Kenny Britt asked “Why me?” Now says, “I’ll be good as new”


A season-ending torn ACL left Titans receiver Kenny Britt despondent. But not for long.

The first emotion was ‘Why me?’“Britt told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Last year, coming off the hamstring injury, I believe I could have gone to the Pro Bowl this year. After everything that happened this summer, and how I started off and how we started off as a team . . . and now I can’t do anything now. It is kind of aggravating, but I have to keep going. To have this happen it was frustrating.”

However, Britt said he quickly turned his attention toward rehabbing the knee and expects to be a better player than ever in 2012.

“I’ll definitely be back way before then. My goal right now is just to get through it, to keep my focus and maintain,” Britt said. “And once I get back, I’ll be good as new. I believe I’ll be bigger and faster and better than I ever was. It is just a whole bunch of months of training, which is hard to see.”

Britt was off to a great start this year, gaining 136 receiving yards in Week One and 135 yards in Week Two before his season ended in Week Three, so it’s easy to see why his initial reaction was “Why me?” But if he can really be as good as new next year the Titans will have a great player.