Giants enjoy bye week as new NFC East favorites

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We’re taking a longer look at each team during their bye week.  The 4-2 first place Giants are up.

The New Favorites

My preseason pick of the Giants as NFC East champs doesn’t look too crazy now. New York is the slight favorite in a wide open division because 1) They are ahead. 2) They don’t have RexJohn Beckman as their quarterback. 3) They have reason to believe they’ll get better.

The margin for error is slim. They are slight favorites, capable of winning (and losing) to anyone.

Reinforcements coming

The Giants started the season with a brand new offensive line. They’ve played without Pro Bowler guard Chris Snee at times. That group should continue to improve the more it plays together.

On defense, the front seven hasn’t had all its pass rushers together at the same time. Justin Tuck should be back after the bye. Osi Umenyiora has been solid since his return.  The team also hopes to get first round pick cornerback Prince Amukamara back after the bye. He’ll add depth to a weak spot for New York.

Pass rush potential

I picked the Giants on one theory: They had enough offensive talent and no one could match their quantity of pass rushers. They lead the NFL in sacks. When Tuck is healthy, it will be tough to block him, Osi Umenyiora (5 sacks in three games), Jason Pierre-Paul (7 sacks), Mathias Kiwanuka, and Chris Canty.

Pierre-Paul should make the Pro Bowl this year. The defense hasn’t been great overall, but the pass rush gives this team an edge.

“Giants Football” a little different

Eli Manning is quietly having a nice season. He’s third in the league in yards-per-attempt. Victor Cruz has ably stepped up as a playmaker. Jake Ballard is doing a solid job at tight end. Throw in Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham, and it’s clear this is a passing team.

New York is 31st in yards-per-carry.  This team is going to win by throwing.

Schedule is brutal

The Giants get the Dolphins coming out of the bye. That should get them to 5-2, but then they face as tough a schedule as any team in the league: @ NE, @ SF, PHI, @NO, GB, @ DAL.   Yikes. It doesn’t even ease up in the final three much.  (WAS, @NYJ, DAL).

The second place schedule was a disadvantage this year because they got the Saints and Packers. The rest of the NFC East has a tough schedule too. My guess is only one NFC East team gets in.

36 responses to “Giants enjoy bye week as new NFC East favorites

  1. Giants don’t win if Fitzpatrick doesn’t underthrow Stevie Johnson and if Webster didn’t make those picks I would have put a lot of blame on on him and the secondary for looking FLAT. Once the Bills got into the secondary NO ONE was flying to the ball and that’s how the Bills got two touchdowns. Fred Jackson runs up right and can’t juke anybody and you would have thought the secondary had concrete shoes. Naaman Roosevelt got his touchdown because, I forget who, picked his own player who was going to make the tackle.
    Giants pass rush did a good job though. One thing to be happy about when looking ahead.

  2. Giants are Pro at Falling Off after the Bye.. Remember this Comment.. Giants Will Not Make The Playoffs and End Up .500.. They are winning games now but are extremely overrated….

    Cant wait till week 16 or 17 when eli knows the season is done for him and the giants. Just for that retarded dumbfounded look on his face..

  3. i agree that the giants SHOULD be able to win the division…..there are two caveats though: they need to improve their o-line play and their secondary play….if they dont i could see them failing to win the division.

    yes, their d-line is dominant; yes, eli FINALLY looks like he’s learned how to be a consistently good qb; yes they do have a nice group of quality receivers….BUT: the offensive line play has stunk, they better pick it up and start opening up rushing lanes AND prince had better be able to solidify a porous secondary.

    dallas and philly….yes philly…are still both real threats to the giants.

  4. Every year the giants are predicted to struggle(because of injuries… eli.. etc..) but they manage to find a way to win because this is a surprisingly deeper teem than most people think. I believe in Jerry Reese, and I have to say I think the giants will be a contender this year or next.

  5. mcc will feel toopid when the Panthaz whup the grosbeck lead Skinneds.

    Gs will fall apart and Dallas takes what rightfully belongs to them.

