Raiders have work to do to extend sellout streak


The Raiders have sold out all three of their 2011 home games.  But even with Carson Palmer joining the team this week, the Raiders need some more time to sell all non-premium tickets for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

Per a league source, the Raiders have requested and received a 24-hour extension of the 72-hour deadline for selling enough tickets to lift the local blackout.  The number of unsold non-premium tickets is in the range of 2,000 to 3,000.

It’s believed that the Raiders will be giving Palmer the start in his first game with the team, which should help get the rest of those tickets sold by Friday afternoon.

25 responses to “Raiders have work to do to extend sellout streak

  1. Kyle Boller..a lot of people arent sure if Kyle Boller’s going to start or not.A Kyle Boller ran offense is non functional…unwatchable. But true RAider fans can’t miss it..gotta represent.

  2. One of the biggest trades in NFL history for a new QB who will start this week and they can’t sell it out? Raider fans are smarter than I thought.

  3. sellout streak is irrelevant,

    all they have to do is win and reach the bye week and re-up on injuries, chris johnson is underrated in how much the team needs him.

    Chekwa also did a good job on Plaxico in relief

    the fans worldwide will still be watching it via bootleg or sunday ticket.

    we dont have to be in the actual stadium, all eyes on carson.

  4. I’m guessing vikefan believes that if you say something enough it’ll happen… Oakland isn’t the one with a lease that’s up….

    This game is bigger than a lot of people realize. If Oakland wins, they go into the bye at 5-2. If KC wins, they’re amazingly right back in the AFC West hunt. KC is coming off a bye and who knows who OAK will start at QB. Should be a good one! If we can have Aaron Curry start after one practice (and play pretty well), maybe Palmer starting could actually happen.

  5. I made the flight up last weekend, wish I could do it again this weekend. Last weekend was something I will never forget but I will most likely be raising hell in SD!

  6. vikefan, you’re wrong. The move from Minneapolis to L.A. is 1,926.6 miles according to google. It will be sweet to have 2 of your teams out there now, eh?

  7. ………well at least the move to LA is not that far.

    Yeah, because it went so great the first time. Hey Vikes fan, maybe you should worry about your team moving before you throw jabs at the Raiders

  8. slickster35 says: Oct 20, 2011 4:20 PM

    What an embarrassing bandwagon joke of a franchise.

    I’ve been on the Raider bandwagon for over 40 years.
    What say you and your team?

  9. In what world did Aaron Curry have a good first game? His game was decent if that. It’s only good in Raider nation. As a Bay Area resident, the Raiders are pathetic. It’s not their fault the residents of Oakland can’t afford tickets because apparently you can’t buy them with food stamps. Time will tell how good the Palmer trade was, but apparently Cracktown nation has already given up on an important game.

  10. Will be critical to run the ball and limit the throws by Palmer in his first game. If he can make a couple of first downs with his arm, and the defense/special teams doesn’t give up any big plays it should work out. Raiders are more physical and more talented. And Haley can’t carry Hue’s clipboard. BTW thanks to the Donks for providing some film on Tebow by starting him this week.

  11. I’m guessing vikefan believes that if you say something enough it’ll happen… Oakland isn’t the one with a lease that’s up….


    I’m wondering if the Raider Cult will ever spout some truth.


    1. Raiders are not pro footballs winniest team.

    Chicago is.

    2. The Raiders do not have the so called greatest fans.

    They do not sell out on a constant basis. Having three sellouts in a season does not cut it.

    See Washington.

    3. Just because you go over 500. Does not mean you are going to win the Super Bowl.

    See New England.

    4. The “us against them” motif is in overkill mode.

    It’s 2011.

    Nobody is afraid if your team is successful.

    You do realize your fanbase is a You Tube sideshow?

    The refs and the NFL are not out to get you.

    You lead the league in penalities every year. Try following the rules and playing sound football.

    5. The Pirate, Gangster and Biker look that dawns Raider Fans is old.

    We get it.

    Your bad.

  12. @r8rsfan – I’m not a chiefs fan, but how can Haley not carry Hue’s clipboard? Haley has proved FAR more then Hue. Haley led them to the playoffs last year, what has Hue done? 4-2? For how long?

  13. Scooby Doo or whatever you call yourself – based on your stereotypical rant about the team and the fans you’re not intellectual enough to debate coaching credentials or anything else for that matter without petty insults and lack of emotional control. Your generalizations are tired, inaccurate and weak. Raider Nation is real, and there are people from all walks of life included. Just Win Baby – RIP Al.

  14. Lol at r8rfan, how many championships does hue have? And I live in emeryille, went to the jets vs raiders game. My stereotype is reality unless you’re a raider fan I guess…

  15. All the people commenting on here that are not Raiders fans… you are stupid. We aren’t bandwagon. I still have my Randy Moss Raiders jersey to remind me of the bad times. Got my Bo Jackson Jersey to wear after a win. As a Raiders fan whose suffered, I do not want any bandwagon fans to like this team now so just continue to hate!

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