Charlie Whitehurst expected to get his shot


The Seahawks haven’t ruled quarterback Tarvaris Jackson out for Sunday’s game in Cleveland, but Seattle’s starter is looking unlikely to play because of his pectoral injury.

Coach Pete Carroll admitted Thursday that Jackson has only “played catch” at practice this week. Charlie Whitehurst has received all the snaps with the first team.  The team is preparing him to start.

The Seahawks could also be without center Max Unger and tight end Zach Miller. Seattle’s offense isn’t exactly explosive when everyone is healthy, so it will be interesting to see how they fare with these injuries.

Seattle faces Cleveland Sunday in the “I can’t believe one of these teams will be 3-3” Bowl.

22 responses to “Charlie Whitehurst expected to get his shot

  1. The only controversy here should be about the mental state of the Seahawks organization when they decided to pay Tavaris Jackson in real life dollars. You could have given him Monopoly money and he wouldn’t have known the difference, and the earnings would have been better justified.

  2. TJack was actually improving. But I’m glad Charlie will be starting. I will pick him up in my fantasy league and give him a ceremonial start. I didn’t expect to win this week anyway.

  3. Pete Carroll obviously was planning on having Andrew Luck at quarterback next year, which is why T-Jack started the season. It isn’t working out like he thought, so now it’s time to move to Plan B.

  4. Sign of the apocalypse: Seattle at Cleveland drawing higher ratings than the World Series

  5. Both these cats shouldn’t even be in the NFL (and soon they won’t be), let alone starting.

    Seattle is cool, but they made a huge mistake passing on Andy Dalton.

  6. So what will happen is Whitehurst will have a solid game with no turnovers and Carroll will then say in his press conference next week that Whitehurst didn’t do enough to keep the starting job.

    Carroll has some sort of unknown beef with Whitehurst…..

  7. The bye week could not have come at a better time for Seattle. Whitehurst has had two full weeks to practice with the first team, and two full weeks to adjust to backup center Lemuel Jeanpierre.

    Sucks that Miller won’t play. He hasn’t made a huge contribution yet this year, mostly because he spent the first couple of games helping out with the blocking. As the young line gels, he’s likely to get into the pattern more and get more chances to contribute. McCoy is a serviceable backup, but his hands aren’t nearly as good.

  8. theherogothamdeserved86 says: “Sign of the apocalypse: Seattle at Cleveland drawing higher ratings than the World Series”

    – The World Series… Baseball in general… Sucks. Going to the games in person isn’t half bad, but baseball on TV practically as boring to watch as golf on television. Football is exciting, no matter which two teams are playing, doesn’t matter if it’s high school ball or NFL, still more exciting than baseball, whether it’s the World Series or not.

    Go Seahawks, go Whitehurst!

  9. It’s Charlie’s job to be ready to lead the team in case Tarvaris can’t go. We’ve seen in the past that he’s capable of doing that.
    That being said, Tarvaris has shown many good signs that things are coming around for him in his new envioronment. Oh the envy of all those Vikings fans who have had to endure a lost season at the expense of their own catcalls that pushed him out of town and an imbicile front office led by Spielman who let the team get torn to shreds in the offseason.

  10. Highest QBR in the NFC West: not Kolb, not Bradford, not Smith: Tarvaris Jackson.

    That being said, I think Charlie can get it done just fine. He has the ability to move the offense despite being less accurate and a little more shaky when a play breaks down than Tarvaris. Especially with Joe Haden out, I see no reason why Whitehurst shouldn’t succeed this week.

    After this week though, I want to see Tarvaris get back in there to keep the snowball rolling down the hill. His progress has been great.

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