Rex Ryan apologizes for his comments about Chargers

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On Wednesday, Jets coach Rex Ryan realized almost immediately that he’d made a potential mess by suggesting that the Chargers would have won a “couple” Super Bowls if the team had hired Ryan to be the head coach in 2007.  Ryan called the man whom the Chargers actually hired, Norv Turner, to apologize before Norv even heard about the comments.

Despite the pre-emptive private apology, Norv took a jab at Ryan, wondering if he keeps the rings he would have won in San Diego with the rings Rex has been promising to win in New York.

On Thursday, Ryan apologized publicly, saying that the slight of Turner was unintentional.

It’s likely a dead issue.  Unless the Chargers win and Norv gives Rex a raucous handshake and a shove to the back.

43 responses to “Rex Ryan apologizes for his comments about Chargers

  1. Rex Ryan is such a blowhard clown I can’t believe anyone can still stand listening to him. I hope he keeps his mouth shut a little more often after this.

  2. Keep yapping Rex….soon everyone will understand why the Ravens didn’t hire you as their head coach either.

  3. Can we now receive an apology from Rex for lying that his slight of Turner was “unintentional”?

    His intent is always to bring attention upon himeslf.

  4. As a Chargers fan, I’m happy he made these insulting comments. Same with comments from Cro bashing the team.

    It will help the Chargers get fired up for a 10 am PT start. They need all the help they can get.

  5. “Despite the pre-emptive private apology, Norv took a jab at Ryan, wondering if he keeps the rings he would have won in San Diego with the rings Rex has been promising to win in New York.”

    Game, set and match to Norv Turner.

  6. Rex just apologized to the treadmill, gymnasium and healthy food for not using them and choosing the gut band.

  7. Welocme to another Edition of “As the jests Turn”.

    I don’t understand what the big deal is because Rex is right that if he meant to say was if he was HC of the SD Chargers he would have guaranteed two SB Championships just as he has in NY and delivered the same results:
    NOTHING !!

  8. The post-game handshake between Norv and Sexy Rexy this Sunday should be good to see.

    “Time for a G*ddam blowout”!

  9. wanting to jam footballs down LT and cro’s throats should be enough motivation to win

    i just hope my chargers don’t drink alot the night before

    it’s not a party guys, it’s business

  10. Why does no one ever own their words anymore? Every five minutes some blow hard is shouting off about this or that, then next thing you know they are appologizing for it.

    My Lt. taught me that you never appologize for anything. Admit when you were at fault and learn for your mistakes. Most importantly, do not repeat them. And never appologize for them.

  11. and all U Not-Yets fans complain about us all pilin on Old Rexy the Fat!?!?!?!
    really? Could you have any questions any longer after this latest bout Rex had firmly planting his foot in his mouth?

    Oh, I guess he was hoping it was Mark Sanchez’s foot in his mouth; “Can I touch em?”

  12. Fast forward 2 years, 3 at most, and Rex will be coaching at his alma mater SW OK State or some other college back water wondering how it all went wrong for him . . . he’ll be alone without the answer to that riddle

  13. Ya know, if the Chargers win this game and the Jets drop to 3-4 with the Bills and the Patriots on the horizon…there are going to be some long faces and angry voices in New York.

    The J-E-T-S could be a desperate team by the time that Christmas Eve tilt with the G-Men arrives.

  14. Didn’t Rex beat Norv on his home field in San Diego 2 years ago to go to the AFC championship game? Oh yeah, he did.

  15. normthegreycat says:Oct 20, 2011 7:40 PM

    Didn’t Rex beat Norv on his home field in San Diego 2 years ago to go to the AFC championship game? Oh yeah, he did.

    he won a playoff game….big deal. lots of coaches win playoff games. the fat man said he’d win a superbowl.

  16. Rex Ryan is a coach stupid enough to put his “foot in his mouth” and make a comment insulting to both his opponent’s coach and the players themselves.

    Norv Turner is a coach smart enough to use the opportunity to rally his players towards a victory, regardless of the premptive apology

  17. If you listen to the conference call he actually had nothing but good things to say about the Chargers but of course the media has to flip things to sell headlines and get a rise of out people.

  18. When the Chargers bltch slap the Jets around on Sunday, will Norv call Rex and apologize for that?

    Rex will be solely responsible for Marcos Sanchez lying motionless on the playing field, bleeding from his anus as Shawn Phillips’ helmet is surgically removed from his rectum. Fatty is lucky he doesn’t have to suit up against my Chargers or they’d knock the fat right off of him.

  19. Man, that was the one thing I liked about Ryan, he never apologized. What’s the use of saying something outrageous if you’re going to take it back later?

  20. As a lifelong Charger fan, I know better than to talk crap before any game….. I HOPE the Bolts win… hope….

  21. Wait, I’m confused. Didn’t Rex apologize yesterday? Why apologize again today? Will he apologize again tomorrow, and then Sunday as well? Oh, wait, his apology yesterday was hollow, unlike all those Twinkies he’s so fond of.

  22. there is a huge difference between chael sonnen and Rex chael actually backs up his talk. he said he was gonna whoop Silva and for 4 and a half round he did. he beat on Silva like he promised. Rex has never backed up anything he’s said.

  23. Well, there it is. The first obvious sign that Rex Ryan is on his way out the door in New York.

    His well cultivated tough guy, shoot from the hip persona is already wearing thin as the Jets continue to underperform.

    The Jets will be lucky to make the playoffs as a wild card team with this clown in control.

  24. jim harbaugh is currently suffering from rex ryan syndrome- 49ers will soon match that talk (just like the jets) with their own .500 record.

  25. first of all, everyone who keeps chirping about the fact that Rex & Jets haven’t won the Super Bowl yet should shut the f**k up – as a LONG suffering Jets fan, I’m thrilled they made it to the Championship game two years in a row – sure I would have liked to see them win it all….but after years of .500 finishes and the occasional one and done playoff appearance just to torque up the pain, I will gladly take what we’ve been given – two exciting, meaningful seasons of green & white football.

    As for Rex’s tendency to fire then aim, I’ll admit it is sometimes frustrating…but on the whole, I’m happy to have a coach who speaks his mind, who doesn’t whitewash the truth, and who brags on “his” guys and then challenges them to back it up.

    As to this specific incident, I think Rex apologized because his words were meant for the Charger organization, and Turner ended up being the collateral damage, which was not Rex’s intention. So he did his best to make that right. But instead of giving him credit for standing up and admitting a mistake, everyone wants to twist the knife a little deeper.

    Finally, I am anticipating a close, tough game on Sunday. Any Charger fan who thinks the Bolts are going to come in to Meadowlands and steamroll the Jets need to take realistic look at their team – are the Chargers good? yeah…but are they THAT good…nope

  26. Rex Ryan needs to get some balls and I don’t mean footballs. He expresses his opinion and then apologized. WTF is up with that? If your going to say something and mean it than stand your ground. Don’t come back and apologize for what you said. That just makes him a effeminate man or should I say BOY. I know women who have bigger balls than him.

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