Asante Samuel says the Eagles don’t want him


The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles seem to make news every week, so why not make some news on their bye week, too?

Cornerback Asante Samuel joined Tim McManus and Pat Callahan of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly earlier today.  And Samuel made it clear that he’s not happy with the team’s reported willingness to trade him.

“Definitely, it doesn’t sit well with me,” Samuel said.  “Definitely, I’ve been nothing but what they expected me to be when they brought me there. . . .  Definitely, it doesn’t sit well with me.  And obviously they don’t want me there, so life goes on.  So we’ll see where I’ll be at.”

Samuel says that knowing the team doesn’t want him won’t affect his play.

“Well, as long as I’m getting paid I’m gonna do my job,” Samuel said.  “So whoever [is] cutting the check, I do my job. . . . So I’m not worried about that.  I just know in the back of my head they don’t want me there.  So, you know, that’s not gonna leave.  They put it out there so everybody could know that, so I know that and everybody knows that.  So it’s in the back of my head.  And Asante Samuel is a business entity first, so I’m going to make sure I handle my business accordingly.”

Samuel was the subject of trade rumors after the Eagles acquired Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnadmi Asomugha in the days after the lockout ended.  Last week, those rumors resurfaced before the annual trading deadline.

Samuel joined the Eagles on the first day of free agency in 2008, only weeks after dropping what would have been a perfect-season-clinching interception for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.  Signed through 2013, Samuel’s salary spikes from $5.9 million this year to $8.4 million next season.  He’s due to earn $10.4 million in base salary in the final year of the deal.

79 responses to “Asante Samuel says the Eagles don’t want him

  1. ” as long as I’m getting paid I’m gonna do my job,” Samuel said. “So whoever [is] cutting the check, I do my job”
    Countless Iggles fans are stunned to learn that one of their “Dream Teamers” doesn’t play simply for the “love of the game”.

    Assante “Show me the Money!” Samuels

    Definitely not feelin’ the “Dream”.

  2. Asante is good but with Nnamdi getting paid what he is and DRC bout to come off his rookie contract Asante is not worth 8.4 million next year. Hate to see him go but it is business not personal

  3. As the Philly world turns. Asante’s money goes up while he’s unsatisfied. Desean’s money is minimal while he puts up top receiver numbers. McCoy? He’s next too on the payroll spike train. Eagles, by signing asomugha have no leverage to trade Asante after the season and still have the looming pink elephant in the room with the other two. Philly in the headlines again, yet for all the wrong reasons.

  4. “… And Asante Samuel is a business entity first, so I’m going to make sure I handle my business accordingly.”

    Love the 3rd person reference….to quote Jay-Z:

    “I’m not a businessman I’m a business man….Let me handle my business…damn.”

  5. well they certainly think enough of him to not dump him. I’m sure they had the bounty high for a Trade and they did not get enough to get rid of him. so yea it’s at the end of the day the Eagles are going to base moves that help the team as well as cap related. They have proven to be one of the best at that and I think the last part of this update hits the nail on the head. They do not want to pay the back end of the deal as most teams end up doing on the largest contracts. it’s how the league works for the most part.

  6. Hopefully Pat’s fans now know why they let him go. When it is about yourself & only money and not the “Big Picture” (Team) then you belong with the YET’S.

    Just a prediction for 2012.

  7. When he left the Pats he said he was going where he could win championships which seemed odd given he had 2 rings, so a lot of us Pats fans interpreted it as him taking the highest money and trying not to look like he was just for the money. So he picked Philly for money, which I have 0 problem with since it is 100% their right in FA to do just that. I just hate when players BS to sound better. So why is he so insulted now that they don’t feel he’s worth it? It’s a two way street, Samuel.

  8. Asante starts yapping about a contract during the off season then whines when the team offers you as trade bait. What business entity whines when they dont get there way. Heres an idea start performing or you arent gonna get the money your looking for. He has one int and probably the same amount of tackles.

