Olin Kreutz leaves Saints

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Yes, PFT Live starts in mere minutes.  But I needed to post this one before the show begins.

Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that center Olin Kreutz has left the Saints.

Kreutz’s agent told Triplett that the veteran center “no longer feels passion and doesn’t want to just collect paycheck.”

Kreutz appeared in, and started, four games for the Saints this season.  He was not re-signed by the Bears during free agency, after 13 years with the team.

And the Bears’ decision to dump Kreutz arguably has been vindicated.

UPDATE 12:53 p.m. ET:  Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune said during Friday’s PFT Live that Kreutz has not retired, and that coach Sean Payton is expected to address the media to discuss the roster move that the Saints will make in response to Kreutz’s decision.  The Saints could choose to cut Kreutz, giving him the ability to play elsewhere.  Or the Saints could put him on a reserve list that would shut him down for the rest of the season.

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  1. i respect the guy for his decision…..even though it probably should have been made about three months ago.

  2. Well, if you’re not feeling it any longer, it’s better to walk away with some dignity intact. I tip my cap to him and wish him well. It’s better than hanging on too long. Some will argue that he did anyway. At least he recognized it.

  3. Wow. This coming from the guy who’s been consistently hailed as a powerful team leader? This could be an article from The Onion’s sports section.

    If you didn’t feel passion anymore, Olin, then you shouldn’t have signed with the Saints to begin with. Switching centers mid-season is kind of a big deal. When Drew Brees starts fumbling, the blame is going to fall on you.

    Weak sauce, Olin. Weak sauce.

  4. Sad— Even though I’m a Vikings fan, could tell that Olin was a Bear (in his heart).

    And the Bears showed him very little loyalty — Just like they do to alot of great players (see: Forte).

  5. At least he isn’t doing it for the money, that’s always nice to hear. When the fire burns out, why keep playing?

    Have a nice, long retirement. You earned it.

  6. Last week Tampa was coming up the middle hard almost every play. With Drews size that’s not good for the throwing lanes. We need a center that can hold his own. Jahri and Carl can’t be taking care of their guy and Olins too. Plus runs up the middle weren’t working at all. Miss Johnathan Goodwin who San Fran signed from us.

  7. Makes you wonder if the Bears FO or coaching staff saw this coming…They were haggling over a half-million dollars when Kreutz said goodbye.

    Thanks for 13 great years with the Bears, Olin.

  8. I no longer have the passion to work in IT, I’m going to leave and retire to my millions. Oh wait I don’t have any millions to retire to. Guess I’ll have to keep collecting a paycheck then.

  9. Huh. Looks like the Bears (and Jerry Angelo) were right in dumping his worthless behind. Olin was too much ego, not enough heart. Angelo correctly saw that.

    Excuse me while I puke at the thought of giving Jerry Angelo any credit for anything.

  10. How is it vindicated? This presumes that they knew he had lost his passion, and that was not evident at the time. Actually, he might have lost his passion as a result of not being a Bear anymore. He had always indicated that he wished to stay around.

  11. He did the right thing. If he truly wasn’t feeling it anymore, his performance would have hurt the team more than making them replace him will.

  12. How has it been vindicated? Kreutz’ value to the BEars was far greater than an aged player could be on any new team. Everyone knew Olin was on the decline… but he was such a leader in the locker room he would’ve taken a demotion in stride. Most likely he would’ve lost the job to Spencer right around this point OR kept the C job.

    I’ll admit Garza has done admirably, but he would’ve been our RG if Kreutz had stuck around. Then we would never have had the Frank OmiGod travesty at RT (I’m not going to bother explain the O line roullette Tice plays, but it’s true). Might have meant another win, but not likely considering how awful the entire team played.

    My point is nothing has been vindicated. None of us know what would’ve happened had Kreutz stuck around. I will tell you one thing I’d bet on: that locker room would be a lot more happy with management right now, and probably a little more focused with Kreutz’ presence.

    Tell Angelo I said F him.

  13. Ouch. Saints got blindsided on this one.


    Doubtful. Part of the problem was that Kreutz stunk out loud. He was being severely outplayed by some guy named Brian De la Puente who has been on 6 teams in 3 years and was not even playing his natural position.

  14. A position is open in New Orleans??? That’s fairly close to Kiln, Miss. Let the speculation begin. 😉

  15. And the Bears’ decision to dump Kreutz arguably has been vindicated.

    That would be the FIRST good move Jerry Angelo has made. (as far as getting rid of somebody)

    Secondly, check the records. A player let go by the Bears RARELY has any success elsewhere. Orton and Benson had short term success. Everybody else aside from Rosie Colvin, Jim Miller (both SB Champions) haven’t really been successful.