  6. wwwmattcom says: Oct 21, 2011 8:42 AM

    Giants don’t win if Fitzpatrick doesn’t underthrow Stevie Johnson and if Webster didn’t make those picks I would have put a lot of blame on on him and the secondary for looking FLAT.
    “Giants don’t win IF…”

    Too bad. Fitzpatrick DID underthrow (twice) and Webster picked them both off. That’s how you win games. When opportunities present themselves, the good teams take advantage.

  7. are you kidding,the giants suck! all those ungrateful nygiants fans will be screaming for bill cowher by the end of the season.i’d say when it’s over,they’ll be dead last!

  8. That schedule is going to kill them. Skins will collapse. It will be between the Cowboys and the Eagles, and the unfortunately the Cowboys have the inside track with their remaining schedule.

  9. ‘The Giants will win by throwing’

    …uhh, no they won’t. The Giants have always been a ground and pound team, especially as those winter months turn the corner.

    Is the pass game important and will it win them games? Absolutely. And they do have a talented bunch of pass catchers. But they need to run the ball, control the clock and set-up the play action pass to get into the playoffs and make any noise.

  10. Should New York be the NFC East favorites for the rest of the season when the Giants have the hardest remaining schedule in the NFL?

    Don’t sleep on the competition. It wouldn’t shock me if any of the four teams takes the division.

  11. But what about the Giant’s traditional late season collapse? OTOH the Eagles have a tradition of getting better as they go, and their schedule is easy in comparison to the Giants – all the hard games are at home. It will come down to a revenge game between the G-Men and the Birds at the Meadowlands.

  12. That’s OK Gregg, I won’t tell anyone where you stole the name-combination joke from.

    It’s still pretty funny, but hardly original.

  13. First team to 10 wins takes division. A realistic possibility is that Giants, Eagles and Cowboys will all finish 9-7. Division winner in a three-way tie (I think) is decided by best record among the three teams, which means Giants loss to ‘Skins gets tossed. Washington, already only 1-2 vs. NFC, will not be in the mix.

    Giants (4-2) are 1-1 in division with 1 road game (Dal) left and 3 home games (Was, Phi, Dal) remaining.

    Dallas (2-3) is 1-0 in division with 3 road games (Phi, Was, NYG) remaining and 2 home left (NYG, Phi).

    Phi (2-4) is 1-1 in division with 2 road games (@NYG, @ Dal) and 2 home games (Dal, Was) left.

    Even with the tougher non-division games, Giants get a slight edge by virture of their current 1.5-2 game lead and home-heavy division schedule.

  14. The NFC East will come down to who wins the Giants/Cowboys series this year.

    They play twice in the last 4 weeks of the season.

    The Eagles are done.

    The Skins are pathetic.

  15. Giants will win that division because Eli’s turnovers are down from last season. They will be getting players back, they know how to play together, a good coach and good defensive coach. They have very good wrs and that will get the running game going. They will sweep the eagles because the eagles can’t play defense in the second half of games. Cowboys are just a flaw team with Romo playing Quarterback. The skins well it’s the skins, they will choke. Giants will win that division with a 11 and 4 record.

  16. My guess is that they finish with nine wins. The good thing is, that no one can claim that they won’t be battle-tested. That can only serve them well if they survive the gauntlet just to get to the playoffs.

  17. Huge Giants fan, but to be honest, this was the easy part of their schedule and they’re exactly where people thought they’d be at this point (although how they got there was different than what people originally predicted)

    They need to prove that they won’t just roll over down the stretch against quality opponents (Saints, Pats, Packers, 49ers, etc.)

    Hopefully the Prince will come in and make an immediate impact as a slot corner so Rolle can go back to safety and get Deon Grant off the field.

