Bernard Berrian era in Minnesota sounds about over

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Bernard Berrian was supposed to start for the Vikings Sunday against Green Bay.

Coming off his five-catch effort last week, Berrian was initially listed on Minnesota’s sheet for starting lineups. Tom Pelissero of notes that Berrian’s name was crossed out in ink, and replaced by Michael Jenkins.

It appears that Berrian was deactivated at the last minute for some reason.  And now it appears that Berrian’s time in Minnesota could be over.  Vikings coach Leslie Frazier was asked if Berrian had a future with the team after the game.

“It’s something that we’ll talk about this week and we’ll talk about it more this week,” Frazier said.

Translation: So long, Bernard.  Your ninth life is up.

Berrian has only five catches on the season, but we suspect he’ll be able to find a job if the Vikings cut him.

45 responses to “Bernard Berrian era in Minnesota sounds about over

  1. There won’t be much of a market. He’s been awful for three straight years.

    Someone might take a flier, but Berrian joins Donovan McNabb in career purgatory.

  2. Should have been over before the season started. Vikes should be using their top 10 pick (let’s be realistic here) on an explosive WR to compliment Harvin in the slot.

    Of course this year’s WR free agent market is looking pretty good too.

    Lots of options here that should never have involved Berrian in the first place.

  3. Man, is it sad that I didn’t even notice that he wasn’t in the game?

    It didn’t seem much different than when he was starting.

  4. Jenkins> Berrian. Anyone can see that. Berrian has been stealin money from the vikings for the past 5 years! At this point, anytime they get rid of this guy would be too late anyways considering all the time, money and roster spot they have wasted on him.

  5. T O is available and he still is 10 times better than Berian.Bernard couldn’t catch a cold even if he was in the anartic.

  6. Cut the guy a break….he put many good years in and is a shoe in for the Viking Ring of Fire.

  7. ummm what bears fans were crying because we didn’t match his sheet? we all knew that signing him to a $42 MILLION contract was dumb, and were more than happy to let him go. The only ones who thought that contract was a good idea was the Vikings. Berrian had one play with the Bears, run straight as fast as he could, hold his arms out and hope Rex threw it in there.

  8. I think he is purposely getting in trouble so they get rid of him. I hope they do drop him, Aromashadu isn’t great but at least he fights for the ball, who I think will develop some chemistry with Ponder as they continue. Camarillo is a good posession receiver and with Harvin in the slot and Jenkins on the outside they could be a good threat as they develop with Ponder.

    Brett Favre knew Berrian couldn’t play ball, hense the reason he never looked his way and continuiously went to Harvin and Rice. The guy is soft. When Favre did throw to Berrian he often used his Troy Stone Hands Williamson personae and provided opposing teams with gift-me picks.

  9. What’s really scary is that Leslie Frazier is a worse head coach than Brad Childress. How does that even happen?

    (This is a good move, though.)

  10. That’s unfortunate for Bernard because against the Packer defense he probably could have had another 10 catches today, all of them on 3rd down.

  11. chadman128 says: Oct 23, 2011 9:20 PM

    I remember Bears fans crying that the Bears wouldnt match that huge contract Minnesota offered him in free agency. LOL How that work out?
    I remember Bears fans laughing at the Vikings for paying Jerry Rice money for a Rice-A-Roni player.

  12. why would anybody else give him a job? as troybulletinboard said he only did 1 thing with the bears and that was run deep and wait for rex to throw him the is not the bears fault vikings overpayed him. his next catch over the middle will be his first.

  13. Ponder looks good for a rookie first start againt the SB champ he has great awareness I think the vike got it right this time for a QB

  14. Berrian may have been a track star but he’s never been an NFL WR. The guy has always been soft, hates going over the middle and has alligator arms when he does. Don’t know what the Vikes were thinking when they signed him.

  15. Clearly its time for house cleaning in Minnesota.
    1. Get rid of underperformers now.
    2. Cut the old farts and install some youth at the end of the year via the draft.
    3. Ponder is the future and passing and running seam in tact. Team needs receivers and offensive linemen.
    4. Cut big mouth mal contents like Keven Williams. His time should have been over two years ago with the drug thing, its just a huge distraction for the team.

  16. The very first comment-er has to rip McNabb, and liken Berrian to McNabb. Why? McNabb had a great career but is now tailing-off. Berrian has been dead-weight for 3 years, and was never that good anyway. Why the need to rip McNabb? I don’t understand.

  17. yes,finally if he does get cut i will celeabrate.If MCNabb gets cut it would be the best news the vikings had since they had randy moss last year. im a vikings fan so i know im an tired of MCNabb throwing the ball to the ground im sure all vikings fans are Ponder looked good against Green Bay he looks to be the future there WR core is weak this year there not going to do something about this year they need to see how the vikings WR’s this year play there gonna bring someone in if its steve smith panthers or philladelpha or bring in college WR Justin Blackmon or Malcom Floyd

  18. lol, that’s why Minnesota had respectable passing numbers…. they had guys with actual heart on the field running routes and catching.