  9. Come to SF. We r already the a force on defense, and our secondary is the weak spot. Rodgers has been playing lights out. Add in Samuel, and our defense even more scary

  10. All players are about the money first, but Asante takes it to another level. The man has a tattoo that says “Get Paid”, which he’s had since he was with the Patriots. It’s hard to root for a guy like that. The guy’s about to turn 31 and his best days are behind him. He isn’t going to ‘get paid’ for much longer by anyone.

  11. There is a drug problem in the league right now, the defending world champions are the root of the problem. Here is a direct quote from one Mike McCarthy:

    “Josh is a very good player but he will have a tendency once in a while to get high,” McCarthy said. “That’s when he gets himself in trouble

    Source is the Journal Sentinel.

    They are all high in Green Bay

  12. dontouchmyjunk says: Oct 22, 2011 1:21 PM

    All players are about the money first, but Asante takes it to another level. The man has a tattoo that says “Get Paid”, which he’s had since he was with the Patriots.
    I have never liked Samuel, ever but this misconception is 100% Jackie McMullen’s fault. SHE wrote that in a very ill timed article while the Pats were on their 06 playoff run and the main topic was about how Asante wanted to…get paid. His tattoo actually says “Get rich to this” (which was corrected by a different Herald writer a few months later after Mr “it’s business” finally relented to signing his FT after the Pats said they wouldn’t franchise him again) which is from some song he likes and isn’t really $$ related. Oh look, another Herald writer uninterested in facts with sense of bad timing. Foreshadowing. 🙁

    Also, how come so may players say “it’s business” when THEY want what they want but never accept it as “business”the other way????? SMH.

  13. I’ve asked this before & I’ll ask again… why does anyone, especially football people like coaches & office guys, think Rodgers-Cromartie is so much better than Samuel? He’s not, in any way, shape or form. He was above-average in Arizona, & he’s fallen below average in Philly. If they’d rather trade Samuel than DRC, well, if I’m Mike Shanahan, I bring him to Washington. We need some serious help in our secondary.

  14. Wow! So I wonder if he’d have rather taken the (slightly) smaller check and stayed with a team that really wanted him but didn’t want to overpay (the Patriots). I wonder if he’ll sign another big dollar contract with more than an hour’s worth of reading to get through in less than an hour after free agency starts again, or if he’ll take his time and explore what the best option is for himself this time. No, I’m sure the Eagle’s didn’t tamper by talking with Asante before he was a free agent, I’m sure he just saw the dollar signs and didn’t bother to read the contract before signing. I wonder if his agent did the same thing, or if he’d been negotiating before Asante was a free agent.

  15. I work for a pay check too!

    The day I’m not paid is the day I’m gone.

    The Rest of ya go ahead and work for the love of work.

  16. wait so Philly wants to trade a small , skinny CB who can’t tackle too save his life & gets beat far to often ? Well thats puzzling . .. Philly has put up with you cause you have been one the best defensive play-makers in the game , but yoy only have 1 INT so far . Also we have one of the better nickel CB’s riding the bench (Hanson) , and a taller faster younger CB who has immense potential playing nickel when he belongs outside (Rodgers-Cromartie) . Lets not also forget that yourr salary is insane and we still need to sign Jackson , Maclin ,and McCoy . Step your game up !!

  17. I could have told him that. Jonathan Kraft (Pats president) said that the Eagles were trying to trade him back during the 2010 offseason. That means he’s been on the block for about a year and a half.

  18. i really like this dude. i’ve never liked the teams he’s played for but i’ve always liked and respected him. i hope he gets somewhere that’ll appreciate him.

  19. He’s going to do.his job bc he’s a competitor, he might be saying he s doing it for the money but he’s hurt they want to trade him away. I ve been to Eagles training camp and he battles the receiver every play bc he’s a very competitive guy. He wants to cover the best guy and shut him down bc of.pride not money. Just bc he makes millions doesn’t mean he’s feelings don’t get hurt. If he was in it just for the money, he wouldn’t practice like its the Superbowl, he’d take plays off like so many NFL STARS do.

