Bears-Bucs is sold out, technically

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Despite concerns that the NFL’s fifth annual London game wouldn’t be sold out, the NFL says that it is.

“The game is sold out for TV purposes and will be televised in London,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells PFT via email.  “We expect the attendance to be about 75,000, which would likely be the third-largest NFL crowd on Sunday, trailing only the Cowboys and Jets home games.”

It’s also 20,000 or so more than would have attended the game in Tampa.

Last year’s London game, between the Broncos and 49ers, had an official attendance of 83,941.  In 2010, the game between the Pats and Bucs drew 84,254.  In 2008, the game between the Saints and Chargers had an attendance of 83,226.  In 2007, the first years of the series, the Giants and Dolphins generated a crowd of 81,176.

Thus, 75,000 will be significant lower than all other Wembley Stadium regular-season crowds.  But not low enough to keep the folks in London from being forced to watch Benny Hill reruns, or whatever it is that they watch on television when NFL games aren’t on.

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  1. NFLOfficeAdmin. The Giants are on a BYE. One would think someone that works for the NFL would know that. Oh wait that is just a screenname nevermind.

  2. This is the second London game in which the Buccaneers are playing.


    Are they the team that will be moving to London?

  3. As a Bears fan in Tampa, this London thing sucks. I have been here since 1997, and was able to go see them once a year, then realignment killed that, and now this London stuff is screwing all the Bears fans down here this year!

  4. The games attendance is ‘slightly’ lower because of the labour dispute as this years game was announced months later than normal.

    As for the Benny Hill crap, go back to watching I love lucy and calling football ‘soccer’.

  5. The irony of the game being blacked out in London would just be too awesome.

    Other than that, who cares about London, stop alienating your most important demographic (American football fans) and just end this abortion of an idea.

  6. it hasnt sold out because its a bad matchup. fans over here want to see marquee teams play (Pats, Saints, Chargers, Colts etc). no offence, but im going to be watching the texans titans game, or the falcons lions game instead.

  7. im from london and have been each of the past 4 years to the international series games. it hasnt sold out because its a bad matchup. fans over here want to see marquee teams play (Pats, Saints, Chargers, Colts etc). no offence, but im going to be watching the texans titans game, or the falcons lions game instead.

  8. The reason for a lack of interest is that they only get one game a year. They’re sick of the tease. If they got a team, there would never be any empty seats. St Louis or Tampa would be natural teams to move over there. St Louis moreso than tampa since the Rams owner owns Arsenal(which is a North London Premiere league team.

  9. I’m curious as to when the NFL will strip a home game from the Giants/Jets, Cowboys, Redskins, etc… You know, the big market teams. I’m sensing a racket.

  10. I think it’s kind of silly to resist English expansion just because it’s an American game. I don’t send my child to the playground and tell him not to share his favorite games.

    I would be proud to have football played in London. They seem like crazy sports fans and they would have a massive market. I don’t see why LA should have it’s third try but sending it to London is some sort of problem.

    The more narrow our scope of culture is the less interesting life becomes.

  11. Sounds like the NFL novelty has worn off for the Brits. There’s nothing wrong, they just have their own sports that they support very well.

  12. There is definitely something to this Bucs to London speculation, let’s not forget that the Glazer family who owns the Bucs are also the owners of the Manchester United, the premier soccer team in England. So it’s not like they don’t have ties to England, I think it’s just a matter of time before they relocate to London, they’ve had problems the last few years selling out their games so it’s not that far-fetched IMO.

  13. Good god! THE BUCS WON’T MOVE ANYWHERE! The Bucs make a lot of money right where they are. Look up the Stats. Why move? They have money, A LOT of money. I don’t see any team going to London.. None! What I do see, is another team being born there, a few of them scattered around, and working in teams to play the NFL teams.

    Do you see how difficuilt it would be to draft a player, and some kid out of college gets drafted by a team that isn’t in this country. Are you really this nieve?

    No NFL Team will go there, it is just some crap that the media is feeding off.

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