Browns get to 3-3 in ugly win over Seahawks

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Touchdowns? The Browns don’t need no stinking touchdowns!

In a game that will never be remembered as a clinic on how to play offensive football (and may not be remembered by anyone other than Sehawks defensive tackle Red Bryant), the Browns beat the Seahawks 6-3 to get their record back to .500 on the season. Phil Dawson hit a pair of field goals from beyond 50 yards, the Browns defense dominated the Seattle offense and that was all it took to get the job done at home.

That record won’t stay at .500 if they don’t find some offense over a stretch of three road games in the next four weeks, including a trip to San Francisco next weekend. Colt McCoy averaged under 10 yards per completion on the afternoon and the running game could barely generate three yards per carry once you take McCoy’s scrambles out of the equation. It was a really poor performance that might not have stood up if not for a questionable penalty on the Seahawks.

Leon Washington appeared to have taken a punt 81 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter, but the return was called back because Kennard Cox was flagged for an illegal block. Much like Kam Chancellor’s penalty for roughing McCoy in the first half, it was hard to see what was objectionable about the play but the call was the call and the Seahawks had the ball near midfield after it was assessed.

They didn’t have it long, though. Charlie Whitehurst was picked off by Sheldon Brown on the first play, his second turnover of a totally awful afternoon. Whitehurst, who looked good in leading the Seahawks to a win in the Meadowlands after Tarvaris Jackson got hurt, could get nothing going against the Browns all day and his 12-for-30 day ended any quarterback controversy before it could start. He didn’t get much help from the running game, but it is hard to imagine just what any running back could do to offset that kind of performance.

Now, back to Red Bryant. The Seahawks defensive tackle kept his team alive by blocking two Dawson field goal tries, one in each half, and almost got a third on Dawson’s first make of the day. He was unquestionably the bright spot of the day for Seattle, but all that proves is that a game plan predicated on blocking field goals rarely works out in victories.

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  1. The next sentence is one I never thought I’d ever utter:

    Man, I miss Tavaris Jackson.

    The story for Seattle today was how awful Charlie Whitehurst appeared to be. In a game where all they needed was one play from the offense, they got nothing.

    Whitehurst was pressured at times, but showed very little pocket awareness, made some very bad decisions, and even when he did the right thing, he did it badly. The key play of the game, in my mind, was a mistake by the Cleveland secondary that left Sidney Rice wide open. A halfway-decent throw sees Rice make the catch and walk in for a TD. Instead, he throws it poorly, and Rice has to make the catch off-balance, which leads to him stepping out of bounds.

    Miserable day for officiating as well. You mentioned the two ticky-tack calls that went against Seattle, but you forgot the clear PI call in the end zone on Cameron Morrah which went unflagged.

    Very clear sign that Seattle is still a ways away. The defense did a great job, but the offense only generated 72 yards of passing offense. A team will not win many games with that kind of offensive performance.

  2. Growing pains. Tough to watch, but the young defense did what they had to do: beat a struggling team who was without their starting QB and RB. Really is tough to watch all these young guys play, but they’re learning how to play at the NFL level and next year’s six picks in the top 4 rounds (2 first rounders) should help. Good to see the adults in charge in Cleveland again. Holmgren and Heckert have a good plan in place and it should be fun to watch starting next year.

  3. Whitehurst was brutal, no question, and not all on missing Lynch. Where was the no huddle that worked the last two games?

    The blown punt block though likely changed the result of the game in the end, with Cleveland getting into Seattle’s red zone only in garbage time (and Bryant got ejected after a headbut on 3rd down which sealed the game).

    49ers have got this now, sad to say. Seattle needs to win those games against those teams, and that one was there for the taking, and the official helped take that one away.

  4. Sad day for the NFCW Seattle and AZ please please please get just a little bit better. At least to where 2nd place can finish 7-9 or 8-8. It is sad to say that the 49ers have the best chance to put up a very solid winning record for the division in a long time. Yet 2nd, and 3rd place could be with some of the worst records in a long time

  5. Since they’ve already beaten Seattle once, the Niners have an effective four game lead in the division with 10 games to go. And, the Niners have the Browns next week at home. I’m pretty sure the Niners will not take the Browns lightly – Harbaugh and his crew are just too detail oriented to let that happen, IMO. So, I expect the Niners to go to 6-1 which means that at the half-way point, they’ll be 7-1 or 6-2.

  6. Whitehurst needs to get cut Monday morning. The worst display of throwing the ball that I can remember seeing, and I was around during the Gelbaugh, McGwire, Stouffer days. I would rather see Portis playing while Jackson is injured as at least I would expect a day like this from him.

    Whitehurst: You’re a bum and a total joke of a quarterback. My sister can throw better than you, and I don’t even have a sister!

    Schneider/Carroll: CUT HIS ASS!!!!!!

    F’ing Pathetic.

  7. Lets not forget that the Seahawks were totally rammed up the ass by the officiating crew. A punt returned for a touchdown by Leon Washington taken off the board on a bogus block in the back call. The Browns first field goal came after they had a 4th down punt turn into a first down when they called offsides on the Hawks even though it was clearly a false start. That offensive pass interference call on the Hawks at the end of the game was questionable. The interception the Browns got was clearly the result of interference that wasn’t called. There were at least 4 other times that Seahawks recievers were interfered with and no call, especially the one time they made it into the red zone on a throw into the end zone a Cleveland player hit our tight ends arm which prevented him from being able to catch a touchdown pass. Again no call. In a 6-3 where both teams looked pretty terrible the refs clearly made the difference. If they had called fouls when they occured and kept their flags in their pockets on some of the B.S. calls they made the score should’ve looked like 10-3 or 14-3 Seahawks. Of course considering that it was Mike Carrey’s crew it’s not at all surprising that the Hawks got screwed like they did, that coon Carrey always shanks the Seahawks when he officiates their games.

  8. I was in Section 149 Row 3 and witnessed Sheldon Browns INT first hand..and im telling you..If you think that was Pass int. then Derell Revis pass interfers 80 % of all pass plays

  9. Seahawks and Browns are the MOST evenly matched teams in the NFL. They both suck horribly…and coincidentally…they both had/have Mike Holmgren as their head honcho!

    Am I the only one who sees a pattern here? Does anyone else see a pattern of mediocrity?

    Hey Mike…why don’t you go back “home” and help “them” win “their” games…because you sure ain’t doing much for “us”!

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