Chris Johnson: “I wouldn’t say I’m the issue”


The Titans entered Sunday dead last in the NFL in rushing. That doesn’t figure to change after their inept performance at home against the Texans.

Chris Johnson was held to 18 yards on 10 carries. His longest run was three yards. It got to the point where Titans fans booed Johnson and cheered when backup Javon Ringer entered the game. Ringer had a 25-yard run, but only three carries.

We’ve heard a lot of people blame the Titans offensive line, but Johnson isn’t running with the same aggression or explosion. Johnson, for one, says it’s not his fault.

I wouldn’t say I am the issue. I’m very confident I’ve been doing the things .. I do. I can’t do nothing but keep working hard,” Johnson said after the game via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

Johnson came as close to blaming the offensive line as possible without saying it outright.

“If you are watching the game and you can’t tell what’s going on with the run game then I’d say u really don’t know football,” Johnson said.

Titans coach Mike Munchak said that fixing the run game was the team’s top priority during the bye week.  Instead, the team is still searching for answers.

Johnson seems convinced that he’s not to blame.

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  1. I wont act like I know what the problems are for the Titans, I’ve not watched one game, not even a snap by the Titans, but I can SAY Johnson has underachieved a LOT this season. If he thinks he is not at least part of the issue he is crazy!

  2. I’d have to disagree with you there CJ. While you are doing nothing wrong, it seems as though you can’t do anything right.

    Is he quittin’ on this team right after payday?

  3. The only time he looked good was when he lined up as a receiver. Put ringer and Harper in, split Johnson as a wideout and the team will be more dangerous. If not they will keep sucking.

  4. How do you know Johnson isn’t running with the same aggression and explosion? It’s hard to look explosive when the line isn’t creating holes. Sheesh, hate CJ all you want, but at least respect the fact that if holes are open, he would find them like he always has.

  5. And to think most of you fools used to mock those who were saying AP was better last year.

    Johnson had one year wonder written all over him after that monstrous season.

  6. ohiogti2011 says: Oct 23, 2011 8:24 PM

    He was my first fantasy pick this year. Trust me, he IS to blame 🙁
    @obhogti2011…………..Ha!! He was mine too, but my hands were tied when I had to pick him because where I selected…………..but never again!!!!

  7. He’s right, it’s Tennessee’s fault for overpaying for a dime a dozen running back who could care less about producing now that he’s set 4life. Add him to list of malcontents: Albert Haynesworth, JaMarcus Russell, DeAngelo Hall etc.

  8. That’s what happens when you hold out for as long as he did!!!! And it’s clear he’s no longer running for $$$$$$ he’s lost the hunger at least that’s what it looks like to me!!!!

  9. Hmm…. I don’t remember him heaping praise on the o-line when he went for 2k.

    He’s not smart enough to have a clue if he’s the problem or not…

  10. “It got to the point where Titans fans booed Johnson and cheered when backup Javon Ringer entered the game.”

    Bottom Line: He got his $$$payday, and he is now DONE!

  11. I see. When he runs for 2000 yards it’s “all him” and he should be paid like he’s the best offensive player in the league. When he runs worse than any other starter in the league, it’s everyone else’s fault.

  12. He might not be the problem, but for what they’re paying him, he should be the solution.

  13. One year wonder?

    I ain’t even a Titans or C-Jo fan but let’s keep it in perspective. Guy had nearly 6,000 total yards (rushing/receiving) in his first three seasons in the league. Not too many can match that.
    Now is he “an issue” this season? I’d say his desire to run off at the mouth, rather than run through the tackles, is “an issue” – line protection or no line protection.

  14. “If you are watching the game and you can’t tell what’s going on with the run game then I’d say u really don’t know football,” Johnson said.
    I know his use of the English language isn’t the best, but when you quote him you should use “you” and not “u” when he is speaking. He doesn’t speak in Twitter language.

  15. If CJ ran half as fast now as he did to get away from training camp and to get his money he’d be lighting up the league.

  16. ITs really fun to watch him hit the hole… and fall down.. Guess thats the O-Lines fault too..

    Id rather loose with the back up RB than have this guy on our team

  17. I thought he wanted to be paid because he selfishly claimed to be the best playmaker in football? So, now that he sucks and is being called out on it, now it suddenly becomes a team sport and it’s not his fault that he’s not a playmaker? Easy for him to make those statements after he got paid and quit caring. Titans need to cut this guy, I’m sure they can get those 18 yards from any other back.

