Arian Foster, Texans defense rule AFC South

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What we learned while watching the Texans wax the Titans 41-7 in Tennessee:

1. The Texans had a well deserved reputation for soft play in the AFC South. This game should prove they are the toughest team in the division now.

Houston rushed for 222 yards. Arian Foster and Ben Tate had big holes to run through all day.  The Texans shut down Chris Johnson and suffocated Tennessee’s receivers all day. Not a single Titans receiver topped 30 yards.

Gary Kubiak was 3-7 against the Titans, but this is a different Texans team. They can play defense.

2.  Arian Foster is the best running back in the AFC South and it’s not even close.  While Chris Johnson danced behind the line of scrimmage ten times for 18 yards, Foster racked up 234 yards from scrimmage on 25 carries and five catches.

Matt Schaub barely threw the ball down the field initially and it didn’t matter. He just threw it short to Foster, and let Foster’s cuts make the Titans defenders look silly.

3. Matt Hasselbeck left late in the game shaking his hand a bit, but the Titans say he is healthy.  Jake Locker threw one pass in mop up time. The bloom has come off the rose a bit for Hasselbeck the last two games.

Hasselbeck threw for only 104 yards on 30 attempts, with two interceptions. His young receivers don’t separate and they drop passes. It’s a rough offense right now.

4. The Texans are now the favorites in the AFC South. They are a more complete team than Tennessee.  The schedule is very favorable, and they get the Titans traveling to Houston later in the year.

The toughest games Houston has left: Tampa Bay, Atlanta, and Cincinnati.  The Texans’ next two games are against the Jaguars and Browns at home.

Don’t underestimate the significance of this win.  The Texans are heavy division favorites now.

4 responses to “Arian Foster, Texans defense rule AFC South

  1. I don’t think Ben Roethlisberger thought the Texans were soft three weeks ago. The defense has been playing well most of the season. They are playing without Andre Johnson, didn’t have Foster for a good while, Mario Williams is out for the year, and now they’ve lost Danieal Manning for a while. This ‘soft’ thing is a Mike Lombardi tag that’s old and played. The only game they want back is the loss to the Raiders. No excuse for that…

  2. The Texans are a very good football team. They look like they finally put it together. Foster is a top ten back in the league, not in the same category as A.P. or Ray Rice, but a helluva player none the less. As for C.J. maybe the fans and the media will lay to rest the ” Chris Johnson is a better RB than Adrian Peterson” argument. The guy had a phenomenal year behind an Excellent O-line, and everybody annoited him king, meanwhile A.P. has ran behind a below average offensive line (even the year they were in the NFC championship game) his entire career and still manages to put up consistent numbers week in and week out. Sorry to hi jack a thread about the accomplishments of the Texans and turn it into a rant about the A.P. vs C.J. I just got tired of hearing the ridiculous comparisons. All Praise to the Texans, great win and continued success. LPF…Live Pure Forever

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