Jets pull Darrelle Revis in middle of radio interview

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Love the Jets or hate them, they’re always good for a story.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and New York City radio host Mike Francesa were in the middle of a heated argument on the air Friday afternoon when a Jets PR rep got on the line and told the Jets cornerback to hang up. The interview, which was on Francesa’s afternoon show on WFAN and simulcast on the YES Network, started off on a contentious note when Francesa accused Revis of committing pass interference on Revis’ 100-yard interception return for a touchdown on Monday night. It never got friendly as Francesa kept pushing the point and Revis kept telling him that there was no penalty on the play.

Revis was clearly getting agitated with Francesa and finally asked the host, “Do you know football or do you know interviewing?” Francesa said he knew both, Revis disagreed and told him “You’re good at interviewing, I’m good at football, let’s leave it at that.” At that point, a member of the Jets PR staff came on the line and told Revis to hang up which Revis did after saying “This is why no one wants to be interviewed by you.”

Jimmy Traina of has video of the whole exchange.  Or, if you’d prefer, here’s a transcript via Brian Costello of the New York Post.

Francesa and the Jets have had a bad relationship for several years because the Jets are affliated with a rival sports radio station in New York. He clearly had no agenda beyond badgering Revis about the non-call, although it was immediately obvious that Revis wasn’t going to budge on the issue.

That said, the decision to pull Revis was the wrong one, even if Francesa had pushed the point well past anything but an obvious attempt to antagonize the player. Revis was giving as good as he got, making for a pretty compelling, if not particularly enlightening, exchange and no one would have noticed it if not for the PR guy’s choice to end the call. Now it will be another tabloid story in the neverending cycle of Jets tabloid stories in New York.

UPDATE 4:52 p.m. ET:  The Jets later apologized for ending the interview.

75 responses to “Jets pull Darrelle Revis in middle of radio interview

  1. I didn’t hear the interview and I am definitely NOT a fan of the Jets. That said, Francesa is an ass for badgering Revis like this story said he did.

    If you want to prove your point, do so and move on. Francesa got hisp oint across from the get go and kept on harping. Not good technique for an interviewer.

    It’s one thing to ask the tough questions, but it’s another to try and embarrass and frustrate your guest. Not good and definitely not professional.

  2. As a completely neutral observer, it looked like a good non-call to me. It really looked to me like Brandon Marshall (I think that’s who it was) ran right into him. Regardless, unless it’s completely blatant and obvious, I’d rather the refs just let them play. Way too many stupid flags being thrown these days.

  3. This PR guy was just looking for his “15 minutes”. Sorry buddy, there is only one badas$ PR man in the league and he works for the Forty Niners….Bob “Clubber” Lange!

  4. It was against the Miami Dolphins of course they weren’t going to call that… Regardless the Jets are a little over Rated and teams are realizing that they are mostly talk and only if you let them get under your skin is when your at risk of losing because you only end up beating yourselves, happened to the Chargers in 09 happened to that Pats last year, they got in NE’s head knocked Tom down and the Pat’s played intimidated for the rest of the game.

  5. That was not a penalty. That used to be known as “incidental contact.” Marshall was out of control all game. He ran out of bounds all by himself on a sure TD, and on that play he was stumbling forward off the line. The fact that Revis touched him doesn’t make it Pass Interference.

    Good God people are getting soft. I guess Jim Harbaugh should have been flagged for unnecessary roughness??


    And, I’m not a Jets fan.

  6. Regardless Matt Moore threw the ball right friggin’ to Revis, had he made even a decent throw, it would have been a TD. And yes, Marshall did trip into him. BTW I hate the Jets.

  7. I hate the Jets but that is NOT a penalty. Marshall stumbled into Revis out of control and Revis had no choice but to put his hands on Marshall to stop from going down himself. The throw was terrible to boot. Good non-call.

    As far as the interview….people need to get a grip. Francesa was clearly just messing around and mixing it up with Revis (and Revis was giving it right back). Very refreshing interview instead of hearing the same old, “we’re just trying to improve every day to put ourselves in the best position to win” garbage (that if I hear one more time I might have to gouge out my own eardrums!)

  8. If you re-listen to the interview, Revis actually brought the Marshall play up a 2nd time. Clearly he was too sensitive, or the Jets were too sensitive in having him hang up.

    BUT Francessa should have dropped it long before that. He badgered Revis and got him on the defensive right from the start. I think what really escalated the situation was Francessa laughing at Revis’ assertion that Marshall was tripping..

    As far as the play goes, there was clearly contact after 5 yards, but Marshall may have been tripping and run into Revis. Usually that play is a flag, but Revis may have gotten the call because he’s so good. If so, it’s not the first time a premiere player has gotten a call..

