Champ Bailey, Derrick Mason think NFL should have fined Harbaugh, Schwartz


When the NFL opted not to fine 49ers coach “Hacksaw” Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim “the Iron” Schwartz after their post-game scuffle of a week ago, I pointed out that the decision to give them a pass created a clear inconsistency between the treatment of players and coaches.  Some, including a couple of the guys who work for PFT, disagreed.

Fortunately, at least a couple of NFL players see it the right way.

Appearing on Thursday night’s edition of NFL Network’s Total Access, Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey and Texans receiver Derrick Mason said that Harbaugh and Schwartz should have been fined.

“What if that was a player?  How would [the NFL] react to that?,” Bailey said.  “These are supposed to be the leaders of our team, and you let them get away with it, so to speak, and now how do you think the players will start acting?  I like it personally, but I just know how the NFL operates today, it’s amazing to me they let this slide.”

That’s a common theme.  Yes, it was entertaining.  And, yes, fines should have been imposed, in light of the things for which the NFL routinely imposes fines.

“I think they should have [been fined], because these are the leaders of your team,” Mason said.  “I think the NFL should have slapped them with some type of fine, $5,000 or $10,000 here or there, to at least show them they have to be responsible for what they do on the field.”

Even though there was no fight, Harbaugh and Schwartz created a situation where numerous players and team employees and league employees began pushing and shoving as they tried to break up the potential fight between the two head coaches.  Thus, even though the coaches didn’t actually throw off their gloves and swing fists, they created a situation in which others could have ended up fighting.  That’s reason enough to impose a fine on the men responsible for creating a potentially volatile situation.

20 responses to “Champ Bailey, Derrick Mason think NFL should have fined Harbaugh, Schwartz

  1. Mason is a whiny dbag who added 0 to that segment but I thought Bailey came off pretty well. It’s hard not to agree with Champ. Since they don’t fine coaches for things like this, I wonder if they would fine THEM for dress code stuff like they do with players?

  2. I don’t really have an issue with no fines. No punches were thrown. I haven’t seen players get fined for chest bumps.

  3. They had an argument on the field big deal players do this dozens of times a game after the play unless a punch was thrown no need for a fine

  4. The players began pushing and shoving and they didn’t get fined. How is this not being consistent? Players shove each other all the time after a play to stick up for a teammate and they don’t get fined. Fine coaches for shoving won’t just be a coaching standard, it will be another thing to use to fine players. Careful what you wish for.

  5. players would not have been fined either. in fact bumping and jawing between players wouldn’t have even been noticed. no inconsistency. just an inability on the part of mason and bailey to see themselves as anything other than a victim.
    (now imagine me saying in a voice i would use for a five month old “poor poor widdle victims.”)

  6. “Fortunately, at least a couple of NFL players see it the right way.”

    And what, exactly, makes it the *right* way, Mike? Because you said it to be so? Your normative statements about how you think things ought to be are arrogant and offensive.

    Oh, and it’s offensive that anytime anyone levels a bit of criticism against you or your site, you (or whomever is helping with moderating the message boards) simply removes the post.

    If you’re going to throw your opinions out as emphatically and unequivocally as you do on a regular basis here on this site you need to have the backbone to accept a little well-deserved criticism man…

    Of course this comment will probably get deleted before anyone gets to read it…typical.

  7. “You just can’t say a swear word to someone when there not expecting it”.
    First the challenge, now this.
    Learn the rules Harbaugh.

  8. Do away with the post game handshake, the congratulations isn’t sincere anyway. It’s not like you have to promote sportsmanship, these guys are professionals.

  9. It doesn’t matter that players wouldn’t be fined for the same thing. According to Goodell, coaches and front office personnel are held to a higher standard. Look at how hard he came down on Tom Cable a few years ago. Oh, never mind.

  10. The ruling was a no brainer. Players get into this type of interaction with each other ALL the time. It would be dumb to fine these coaches for something so small.

  11. Although some people might not agree but this has everything to do with race…two middle aged white men pushing and shoving is not threatening–its good NFL theater and almost funny. Whereas on the other hand, had this been two “angry black men” pushing and shoving the league undoubtedly would have issues a fine of some sort…Such an act would do damage to the shield and look poorly on the middle america and the predominately white corporate sponsorship.

  12. yes players do go after each other, and yes they are not fined for it-but the difference is those exchanges happen during the game. Do you all think that if players did this AFTER the game that they wouldnt be fined

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