Jackie Battle gets his crack at being lead back

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The Chiefs have experimented with a few approaches in their backfield since Jamaal Charles’ season-ending injury.

Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster have seen plenty of work. A committee has been used. For now, that plan seems out the window because Jackie Battle will get his shot to be a lead running back.

Offensive coordinator Bill Muir confirmed that on Friday.

“We basically have a plan in terms of not equally distributing the carries,” Muir said, “but certain plays we maybe like with a certain player.”

An undrafted player in 2007, Battle has more ability than Jones at this point to churn out tough yards. He’s more of an every-down back than McCluster. The Chiefs have showed they can run the ball even without Charles this year, ranking sixth in rushing yards-per-game thus far.

A big effort by Battle against the Kyle Boller Raiders could have the Chiefs right back in the AFC West race.

10 responses to “Jackie Battle gets his crack at being lead back

  1. Raider Roll 31-17 Palmer is in by the second quarter after Boiler throws 2 INTs. McFadden puts up 150yds and 3TDs.

  2. Raiders roll really? They roll into the fetal position and cry like a baby after they get their ass spanked at home. Then they can go home and put some ointment on their “blackholes” after they get ripped open by the CHIEFS

  3. Battle was rolling…against the lowly Colts. New week. Different team. We’ll see what happens but it don’t look good for the Quiefs.

  4. Jackie Battle is a big (6-foot-2, 235-pound) and fast (ran a 4.43 40-yard dash). Al Davis and company had him in for a look-see when he came out of college and when he went undrafted, I thought for sure Oakland was going to pick him up.

    Should be a good game. Raiders-Chiefs games tend to always be close, although, they are exceptions.

    After years of watching Al Saunders rip the Raiders apart on the Chiefs sideline, it will be nice to see Saunders in the booth/sideline in Silver and Black for this one.

    I don’t think it will matter who starts at QB for Oakland because the Raiders will be using a run-heavy philosophy. Although, you never know with Hue Jackson.

    When Campbell went down against the Browns, Jackson had Kyle Boller drop back numerous times for passes.

    Sunday’s game could turn on a big special teams play, just like last year’s game in Oakland. Once Jacoby Ford took the opening kickoff in the second half to the house, momentum swung in the Raiders favor.

  5. With Sebastian Janikowski reportedly out, and David Rayner (reportedly signed by the Raiders) taking over kicking duties, those long-ranged field goal attempts by Oakland are probably out the window against the Chiefs on Sunday.

    Rayner has a leg, but not a Janikowski-type leg.

  6. Come on Jackie, come on KC!!

    Go out there and play a focused game, execute and GET THIS WIN. the season is young…

    Next man up! lets go boys

  7. Faiders down by 14 at half, they put in Palmer, he gets hurt the 1st series basically ending their season… But wait, they trade their 2013 1st round pick, and their 2014 1st round pick for Tim Teblow. Hue jackson is THE MAN!


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