  16. farmmbig says:
    Oct 21, 2011 12:11 PM
    Sad— Even though I’m a Vikings fan, could tell that Olin was a Bear (in his heart).

    And the Bears showed him very little loyalty — Just like they do to alot of great players (see: Forte).

    Actually farmmbig, the Bears offered more money to Kreutz to stay, then what the Saints offered.

    As usual, another uninformed Vikings fan.

  17. Kreutz did what the Saints needed him to do, which was to come in and be a veteran presence in the center until one of the youngers guys like Matt Tennant or Brian De La Puenta could step up.

    It happened a little quicker than I’d like, but I’m hoping those young guys got something out of Kreutz’ presence.

  18. I respect him for being honest with himself and his teammates, do you really want a guy to stick around and collect a paycheck when his heart isn’t in it?

  19. Tebow sucks his mechanics suck, all he has is the will to win but he cant do that with the throwing delivery he has…tebow is nothing. U idiots gettin on olin for leavin the saints, he was one of the best centers for years n played 13 seasons as a bear…ONE TEAM!! its gotta be disheartening knowing they wont give u an extra 500k when that is nothing to angelo…and the bears could use him right now n u idiots will see he was the best option for the saints too

  20. He is a very well-respected guy in the league. It is an ugly way to leave his tremendous legacy but he knew his heart wasn’t in it anymore and he wasn’t trying to just take money from the Saints. Plus you don’t need Drew Brees to get spinal tapped multiple times in a game cause of a bad snap or bad blocking by a guy who just doesn’t really doesn’t have his heart in it anymore.

  21. “For a player that has been a good citizen of the game for a long time…”

    He’s been talented for a long time, but not a good citizen. He broke his teammate’s jaw on the Bears (Fred Miller) and his teammate’s nose and jaw at the University of Washington (Suki Wiggs.)

    Talented player, yes. Good citizen of the game, no.

  22. Good!!!!

    His play flat out stunk. Started off the year bad when he was playing then when he went out vs. the Bears wow the run game and protection was way better.

    He comes back vs. TB and heat up the middle all day. De la Puenta is a better player.

    I would be willing to bet he got benched and got mad and left. There is more to this story but at the end of the day de la Puenta is a better player.

  23. McNabb, on the other hand, remains delusional that he can still play the game.

    He is passionless.

    He is fat.

    He is stealing a paycheck.

  24. Good-bye hall of fame. What a loser tool to leave off a loss with the coach in a cast. We’ll be better off with out him as when he did play he was so the weakest link between pro bowl guards. Next stop, staff position with Sarah P.

  25. He quit because he felt like he wasn’t earning his paycheck anymore. Big props to him.

    You hear that, Donovan?

  26. I loved Olin as a Bears fan, but his arrow has been pointing down.

    I blame all of this on those cheapskate McCaskeys offering him double what he’d get anywhere else.

    Olin overestimated his value. By a LOT.

    “A man’s gotta know his limitations”.

    Godspeed 57 – enjoy retirement in Hawaii.

  27. The Bears didn’t dump Kreutz by the way. I just saw that they are vindicated.

    They offered him $3m and then bumped it up to $3.5. Then $4.0M and told him he had an hour to take it or leave it.

    He left it – so he dumped the Bears. Especially given that he earned a fraction of that with the Saints. $2million for the year… and he won’t even make that now.

  28. Most people would be dieing to “just collect” that kind of paycheck. Most have plenty money in the bank or a promising career outside of football.

  29. He was probably losing his starting position, and felt that he couldn’t do the job to his best level. something bear’s fans saw the past couple of years…at least the reasonable ones.

  30. The Niners actually dodged a bullet. They were very interested in Kreutz before he signed with NO. Luckily that resulted in Goodwin being available. Kreutz departure hurts NO a lot less than it would’ve SF.

  31. Cut him so the Lions can pick him up and he can stick it da bears he has to better the ravioli even without passion

  32. Vindication for the Bears? Please. Their offensive line is one of the worst in the league. They make numerous mental penalties that could have benefited from a leader like Kreutz. I’m sure Cutler would have liked him back. It sounds like Kreutz still hasn’t quite gotten over being thrown under the bus by the team he gave his heart and soul to.

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