NFL fines A.J. Hawk $10,000 for flashing middle finger

On Sunday, Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk showed a middle finger to his own sideline after sacking Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.  FOX cameras caught the gesture, which Hawk later claimed to be a joke.

As expected, the NFL didn’t laugh.

Jay Glazer of FOX, suddenly setting the bar much lower on his “scoopage” harvest, reports that the league has fined Hawk $10,000.

Hawk’s next inside joke should involve shoving the opposing coach after the game and then chasing him down while dozens of players, assistant coaches, P.R. specialists, and officials break up the scrum.  It may not be as funny, but it apparently should be a lot cheaper, as long as he crosses his heart and promises to never do it again.

48 responses to “NFL fines A.J. Hawk $10,000 for flashing middle finger

  1. Can you imagine what would happen if they DIDN’T fine him?

    They really had no choice, God only knows what players would be doing on the field next.

  2. So that’s the equivalent of like, what, twenty-five cents to the rest of us? I wonder how he’ll ever survive.

  3. @joetoronto
    Ready to watch the beginning of the end of the raiders season this Sunday??? Palmer leaves injured in 3rd quarter… You don’t trade a first and second rounder for a guy sitting on the couch….

  4. Totally deserved a fine. The Packers should fine him too for making the whole franchise look bad by saying it was an inside joke.

    I’m sure some crazy packers fan will withdraw all the money out of his kids college savings plan to pay the fine.

    Maybe even you Scudbot

  5. This is the problem with the NFL system, to coaches almost come to blows on the field yet no fines for either of them.

    This guy flicks off his bench in a joking manner and he gets 10,000 fine.

    RG is a joke!!!!

  6. At least now we can tell all the poor innocent children who saw this gastly display the man was punished, thereby protecting their innocence…

    /sarcasm off.

  7. I remember when you pack fans where crying when Moss did his fake moon. But Im sure you guys will be on hear saying how unfair this is and its no big deal. We dont like to see a guy run around with hair like Rapunzel but we deal with it. But if Rapunzel was a beast like Clay she would of kicked the guys a** that climbed up her hair.

  8. @ sj39

    Um. no. The Packers fanbase have always been vocal and passionate about their football team. If you go to any message board or site, the Packers always have the most posts, responses, etc. Packers could be 4-12(2005), and still would be the talk of the town. Greatest fans in the league.

    Go Pack Go.

  9. Anybody that believes he shouldn’t have gotten fined needs to rethink it. It’s completely fair. If Goodell didn’t fine him, there would be q lot of worse stuff on the field next week.

    Ted couldn’t fine him cause then no one would want to come to Green Bay with a hardass GM.

    10,000 for a stupid decision in the heat of the game is a good amount especially when players give other people head injuries, they get 25-50k

  10. Thatsbadass. I think he should have faced left, crouched down and gave a roaring double bird. It has a better feel. The Packers are just tearing through the NFL right now and should be allowed to do as they please. They are scary good and I hate that my team has to travel to Lambeau Field in a month. I’ll take London over Lambeau these days.

  11. Well if the majority of people think what he did was wrong. I can go along with that. But the NFL should also adhere to those moral values as well. Buy not placing it on the internet and the news. NFL states they are the sole owners of ALL things NFL. No more people and most importantly children would ever have to see this again if the NFL simply didn’t allow anyone to show the pictures or video.
    Go Green Bay!!!!!!

  12. He flip his own bench? What an “attention getter” idiot. He just wants the spotlight. Simple. Too bad Carson Palmer took his spotlight this week.

  13. I don’t have a problem with any of it. For Hawk’s part, I buy his explanation he meant no harm. It probably stemmed from good-naturing lockerroom ribbing. For the NFL’s part, that is where it needs to stay and the fine demonstrates that.

  14. sj39 says: Oct 21, 2011 7:58 AM

    Anyone notice all it took was a suprise SB win to turn Packers fans into the new Patriots fans.


    What do you mean by that? Are you referring to being a fanbase others love to hate? Or some behavior on their part?

  15. sj39 says: Oct 21, 2011 7:58 AM
    Anyone notice all it took was a suprise SB win to turn Packers fans into the new Patriots fans.

    Can you please clarify?

  16. scudbot says: Oct 21, 2011 8:38 AM
    They fined Clay Matthews $5k for wearing the wrong color shoes with his throwback uni.

    Clay is lucky he hasn’t been suspended.

  17. As a Bears fan, I’ve always enjoyed ‘competing’ with Packer fans because they are usually pretty realistic and actually do act like they’ve been there before. Passionate, with a sense of history.

    Most ( I know a few exceptions) Vikings fans are bitter, myopic, and impossible to reason with.

    I don’t talk to Lions fans because they are all too busy chasing down the bandwagon they jumped off of 15 years ago.

  18. And please tell us PFT, what law, or NFL ordinance did AJ Hawk break or violate? The answer is NONE of the above. The extended middle finger in itself means nothing. Whats the difference between extending the middle finger opposed to the index or pinky finger? Again, none of the above. So what is AJ Hawk being fined by the finger police. Goodell is an idiot. The NFL fining Hawk for extending a finger only promotes idiotism. Please dont spread idiotism.

  19. Had Schwartz or Harbaugh given the finger they would have been fined so comparing the two incidents is non-sense. Not fining the coaches wasn’t a matter of inconsistency but rather not setting a precedent to fine shoving and yelling matches in the NFL. The players should be happy with that since shoving matches happen in every game without fines.

  20. Stay classy A.J. and all you Packers fans…Hurry, the Hillbilly bus is gettin’ ready to drive out of the Lambeau Field parking lot……Get er done’!!

  21. rdrs68 says:
    Oct 21, 2011 7:23 AM
    When are they going to start fining the fans for doing the same?
    When they start paying us millions to come to the game instead of charging us for the seat.

  22. I love all the people who’s team didnt win the SB, leave all these jealous comments. The more there are the funnier it gets. I love my bears, but the packers are hands down the best football team in the NFL right now. They will lose some games, but they are darn good. No team is even close to consistent enough to compare them to. Especially the lions and sore loser Schwants

  23. sj39 says:
    Oct 21, 2011 7:58 AM
    Anyone notice all it took was a suprise SB win to turn Packers fans into the new Patriots fans.

    You see, that’s where you’re wrong.

    They have been like the way they are for time out of mind. It didn’t take a suprise SB win to turn them into what they are now.

    They are worse than they were- but they have been insufferable for a long time.
    Dumb, loudmouth know nothings- Packer fans- being the most idiotic fanbase since 1921.

  24. so the titans owner from a couple years back gets a 100k fine for flipping the bird to the crowd and a player does it in front of the entire nation and gets a 10k fine? ok nfl… nice consistency

  25. paulharghis says: Oct 21, 2011 5:05 PM
    They are worse than they were- but they have been insufferable for a long time.
    Dumb, loudmouth know nothings- Packer fans- being the most idiotic fanbase since 1921.

    Hey look everybody…’s the State Fair drunk, pissing his pants again!

  26. What about none of the Detroit Lions getting fines! If Stafford’s helmet was ripped off his head as he was whipped to the ground I garaundamntee you there’d be a fine. Suh ripped a helmet off, he also should have been called for a personal foul when he shoved Cutler to the ground, late. If the NFL wants to protect everyone so much, they need to ensure at least the obvious infratctions are penalized! DJ Moore should have ripped Stafford’s helmet off and broke his nose. Gangbangers on the NFL field.

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