T.O. will work out next week


Agent Drew Rosenhaus advises that receiver Terrell Owens will hold a public workout next week in California to demonstrate his current condition and fitness, after his recovery from surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Owens will work out at Calabasas High School in Calabasas, California at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 25.

Rosenhaus told PFT on Wednesday that Owens has been cleared to return to football activities.  Titans coach Mike Munchak recently indicated that his team would be potentially interested in Owens.

On Thursday’s PFT Live, I took a look at 11 teams that could be and/or should be potentially interested in at least finding out whether the 15-year veteran can still perform at a high level.

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29 responses to “T.O. will work out next week

  1. Where will he play?
    – Next question?
    What kind of drills will he run?
    – Next question
    T.O., are you still a washed up, self-centered prima donna?
    – Next question

  2. That’s a typo:

    I’t supposed to read:

    “TO will try Tuesday to make the Calabasas High School JV football team. Go Fightin’ Coyotes!!!”

  3. “If T.O. was one of the reasons Carson Palmer wanted out of Cinci”

    How unfathomably DUMB do you have to be to suggest this? I mean, seriously? This is quite possibly the dumbest thing anyone could ever say…ever.

    Uh…in case you haven’t noticed, T.O. is, like, NOT in Cinci, and it was known he wasn’t going to be back the moment the season ended?

    And THEN Carson Palmer gave the Bengals a “trade or I retire” ultimatum.

    In case you haven’t noticed, the only reason T.O. was IN Cinci last year is Carson Palmer campaigned for the Bengals to sign him. Um, didn’t YOU report this?

    BTW, Steve Wyche says Palmer worked out with Owens this off-season as well. Shockingly, it doesn’t sound like they have beef.

    So again, what freak’n sense does it make for Palmer to demand out of Cinci because he dislikes a receiver who ISN’T ON THE TEAM ANYMORE? A receiver he dislikes who is no longer on the team whom HE REQUESTED IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    “I want out of Cinci, because they listened to me when I campaigned for Terrell Owens, and he turned out to be a real pain in the a#$.”

    Yeah, that makes loads of sense.

  4. I think TO can still play. He is a HOF player and has not lost much. He works hard in practice and play. Don’t see any evidence that he is done.

  5. The boy can still ball, it’s just a matter of getting a team to take a chance on him. Will he implode a team or take them to the playoffs?

  6. It is good to see him get another chance to play. TO has never lacked work ethic and he does stay out of trouble. I bet if it was selfish,whining,over the hill BUTT FARVE most of you would be happy he got another chance lol. GO TO!!!! AX

  7. Isn’t Calabasas high school being used that day for something more important? Like…. Being a high school?

  8. Somebody will sign him… If he can still cut and run on his knee…

    72/983/9 were his stats last year in cincy…

    Doesn’t sound washed up to me… Regardless of his age… If he can still move on his newly repaired acl I guarantee he gets signed…

    Maybe Oakland all things considered… They took a cap hit signing Palmer. Who knows…

  9. I’m will attend the workout to see if TO is worth a fantasy waiver pickup. But then again not sure if shirtless sit-ups will help in that kind of descision.

  10. TO would be a big addition for the Jets if he is healthy. He could do what Burris does now but provide what the Jets are missing. A deep threat. Losing Edwards has been huge for the Jets offense. Owens could stretch the field opening up the middle. It would then allow Burris to work his way back to the game by becoming a 3rd/4th WR along as a red zone threat.

    The downside to TO besides the questions about his health but his effect in the locker room. In the past he has spoken poorly of good QB’s like Garcia in Sf and Mc Nabb in Philly. How long until he said Sanchez is a joke.

    But right now the Jets are going nowhere. If they do not beat SD this week and with Buffalo and NE coming up after the bye the Jets will be in desperation mode. TO could be the Jets lottery ticket purchase. I guess it depends on how much that ticket is going to cost. The Jets are pretty tight with cash. They unloaded Mason to Houston to save a million and they are going to need as much salary cap room as possible next year.

    It would have to be a very attractive deal for the Jets. But if Owens is indeed healthy and the Jets lose to the Chargers this weekend what about makes the Jets attractive to TO? 3-4 sinking ship with Sanchez as the QB does not sound very enticing.

  11. How great would it be if the Raiders picked him up. He is one of the reason why Carson Palmer wanted out of the Cincy. Carson prefers not to play with guys like him.

  12. Maybe the average Cowboys fan won’t know this, but T.O. has RIPPED off the “profile pose” of movie critic Roger Ebert.

    Typical classlessness by a client of Drew Rosenhaus, but in this case, we’re of course talking about TO, so it’s once more a “birds of a feather thing.”

    See, Roger Ebert created that pose because, due to ORAL CANCER, he had to have his lower jaw surgically removed. He created a profile picture with that pose several years ago, and today he’s one of the most FOLLOWED Twitter accounts, with a couple million followers. I guess T.O. is a follower too.

    So T.O. likes the guy’s profile picture, and RIPS IT OFF. It just seems ironic the guy with THE BIGGEST MOUTH (not named Chad Johnson or with a last name of Ryan) thinks it’s appropriate to “borrow” a photo from a guy we wish still had one. Wish the tables were reversed between these too … and I truly hope that I never have to read about T.O. again, either. We have way too many EGOMANIACS in society as it is, and hopefully, he can make enough money signing old 49ers jerseys to support himself without hoisting his ugly ass personality on us paying public.

    That is all.

  13. People keep saying the Titans are a spot for him but I don’t see it unless they have an injury.

    Signing Owens means cutting one of the young guys. The only one I could see them cutting and not regretting it is OL Kevin Matthews.

    And the chances of that are nearly ZERO, considering the fact his daddy is BRUCE Matthews, one of their coaches…

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