Walter calls Finnegan “prick,” Finnegan calls Walter “really good”


Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan wants to be the dirtiest player in the NFL, and when he played the Texans last year he took a step toward accomplishing that goal by fighting Andre Johnson. But as he prepares to play the Texans again on Sunday, he’s taking a kinder, gentler approach.

Finnegan was labeled “a prick” by one of the receivers he’s going to be covering on Sunday, Houston’s Kevin Walter. But when Finnegan was asked about Walter, he decided to take the high road.

I just know he is a really good receiver,” Finnegan said of Walter. “I take offense to nothing anyone says. People can say what they want to. I just keep it moving.”

Finnegan apparently doesn’t want another fight against another Texans receiver, but Walter sounds like he’s itching for a brawl, saying the Texans need to “go hit them in the mouth.”

Whether things get physical between Finnegan and Walter or not, we’re going to see a big game in Tennessee on Sunday. The Titans and the Texans are playing with first place in the AFC South on the line.

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  1. So when every NFL player says “we need to hit them in the mouth” it means there itching for a brawl? I think your just trying to add a little spice to this Houstan and Tennenesee rivalry…

  2. If kubiak can’t find a way to beat a team with a rookie head coach, a new dc, and oc, he doesn’t deserve to coach another game in Houston. If the Texans lose Sunday McNair shouldn’t let kubiak even ride home with the team.
    Ship his sorry @ss back to Denver.

  3. The highlight of this guys career is when he got his helmet ripped off, revealing to the entire world his Jersey Shore hair style.

  4. Finnegan won’t be covering Walter anyway.

    He’ll be on Derrick Mason. Last time he played against Mason was in the playoffs. Mason was with the Ravens, and pretty much playing with 1 arm. Finnegan was taking cheap shots after the whistle on Mason’s injured arm almost every single down.

    Don’t be shocked when Mason and Finnegan get into a fight Sunday. This time, though, Mason has two healthy arms and will probably give us a sequel of last year… another Finnegan head bashing!

  5. Gotta love the media, parsing the soundbite down to “prick” when there is literally 2 paragraphs of praise about how Walter wants a guy like that on his team, and no one plays harder than him.

    Finnegan didn’t take the high road, he took the same road. It just doesn’t read as well to say that.

    One of the ESPN bloggers wondered how long it would take for someone to run with it this way. Good job, guys!

  6. look at the tale of the tape between finnegan and andre johnson.. at least he stood up to him.. fight or flight… my titans dont know what flight means… go titans!

  7. If the Titans did pick up T.O I’d love to see Finnegan start up with him. I think they’d have to bring out the cart for Finnegan

  8. Haha…Finnegan is smart enough now to tell the press one thing…but trust me come Sunday? the real conversation between those two will take place on the field.

  9. Haha…Finnegan is smart enough now to tell the press one thing…but trust me come Sunday?

    The real conversation between those two will take place on the field.

  10. Haha that’s hilarious. I hope everyone realizes that Finnegan was more than likely being sarcastic when he called Walter a “really good receiver”. Because last time I checked, Walter hadn’t done anything to warrant himself as a #2 WR on 95% of the teams.

  11. A fight?! Finnegan vs Johnson was the biggest mismatch I could ever remember!

    Michael Spinks

  12. Maybe the Texans just need to worry about winning something. They are 3-3, pathetic. No excuses this year…they have to win that division now that the Colts are down.

  13. Watching Johnson whoop that lil fellas arse last year truly was one of the best highlights of the year dont you think?…In closing aren’t nba players such skirts?their fights are hilarious who can look the toughest while backing up hehe or when d wade hurts his shoulder and leaves the court in a wheelchair really? He should never live that down!

  14. you people act like andre johnson just destroyed finnegan. he got one gd hit in and finnegan stood right back up.smiling and laughing didnt look in pain or hurt to me …if i was 6’5 250 and my opponent was 5’10 197… umm finnegan would still be on the ground

  15. Kevin Walter is a very good blocker. I think he’ll be looking for a piece of Finnegan as Arian Foster takes one to the house.

    The Texans and Titans really really hate each other. An underrated rivalry, mainly because the Texans haven’t accomplished jack.

    Hit ’em in the mouth, Texans!!!

  16. From interviews, etc, I’ve heard with/about Finnegan, though, it seems clear that he merely extras that way on the field to gain some sort of mental edge. It’s basically the old, “swing, batter, swing” chant from little league, just grown up and refined tothe point of driving normally cool & collected people to throwing punches. If he breaks a rule, he should be penalized. If he’s just getting in his opponent’s head, more power to him.

  17. Who’s “Kevin Walter”?

    Maybe he outta make a bigger name outta himself first before he calls out anyone.

    Pretty sure no defense is afraid of what Kevin Walter can do. He needs to clam up and just play ball…

  18. While Finnegan is most certainly a prick, I’m disappointed Kevin Walter lowered himself to this level. Walter seems like a nice guy, but his decent numbers are due to Andre Johnson being double covered most of the time. None of the Texans should do any trash talking…because they suck (and I’m a texans fan). This shows you just how bad things are for the Texans… Walter is trying to get his team motivated to play. But they shouldn’t need any extra motivation-they are playing the only division rival standing between them and the play-off’s (not to mention the fact that their coach is on the hot seat this year).

  19. Gotta respect fans for backing the players, but I’m sorry, fin…again is a loser and not that good of player.

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