  18. Aren’t marquee players supposed to provide the contract structure for others at their position, not examples for why teams shouldn’t throw money at them?

  19. *Handing over TO’s crown as a team cancer* for some of the younger guys that didn’t get to witness TO’s final seasons in SF… Chris Johnson is slowly (well quickly) is becoming the new Terrell Owens

  20. The Vikings line is worse than the Titans but AP still destroyed GB’s defense.

    Chris Johnson is a quitter. He got his money and stopped playing he’s the worst kind of NFL player.

  21. Part of the problem is that Munchak is now head coach instead of o-line coach. And while Bruce Matthews was a great player, he is a very inexperienced coach. Furthermore, most great players make horrible coaches. Just saying …

  22. Do you think he will offer to give money back to the Titans because he sucks this year. he complained that he was underpaid when he was performing so now that he isn’t performing will he compensate them?

  23. I don’t blame CJ one bit for getting the money he got. If you could con your boss into overpaying you, most of you would also. Blame Bud Middle Finger Adams for this debacle. Blame Middle Finger for paying this clown.

  24. I was there. The Defense was booed for it’s inability to stop a known-sorry Texan offense (both pass and run); the Offense was booed for it’s inability to run, or pass (and catch) the ball. The entire overall effort of this team was one big, fat, collective FAIL.

    CJ didn’t stand out as a catalyst because that $53 million was weighing him down, but there were no team member ‘sparks’ to be seen from anyone; no team member stood out for putting out the extra effort that’s required of a professional NFL team. I was reminded of the team that lost in the snow, 59-0, in New England in 2009. If the Titans hadn’t been playing at home, and were matched up against a better team than the lame Texans, they might’ve had those numbers eclipsed today.

    Fans were calling for Jake Locker just past halftime. He did come on in during ‘garbage’ time, but he’s no Tim Tebow.

    Whatever those players and coaches did during the bye week was ineffectual. Yes, for that, blame the coaching staff as well. Munchak and his staff were out-coached.

    Lame ducks, the lot of ’em. We expect much better, really.

  25. Is anyone surprised? He’s a me-first diva with below, below average intelligence. The Titans organization are getting what they paid for.

  26. This could be easily put to rest if someone like NFL Playbook would do their damn job and actually analyze/watch the film instead of just picking a side.

  27. I’m a huge Titans fan and live in Nashville, so I watch every game! If he thinks he’s not the problem he is sadly mistaken. He has tippy toed all year long and never hits the hole hard! You are taught a running back at a young a age to hit the whole hard, his initial read on every handoff is to stop and look for a whole. In this league you don’t have time to wait to see an opening you have to hit it and make something happen, especially after a 53m dollar payday! Bud Adams got played!

  28. I hope he has a clause in his contract, if they keep losing and he keeps talking, the might suspend him, ala Owens in philly, keyshawn in Tampa

  29. How do you explain being such an elite back without a quarterback to throw the ball and then when they actually get a passing game, he sucks?

    Are they missing Jeff Fisher?

    Offensive line is that bad?

    CJ is just loafing around after receiving his payday?

    All of the above.

  30. He’s obviously part of the problem, but Munchak, the o-line, and now Ringer are all saying CJ isn’t a big problem. Most of you just love to bash a dude relentlessly when you really don’t know anything and don’t actually watch the games.

    “Of course I want the ball,” said Ringer, a third-year pro. “I feel I have my qualities that I feel make me just as good as C.J., but clearly I am just not as fast. But no disrespect to the fans, but what people in the stands don’t understand is no matter who you have in the backfield, if things aren’t working right up front, nothing is going to work right.

    “Even if I’m in there and things aren’t working right up front, we’re not going to have success. I’ll get hit around and smacked around like he has been.”

    Ringer said he doesn’t think Johnson is the problem: “People in the stands look at C.J. and they think, ‘OK, outrun this guy, break tackles.’ But you can’t if there’s no room there. I am not trying to deliberately point the finger at anyone, but we need to work better as a team.”

  31. The Texans are a very good football team. They look like they finally put it together. Foster is a top ten back in the league, not in the same category as A.P. or Ray Rice, but a helluva player none the less. As for C.J. maybe the fans and the media will lay to rest the ” Chris Johnson is a better RB than Adrian Peterson” argument. The guy had a phenomenal year behind an Excellent O-line, and everybody annoited him king, meanwhile A.P. has ran behind a below average offensive line (even the year they were in the NFC championship game) his entire career and still manages to put up consistent numbers week in and week out. Sorry to hi jack a thread about the accomplishments of the Texans and turn it into a rant about the A.P. vs C.J. I just got tired of hearing the ridiculous comparisons. All Praise to the Texans, great win and continued success. LPF…Live Pure Forever

  32. He’s right. Tennessee is the “issue” because they were dumb enough to pay him what they did. In today’s NFL running backs aren’t worth elite money. Quarterbacks, O-lineman, D-lineman, Cornerbacks, and Wide Receivers are, not running backs. Okay, Adrian Peterson is worth it.

