UFL makes its likely exit with Virginia winning title


Who says Marty Schottenheimer can’t win the big one?

Schottenheimer’s Virginia Destroyers, in their first season of UFL football (actually, they’re the relocated Florida Tuskers), won the league’s championship game on Friday, 17-3 over the Las Vegas Locomotives.

Las Vegas had won the first two UFL titles.

Defensive back Aaron Rouse pulled a Rod Martin for the Destroyers, picking off three passes in a game played only 20 minutes from the high school he attended.  “From day one, when people said this league wouldn’t happen and this team wouldn’t happen, and through Hurricane Irene when we were out there in trailers,” Rouse said.  “We stuck together. Nobody complained.  And here we are.”

And there they go.

It would be a shock if the UFL plays in 2012.  Crippled by debt (and unpaid bills and wages, allegedly) and faced with the reality that the league can generate interest only on a local scale, the three-year experiment likely will be ending.

There will be hope that the NFL will buy the carcass, but what would the NFL be getting?  To be an effective minor league, the UFL needs at least eight teams.  Ideally, the NFL-owned UFL would set up shop in 32 non-NFL cities and act as an in-season source of game-ready players.

Then again, when the NFL already has a free farm system known as college football, there’s less of a need to operate a minor league at a loss.

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  1. Reminder: Marty Schottenheimer can coach. Probably better than several current NFL head coaches. How many would you say? I’d start with Sparano and Haley. Maybe Frazier, too…

  2. The UFL would only work if the NFL bought it AND entertained the idea of relegation…which they will most likely never do. Fans in second-tier cities might buy into a team with the chance of one day rooting for that same team in the NFL. Since the NFL has really reached its max in terms of expansion, this could be a way to expand its brand to more US and Canadian cities without diluting the top-tier product. But NFL owners won’t go for it.

  3. relegation would never work. who gets the first overall pick? the team coming in or the one going down. if its the one going down you may never see that guy in the nfl, as some teams could be relegated for decades, and how can teams get better if the pick goes to the one coming in? no free agents would ever sign with relegated teams. the nfl is not set up for relegation

  4. Marty is better than prob a quarter of the head coaches in the NFL. Sparano and Caldwell are two that come quickly to mind

  5. It was foolish for the UFL to attempt to compete with the NFL… You don’t do that when your competitor is at an all-time high in terms of popularity and revenue earning. You do it when your competitor is at its weakest. Maybe they were banking on the NFL not having a 2011 season. Either way dumb gamble and incredibly dumb timing.

  6. I live in the Va Bch area and watched the game on ComCast due to a prior commitment, otherwise, I would have gone. It’s not bad football for $20 a ticket.
    The Defenses were way ahead of the Offenses.
    The announcers were Jerry Glanville and someone else. Glanville was entertaining when the game wasn’t.

    It was MartyBall at it’s finest, even though he did pull a few surprises when they had a lead.

    Probably the only game I’ll get to see but for this area, it was a hit. Tailgating was promoted heavily by TV and looked like a good time.

  7. You guys are crazy. The last thing the UFL needs is NFL management. They can’t even run their own league competently.

  8. I would have watched it if I knew it was on. Sad to see it go, though I never watched a game because I didn’t know what channel to watch it on. It is a good idea, but the NFL sees it as a competitor, which it truly is not. This is not the AFL vs the NFL. Only Al Davis would be able to recognize this. He was a true maverick able and willing to see the bigger picture.

  9. rarson says:
    Oct 22, 2011 11:31 AM
    You guys are crazy. The last thing the UFL needs is NFL management. They can’t even run their own league competently.


    Any time one of you “arm chair GM” , “fantasy football league scouts” wanna suit up, go right ahead. The love of the game is what it was about…like some of you would last a quarter against any of these so-called “practice squadders.”

  10. @edukator4

    Relegation could absolutely work…if the owners wanted it to. It works great in every soccer league in Europe. Could it work right now, right away? Of course not. Things would have to change, obviously. But to say it could never work is ignorant. The caliber of player would determine where they ultimately signed. Players could be bought and traded between leagues. Determining how the draft is handled is merely a speed bump. The biggest hurdle would be getting current NFL owners to accept that their team could eventually be relegated. I would propose that if relegation were adopted, a new league would be formed (UFL), expanded and relegation wouldn’t take place for at least ten years. And maybe only one or two teams get relegated each year, instead of the three that move up and down in Premier League each year. Lots of money could be generated for the NFL by selling UFL franchises if those teams would ultimately have a shot at competing in the NFL.

  11. The NFL should have a spring league with 8 teams that each NFL team can sign players from after a short 6-8 week season, signing order can be assigned with a draft style lottery.

  12. Marty and Fassel are coaching in a league where the girls wear lingerie? Isn’t that what the UFL is? Is this the league that Colt Brennan failed in? I’m so confused, but who cares.

  13. I just got back from watching minor league football on New Hampshire.
    These guys play for nothing but the love of the game. If the NFL got involves, these teams can be used to develop talent and be a place where teams can go down the stretch to bring in players that are more game ready than the practice squad guys.

  14. Let’s see Rouse do it against NFL QBs & receivers before we anoint him the 2nd coming of Rod Martin. And Marty infamously repeatedly couldn’t cut it against the best the NFL had to offer going 5-13 in the playoffs.

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