Evans, Grubbs not ready to return for Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens are still waiting on a couple of offensive starters to get healthy.

Wide receiver Lee Evans, who has been sidelined since Week Two, and guard Ben Grubbs, who hasn’t played since Week One, have both been ruled out for Monday night against the Jaguars.

Evans’ ankle injury has hampered him longer than the team expected. He was out of practice all week. Grubbs has a toe injury that has likewise taken longer than expected to heal.

It’s just probably slower than any of us imagined those guys would be,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said of Grubbs and Evans. “We just have to keep fighting and trying to get them back. I think there’s going to be one day when we walk out here and they’re going to go through a full practice and they’re going to feel good and they’ll be ready to go. Hopefully sooner rather than later.”

But not for at least another week.

5 responses to “Evans, Grubbs not ready to return for Ravens

  1. Gurode while not setting the world on fire has been adequate in filling in for Grubbs. Flacco would certainly like him back on the left side of that line though.

    Evans injury maybe a blessing in disguise. Torrey Smith has gotten valuable playing time in his absence and is making strides.

    If the Ravens get Evans back healthy in a couple of weeks the team that didn’t have any deep speed last season will suddenly have a bunch of it.

  2. Glad we signed Gurode before the season. We have definitely needed him. I also think Lee Evans is going to be headed for IR soon. He’s just not getting better, it seems.

  3. @ravensfreak

    Nah Evans will be back. Confirmed this week that the injury doesn’t require surgery. I think some of the articles this week were blown out of proportion because of Evans comments but if you actually read the transcript from his interview I think his comments were made out of frustration. Not to mention that neither him the head coach or any member of the Ravens staff have ever said anything that comes close to insinuating that he wouldn’t be back. It’s only week seven.

  4. Torrey Smith is having a break out season so he’s doing what we thought lee evans would do right away, so no complaints there.

    Gurode has had a pretty solid career at the Cowboys and still shows it on the field so he’s probably the best replacement possible for Grubbs right now.

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