  9. Francesa loves himself so much. Parcell’s used to make him feel important, but I bet it was only to have an outlet for mis-information. To Revis’ point, the guy does not know much about football at all. And this leads to the biggest problem with Francesa – he thinks he knows the game well.

  10. “out of control all game.”
    Says who…you?
    And even if that was the case, what’s it have to do with that one individual play?

    By definition, that most assuredly was P.I.

  11. His nickname should be “illegal contact” or “the re-router.” Don’t tell me QBs are the only ones who get special treatment from the refs.

  12. Revis is way over rated! Let any other CB in the league grab, hold and contact receivers wherever and whenever they want and they will look pretty damn good too.

  13. I’m a diehard Bills fan who doesn’t like the Jets at all, but this guy didn’t “interview” Revis, he attacked him. Thats real bad journalism, the norm now-a-days. Revis did the right thing by hanging up.

  14. Revis is a premier player. Premier players get calls. Not only that, look at the replay. Marshall BLATANTLY tripped into him.

    This is a player that is so good, opposing coaches have been repeatedly going to the officials before games telling them to keep an eye on #24. If he was holding, it’d get called due to the microscope he’s now been put under.

    There’s a lot of reasons to hate on the Jets right now, but to question the FACT that Darelle Revis is the best corner in football is lunacy.

  15. Revis grabbed the back of his jersey after 5 yards. You saw the number snap back. Was it PI? No. It was either holding or illegal contact.

    However, the Jets called and apologized for hanging the phone up. I thought Revis and Francesa where having fun with it up until the very end.

    I give Francesa credit, he said it was a penalty all week, and unlike others who fold and kiss a$$ when they get people on, he stood by what he thought. And on Revis, it’s lame to use the ‘you didn’t play’ line as an argument.

  16. First off it wasnt pass interference, brandon was already falling all over himself as he usually does and second off, francesa doesnt dislike the jets bc of them being on espn radio, he hates them bc he is a giant fan and they cant do anything wrong in his eyes and the jets do everything wrong… a interviewer can go at the best player at his position in the game right now like that is disrespectful and this will be the last time a jet goes on his biased radio show

    ps- look up what he says about braylon edwards and the jets the day after his drunk driving arrest, then look up what he says about kareem mckenzie(giant) the day after his drunk driving incident- if you have a hard time finding it, dont bother, there is no video about mckenzie bc francesa is a biased big blue loving prick!

  17. First; the play in question was a penalty and like most hign profile players guys like Revis will get the benefit of the doubt by referee’s.

    I have heard Francesa on the radio over the years (I remember him back to the days when Mad Dog Russo was his Partner)

    He consistently talks over his guest’s even when they agree on a subject This is typical of most talk radio guys but w/ Francessa it is very annoying.

    He does have good guest’s that appear on his show but he is not as nknowlegable as he thinks he is on football or any other sport he talks about.

    I do find myself changing the station allot because at times he show’s more ego then substance.

    I don’t know how is ratings are but I do think then time has come to find another host for the afternoon drive time on the Fan.

  18. I’m no Jet fan, but that was absolutely, positively, definitely NOT pass interference. Your turn…

  19. When i saw this play I thought it was an awful miss, but the replay on this show definitely makes it look like he fell into Revis. If anything, this made me agree with Revis.

  20. Francesa is propped up by the lowest common denominator of New York sports fans. He’s become ten times worse since he parted with Chris Russo, who was relatively informed and at the very least, pretended to listen to the callers.

    He’s out of juice, and all he does these days is tweak the worst elements of the Mets and Jets fan base in hopes of remaining relevant.

    It was clearly not pass interference. I was at the game and seated in that end zone and it was clear. This is the first video I’ve seen of it, and it’s only confirmed my opinion.

  21. Who cares about the Jets? All they do is talk . If they are not talking they are crying. You got a Qb that is doing fashion shoots that make him look like he has sugar in his tank. A coach who guarantees everything and delivers nothing. Cromartie who won’t shut up and Revis who can’t handle an interview. They didn’t even play well against the Phins. Hope Norv take it to them this weekend. Bums.

  22. That call could have went either way. Revis was physical with Marshall, but that was before Marshall moved out of the way and gifted the ball to Revis. Gruden was saying it should have been interference too but it was not an obvious call even after the replay. Since it wasn’t called Revis is right and this is a non-issue. Mike Francesa is a moron.

  23. The interviewer looks like a blatant unprofessional ass. And he comes across especially moronic when he tries to use Gruden and Jaworski for support. Give me a nickle for every mistake Gruden makes and I’ll buy lunch once a week.