  20. The Eagles had a real GM in Tom Heckert, and let him go.

    The guys that replaced him made a bunch of off-season sexy moves, and the team looked great until they actually had to play other teams.

    When those guy are let go they can become GM’s for the Red Sox and Yankees.

  21. It’ll be a shame to see him go, because he’s a lot better than people in this thread are giving him credit for. No, he’s not a great tackler, but how many guys are consistently among the league leaders in interceptions and also great tacklers? He’s definitely better than DRC, but with Jackson and McCoy needing contracts, he can’t stay.

  22. I hate to see it but he’s a co-worker before a teammate.

    Asante just needs to get more love from his teammates.. he’s just taking everything the wrong way and makes assumptions.

    Hey, it was Nnamdi who gave him a piggy back ride after the win against the skins’

  23. @CKL

    And the pathos of “Get Paid” and “Get Rich To This” is different? How so?

    Sorry pal. It’s the same DILLIGAF attitude when it comes to team.

  24. ” after dropping what would have been a perfect-season-clinching interception for the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.” 

    Thanks for the reminder Mike. Nice.
    Iove u too.

  25. Maybe MN can make a quick trade today and send Donny (skip pass) McFatt back to filthadelphia for Samuel. They need DB help quick with Cook probobly out for beating up girls and Winfield still has his neck out of joint and the Champs rolling into town.

  26. Before Jason Campbell went down and made QB priority #1 for the Raiders, I was hoping the team was going to target Samuel. Back then, I was actually hoping that the Dream Team would’ve lost to the Redskins. Sigh, looks like we’ll have to wait until the offseason.

    In the meantime, the team curiously still has a few million in cap space remaining, thanks to Carson Palmer’s 2011 paycut. Maybe Lito Sheppard to provide some veteran depth at CB and/or Marcus Stroud, so that the team can bump Seymour to DE on running downs.

    The Raiders still have a couple of moves up their sleeves, especially during their bye week. Gotta love the excitement coming from HueJack City!

  27. If the Eagles don’t want him he better play his butt off so he finds somebody that does because he is about to lose a lot of money the Eagles arent paying him after this year.

  28. cut pay by a ton and come to mn. The vikes have a new opening since last night! wow, what stupid drama here for the drama queens!

  29. since signing with Eagles, he has had 21 interceptions in 3 yrs and a 1/3+ , he has lived up to that part of the deal. one this year so far and we hope to get rolling, so let’s see how he goes to work for us moving forward. romo, cutler and kobb coming to philly after the buy! Assante has made some big picks for us and I”m looking forward to some more starting in NOV!

  30. ASSante annoys me. He can’t tackle for crap, he weighs about 70 lbs, and his only hope is to jump routes. When that fails he gets burned and runs along with the receiver. Now he’s being a crybaby, which I always suspected he was.

    We don’t need him.

  31. This is his last season in Philadelphia and the Eagles aren’t going to get a thing for him.

    Nobody is going to part with any draft picks to pick up a bloated salary that comes with a player that doesn’t tackle lacks heart and leadership.

    They don’t call him the Matador for nothing.

    Nice work Banner and Roseman he should have been shipped out the moment they signed Nnamdi so they could play a strict man to man cover scheme instead of this weak Asante Samuel catered zone.


  32. Biggest bunch of no nothing haters . If the EAGLES wanted to trade him he would have been gone. And If any of you knew anything on paper Asante right now is the best CB in the NFL. Oh and by the way tigrrrr Vick’s numbers are some of the best in the NFL . GO EAGLES.

  33. By the way Tigrrr who Is your team. All you do Is beat on VICK and I’m sure his numbers are better then who ever your teams quarterback..

  34. notrelated says:
    Except Asante is known as the money man to ALL Eagles fans. Everyone knows he plays to be paid.

    Nice try champ.
    Every Pat’s fan here knew he left for Philly chasing the dollars – when he really wasn’t that good. Bigger reputation than he deserved.

