Jags have roughly 3,000 tickets to sell

The Jacksonville Jaguars host the Ravens on Monday Night Football.  And that’s a sufficiently big stage to sell out EverBank Field.


According to Francine King of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars need to sell roughly 3,000 non-premium tickets in order to avoid a local blackout of the game. The Jaguars have sold out all regular-season games since the completion of the 2009 season.

For a nationally-televised game, it’s likely that the Jags will find a way, perhaps by partnering with a sponsor, to move the remaining tickets, especially since the team can buy those tickets by paying 34 cents on the dollar.

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  1. This is B.S. There were 2800 left yesterday at 3PM and none have been sold since…? No wait the Jaguars actually bought back 200+ tickets right…!

  2. Let me make your report accurate since it would only have taken you a click of a web page to find out.

    There are 2013 tickets left. They will be gone very shortly.

    Your bias stinks to high heaven.

  3. It’s the Jags (not the Vikings) that should worry about heading West to LA. Vikings have been around for 50 years and have a lot of loyal fans. Jags never took off.

  4. Jacksonville fans only supported the Jags when they were going 14-2 and in the AFC Championship game up until 1999. Front-runners!

    Maybe they should move this team to London, and rename them the Shaguars. YEAH BABY!!

  5. Say what you want, make all the jokes you want, but even after putting tarps in some sections, the stadium still holds 67,000 for a Jags game, and we haven’t had a blackout since 2009.

  6. I’m still loving the Tarp comments on this web site. The Jaguars sell advertising on the tarps similar to what NASCAR is doing. And in doing so, do not have to share the ticket revenue with the league that they otherwise would have if there were seats there. An ingenius way of circumnavigating the revenue share if you ask me. More owners should do it. Heck, Daniel Snyder should do it. Their paid attendance this year at FedEX is 90% of capacity.

  7. Jags fan here.

    To the other Jags fans on here who constantly feel the need to defend why the tarps are covering some seats….. save your breath. You simply can’t reason with some of the idiot posters on here.

    As far as tickets still being available, we aren’t the first Monday night game this year that needed an extension. Just sayin’

    To the biscuit neck saying we should move to LA. We don’t have stadium issues here. In fact, we have a pretty nice stadium. Surely top 50 percentile in the NFL.

  8. The Jaguars need to move to a place where they will be appreciated by the local fan base. San Antonio, LA, and Minnesota (if they lose the Vikings) could use a NFL franchise.

  9. There will be a lot of Ravens fans there. I am going to drive down from NC and I am meeting a bunch of family from Baltimore down there to go to the game.

  10. Haters must be twitching because you still cant report a blackout in Jacksonville for 2 years running. And there are 1755 tickets left so yeah I agree roughly 3000 tickets left…I like it.

  11. Jax should market to fans of opposing teams for the sake of keeping the team around their city during the bad economy. The area has beaches, golf courses and is fairly close to St. Augustine and the Islands of Georgia. It is a nice stadium to watch a game with friendly fans. The big mistake they made was not keeping TC.

  12. People, why all the hate for the Jacksonville Jaguars? Its not because of the tarps of blackouts which we haven’t had since 2009. Its like ya’ll bitter because we have a football team and it makes it hard for you to sleep at night. I feel like we as a fanbase get treated like the rich girls who’s mad at the poor girl because she has limited resources and still get accepted into the private school that is only exclusive to the wealthy. Well Get The Hell Over It because we have a team just like the rest of you and crying about isn’t going give you your way. So it’s okay for teams like the raiders, bucs, bengals, dolphins and the chargers to have attendence issues but because we are jacksonville it’s unacceptable? Some of you need to grow up and understand that as a city we’re doing our best to support our team even though we’re a bad footbal team.

  13. corvusrex96 says:Oct 21, 2011 7:52 PM

    Mark my words, MNF will show very little fans shots of the crowd b/c it will be like a Ravens home game.

    Hey dummy, we bought most of our tickets before the season so majority of our fans are going to be at the damn stadium.

  14. They’ll be some Raven fans here, but there not taking over the stadium. The only team that has ever brought a crowd worthy of mention to Jacksonville is Pittsburgh and they do that everywhere. If the Ravens were 1-5 we wouldn’t even be hearing from them. They all have a stick up their arse about us getting a team before them after the Colts bolted town. They eventually stole one back, but can’t get over it for some reason. Whatever. Must suck that our rookie QB has comparable numbers to your underachieving QB. Maybe that’s it.

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