  33. This reject has been holding back the Titans and my fantasy team all year. He got his money and now he is coasting. Its obvious

  34. Johnson has proved a lot of the posters on this site were right after all.

    Matt Forte is not in the same league as this turd.

  35. One of the problems is that the offensive line get’s no credit when things go well (it’s all the back) and all the blame when things go wrong (i’d run for 2000 yards again if they just opened holes for me).

    Johnson is very good in the open field because of his speed but isn’t an elite back (ie. he can’t create his own holes). Great backs can make something out of nothing. A decent back with a great oline can post elite numbers (ie. Chris johnson in the past). The Titan’s front office greatly miscalculated what Johnson mean’s to the franchise. Johnson doesn’t need to gain another 1st down or TD in his life. The Titans are tied to him for the next several years no matter how he performs.

  36. If ever the dichotomy became clear between teams “paying the man” and players needing to get as much money as they can when they can, this is it.

  37. Stop cashing those checks, CJ, you haven’t been earning them.

    Every running back with a contract running out is PISSED at you.

  38. The only point Johnson may have is if the team is pathetic in the passing dept, then everything falls on the running game. Easier to stop the running game of even the best backs like Peterson, when you don’t have to respect the pass.

    Don’t really know because here in the midwest we only get Norris teams and the NFL has decided that we need to watch Dallas every week also so I have not seen Oakland, Tennesse, Texans. They don’t put them on TYV.
    I notice we all are getting a big dose of NY Jets though.

  39. Arian Foster’s going to get his big contract during this coming off-season. Something tells me he’ll see that contract as a reason to continue playing hard so that he’ll live up to the contract and truly earn the money.

    As if I needed to point out the obvious differences between Arian Foster and Chris Johnson. Oh, and Foster is ten times the football player.

  40. In seasons past, CJ was deadly on quick pitch plays; he’d simply beat everyone to the corner, turn upfield, and nobody could catch him.

    They ran the same play in yesterday’s game, and CJ couldn’t even outrun Texans’ OLB Connor Barwin. Barwin beat him to the edge, forced CJ to turn it back inside, and on a play that once produced 20-3o yard gains on a regular basis, CJ picked up a whopping three yards.

    This was his longest run of the day.

    Anyone who has watched him can see that he’s nowhere close to being the player he was a year ago.

    Last year, Chris Johnson was perhaps the most feared runner in the NFL. Now there’s a very legitimate question as to whether he even belongs in the league.

  41. Maybe the gold in his mouth is weighing him down? When will these GMs learn RBs are a dime a dozen and have an extremely short shelf life? CJ can take his millions now that the Titans were stupid enough to overpay him and open a rap record label or tweet to his hearts content or polish his gold teeth or whatever. As a football players hes worthless.

  42. I’m sitting here wondering how much I could make in the NFL. I might be able to run for twenty yards a game just falling forward at the line a few times.

  43. Rb’s need to have a clause in their contracts that says that they don’t get paid unless they average “x” amount of yards per carry. Simple as that. Earn it.

  44. What? I’m Chris Johnson! I’m faster than Adrian Peterson! Wait! You guys… don’t go!

    Let’s talk some more about who’s better, me or Adrian Peterson! Wait! Don’t go….!

  45. This is so unfair. How can you question the character of a guy who ruined his mouth, drives a Caprice on 30″ rims and screwed his team by holding out for more money until the season was underway?

  46. He’s turning into Reggie Bush as an inside runner. At least Reggie has a decent attitude. CJ is a turd

  47. Here in Houston the local sports radio stations sideline reported said cj looked like he quit playing hard.

  48. sterilizecromartie says:
    I know his use of the English language isn’t the best, but when you quote him you should use “you” and not “u” when he is speaking. He doesn’t speak in Twitter language.

    if you click the link you’ll see that’s a direct quote of a tweet from J. Wyatt from Chris Johnson…so yeah, PFT was technically correct in how they used the quote…I’d guess Wyatt was using “u” due to Twitter’s 140 character limit…

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