as they once were, meaning not good enough for the NFL anymore.

  40. “Why not give Tiki Barber a try?”

    Spoken like someone who just stepped off a spaceship from Mars and has absolutely no idea what a divisive force Tiki Barber really is.

    Sign somebody off a practice squad. He’d be young, overjoyed to be on an NFL team, and would play hard. None of those would be true with Tiki.

  41. I doubt Tiki is really on their radar. If no teams were interested then, why would they be now?

    Lions should just snipe someone off a practice squad and roll with it.

  42. The man is now well rested and probably still in amazing shape, a la T.O.

    If you have the ability to cut him at any time, risk free, and he has the tools, I pose question: Why not? The first whiff of bad news, ditch him. If your locker room can’t handle one incident, especially when an example is made of the guy, you must be coaching the Jets…

  43. The Lions are a young team playing with alot of confidence right now. the last thing they need is an old washed up malcontent in the club house, whos only purpose seems to be to collect a check after getting taken to the poor house in a rough divorce.

    Like alot of other posters already said, they are plenty of hungry young guys out there looking for a chance.

  44. Before I even began to consider your absurd suggestion, you’d have to explain to me exactly why a 36-year-old who hasn’t played — or tried out for any team — in a couple years is a better option than Portis, L. Johnson, or Maroney, all of whom are younger than Barber, and all of whom have at least drawn interest in the years since Barber quit playing. Or why he’s a better option than Aaron Brown, who was on the Lions’ roster for a few years before being cut this season in favor of Keiland Williams; Brown at least knows the playbook. Or why the Lions shouldn’t bring up someone from their practice squad whom they see practically every day. Every single one of those options is better than Barber, whether it makes him sad or not.

    Next you’ll tell me if Stafford goes down, the Lions should call up Jeff George. Seriously — just give up the Barber nonsense.

  45. Why wouldn’t you go with Tiki or Larry Johnson? At this stage of the season you need a veteran to step in to keep this momentum going. Tiki is a better blocker; but I would go with LJ.

  46. If you give serious reps to Keiland Williams, he could be the diamond we’re looking for. The only reason he is out of Washington is they didn’t have room for him. He was effective last year!

  47. Okay, the “flabbergasted” line was funny the 100
    times we heard it but now it’s getting a little stale.

    Can’t ya come up with something new or is that it?

  48. boy is the niners defense tough. they injured so many players… Arian Foster in preseason, Javid Best, Lagarrette Blount, Romo, Trent Cole. Daulton is lucky his head didnt come off with the helmet as well.

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