  18. It is interesting how quite a few in here have predicted that the Giants will fail as the season goes, and as they have done before. But the most interesting theory is, that the Skins or someone else in the East will get to the playoffs other than the Giants. While anything is possible and Eli and the crew have definitely showed how they can regress, doesn’t the same theory apply to the other teams? And doesn’t the Giants, being currently in first place, and while only a game ahead in the win column, have a better chance since they seem to be finding out ways to win? I am amazed at the prognosticators here. Let’s get some facts, the Skins have a QB problem and if that’s not a big a problem as any team would have, I don’t know what is. The Eagles seem to be figuring things out and that is something to take note of, they can very well be there come playoff time. The Cowboys, well, the only thing they seem to be finding these days is how to lose. But they are still a very talented team and when they figure out how to play one, they can very well be contenders. So for the Skin fans, again, its a long season, let’s just see who actually makes it, then we can start talking, ok?

  19. The NFC East will be down to a 2 horse race come Halloween… Dallas/Philadelphia will be eliminated by virtue of NFC East record come next Sunday. 1-2 record with Giants likely moving to 5-2 against a weak Seattle squad essentially knocks one of those teams out.

  20. Giants schedule is beyond brutal. Would Giants fan sign for being 7-6 going into the final three games to get to 10-6 with essentially three home games?

    Bottom line if you’re going to make the postseason you have to protect your home field because winning on the road is very tough.

    Will any 10 win team get left out? Since 2003 six teams have won 10 or more (New England 11 in 2008) and did not make the postseason. Win your division because getting a wildcard is always tough.

  21. Based on the Giants’ recent performance against the teams in that six game stretch, and the current play of those six teams, you could very easily make the argument that the Giants will lose all six of those games. I think they get two wins at the most. That puts them at seven wins with three games remaining. Hard to make a case for them being the favorites to win the NFC East.

  22. People with this “annual end of season collapse” nonsense make me want to vomit. 2009 doesn’t count and last year was injury-riddled. It’s not ANNUAL. It happened two or three times in a decade and now it’s “annual” SMH.

  23. Giants will finish 10-6 or 11-5. People act like these are the Bengals going up against the rest of these teams. The Giants are just as good as all of them, and talent-wise and healthy, they’re better than all of them other than Green Bay. It’s just a matter of bringing it every week.

    Since there are no bad teams left on the sked, I, as a Giants fan don’t have to worry about the vaunted “playing down to the competition” thing which is the ONLY annual trait of Giants teams. NOT end of season collapses.

  24. Ok – so the easiest game in that gauntlet is probably the 49ers and the toughest is the Packers. Therefore, as a Giants’ fan, I can confidently tell you that we’ll lose to SF and deal GB its first loss of the season.

  25. I like that assessment jakek2, and it is likely possible that the Giants may be the ones to hand the Pack their first loss. I also agree with the “annual collapse” argument. They seem to think that this is an annual thing for the Giants to lose most, if not all, of their games during the last few weeks of the season and essentially miss the playoffs. But let’s not forget that they are also the ones who are only a few years removed from winning it all and the only ones in the NFC East who has done it since, oh I don’t know, the Cowboys back in the 90’s. I can try and understand the Eagles and Skins fans bashing but to what evidence though? Their team has not done anything the last few years but to either not make the playoffs or lose in them. Again, let me reiterate, guys, let’s let the teams play, win or lose games then we can talk come playoff time. I would love to be here during the playoffs and hear the same Eagles and Skins, and even Cowboys fan talk about their teams chances, that is if, and a big IF that is, their team actually comes out and make the post season. And if they do, I will personally commend them for doing so. Until them, let’s see!!!

  26. im just sick that dave toffelson STILL gets no love as a giants pass rusher! hes been under the radar for years. with strahan(at the time) tuck osi jpp and kiwi its understandable.. but instart he has 3 sacks (and got screwed on a .5 sack last week taht was fully credited to jpp).. hes a beast give the man some credit if he was a starter anywhere else hed have more than 5-6 sacks i bet

  27. The first and game that the Giants have after game ten will bring the demons back…… They will begging to perform the annual seppuku around game eleven……….

  28. I woulds like to point out that you missed a few teams in their “take a longer look during their bye week” segment. 49ers, Pats, Eagles, Bangles, and Bills, were not covered… What gives?

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