    But I read countless times from you Philly fans how much he loved the Iggles “culture” and he was the best thing since Christ.

    Don’t act like you people didn’t buy into this guy.

  35. To all of you idiots saying trade him here or there. The TRADE DEADLINE is over retards. At the end of the season when the eagles are in first place Asante will be happy and all of you eagle haters will look like idiots…12-4 EAGLES

  36. @ibdpatch
    Speaking of vicks records/stats, how is his win/loss record with the eagles when starting?
    My team is any team that plays against this creep on any given week. He is trash!

  37. “Well, as long as I’m getting paid I’m gonna do my job,” – Nice to see that not much has changed since A$ante Buckner left New England.

    Very good player who dropped 19-0 (not to mention got beat for TD early in the 4th quarter of that game and then stood and watched Harrison/Tyree scrum for ball) and then cashed out the first second he could rather than take ~90% of that to stay in NE with a better team.

  38. @terrellochouno : DRC is almost 5 years younger , he is about 4 inche$ taller , he has already shown that he’s a pro bowl caliber player , he makes alot less then Asante and he has been playing out of position all year … Philly loves Samuel cause he plays hard every snap and is a game changer , but we have some weaknesses and cant have all that $ tied into one position . Besides Asomugha is starting to dominate again , DRC excells on the outside & Hanson is a great nickel CB … On another note , the Eagles are back & you dream team comedians will choke on your premature predictions !!!

  39. @tigrrrr

    You are right.

    Vick has never had back to back winning seasons
    Vick has never delivered in the playoffs
    He is one of the most overhyped players in sports.

    Ironic is the way Philly cheered when an opposing player lay on their turf & was thought to may have been paralyzed but they cheer & laud someone so evil that for a 6 year period, multiple times a week went to a property that was bought especially for the purpose of torturing hurt animals. This torture & unimaginable suffering was done in some of the most inhuman ways their QB could think of with his bare hands for kicks.

    The guy is a POS, no matter his “stats”.

  40. What did the Eagles expect? He chokes on a Super Bowl saving play and doesn’t tackle anyone, ever!!
    Jeez! And, obviously, he’s not smart enough to figure out that no one wants him. Boo hoo!

  41. This could be a great opportunity for asante to get away from that rotten franchise. While not all, most of the fans could care less what kind of horrible people are employed (vick), as long as they perform for them!
    Amazing! Run asante run!

  42. vtopa says: Oct 22, 2011 9:47 PM

    Suffer Philly fans, Suffer.

    Wow, that’s a lot of vitriol toward some people that root for guys wearing different colored shirts than the guys you root for. Think you might be a little too invested in this?

  43. How do players not realize this is how the Eagles work. It’s all about $ to them and the inmates have never run the show. Look what they’ve done to their biggest stars. Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, and Donovan McNabb to name a few. There’s also Harry Douglas, and they’re old center, I can’t remember his name. You players are just a number the eagles, please stop forgetting that and remember before you sign that they will count down the days until they throw you into the trash can. Luckily for Asante he’s got some game left in him and will garner plenty of attention.

  44. Stupid things I’ve heard from commenters so far

    1) “what business entity complains when it doesn’t make $” UMMM EVERYONE!!!

    2) Calling Philadelphia the Emerald City….you moron, Seattle is the Emerald City, Philly is the city of brotherly love

    3) Some still jealous eagle fan naming Asante as the Giants super bowl winning cause. Did you miss when two of Brady’s passes were dropped by Giants defenders?

    People, please, for Jehovah as my witness, know what you’re talking about! And no I’m not a JW…

  45. The guy has been quitting on plays every game this season, it’s all there on video.

    I can’t believe it took this long to get rid of him.

  46. Good for the Eagles. Remember that quote of yours asante? “THEY DON’T PAY ME TO TACKLE” who would want that football player on their team? Atleast Nnamdi looks like an idiot trying to make tackles, Asante just sits there.

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