    I’ve seen the replay a number of times.

    Penalty could have been or not been called v Marshall for offensive pass interference.

    Penalty could have been called, or not, v Revis for holding.

    No pass interference v Revis as ball was unlikely in air, and surely not catchable by Marshall.

    Illegal contact unlikely against Revis as contact took place within 5 yds.

    Ref chose non-call, I find no fault with that. Had ref chose offensive pass interference v Marshall, holding v Revis, or both, I would have considered that acceptable, as well. Absolutely stupid a talk show host decided to consider this discussion worthy of more than a ten second comment.

  24. I’m a Pats fan. Can’t stand the Jets.

    But as so many others have said, Marshall initiated the contact by lunging into Revis and it was not a penalty.

    Revis grabbed Marshall’s jersey for a nanosecond so as not to loose his own balance.

    If anything, it’s a penalty on Marshall.

    I live in Boston and know almost nothing about Franscessa, but from this one clip he seems irresponsible.

  25. p4ever says:
    Oct 21, 2011 4:03 PM
    Revis is an excellent corner but he commits a lot of holding and PI that are not flagged…

    I loved when he got called for illegal contact on Deon Branch. The refs could call that four times a game and he would still be guilty of getting away with holding and illegal contact.

  26. Haven’t listened to that show since about a week after Francesa decided, after parading about a dozen potential replacements through the studio, to go solo.

    What used to be a fun, entertaining, and often humorous show became about as exciting as a funeral with Francesa droning on and on and on and using the show as a bully pulpit against everyone he doesn’t like.

    Now I listen to podcasts of the Dan LeBatard show instead, which are 100 times more entertaining and I don’t even care about Miami sports.

  27. I dont know why jealous fans say the Jets “can’t do it on the field”. Despite having less talent than the Pats, Colts, Ravens, Steelers, Chargers, etc… The Jets for 2 season in a row have made the AFC Championship game. Also add in the horrible play of Sanchez that holds them back.

    I think the Jets should be applauded for all the playoff wins they have. Beating Pats and Colts last year on road was pretty amazing.


  28. I saw the play live and thought pass interference but then I thought the ref held the flag because B-Marsh was running his mouth earlier that week about getting tossed out of the game. If I were a ref I’d be a little annoyed like he was challenging me or mocking my authority. I’d say I didn’t see anything….

  29. dohpey28, you give Francesa credit? You obviously don’t know Francesa, his views, or his style. Badgering his guests adn anything anti-Jets is the name of the game for him. Francesa is a Giants homer, spends waaaaay too much time bashing the Jets, and even a lot of Giants fans have stopped listening.

    My question is: how does that tool still have a show???

  30. It wasn’t a “heated” argument, Francesa was coming at him in a light-hearted way and was trying to move onto other things when Revis became unnecessarily agitated.

    Shame on the best defensive player in football needing some team rep to bail him out… Revis loses major respect today.

  31. I can’t stand to listen to Francesa anymore. He is always condescending to anyone who is not a Yankee or a Giant. His arrogant style is worn out. Good Job Darrelle.

  32. How can anyone in their right mind say Revis is overrated? The avg. passer rating for QB’s when they throw his way is under 10%, which is the lowest in the league by far.

  33. rangenius,

    still hanging out watching your 28-21 divisional playoff video from last year? I don’t blame you because the 2011 version of the jets must be very disappointing.

  34. I watched the Francesa video, he did start off by Telling him he thought he was the best defensive player in the league. He also said that Marshall pushed off on one, but Revis got away with one. They do show Revis with a handful of Jersey.. It was pass interference… Mike did look like he was having some fun with it and probably didn’t know he was pressing Revis’s buttons, regardless he should have moved on…
    Revis did say Do you know football or Do you know interviewing? I think just because we are fans or reporters, we all are still entitled to an opinion and we should be able to express that opinion to a player, without them doing I am better than thou crap. I agree that Revis is the best corner in the NFL, and Francesa is over the top. Revis question was wrong as well.

  35. Revis, reporters and media gush over you all the time. When someone busts your chops you get heated? What a joke, I hope he get’s flagged every time he sneezes in the wrong direction.

    I had respect, all that is gone. Way to be a professional.

  36. Interesting. And I have no fan interest in either team but there was clearly pass interference on that play

  37. I have no idea why guys like Francesca and Chris Russo have jobs. They come across as extremely lacking in intelligence and maturity on the air. About their only plus-points are that they are loud and rude – I guess that sells well in Brooklyn and Queens – they sound just like your moronic uncle yelling at you from his throne in the upstairs bathroom in the old brownstone.

