Saints waive Olin Kreutz

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On Friday, veteran center Olin Kreutz abruptly left the Saints.  On Saturday, the Saints waived Kreutz with the designation “left squad.”

Since Kreutz was waived (a procedure that applies to all players after the trading deadline), he could be claimed by any other team.  Assuming that he clears waivers, he’ll be a free agent.

During Friday’s PFT Live, Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune said that Kreutz never really fit in with the Saints.  His agent told Mike Triplett of the Times-Picayune that Kreutz no longer feels the passion for the game, and that he doesn’t want to collect a paycheck.  However, Kreutz’s agent has not said that the player will retire.

The Saints also elevated quarterback Sean Canfield from the practice squad, and waived/injured veteran tackle Alex Barron.  The 2005 first-rounder appeared in no games with the Saints.

[Editor’s note:  A prior version of this article explained that the Saints had placed Kreutz on the reserve/left squad list.  I misread the announcement from the team, and I thank Howard Balzer of and The Sports Xchange for pointing out the error.]

20 responses to “Saints waive Olin Kreutz

  1. There’s more to this story than what is being said…Saints are going above and beyond to let the guy walk away with some dignity.

  2. The real story: Kreutz was told he’d be benched after his horrific play, and he couldn’t handle that. He got into a huge fight with the Saints front office. He was then shopped for a trade, but of course no one would be willing to give up anything for this guy (you’d probably have to pay someone to take him from you, lol). Saints being a classy organization, allowed him to save face and called it a “lack of passion”, etc.

    Bottom line is this guy is done.

  3. He read the story about Kent Hull, took stock, and decided he’s had enough. Can’t blame him…..Of course, I dreamed all this up, bu hey- Kent Hull-51, Mike Webster- 50, many many other Linemen dead at young ages, it makes sense. Kreutz has spent 14 seasons waking up battered and bruised, and he wants no more of it.

  4. Dear Saints,
    Thanks for Goodwin.
    -The Niners


    Other than his age (which is still way younger than Kreutz) I never understood why the Saints decided to let Goodwin go. He was a really good player and became one of the best centers in the league.

    Luckily they found a pretty good player in de la Puente but I have no idea what they were thinking there.

  5. Its been said that head trauma can cause abrupt behavior changes. He might want to get checked to be safe

  6. What happened to the guys that posted comments here saying that Jay Cutler was a quitter and he could learn a few things from Olin Kreutz?

  7. He’s either sick or crazy. The Saints run a classy operation. They’re letting him walk away with some dignity. His play was spotty any how and De la puenta was rumored to be about to replace him any how…

  8. guess being disrespected for 4.5 mil. does not look so bad now does it?he was a great player for the bears but after what he said about them insulting him with their offer I find it hard to feel sorry for the know you made the wrong decesion when people take angelo and the bears side.

  9. Thoughts on the Bears front office for not resigning this tool? His skills have been heading south for the past 5 years and never showed a shred or accountability for any of the woes of the Bears O-line. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all him, but the last few years, he has blown!

  10. Say what you want about him, but at least he’s not content to keep collecting a paycheck when he has no desire to play. There are lots of players who “half-a## it” and see nothing wrong with getting paid millions of dollars while giving less than 100% effort.

  11. .

    The patriots lost C Dan Koppen for the season. Don’t be surprised if he ends up there. Belichick likes veteran depth. Signing G Brian Waters has been an under reported key to the pat’s fast start.


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