    11 vs 11 is alot easier than 10 vs 11.
    Still suprised minny has berrian on their roster…

  19. thejuddstir says: Oct 23, 2011 11:31 PM

    Berrian may have been a track star but he’s never been an NFL WR.

    Sounds like he could be packing for Oakland!

  20. @chadman128

    Funny, I remember us actually knowing the value of a one-dimensional speedster and laughing as the queens handed him 46 million.

    Nice that you’re delusional, though.

  21. Doesnt make sense to me why they would keep him and let sidney rice go? Percy and sidney with ponder throwing it and peterson in the backfield sounds like a winning combination

  22. Strange but True:

    Visanthe Shiancoe (team prankster) crossed out Berrian’s name and wrote in Jenkins.

    Frazier and Bill Musgrave (OC) freaked out and went along with benching Berrian because they thought Rick Spielman did it as a not-so-subtle message.

    Spielman was silent because he thought someone else has Zygi Wilf’s ear on personnel decisions.

    Hence, Jenkins wins a starting role, Berrian is about to get cut and PFT has a great story.

  23. pretty soon the headlines will say “Vikings era in Minnesota is over”.
    ive got some duct tape to fix that old broken record of yours….

  24. Long-time Vikings (suffering lately) fan here. It’s sort of pathetic to me, that after all the talk, post-Loveboat incident, about weeding out the “bad character” players and a “zero tolerance” for bad behavior, the team seems to have more than enough players who go through the motions on the field, disrespect the franchise, or are too stupid to stop getting arrested or in trouble. Skipping meetings (Berrian), kicking opposing players in the crotch (Robison), getting in trouble with the cops (Griffen and others), are not acceptable.

    For a team that is clearly at a crossroads in many, many ways, I personally have no respect or patience for idiots tarnishing the already-tarnished legacy of this once-proud franchise. Berrian is the shining example of a guy who doesn’t appreciate all the amazing blessings he has been granted. He sleepwalks on the field and shows no deisre. His performances are nothing better than what an average rookie WR or FA retread could produce for less money. Then, he blows off meetings and shows disdain for his coaches and the owner in doing so. What more can any one player do to spit in the face of his providers? Cut this turd now.

    As for Robison’s latest Bad behavior, I would applaud the Vikings for fining him and reminding him that the team will not tolerate such childish and unsportsmanlike acts. He needs to grow up as a man, and let his actions reflect maturity and appreciation for the good fortune he has been extended. As an older man who has been unable to find ANY job for the past 18 months (facing homelessness soon), it is sad to see some of these spoiled millionaires seemingly unappreciative of the tremendous blessings they have.

  25. @CluelessDufus, How’s the droid army working out for you? Don’t forget to use twin attack!

    About the Vikes and B.B., their problem has never been their receiving core. It has been their Q.B. I’ve been telling my Viking fan friends for years they need to quit spending cash on has been Q.B.s that other teams have let go for a reason, and get a decent rookie Q.B., like Ponder, suck up a lost season or two as they guy learns and build up around him. Wham bam in 2 or 3 years you have a team built to be a competitor for 4 or 5 years maybe more.
    Wilf is just to worried about buying a superbowl appearance right away befor he dies, and this year getting his pleasure palace built on the backs of the poor.
    B.B. was never great, but he was the least of your worries.

  26. Wow.

    A rare correct move by Jerry Angelo on the offensive side of the ball.

    I’m… going to go reinforce my umbrella for today’s storm of frogs.

  27. Bernie Berrian -never wanted him in the 1st place. He was not that good withthe Bears, highlight reel is wide open receptions. He can’t play in traffic, never catches the ball when a defender is near. He and McNabb can go start their own league in London.

  28. Berrian had 4 game-winning catches for Vikes in 2007, including a 99 yarder against the Bears and 90 yarder against Lie-Downs.


    Develop their own QB, eh? You mean like Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, Daunte Culpepper, and T-Jack?

  29. @doug Rich Gannon played 1 part of a season as a starter and despite an impressive 11-5 season was ousted during the post season. Mn traded for him.
    Brad Johnson they only played because of Moons injury and then Johnson had a freak one himself.
    Daunte, well as they say, crap happens.
    And T-Jack, are you serious? Childress brought him in and for how many years was “grooming” him?
    Perhaps you didn’t read my comment. The Vikes needed to draft a decent QB, throw him in from the start, and build around him. In a couple years they have their team to go the distance year after year.
    Instead the Vikings built a great team, brought in has beens, and now that they have a QB who can play, tbe rest of the team is aging.
    Wilf refuses to rebuild right and until he does, you’ll always fall short.

  30. pretty soon the headlines will say “Vikings era in Minnesota is over”.
    you must be extremely afraid of them as bad as you no longer want them to be your neighbor

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