    It was such a blessing when ESPN Radio went on the air in the New York/New Jersey market. The national broadcasters and their guests are so much more knowledgeable and mature than the local hosts in New York (and that goes for you too, Philly).

  38. packattack1967 says:
    Oct 21, 2011 4:11 PM
    It wasnt called? Then it didnt happen. Too much 24/7 sports air time to fill creates useless tools like this jamoke.

    And Clay is taking PIDs because he hasn’t tested positive yet.

  39. Full disclosure – as my name suggests, I am a Pats fan.

    However, I hate the Dolphins as much as I hate the Jets.

    Francesa is right…look at the video again.

    First of all, Revis is touching him beyond 5 yards from the line.

    Second, it looks like Marshall is trying to cross in front of Revis when Revis grabs the back of his jersey and CLEARLY pulls him – right on the #9.

    It’s at THAT point that Marshall stumbles.

    No call…no penalty. Plus a horrendous throw which may have gotten picked regardless.

    On another CB though….that might have gotten called.

  40. rangenius,

    still hanging out watching your 28-21 divisional playoff video from last year? I don’t blame you because the 2011 version of the jets must be very disappointing.

    The Jets…always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

  41. Mike Francesa is not making himself look good and anyone who supports Francesa in what was an obvious attempt at irritating the best CB in football does not know football. Marshall fell, plain and simple! That was just a dumb stupid interview which lacked professionalism.

  42. HOW was this the WRONG decision? I think it’s great that Revis held his composure, and it’s even greater that the team was on point enough to pull the player off the interview when it obviously served no purpose.

    It doesn’t make the team or player look bad to ANYONE with any common sense. If you saw that the only goal of the interviewer was to try and anger the player, why would you waste any more of your player’s time?

    The only thing that would have made this better is if Revis ended the interview without any help, and simply said “this is why nobody wants to work with you” *click*

    At least he didn’t go all Lebron James and say “at the end of the day, i wake up a millionaire and you have to go back to your every-day life. haha

  43. He was being annoying about it, but its not like he was disrespectful to Revis in any way. Anyone who saw the replay knew it was a penalty anyway. I dont think that means the PR guy needs to get on liek that and hang the phone up either. Bad stuff by the Jets

  44. “That said, the decision to pull Revis was the wrong one, even if Francesa had pushed the point well past anything but an obvious attempt to antagonize the player”

    Ummm… yeah I think you got it backwards there, PFT. Obviously it was the right thing. But you guys aren’t exactly normal.

    “…making for pretty compelling….”

    And this is why PFT often gets it backwards, their notion of quality is what normal people consider trash. Compelling???

  45. I switch back alot between WFAN and ESPN radio. It is becoming hard to listen to Francessa. He seems to have a bias against the Jets. Craig Carton is more fun to listen to. LOL

  46. Its obvious that no one on this board has ever officiated at the college or professional level. The idea that officials “cut certain players slack” is a joke. You call what you see in front of you ~ there is no time to make such judgements of favoritism. And if a foul occurs in one official’s area of responsibility and he fails to flag it and it is flagged by another, then Monday is spent trying to justify why you missed the call to the commissioner of officials. Careers can be very short in the upper echelon of sports officiating, never more so than in football. I did it for 26 years, fourteen of them in major conferences at the collegiate level. “Homers” or “Blinders” don’t last the season at any level where integrity is the first rule of performance.

  47. Rather than having the PR guy end the interview early, why didn’t the Jets just not have Revis go on there at all? You’ve got a host who’s had problems with the team…seems what happened was very predictable and preventable. The Jets just aren’t very smart.

  48. I still dont see the pass interference……… the contact you saw was initiated by Marshall, who stumbled into Revis. If you think otherwise, you didnt see the entire route and believe whatever anyone tells you. Get a clue people. Especially Francesca, that guy is such a tool !

    `and i’m a dolphin fan with marshall on my fantasy team……


  49. Heard it live. Mike was surprised, almost like “how dare you hang up on me? do you know who I am?!” Sure, he knows his history and digests sports 24/7 (how does Roe possibly enjoy this man’s company?), but his ego is bigger than the city he works in.

    Without Mad Dog to keep him in check he has really gotten out of control. I patiently wait for the day he retires and Evan Roberts takes control of that prime real estate for the next 25 years.

  50. I am no fan of Mike Francessa but he was not “clearing badgering Revis” on this call … I was watching the interview on YES and Francessa was clearly thinking this back and forth wasn’t too serious … I think Revis and the Jets were annoyed that so many people have pointed out that play and he got Defensive Player of the Week and they wanted everyone to move on … this was a total over reaction by The Jets and Revis … but isn’t that how these Jets have become under Woody Johnson???

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